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Avatar m tn i am quitting oxycodone like as of NOW and i'm terrified of withdrawal and i can't go to rehab and i was wondering if there is any home remedies or advice i could ask?? i was taking six 10 mg pills a day for a long time please i need some help!! is there any way i can do this? plus they put me on buspar 10 mg twice daily for anxiety will that help or should i avoid it until im detoxed?
Avatar f tn I have been taking 6-7 oxycodone 30mg for the last 4 months, prior to that 60-10 Norco 10/325 for 18 months. I desperately want off, and I want to go cold turkey. I have Clonodine, Neurontin, Clonazepam- all to help me with withdrawal. I get mixed results when I ask online if it's safe to withdraw from opiates cold turkey. Can someone answer me? I am in otherwise good health with the exception of a bulging disc in my back which started this whole ugly mess.
Avatar m tn Anyways, right now I am running 2 separate prescriptions, 1 for 60x40mg OxyContin (prescribed 1 pill twice daily), the other is 240x5mg Pms-Oxycodone (prescribed 2 pills 4 times daily). I REALLY NEED to stop taking this stuff...I'm sure this has been said before, but I do have legitimate pain that many neuro-orthopedic surgeons say "will never fully go away." First off, I want to get back to 1 prescription only, due to the potential legal consequences of "double doctoring.
1434665 tn?1289859138 Last weekend went to detox for Oxycodone HcL 60 mg (not extended release) a day for 2 years. (doctor prescribed). Never on street drugs or had a problem with any other prescription med. Could not quit this on my own, and it started to make me sick. Detox went well. However, first two days I felt sluggish. Then tried one/half dose of suboxone per doctor, and that was a nightmare.
Avatar m tn I have been taking oxycodone 10/mg for roughly 5 years now, started out with 5/mg tabs 4x a day, then convinced the Doctor to up the dosage to 10 mgs 4x a day about 3 years ago. The short story is my wife broke her back and pelvis in a horse-riding accident in 2007 and has a pharmacy of her own. I have steadily increased the dosage over the years to about 140/mg a day by using her pharmacy to (steal)supplement my addiction.
Avatar n tn With the controlled release of the med I'm taking now, things seem to be on an even keel compared to the abrupt ups and downs of the shorter acting narcotics like hydrocodone and oxycodone. As I've said time and again, all I want is a state of equilibrium in my life where everything seems to be safe and secure....and pain free! I suppose that's a lot to ask for as a human being? Somebody said above that they went fifteen years in hell before discovering a med that offered some relief.
Avatar n tn On Monday, I cut my dose from the daily 100mg total of oxycodone to 30 total mg. I tapered to 25mg on Wednesday and 20 mg. yesterday. I feel okay. I'm taking just two 10mg Percs a day now. No Oxy. I have to say I don't feel too bad, but I can't sleep! The restless legs are a nightmare for me! And unlike in previous withdrawal episodes, I can't really take anything to help me sleep due to the pregnancy. I'm basically on day six now. Does anyone have any idea how long the leg thing will last?!
Avatar n tn I will start my withdrawal process soon and will update on my success and am looking for a supports system to help with such. The pain i go through with withdrawal is so excruciating if anyone has any pain tips or sleeping tips please let me know........
Avatar n tn Hey I'm new just jumping in here. I'm on my fourth day withdrawal from vicodin for 2 years. The worst, and I do mean worst is over. You know the hopelessness. But I'm still suffering from depression and tired all the time. I Have also been taking phentermine diet pills for about 5 years now. Not as often since I started the vicodin. I'm taking them everyday again now just for the energy to pick my children up from school. Will I have withdrawal from this too?
Avatar n tn After I finished the project in mid-may, I decided that I needed to stop using a drug to get through the day, so I tried to just stop taking it. WOW! Serious withdrawal symptoms including joint and muscle pain, stomch issues, fatigue, depression and a strange hollowness in my nerves ensued. I didn't feel I could just stop functioning for a week or two or whatever it would take, so I used some hydrocodone that I had to help me get my tramadol use down to 100mg per day over the course of a week.
Avatar n tn I am convinced that these are the symptoms of codeine/hydrocodone withdrawal. WHAT do I do about this? I can't STAND it!!! I have three children to take care of (two of them are babies). I can't take care of myself now because I am "sick" so to speak. I have been completely honest with my husband about this. He agrees that this is probably withdrawal, I need to do "cold turkey" (what choice do I have anyway?) and tough it out for the next week or so.
