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1855076 tn?1337118903 I have a hard time remembering what each medicine is, generic name versus brand names. I'm once again having a hard time controlling the pain. I have come down to a very small dose and I haven't been using anything long acting. My goal was to see if I could manage on nothing or very little and it's very clear that my quality of life is nonexistent on such a low dose. I'm taking oxycodone 10 mg. every 4 hours. I essentially get about an hour to 1.
Avatar f tn I think a few of our members have tried rhe extended relief versions of both the hydromorphone and the oxymorphone and have reported good pain relief with both. I haven't tried either in extended release, so I'm not of much direct help. I agree with Ashelen that you should talk to the doctor about it and see if one works with your lifestyle and pain levels more than others. I don't know if xanax is as much of an issue as a resp.
Avatar n tn Does anyone have an idea,as to how strong any strength Opana(brand name) is to Oxycodone? My new PM Dr. wants me to get down from 40mg of Methadone to about 20mg,in only one weeks time,before he starts precribing me Opana. I've already had been taking huge amounts of 15mg Oxycodone a day,for 5 years also,along with the Methadone. I tried to explain to him,just how tolerant,I had become to the Oxy,but I think it fell on def ears.
Avatar f tn Oxycodone is metabolized by the liver into oxymorphone. Oxymorphone is about 2 times stronger than oxycodone based on pharmacology. When I was first switched to Opana, the drowsiness and tiredness were unreal! It was a real struggle for me at first and I also have a desk job. However, the sedation effects only lasted for a month at the most. Now I don't get sedated anymore and in fact I am more alert than I was on Morphine.
725248 tn?1316165845 Have you tried the extended release formula for Dilaudid? A new extended release formulation (OROS®) of Hydromorphone is available and I believe it is more afforable than the Fentanyl. Here is link about the medication... http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2697506/ I wish you the best of luck. With today's economy we have to get what we can afford.
Avatar n tn pain management started my husband on10 mg immediate and 20mg time release twice a day that is 60 mgs a day , well in a short period of time he had every adverse drug reaction which are nausea, constipation,dizziness, vomitting, headache, increased sweating and sedation, he vomitted so much he became dehydrated and very low oxygen level , lips were blue when we got him to the doctor. accompinied by respitory problems. tried gettin in touch with pain managemet but no calls have been returned.
981443 tn?1250119402 Opana ER, an extended-release form of oxymorphone, is available as tablets in strengths of 5 mg, 7½ mg, 10 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg, 30 mg, and 40 mg. Some resources assert that 2, 12 and/or 15 mg IR tablets and 25, 36 and 50 mg extended release tablets will be introduced although apparently the timeline on that is not known to the public at this time. Opana Extended-Release tablets are based on the TIMERx system developed by a consortium led by Endo and Penwest.
199177 tn?1490502134 Morphine 20mg..............Oxycodone (Oxycontin, Percocet) 10mg..............Oxymorphone (Numorphan) 200-300mg.....Propoxyphene (Darvocet) 150mg............
Avatar n tn Also what is the difference between Opana ER and oxymorphone? I think it is oxymorphone is not extended release but the Opana is. I have had my spine reconstructed 6 times and suffer more than words can say. I do not abuse my drugs but the Oxycotin don't seem to work as well since they changed to the OP and they make me nauseated a lot. And I DO take them as prescribed. I did not crush/chew/snort/smoke or inject the other oxycotin. Just swallowed it as prescribed.
Avatar n tn I feel I should jump in on this thread. Opana ER is extended release oxymorphone. It is most powerful opioid pain reliever in pill form on the market today based solely on pharmacology. I was on this medication from Jan-Apr of this year at 30 mg bid (i.e., twice a day). 5 mg of Opana ER is equivalent to 10 mg of oxycodone. Oxycodone is the active ingredient in Percocet.
Avatar f tn oxymorphone is an active metabolite of oxycodone. noroxycodone is an inactive metabolite (it has no analgesic properties). From the following: http://www.practicalpainmanagement.com/treatments/pharmacological/opioids/oxycodone-oxymorphone-metabolism "Oxycodone is metabolized in part by cytochrome P450 2D6 to oxymorphone, which represents less than 15% of the total administered dose.
Avatar m tn Your doctor specifically said "Opana ER"??? That's a bit odd. Opana is just the brand-name for Oxymorphone, and the ER just means "extended release" (as opposed to the IR, "instant release"). A doctor telling you that you tested positive for Opana ER would be like telling someone that they tested positive for Norco 10/325. Drug screens/tests just aren't specific enough to determine brand-names of drugs, let alone whether it's the ER or IR version of the drug.
Avatar m tn Opana is extended release oxymorphone and is usually used for chronic pain where round the clock opioid treatment is required over an extended period. Usually if you switch from one type of opioid to another, there may be some pain management issues. However, usually over time the drug works. If you are having problems with pain adjustment, then please discuss this with your doctor. Meanwhile take up some form of physiotherapy to help reduce the pain.
Avatar n tn The thing with methadone is that it is very long acting with one dose staying active for more than 24 hours, whereas oxycontin is far shorter acting with one dose typically wearing off after a few hours (especially if it has been crushed to bypass its delayed release mechanism). This means that generally speaking once a person has taken their daily methadone dose there is no great desire to take more a few hours later as there is with shorter acting opiates such as oxycontin .
Avatar n tn If the tablets are consistently not breaking down in your GI tract, then you might want to discuss other medication options with your gastroenterologist. Salofalk is one of them, another is Colazal. There is also a new time-release, once per day formulation of mesalamine on the market called Lialda. The matrix of that formulation may be better tolerated in your GI tract. Bottom line is that you have options. I wish you well, IBD is a total drag.
