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Avatar n tn 80 mgs is what I'm taking of the oxycontin. 80 mgs is all a person is suppose to take in a days time according to the Fed laws.. I am also taking Vicodin. On a scale from 1-10 my pain level went from a 10 to a three. I am very happy with taking the 80mgs along with Vicodine.
Avatar m tn Hello Everybody. I need help. I have been on about 80-100 mg of oxy a day for about 7-8 months. I never took them before or any sort of opiate. I just stoped snorting them a week ago and now am just taking them orally. Really going to try to taper myself off and quit. What is the best way for me to quit completely? I don't need them physically because i have no chronic pain. I started taking the new 60 mg op that are time released.
Avatar n tn I am taking approximately 60-80 mg of Oxycontin per day and my efforts to taper have been difficult. Apart from the pressure/guilt/anxiety from my surgeon (he personally would never prescribe Oxycontin but was was "forced" to accept that the pain management folks already had me on it) and pharmacist, when I reduce my dosage, I suffer extreme generalized burning pain throughout my body --- its like a bad sunburn on the inside.
491984 tn?1463402330 Has anyone experienced adverse side effects from the new formula of oxycontin?
Avatar n tn oxycodone to 30 mg. of oxycodone every 4 hours. He switched me from 15 mg. of ms contin to oxycontin 80 mg. four times a day! That is when the weight gain started. Like I said I gained 14 pounds the first month on my new doses. I continued to steadily gain weight for the next 6 months, at which time I was 178 pounds! I went from 133 pounds to 176 pounds in six months. I absolutely believe it was due to the oxycontin because there was no other changes to anything in my medical records.
Avatar f tn I advised some folks I correspond with on addiction issues never to take a single oxycontin even if legitimately prescribed for pain. I went through two rehabs in the 80's for drugs and alcohol and have spend about 18 of the past 23 years clean and sober. Nothing has kicked my but like this stuff, which I did almost as a lark. Today, I just got so depressed at being continually sick and down, and I did get some relief tonight. I'll pay for it tomorrow, assuming I don't cheat again.
1064998 tn?1254942645 yeah i was on alot of K the first 3 days - its day 13-the K wore off but im going through hellfire - HOT sweating spasms screaming - jesus - i was on oxycontin and oxycodone everday for 3 years - and took various other opiates for many years before that ( just not as much) this is so hard tonight - i keep forgeting it will ever stop and just want to die at least im not vomiting i suppose :(
Avatar m tn I've been abusing Oxycontin 20's for about 6 months now but the well ran dry 3 days ago. I was taking 2 to 3 per day and biting them in half to bypass the time release. I haven't had any in almost a full 72 hours and so far there's been virtually no symptoms whatsoever. I'm not substituting anything to take the edge off with the exception of one 350mg "Soma" taken before bed to help with the potential insomnia.
Avatar f tn Sorry to but in but are you on Oxycontin or Oxycodone. I was on Oxycontin as was taken about 5 80's a day and was in severe w/d after about 12 hours. And I noticed that you said that they were 15. for a script of the generic. Here it is almost the same price as the brand. I script of 90 (40mg) which is what I was getting (from a doc) costs about $500. and then the other script I was getting was 90 (20 mg) was 328. for generic and 468 for brand.
429155 tn?1205676864 MY PERSONAL DIARY OF OXYCONTIN WITHDRAWAL. May I briefly fill in a little background.I am David aged 55 and employed as a postman/driver/sorter, well up until 38 months ago I had never been into hospital,well boy was that about to change.
1047376 tn?1290161338 It started off, I remember my mother having all these extra bottles of oxycontin 80 mg's and also 30 mg oxycodone, fentanyl patches morphine, xanax...you call it she had...my mom could have ran her own pharmacy pretty much. So I started taking 30 mg a day...within a month 4-6 a day just in my school classe which was only 8 hours. then within a half year I was a full blown addict. I was takin 12 30's each day just at school...and another 10 or so after I got out.
