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Avatar f tn I plan on lowering my dose of vicodene tomorrow and start taking the gabapentin. Doctor said it was safe to take both. Any advice and all suggetions would be much appreciated. I know I have to get off the vics but the w/d's scare the h*** out of me. Good Luck to all fighting this fight.
Avatar m tn i used to be prescribed this medication (gabapentin) for GHB withdrawals and as a mood stabilizer and I did abuse it. most of the time at dosages of 8 to 12 800mg tablets at a time and I just wanted to caution anyone who might take alot of it that it did make me have seizures from time to time at dosages as low as 8 400mg capsules. just a cautionary note.
Avatar n tn Ok this is my first time in one of these things, so please bear with me. My wife and I have been taking oxycontin the past year or so and it has gotten to the point of a 120-150 mg a day habit of snorting each. It has taken over our lives and has us fighting over money. We have finally come to a point where there is no money for the next 3 weeks and the time has come where there is nothing left to pawn or sell to keep this going any longer.
329994 tn?1301666848 He was a mechanic, and many other things in his career and has had a devistating attack to his brain by Gabapentin. What I mean is he was a smart guy who was always on top of what ever was going on and now he acts like he has had a labotimy (sp?). I found him petting the coffee pot like it was a dog, saying how well it worked and how it was a mystery to him. Is that normal? I did not have these issues when I took it, I just always felt like it wasn't doing anything for me.
Avatar f tn to stop trying, and go back to what worked. I am so happy, but the reason I am posting is that I took the gabapentin today, I was in so much pain, and only little oxycodones for breakthrough pain.Today I took my first and second dose, like he wanted, and right this minute, I don't know if it will continue, my sciatic nerve pain has lessened by at least 50%! It is like a miracle. I have had that unending nerve pain since 1995! Since I had my first back surgery!
874521 tn?1424120397 I don't have MS but the neuropathic nerve pain seems to be familiar to more than one disease. I am also on oxycontin, this is for my back pain and I find it does NOTHING for the pain down my legs!! I have DDD and the pressure on the nerve roots in my spine are whats causing this nerve pain. Its like theres a tornique (?) up around my thighs and the blood supply and nerve endings are all pinched off...
Avatar f tn I took it along with oxycodone and other narcotics I was on, but it was all prescribed and I wasn't abusing any of them. Gabapentin is a serious medication and you definitely shouldn't take it unless you're under a doctor's supervision. It was initially used as an anti-seizure medicine. And if you stop it abruptly, it can cause seizures.
Avatar f tn Oxycodone, much of which comes from OxyContin, is the most widely abused opioid, and some states have more problems with this abuse than others. Some doctors prefer to use another long-acting opioid, like MSContin, rather than an oxycodone-based product. Why don't you ask your doctor about why he wants to switch you?
Avatar n tn I have been able to somewhat negotiate the mental confusion,crying spells, depression etcThe reason I got off the oxy and lyrica was because they were not helping with the chronic back pain and i was nodding off all the time.Talk about doing a 180 turn aroundin less than 4 days! The rls syndrome has to go and I do not want to take any more opiates.Something other than 3 weeks of torture must be able to help?
Avatar m tn No, I haven't been taking THAT much, I have seen others taking much more than myself and that's probably what scares me the most, getting more and more pills as time goes on and having a an even bigger hill to climb if I continue. Where do I find this Thomas recipe? I will look for it and hopefully find it. Thank you again, it is good to know there are people on here that are really concerned about my well being.
Avatar f tn I was given Xanax for it, and have used it off and on since 15. For some reason, I've never gotten withdrawal from benzos, and dose escalation was rarely necessary. So back to a year ago when they put me on Oxy. It worked fine, and took care of the pain. But very quickly the dose would rise, and soon it was not fully taking care of the pain. (I was getting migraines every single day for about 8 hours a day or more. 1 out of 10 days I'd get a break and the pain wouldn't be severe.
Avatar m tn There are worst days than others, some better days than others - however the doses of the extended-release remained the same and I simply took less of, or more of, the breakthrough. I take 40MG Oxycontin twice a day and Percocet 10's up to 4X/day for BT pain. Again, the BT med "depends". Well, all this 'depending' has gotten ridiculous. I already have this 'fog' and what-not from the diseases themselves and I don't need to be in a medicated fog.
Avatar f tn i have been on percocet 10/325 for nearly 4 yrs and my ortho added 2/20 mg oxycontin 2 months ago because the percocets don't last very long anymore. i've got bone fragments in my neck & a lower back injury which caused total paralysis twice (temporarily) a few years ago & am on disability for such among other illnesses, which may or may not include scleroderma and/or R.A.
Avatar n tn As of now I've been off oxycontin (used them for 9 months) for about 5 hours and am already experiencing withdrawals. I see so many people talk about getting med's perscribed to help with these. My Dr. knows I'm doing this and has never offered any help. Can you recommend any med's that I could call and talk to him about? He was carefree in giving them, but doesn't seem to think about me going off of them, just that I need to. Please any help would be so very much appreciated!!!!
Avatar n tn In the past two weeks, I have gone on a crisis protocol diet of enzymes and amino acids, but have also cut down my dose of gabapentin to 1800 mg per day and I am waking up 1.5 hours earlier than usual, but feel less forgetful. Any suggestions?
5093508 tn?1390547531 I soon fixed it myself, as all the different meds the psychiatrists tried me with, only made me worse with nausea added to the mix Weaned off all those before I got too addicted, and began taking gabapentin again, which solved the whole problem. I had stopped taking the Gabapentin suddenly, as I didn't have the money for it., and that is what caused the anxiety/depression. Now that is, or was under control, I cannot bear to feel this anxiety jitters and strange scared feeling again!
