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Avatar n tn I have been taking percocets for a year now and oxycontin 20 mg for approx. 6 months. I take anywheres from 80 to 100 mg a day, and I agree it is very hard to get off. I tried going a day without taking them, and I feel so awful and hurt so bad that I just can't do it. I have been trying to cut down to where I will only be taking around 40 mg a day & then taper off to none. I have back problems but seems like I want to take more of the medicine than I need even if I'm not hurting.
Avatar n tn I snort Oxycontin partly to control my dosing & partly for the high. There is little pain relief from taking it nasally. I DON'T recommend anyone try snorting it as this will lead to increasing dosages & abuse! As far as your stomach, make sure you take Oxy on a full stomach or at least with some food or milk. It can be hard on your tummy but it is a very effective aceteminopen free pain killer.
Avatar n tn I just found out last week that my fiance has been snorting oxycontin for the last 8-9 months. I found out because he was lying and I accused him of having an affair with a coworker. She told me the truth that they were not sleeping together, but were snorting oxycontins a few times a month. After he was "caught" he told me that he would do it sometimes 3 times a day, but would detox for a week or so.
232264 tn?1191252080 at that time i was a cash buyer no insurance then soon after i got insurance and thats when the financial part was easy 80 bux for 120 40mgs of oxycontin 300 roxys 120 percs and 120 xanax bars thats when i stopped because my body shut down i couldnt pee i couldnt poop <--sorry but just being straight up..
Avatar n tn Opiates have the worst withdrawal everything from heroin to vicodin to oxycontin and anything else in that catagory. I know I have tried to quit vicodin 3 times in the last 4 months I had to get an ambulatory detox and still wished I were dead. I have a post in this forum check out title day 6. I posted on there again today. You will **** your brains out and get tremors and cravings and hope to die. My emotional energy was gone. I cried and was close to tears most of the time. Had no energy.
Avatar n tn Overall, the last 8 months, I've taken an average of 200mg/day, I believe. I don't what the equivalence would be in terms of heroine / oxycontin / morphine, etc. I'm hoping that my drugs' relatively lower spot on the euphoric pecking order would be grounds for a 10 day methadone taper program to be appropriate. But I just don't know and I would very much appreciate some experienced input here.
Avatar n tn I used a combination of Xanax and Trazadone for sleep. If you have a dealer ask them for Xanax and get enough bars to last for 3 days or so. The xanax will put you right to sleep. however can't get xanax then try valerian root and melatonin combined. i just finished a detox myself and made sure i took a short walk at night and then ate some chicken soup to get something in my stomach. having something in your stomach will help produce sleep.
Avatar n tn I was taking about 120-160 mg a day of Oxycontin, which is A LOT worse then the vicodin (experienced both)I took 5 days, the first day I took 10mg of methadone, the second day I took 5mg, and the same for the 3rd, the fourth day I took 2.5, and then the fifth day another 2.5, from there it was a mental game, I was pain free....... the mental part is the worst but you can't get through it unless you go through the awful, nausea, pain etc.....
Avatar n tn since then shes buying oxycodone off the street, along wth xanax bars. how can this be safe. plz anyone e mail me ***@****. p.s. its twins. and he get very high!
Avatar n tn I just detoxed off a 140-160mg a day addiction to oxycontin. It has been 10 days since I took my last opiate. I am still suffering from leg and shoulder cramps. I have a bottle of Robaxin that was prescribed to me before my detox. My question is whether Robaxin is addictive? And would it be wise or unwise to use it for the cramps that currently bother me?
Avatar n tn I managed to get myself addicted to many different types of pills loracets, loratabs, oxy, perc, vikaden, xanax bars. i am now trying to quit and i have some questions i would like to have anwsered if possible. so far i have been clean for 2 weeks and two days during the first week i was shakey and i was coughing alot i had no energy and was very hard for me to get to sleep.
Avatar n tn I was using up to 150mg's - 200mg's of oxycontin a day and decided to stop CT this tuedsay am. That tuesday morning I remeber laying on my couch thinking to myself,"theres now way in hell you can do this". The mind is powerful and will do anything it can to get its next fix. Im now nearing day 5 and am about 99% better!!!!!! I cant believe I didnt do this sooner. Im one of those lucky ones who goes through WD's fast and with minimal discomfort. We are all different.
Avatar n tn I think since your doctor is cutting you off, you should request that he give you some medications to assist with your withdrawal. Clonidine, perhaps Xanax or some other tranquilizer and/or something like Baclofen will all make it a bit easier. The bad news is, it isn't going to be easy regardless. Good luck.
Avatar n tn it started as taking 1 or 2 percs for fun. now im taking 30-60 mg of roxy or oxycontin almost every day. when i stop taking it for a day or two...i get withdrawals - sweats, anxiety, muscle cramps, diarrhea, and sometimes fever. at first i thought it was the flu then i realized i was having withdrawals. im 24 yrs old. its the only thing that makes me feel good but i know this is bad and want to stop. have been diagnosed with depression since i was 15yrs old.....
Avatar f tn I was in rehab for 15 days total and didn't detox until my last 6 days, so I do NOT recommend anybody take suvoxone or Xanax(Xanax is just going to make your anxiety WORSE..and you are trying to DETOX FROM DRUGS, not add more drugs to the mix, remember?), just drink a lot of water and get thru it! I have been off of tyhe suvoxone for 8 days now and feel fine mentally but still are sweating a lot! I hop eit goes away soon:) Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn you're right though, since i recently ( i'd never forget it) came off huge huge huge amounts of oxycontin - this WD seems MUCH more tolerable ( the oxy WD IS NOT TOLERABLE BELIEVE ME DOOOONT TAKE EM CUZ THE WD IS HELL) i'm gunna try to keep on going though as though i'm not in WD from the vic's. i have too much to do so im HOPING i can actually do that - cuz the oxy WD was out-of-commision time - now if i jsut get bad stomach and chills/goosebumps...
Avatar n tn I used to take about 200mg of oxycontin a day. Any input would be appreciated. I'm asking now because just recently I took a few vics for 3 days straight, I didn't become re-addicted, nor did I feel any withdrawal, but it scared the hell out of me..........