220965 tn?1189759423 What are some of the best home remedies for stopping Oxycodone use? I have no money for the suboxone. I have been taking 5/325 8-10 a day for around 2 years prescribed by my VA doctor and I want to quit and I have tried but the withdrawals got the best of me? Any help is much appreciated.
Avatar f tn To make a long story short, I am addicted to oxycodone. This is terrible and not really even sure how things got to the point to where they are today. I used to be a first grade teacher and a now a stay at home mom to a 1 year old and almost 4 year old. I want off these stupid life controlling pills. I was taking probably 18 30mg pills a day (I didn't count for a long time....would just pop them like candy. Very stupid).
Avatar m tn Hi. I hope someone out there can help me through this. I had shoulder surgery back in October & was prescribed Oxycodone for the pain. Being an addict for many years and clean for many more I was very hesitant at the thought of taking such a strong pain medicine but knew that my sobriety was more important & figured I was stronger than the dependency that would come along with taking it. I was both right & wrong at the same time.
Avatar f tn However, the latter year or so of my battle solely involves opiates in the form(s) of hydrocodone and oxycodone. In fact the longest break from opiates I have taken in the past year was roughly a week and a half. This break was brought about by pain in my RUQ that still persists as I am typing this.
Avatar m tn The withdrawls suck n yes suboxone can help with the withdrawal after the opiate is outta ur system. I tried taking suboxone once before going to rehab a second time n getting clean n put on suboxone for over two n a half yrs. N when I took it when I first started feeling sick it made me worse n I had to get high to stop withdrawaling. I was a horrible heroin addict for a little over three yrs. I'd try to stop last a week or two n do it all over again.
Avatar m tn I had my last oxycodone at 8 pm las night. I am trying to use the Thomas recipe the pills are still in the house and I'm freaking. My friend is supposed to be bringing my Valium and Ambien for this withdrawal.
Avatar f tn Hello! I'm new to this forum. I am going on my 7th day of cold turkey withdrawal of 120mg of Oxycodone and 200mg of barbiturates per day. I was on them for 3ish years for chronic pain. My withdrawal symptoms have been almost unbearable leg and lower back pain. Also, burning in my arms, abdominal pain, and headaches.
Avatar m tn I am no stranger to opiate withdrawal. This will be the 3rd time I've gone through this...although it's probably not going to be the worst one I've had...it's def not going to be easy. So, I stupidly started taking Vicodin for fun, which let to Percs, which led to Oxycodone. (BTW I had no idea oxycodone was the same thing as oxycotin!! I never would have touched it!!) I then purchased a scripted of Tramadol to try and taper off the meds without going into withdrawal.
Avatar n tn The title says most of it, i am about to start my 2nd try at quitting oxycodone cold turkey. Last time i had trouble finding foods that i could eat while i was sick and have had no luck finding anything on the subject online, so in these forum members opinion's what are some good foods to eat while detoxing/withdrawal both for nutritional value and personal preference??
Avatar f tn There is the Thomas recipe at the bottom right of this page and you could purchase some of the ingredients, minus the valium, and this will help a lot with the withdrawal. If He is healthy then withdrawal is easily doable although definitely uncomfortable. There will be more people on here later to help and to answer your questions. It's kind of slow here right now.
Avatar n tn I take about 60mg of oxycodone per day. I am dreading the withdrawal symptoms, and was wondering if anyone has any advice or tips as to ease the process. I cannot get a script for anything as I don't have insurance, so if there are any medications that can help, especially over the counter medications, I would greatly appreciate the advice. I was told that hot baths are a must, yet I've never tried this.
Avatar f tn oxycodone, oxycontin, hydrocodone; 2nd choice: morphine. have been regularly taking 140-180 mg. of opiates a day. what can i do for the withdrawls? i am a 48 YO woman and have high blood pressure and have panic attacks if i don't get the opiates into my system on a regular basis. i still have to work; can't take time off work but still need to be able to function.
Avatar n tn so it's really a no-choice situation... but for him to say he's had NO patients that complained of withdrawal symptoms after tapering off zoloft even in the correct time frame its supposed to be done? That is a downright lie. Everyone I ever spoke to who took it, had a terrible time getting off of it! And the idea that your doctor wants you to get your system "clean" before starting a new drug is total BS. You can start something right away. My guess is you need to change doctors..
Avatar m tn It sounds like your sick of the pill train and your right, the mental aspects of withdrawal are tougher than the physical. Those first few days of detox are not fun so prepare yourself for that. Take a look at the bottom of the page for the "Thomas Recipe"...it helps considerably during wd. (If CT) First & foremost discuss with your doctor about getting off them. For me it was simply seeing my doc & saying no more pills. You can taper or go CT (as i did).