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Avatar m tn I lost a lot of confidence because of the nerve damage I suffered. To make things worse I started drinking more while I wasn't working. A beer with the oxy seemed to make it work better. Now I even drink hard alcohol with it at times. I also take a drug for the nerve damage and a benzo to sleep. Taking the oxy also brought back my desire to smoke cigarettes. I was a social smoker before.
Avatar f tn So, I'm usually left with trying to relieve the headache with non-medicinal methods such as laying down in a dark, quiet room with a cool cloth over my eyes and sometimes an ice pack (a bag of frozen peas works great) on the back of my neck. Sometimes, soothing music helps me to try to relax, but at other times, depending on teh headache, the sound of the music actually makes my head feel worse.
Avatar f tn Be strong and think of if you wait a little longer it will be over and you won't beer have to deal with this again!! Easier said then done I know.. I'm here if you need to talk!!
Avatar m tn It was ok until I got home and couldn't sleep even though I was exhausted. I would test the waters first with the beer. See how you react before you have a couple at your gig. Once you get on stage your addrenalin will still kick in and if your opening you probably wont have to be on stage too long. Good luck. let me know.
Avatar m tn Good doctors have other things to help address your pain along with the meds. Even if you've tried that route before, they come up with new things all the time: injections, massage therapy, PT, etc. This board is a fantastic resource and tapering is a good option, if you can do it. You could also come clean to your doctor. Some won't cut you off.
1354414 tn?1277345378 Now is just that they still have a hard night getting a good night sleep but are hoping with time this WILL get better. My friend seems more at ease, relaxed, more family oriented, less jumpy, less irritated, stopped lying and really just is back to being them self.... That is so important, you really do not know how much these drugs control who you are. I think that is what got my friend to quit. They lost control of their life. And now they have it back.
1354414 tn?1277345378 OK maybe not naturally, my friend feels as if they are going to die from no sleep. This is the worst part of the withdrawals from oxycodone! They do not crave the drug because after going this far there is no way they ever want to go back. They just want to move ahead. Can you die from this part of the withdrawal? They seem to think this is going to happen, just from the lack of sleep. Thanks in advance for any comments left, they are truly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I can't blame him, we have no one to blame but ourselves, I try to be honest with my feelings. It just seems easier to deal with the pain when I'm able to 'numb' myself, although I know that in reality, I am making things much much worse (another painful feeling that I try to numb). My problems just keep compounding, and I don't know how to stop it.
Avatar m tn This will destroy your entire life, family, friends and everything that you come into contact with. The worst part is it will take you away form you. I was always in the mind set that none or nothing could take me away from me, I was the leader of my destiny and took responsibility for my actions and made the nessassary changes when needed so myself, my family and all who were in contact with me would receive positive and valuable feedback and have a sense of security knowing I was around.
1539379 tn?1294335715 I used to enjoy an occasional cigar, and would drink a few home brewed beers every other day or so...I was diagnosed earlier this year with complex migraines (around april), and have ADD which I stopped taking medication for around the time the complex migraine happened. Other than that, I hadn't seen the inside of a doctor's office for a long time. Since october...I've been to see doctors/ERs 6 times... My problems started with a trip to the ER a little over 2 months ago.
576873 tn?1218731623 She's mixing oxycodone with vicoden and beer. I've tried intervention and now just turning things over to her sister ... let family deal with family, but I needed my name out of there quick. I wont do jail for anyone, but my own family, dont you know.... strange, she moves to AZ with her mother at the end of the week.
Avatar m tn Due to my hydronephrosis causing chronic flank and back pain, I've been considering asking my doctor to switch to ER opiates along with the IR opiates, particularly Norco (10/325), I've been taking. I'm comfortable taking the Norco as I know they have a much shorter half life so that I can drink the next day due to social obligations and me wanting to enjoy an alcoholic beverage with a special meal. Obviously, I don't plan on taking these ER opiates with a drink at the same time.
Avatar m tn The most important thing to remember during PAWS is AWARENESS that PAWS IS ONLY TEMPORARY! With time, PAWS will go away!! In fact, with few exceptions, it seems that with every passing week, PAWS symptoms can be demonstrated as improving--sometimes DRAMATICALLY compared to the weeks prior.
Avatar f tn Hi I just had a good friend give birth last weekend and her pregnancy started out with pills and beer ( kinda how she got pregnant) if you know what I mean ..anyway her husband along with friends helped her get cleaned up over a period of a few months but one of the keys were talking with the OBGYN about the issue that way the had the info to help with checking on the baby over the moths ahead .....