Avatar f tn When Purdue Pharma reformulated the pill and renamed it Oxycontin OP, that extended the patent on Oxycontin. Purdue Pharma won the lawsuit and all the generic manufacturers that were producing Oxycontin had to exit the market. A similar scenario happened with Opana ER. Endo Pharmaceuticals reformulated Opana ER so that it couldn't be crushed and snorted. When they did that, it extended their patent for at least another 10 years.
634681 tn?1222753419 AFTER 3 spinal surgery,the last one 2001 ,it involved 2 atificial disc replacement , inc a new repair on my previous fusion l/4 l/5 l/3 ,, after surgery i was left screaming , MY Secialist,had no answers for me , in hope that 80 mg morphene oxycontin 2 times a day would help, yes it did ,still . I am in constant pain 24 hrs a day , but a very limmited time frame to stand // sit/ walk aprox... 10 min > before pain increases up my spine & require to lie down to regain.
Avatar f tn Hi emmaless, Am I reading your post correctly that you were taking 80 mg of Oxycontin 3x per day and 40 mg of Oxycontin 3x per day? If yes, keep reading...LOL. I thought you wrote that you were taking 80 mg and 40mg total of Oxycontin per day. That is why my post to your other thread stated that you were on more medicine through Fentanyl than through Oxycontin. That is not the case if you taking the 80 mg and the 40 mg 3x per day. That is 120 mg x 3 or 360 mg of Oxycontin per day vs.
Avatar m tn I have prev.been on Oxycontin for about 5 yrs, 1yr ago my doc switched me to ms contin (this is for 2 lower back fusions that have left my left leg numb and both legs and lower back aching const.) during the time I was on the Oxy he also had me try the F patch.
9880688 tn?1414119247 if his doctor will do what he needs to do, i would suggest using opana and not oxy just because the oxy doesn't work well at all. if he really wants off the patch bad, right now, he could probably go from a 50 mcg to a opana 40. then the doctor can lower the opana as he stabilizes. it takes 20 some days for fentanyl to be out of your body. it seeps into fat, bones, muscles,etc. so it takes a while. so he will likely hurt for a bit even being on opana.
Avatar f tn So I started getting them through a friend for a very long time went from normal hydrocodone and stuff then to I think oxycontin it says OP then 80 on the other side. So I've almost made it 48 hours without anything and I kind of feel like I'm dying. Please any support or suggestions?
Avatar f tn Oxycontin, same as Ms Contin I believe is not discontinued. She was on oxycodone. Sounds like what she really needed was a long acting and a short acting drug. If it was tolerance that caused the need for more or addiction we dont know, but if Dr would have prescribed a long acting like the MS Contin, ect, maybe less oxycodone, or roxi which is usually known as 5-10mg oxys then perhaps she would have handled the drug relief much better. It is sad this happened.
Avatar n tn My doctor was prescribing six of the 80 mg Oxycontin ER tabs a day. That was my prescribed dosage. Even though I originally started taking them for pain, I ended up abusing them. I could easily take 12 of the 80 mg tabs in a day, and I always ran out early (I think the most I ever took in one day was 15 but fortunately that was not often). But I had built up a certain tolerance to them, and I have always had a high tolerance for drugs. So some of those stories you hear are really true.
Avatar m tn The problem now is, not only am I completely sick of it, but Purdue Pharma only makes a tamper proof formula that really can't be crushed, believe me I've tried everything possible. Most of the people on here probably know, the new one's, the have OP-80 instead of OC-80. Anyways, cutting to the chase, I've felt like absolute death since about 12 hours since I last bumped some OC. I know I'm probably looking at at least 7-8 days clean for the physical symptoms to subside.
