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Avatar n tn I have been tapering my amount of Oxycontin for about a month now. I am down to 10mg in the AM and 10mg in the PM. My doctor had me taking them three times a day before. I really feel the difference with the twice a day dose. He is having me cut down 10mg every week. I was fine until this week. Does anyone have any advice for me? I can not stand the weekness in my legs already and I am not finished tapering. I am really afraid of cutting down to once a day on Tuesday.....help!
Avatar m tn i disovered oxycontin tabs in my ileostomy pouch that have not disoved, the oxycontin is the slow release type and turns into gooy substance when being disolved according to FDA website. i have also found the goo type in pouch. what are alternatives to this issue ?
Avatar n tn I am proud to be off Oxycontin now but I realize that what I read in other posts is true. I feel pretty lousy without my drug of choice & I know that I have to be patient & I will feel better as time goes by. This morning was the first time here at home when I didn't have to go to my workshop at 5:00AM to snort some Oxy so I could get rid of the withdrawal & go back to sleep. That felt great!
Avatar n tn Yet, I can not get out of bed and work or do anything due to the pain without oxycodone or oxycontin, and I am really not liking buying them of off the street because I do not want to find myself in legal problems. I am in Philadelphia, Pa if anyone can help PLEASE do so.
Avatar n tn Whatever the number I don't think anyone has sufficient experience to tell someone that a biopsy never hurts. If the guy is in pain he is in pain. If he had an exploratory, comparatively invasive procedure like mine done, I bet he is in enough pain to require some heavy medications.
356518 tn?1322267242 Patient Assistance prog. 800-474-2762 Percodan & Percocet by Dupont 800-474-2762 Morphine Sulfate by Astra USA 800-262-0460 MS Contin Purdue Frederick Co. 800-633-4741 Tylox by Ortho-McNeil Pharma. 800-797-7737 Roxane Laboratories Inc. Free 800-274-8651 3M Pharmaceuticals(800) 328-0255 Products include: Most drug products sold by 3M Allergan, Inc.
Avatar n tn i mention this because,3 times i have seen front page news ,here in philadelphia when a teenagers have died from oxy abuse. while kids driving drunk and dying in car accidents is not news. so any other new insights??????????????
Avatar n tn Last week I read about this clinic in Florida that is using the drug you mentioned with great success.I live in Philadelphia and will be 50 years old this week. Have you or anyone ever heard of someone my age getting of opiates.
Avatar f tn I belive its actauly federaly funded. In California its called Medi-Cal,in Maine its called Mainecare. I dont know what its called in your state. Then look for a hospital that has a detox/rehab department and try to get him in there. In Maine, they take state insurance, detox four four to five days, put you on Suboxone and set you up with aftercare/counseling. The NA is also a VERY good idea to start.
927542 tn?1244726650 that's fine, but I don't think your pain would be very tolerable, so I'll up your oxycontin to 4 80mgs in the am and 4 80mgs in the pm. Well, she's the dr. right? (in a sarcastic tone) At this point, I've been on oxycontin for over 5 years. I continued with the same Dr. until 2007. She left the practice and I was handed over to another Dr. (female) who was nice, but was'nt comfortable giving me such a high dosage of this medicine also.
Avatar n tn I'm furious that my doctor had to switch me from methdone to oxycontin, because now I'm becoming very ill. In my opinion, oxycontin is NOT a good chronic pain medication for most people - methadone is the opioid that should be used for treating long-term chronic pain patients. I'm not a doctor, but I have a lifetime of experience (I'm 45) and have become very knowledgable.
Avatar n tn I did not even make it through one day of detox from Oxycontin. I felt so bad that I called the Dr & he said he'd call in some Neurontin for the "jumping out of my skin" feeling that was driving me crazy!! The script never showed up. So in desperation I called my old dealer & was able to score a small amount of Oxycontin to relieve the discomfort.
Avatar f tn I know it sound wonky, but my chiropractor had lyme and did the antibiotics to no avail. She then saw a naturopath who put her on some kind of flower essence (teassel?) and it worked for her. There are some studies online that you can look up. Maybe you can find someone local to you that can help? After three years, it might be worth a try.
Avatar n tn Recently I was up to 10-15 5mg Percs a day or the equivalent or more in oxycontin (whatever was easier to get)....Oh let me back up a little..I live in a big city and get them off of the street (really easy to get). I went from looking forward to taking them on the weekend to having to take them as soon as I woke up, just to make it through my day. At work, I would spend my whole day making phone calls to assure that I'd have some for the rest of the night. Living like this is exhausting!!!
Avatar m tn Anxiety got so bad, i could rarely leave the house and couldn't ride in cars or travel. I developed numbness in my legs and after an EMG test was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease with herniated lumbar discs. Lower back pain became prominent at this time along with chronic leg pain and stiffness. After ripping the fentanyl patches off in a severe panic attack, i went thru horrific fentanyl withdraw only somewhat helped by oxycodone. I finally told my doc to get me off all this crap.
