Oxymorphone water soluble

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Avatar m tn then of course there are Heroin hydrochloride, not that many folk are ptrscribed the powder but the 10mg tabs are SOOO easy to separate because none of the binders/fillers bar lactose are water soluble and producing an injectable solution of great strength is therefore simple. Orally of course they have very low bioavailability, as do IR morphine sulphate (branded SEVREDOL by Napp in the UK) 50/20/10mg.
Avatar n tn Dilaudid (drug store heroin) is a schedule 2 narcotic. I've had it pharmacutically injectable and water soluble tablets. You can get K2{2mg}, K4{4mg} and most used, all the way up to 10mg tablets. It has a kick that will knock you on your ass. Never take them orally or shoot them. They are very addictive. I wish I never had laid my eyes on them. They had me going for years, 5 years to be exact. Methadone is the only way I know how to get off of them.
Avatar n tn The damage that this surgery caused made the cornea swell up with water. I needed a corneal transplant in June 1999 which unfortunatly was in the middle of the GCSE exams which in England we take at 16. The cornea was rejected two weaks later and couldn't be controlled. After the rejection the pain has greatly increased and the only drugs in which help are the opiats/narcotics.