429155 tn?1205676864 I went to my GP complaning of no sense of smell, saw a surgeon and surgery was recomended, I was given a prescription for Prednisone, a steroid, this gave me some sense of smell, and here's the but, I had the operation and still could not smell, so more Prednisone, well the upshot is that the steroids have caused my Osteo-Necrosis, this is when the heads of the long bones die, so have now had core decompression on one hip and the other totally replaced. Oxycontin.
1331804 tn?1336870958 5 mg - oxycodone/acetaminophen) with 10 mg Flexeril, multivitamin, and blood pressure medications, amlodipine and atenolol 600 mg of Gabapentin between 9 and 10 am 30 mg generic MS Contin at 10am 5 mg percocet, 10 mg Flexeril at noon with chewable Caltrate calcium tablet 2 mg Valium at 2 pm 5 to 10 mg percocet at 4 pm w/ 10 mg Flexeril and chewable Caltrate calcium tablet 600 mg of Gabapentin at 6 pm 30 mg generic MS Contin at bedtime w/ 1 mg Valium and 45 mg of Remeron Each of my medica
Avatar m tn I am 31 and have been diagnosed with RSD/CRPS and it is very painful and it all started with a football injury in High School. I am trying to see what other people with the same condition are receiving for treatment and it is working for them. I am currently on 40mg Oxycontin 3times a day and Oxycodone imm realease 30mg 3 times a day, Baclofen 10mg 4 times a day, tramadol 50mg 6 a day, Vitamins of all kinds, testosterone injection once a week, Naproxen 3times a day, Trazadone 150mg at bedtime.
874521 tn?1424120397 ) of the hips and DDD disease of the lower spine. I have terrible leg and thigh pain and take gabapentin for the neuropathy..this helps some..some days more than others. I have noticed when I take my celebrex(try not to use)..that the pain in my hips of course is less but also the thigh pain...so what I'm wondering does the inflamation in the hip joints radiate to the thighs????? this pain(thighs) somedays is excruciating. Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn this is causing a nerve impingement and pain radiating down my legs I take gabapentin 1800 mg for this, I also have arthritis of the hips and this also is contributing to the pain radiating down my thighs and legs I take celebrex for this. I also take 20 mg of oxycontin daily for leg and back pain. You need to see a neurologist or someone to order an MRI to get to the source of your pain than get it properly treated.
1171003 tn?1267075703 I have been taking Vicodin ES 325/750 for pain (although I should be taking it every night), supposed to be taking Gabapentin, but it makes me too sleepy during the day, and Oxycodone 5mg for pain days. I can't stay awake during the day, so was just prescribed Provigil 200mg, which doesn't really work. I drink 5hr energy drinks, coffee, take No-Doz, and/or sometimes Adderall XR to just make it through a day because I am so tired.
Avatar n tn My thoughts and hopes r with u. I am off and on only gabapentin and Tylenol. Two weeks and almost thru the w/d.
1794671 tn?1338798991 I understand what you are saying about the effectiveness of the norco but I am curious as to what dosages you were on when you were taking the morphine and also the fentanyl and oxycontin. Additionally, the dosage of the gabapentin would been helpful information as well. From taking a look at the dosages, many of us can gauge whether or not your dosages were truly at therapeutic levels or if they were simply in the starter dose range.
Avatar m tn for the last 6 years they have had me taking everything from tramadol, xanax, morphine, diladud, oxycontin, oxcycodone, codeine, oxcycodone ir, vicodin, norco, soma, flexeril, meloxicam, mobic, on top of that I used to be an alcoholic, and use illegal drugs cocaine mostly weed, and whatever else to stop the pain from the total disc replacement surgery in my back. Here is the ****** up part, I can't get off them even if I wanted to, I would be in chronic pain and I am only 37 years old.
Avatar m tn They prescribe Lortab, Norco, Perocoet, Oxycodone, and Oxycontin and MANY others. It just depends on the patient and the patients needs and history. You really should get with your Dr. and talk about your concerns with him/her and decide together what will be the best for you. I hope that you will let us know and keep us updated as to what evolves with your meds. Once again I want to welcome you and hope you will be an active member on here. Good Luck....
961790 tn?1247074903 he said to use percocet only for breakthrough pain and added an extended release oxycontin 20-25mg(again I know this is low) again this gave a bit more relief to back pain but really NO relief to the leg pain....which has even become worse. I was also given cortisone shots to the hips(short term relief) Currently I'm afraid to return to the pain doc as I know he will only increase the oxycontin and that scares me....I know others have posted that tolerance is not the same as addiction...
2126606 tn?1346348724 Opioid-induced hyperalgesia is a condition where the increased use of opiates, like Oxycontin and hydrocodone, heightens one's sensitivity to discomfort and reduces their tolerance for pain. Essentially, people will increase the amount of painkillers they are taking as their discomfort continues to escalate, but the added medication can actually make their pain worse.
Avatar f tn I have had 3 different MRI's shoulder c-spine and brachial plexus. They found nothing!!! Emg showed disturbance in my c6 and c7 vertebrates. I have received 1 epidural steroid injection and 2 nerve root blocks! I have no relief with the ESI but have 2 days of relief with the nerve blocks. Right now they have me on gabapentin 1200mg a day, OxyContin ER 10mg a day, norflex twice a day along with muscle relaxers.
Avatar n tn I am taking nerve ending damage pain medicine called gabapentin 300mg. It is working! and nerve medicine xanax and loratabs as needed. I am careful with those due to liver. Well hope it helps to know these pains come with the virus. It helped me I could not believe yall's symptoms "just like mind". Best Wishes May God Bless and Heal You All!