Avatar n tn I watched the show with my daughter and it turned out that she was more interested in Philadelphia than anything, mainly because she saw some of the open air drug markets that she had to visit. Sad that the seat of liberty is now a seat of slavery. We were all able to talk openly and after an hour she wanted to see David Duchovny :-)on X-files. So we didn't see the 2nd hour. I had it with the graphic stuff anyway. I was a basket case trying to be ok with it. It appears she is doing well.
Avatar n tn I am a mid-level manager of an IS department in a major company in Philadelphia. I can tell you that it is a great career to get into if you are really interested. The money is good and it is very exciting work. I guess I am also writing to say that you can make it...you can be successful even after this problem. I was in your place a few years ago. I still struggle. Anyway I finished my college degree from a reputable university and am now making a 6 digit income.
Avatar n tn There had been an explosion of heroin related admissions at New York and Philadelphia hospitals, and in East Coast cities a substantial population of recreational users was reported (some supported their habits by collecting and selling scrap metal, hence the name "junkie").
Avatar n tn We got help from every imaginable source once we admitted that we needed it and wanted it. In my humble opinion, the life you lead in recovery is a much vaster adventure than anything you will experience on OXY. I'm sure that some of our other more learned posters can enlighten you further, but the message remains the same. Good luck with all!
Avatar n tn Yet, I can not get out of bed and work or do anything due to the pain without oxycodone or oxycontin, and I am really not liking buying them of off the street because I do not want to find myself in legal problems. I am in Philadelphia, Pa if anyone can help PLEASE do so.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone, i am new here and this is my first time posting anything although i have been doing a lot of reading on this site. I do have a commment to post but first i wanted to say thank you to all of you because although you dont realize it, you all saved my life. I have been addicted to oxycontin, percocet, vicodin, fent. patches etc... for over 3 years and had a pretty hefty habit. I had NO IDEA there was any help out there for someone addicted to oxy's!
Avatar n tn released to the The Rothman Institute in Philadelphia, PA. 2 of the top spine surgeons in the world are there. I am going to have them look at my films and file to really critique the situation. One saved my grandfather from total paralysis after a logging accident in 1995. He said it was the most difficult neck surgery he had ever performed up to that time). There names are Dr. Alexander Vacarro (my grandfather's hero) and Dr. Todd Albert (more info. at link below): http://www.
Avatar n tn getting clean was the easy part, staying clean is a lifetime of hard work and I can't honestly say that i have been abstinent a vic here a vic there, then I see the obsession setting in again....I need to be totally honest with myself where my back injuries are concerned, hell, i can make menstrual cramps feel like I need my demerol..this is why i made the decision to leave my nursing career, that was 6 years ago..
Avatar f tn http://www.samhsa.gov/look3.htm Good luck! Dr. Steve http://www.HeadDocs.
Avatar n tn Good words JB - truly. I forgot to mention Chad - Percocet HAS OXYCODONE IN IT. THE SAME INGREDIENT THAT IS IN OXYCONTIN. Know what you're taking man. Your "recovery" from Oxy is over. Tomorrow is day ONE again. Sounds to me like you're going to fill the other RX today too. That's cool. Don't feel guilty per se. Just take care of yourself. You'll get there.
Avatar n tn I am currently on Lortab 10m and oxycontin 20m. I am going in for elective surgery soon, already had my consult. My surgeon knows all the meds I am on, and just about told me I could have anything I just about wanted for post-op pain. I want something stronger then Lortab but not the oxy. Does anyone have any suggestions? I know my body is used to narcotics and I am told the pain is pretty bad. Is Vicodin ES stronger? I quess I could ask for Morphine but don't know what strength.
2030190 tn?1329813587 and this drug is no better than coke in my eyes. there is nothing good fun or positive about oxycontin or oxcododne...nothing good about it. this drug should be banned. there are other choices...and what did my doctor write me for post op surgery....percasets. and what's the diff? nothing...except a lower dose and tylonol. why in the heck did he give me the same junk again? im so scared ill get sucked back in the dark vortex of oxy. i will pray for you. please pray for me.
Avatar n tn I am fairly new, I have reading for about 2 months but not posting much. I live in Philadelphia & it's very important that I get in touch with you. When you get a chance Please e-mail me at ***@**** . thanks.
Avatar n tn Look for a psychologist/psychiatrist certified in treating addiction. Also, I think you must confront your son, with love but with firmness. Heroin is FAR too dangerous to not confront him about. At least those of us addicted to pills knew EXACTLY how much narcotic we were using. Your son is at tremendous risk because heroin strengths vary so much. His next dose could be his last. You are correct, if he is asking for clonidine, he is using.