Avatar m tn 3 ratio: 180 mg oxymorphone x 3 = 540 mg of morphine However, because there is the factor of opioid cross-tolerance, usually a 50% reduction in the calculated dose is recommended. 540 mg of morphine x 0.
Avatar f tn I know Percocet has both Oxymorphone AND Acetaminophen in it, and Oxycontin has Oxymorphone only. I'm not certain what the Acetaminophen brings to the table as far as drug-interactions go, but your statement that the Perc and the Oxy are the same (2x5mg vs. 1x10mg) sounds about right. Maybe someone in the Pain-Management Community would know. They're VERY familiar with narcotic pain-meds over there (as it's a part of their daily lives), so they might know better.
Avatar n tn Given that you can tolerate oxycodone, which metabolizes into oxymorphone, tells me you can probably also tolerate oxymorphone in immediate release form??? Switching from oxycodone to oxymorphone 6x per day, might reduce your BT pain without the need of an additional opioid. But, I am not sure if you have tried Opana yet or not. You could also continue to use oxycodone for BT pain (just in case) or the fentanyl Actiq lollipops.
Avatar m tn Both the brand and generic have the same active ingredient, oxymorphone in extended release form; however, the generic uses inferior time release technology that increased my pain levels significantly 6 hours after dosing. I did some research and the brand uses a patented TimerX -N technology that provides true 12 hour dosing versus fizzling out at 6-8 hours like other extended release formulations.
535089 tn?1400677119 Opioid Products That May Be Required to Have Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies (REMS) Brand Name Products Generic Name Trade Name Applicant/Sponsors Fentanyl Duragesic Extended Release Transdermal System Ortho McNeil Janssen Hydromorphone *Palladone Extended Release Capsules Purdue Pharma Methadone Dolophine Tablets Roxanne Morphine Avinza Extended Release Capsules King Pharms Morphine Kadian Extended Release Capsules Actavis Morp
Avatar m tn Thats a high dose. So youre 400mg a day? Oxycontin is time release where oxycodone is short term perocet. At least that's what I was told. At that dose it will take some time to get off. You have some major issues or surgeries to be on that much. I'm 40mg x3 a day. I tried to get off that cold turkey and it was hell. 5mg every 2 weeks will take you a year! That's a taper they suggested. Taper is really hard for people.
Avatar n tn She also would take more and more of oxy when she was on it, but has no desire to do so with methadone. Does anyone know if hydromorphone (dilaudid) and oxymorphone (opana) have the same effects as methadone or oxy - in general, do they make you tired or hyper? I realize everyone is different, but would like your opinions if you used either one of these meds. Her doctor is thinking of switching her to either hydromorhone or oxymorphone. Are these considered drugs of choice?
775302 tn?1253104105 _) WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN OXYMORPHONE AND HYDRAMORPHONE? ( OPANA VS. DILAUDED?) I'm doing really well with the opana now and I'm actually on Kadian again instead of the Fentanyl I seem to be doing pretty well. If anyone knows the diffence with the prefeixes of Hydra and Oxy, please let me know. My best to everyone. Hope this question finds you pain free at the moment.
Avatar n tn im not sure what the exact rate of converse is but you have to take enough to cover your dose of oxy....time to talk to your doctor and let him know whats going on no need to suffer in withdrawals ............
Avatar n tn Opana ER is oxymorphone in extended release form. Oxymorphone is the STRONGEST opioid medication in pill form available in the United States soley for pain management. Therefore, short answer is yes...Opana ER is stronger than oxycodone mg to mg. For example, 1 mg of oxymorphone is stronger than 1 mg of oxycodone...to be precise, oxymorphone is approx. 2 times stronger than oxycodone.
Avatar f tn Hi, Opana ER is an extended-release oral formulation of oxymorphone. I am assuming that the doctor started him on the lowest dose and then titrated up to manage his pain sufficiently. Doctors normally do this so that the Pt is on the lowest dose possible to manage their pain. Tolerance issues requires that over an extended period of time you will need more medication to get the same pain relief. For this reason among others doctors want the patient on the lowest dose possible.
1445110 tn?1388213311 Hi Hessycat, Opana ER is extended release oxymorphone. It is widely prescribed and according to what I have read and from reports of our members it is a fairly safe medication. That said, we are all different and our systems respond differently to medications. My experience with Methadone was not pleasant either. My system did not tolerate it well. My prescribing physicians changed my opiate and I did much better. Your physician prescribed Opana ER for you so don't be afraid to take it.
Avatar f tn I have a problem with my shoulder where it dislocates all the time so i end up in the E.R. allot. About 4 months ago i was given morphine before they put my shoulder back in and i developed a raised itchy rash where they had injected it on my arm. The next time i had morphine was about a month later (shoulder again) and i got a rash all over my body so they gave me an shot of antihistamine (poor spelling) and the rash went down.
Avatar f tn - MS Contin (Extended Release Morphine), - Nucynta ER (ER Nucynta) - Ultram ER (ER Tramadol, brand) - Opana ER (Extended Release Oxymorphone) - OxyContin (Extended Release Oxycodone) - Exalgo (ER Dilaudid) - BuTrans Patch (ER Buprenephrine) - Fentanyl Patch (ER Fentanyl) MS Contin, Opana ER, and OxyContin are typically prescribed 2-3 times per day or every 8 to 12 hours. Exalgo is prescribed every 24 hours. The BuTrans patch last 7 days and the Fentanyl patch lasts 48-72 hours.