Avatar f tn The people on here are always so amazing and helpful! Im addicted to oxycontin (op) , vicodin and percocets. I take about 3 80mg op's a day and a couple of vicodins, percocets in between. I have 3 80's left , not buying anymore after this. Im so scared. I also have sum vicodins and percocets and am wondering if the withdrawals would be easier if i took them to kinda taper off from the oxy's? Or should i just go coldturkey on all pills from the start?
Avatar m tn i had to come off years ago from 72 mg a day on extended release ( taken off market forget name ) plus 4 80 mg oxycontin. i stopped the dilaudid with no problem and then weaned down on oxycontin which was tough. im on higher dose now and in conversion it says i need like 40 80 mg oxycontin to substitute?? i tried oral dilaudid but it gets me to nauseas. im worried if i use oxycontin ill end up on both. also is mscontin better to sub. for withdrawl than oxycontin.
Avatar n tn First was 2 1/2 years ago and was a microdiscectomy at a lumbar disc. Wend over a year doing pretty well post op and wasn't using anything besides a Vicoden from time to time. HE never had a problem stopping medication at that time. Last March HIS pain returned, had another MRI and it showed that HE had re-herniated the same lumbar disc.. Went back on pain medication (5mg Percocet 4x day) prior to surgery and while we were still trying physical therapy.
Avatar m tn Oxycontin 40mg 5 pills every 8 hours totaling 1000mg of Oxycodode, Also taking Ritalin 10mg 2xs a day, 200mg Modafinil 1x a day, 2mg 3 per day Alprazolam Xanax, 4mg Flunitrazepam Rohypnol, 6mg 3 per day bromazepam Lexothan, 2mg Lorazepam and 2mg 3 per day of Clonazepam. Of course I don't take all those in the same day just take them as I feel a need to do so.
Avatar f tn I think she's confused on what she's taking (which scares the hell out of me). I do know that oxycontin does not come in a 30. Just 10-20-40-and 80. They used to make a 160, but it was taken off the market because people were dying from taking them.
Avatar f tn can someone PLEASE HELP ME with this : I am now on 3 x 80 mg oxycontin and 1 x25 and 1/2 25 fentynal patch a day......with the NEW oxys , I am wanting to just go and stay on the fentynal patch. My question is : How much fentynal would i get put on with the above dosage I am now on.....PLEASE Someome out there has to know the answer to this, I have tried to figure it out, look it up with no success !! I have a Dr.
473384 tn?1210209842 ), so she sent me to a pain specialist who first put me on the fentanyl patch (which scared me to death, told him I wanted off) and then oxycontin. at my highest dose I was taking 3-30mgs oxy/day (90mgs total) plus 2-4-6 percocets (5/325)/day, so I think my highest daily intake for a month or so was 120mgs combined oxycodone/day. I have tapered down over the past month or so to 3-10mg oxys/day and 4-6 percs/day, for a total combined daily intake of between 50-60mgs oxycodone/day.
Avatar f tn this isn't really a question but just my recovery of being on percocet and oxycontin. pls feel free to ask any questions. i have been reading these posts religiously for the last 5 days and it helps knowing i have people who understand.
Avatar m tn But after very painful PT I proved the Doc's wrong and walked out of the hospital. I too had excruciating pain and was on 80 mg oxy 3X/day and 10 mg percs for breakthrough pain for seven years. I finally said I want my life back and went c/t. It was extremely rough but I made it. I am now proud to say I have been off opiates for 407 days. You stated that you just had another fusion how long has it been since your last surgery?
460948 tn?1232305722 On October 18, 2006, the FDA gave approval for three new dosage strengths, 15mg, 30mg, and 45mg. Oxycontin is made of pure oxycodone hydrochloride. Nevertheless, an 80 mg oxycontin has a mass of approximately 260 mg (not including the navy colored coating) due to other compounds. OxyNorm is available in 5, 10, and 20 mg capsules and tablets; also as a 1 mg/1 ml liquid in 250 ml bottles and as a 10 mg/1 ml concentrated liquid in 100 ml bottles.