Avatar f tn Anyway, I'm having a BBQ next weekend and I wouldn't mind having a beer. I drank while I was taking oxycodone with no real side effects, but I'm worried if it will lessen the effects of the Subs or if I'll pass out after having a half a glass of beer (which is about all I would drink anyway because it will get warm and nasty before I finish it).
Avatar f tn On to neurologist did back mri showed mild-moderate slipped disc did back injection really screwed me up Neurosurgeon says nothing on MRI indicates nerves being compressed I cant bear any weight on feet can't work lyrica, oxycodone not working had brain mri, emg,bilateral foot MRI 3 rounds bloodwork fine.Been txed for Lyme have appt with another neurologist in 2 wks also spinal tap.
Avatar f tn I am now on probation. I have ovarian cysts, so I deal with alot of pain. I had a prescription for oxycodone(tylox), that ran out and I took a couple of my mother-in-laws hydrocodone(lortab) to help the pain one day. I have to be drug screened for probation now. Will they be able to tell the difference between the two opiates? I know I should not have taken someone elses medicine but I hurt.
557230 tn?1269433429 So....I'm still fine and still off oxycodone, but I drank quite a bit of alcohol last night. WTF. Maybe this was a good thing?? I took today off work. For several reasons....1 because I physically didnt feel great and 2 because I knew I needed to do some soul searching. I've been telling myself that I am not an alcoholic. That I don't drink every day...sometimes even go for a week without drinking. I've tried to give up drinking before because I felt I should...
2126606 tn?1346348724 From our local communities to the national level, opiate-based medications like Vicodin and oxycodone have spurred an onslaught of addiction, crime and devastation to families and individual lives. Sadly, prescription painkiller abuse now also seems to be sparking a resurgence of heroin abuse. That’s right, heroin.
1365367 tn?1277927235 I was given a script of oxycodone 325mg and told to take 1-2 tablets and go to bed. I took the one and then 4 hrs later took another tablet. I woke at 8am with a headache that felt similar to a hangover from too much draft beer. I laid back down and got up at 10 am. I was instructed to call my neurologist and inform him of the need to go to Urgent Care.
Avatar m tn I found this site on my phone when searching on withdrawal symptoms for Oxycodone. I am 43 years old, live in NE Ohio, I am a web developer, graphic artists, etc. I work from home. In early 2010 I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and polyposis. My options were few, I had to have my entire large intestine (colon) and rectum removed. I would be getting an ileostomy (poop bag). Before this, I did chemo 7 days a week, and radiation 5 days a week, both for 5 weeks straight.
Avatar n tn Oxycodone is about half as strong as Oxymorphone per mg. So you were talking 60mg of Oxycontin (Oxycodone) and going by a Opioid (Narcotic) analgesic converter you would need 30mg of Opana (Oxymorphone) to get the same pain releif and most likley the same to cover the withdrawl. You are now taking 10mg of Opana where 30mgs is what the converter says you need. You need to talk to your Dr. about dosage and don't take more than your Dr wrote the Opana for until he or she OKs it.
2126606 tn?1346348724 In my opinion, most of the responsibility lays with the medical professionals, not with the patient. I applaud the FDA for taking steps to curb hydrocodone abuse, but I also urge doctors to only prescribe these drugs in the most necessary circumstances. Many people fighting hydrocodone dependency may feel helpless, but I assure them, they're not.
Avatar n tn Now this is what makes me think I could be in the wrong forum, he has stopped taking the medications for pain, a couple of months ago I believe he still has a few vocidin left and he takes it when need be (he has bad disks, along with other prolbems). So I was just wondering exactly what is causing this rash and odd behavior in my father. Thanks.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with a L-5, S-1 herniated disc on my left side. I am seeing a pain mangement doctor and he said the only way I will have relief from pain, besides having a spinal fusion surgery, is to have epidural injections. I am scared, very scared of needles!!! Ever since I had 2 brain aneurysms, one July 11th, 1998 and the other on December 1st, 1999, I have been so scared of everything that is medical related. I don't want to have a spinal fusion!
Avatar f tn thats no compare to what could happen though. my friend in high school took 1 oxycodone and 1 beer and died. my other friend was constantly in and out of rehab and killed himself. can you go to a doctor and ask about being watched for a few days to make sure nothing happens? that way if you do have a siezure or anything else youll already be in a hospital. and then after a few days the drugs will be out of your system.
Avatar m tn However, after being off pills for a few years and just drinking beer and smoking a little weed here and there, I injured my lower back last year, and was prescribed some 5mg Oxycodone with Aceteminophen. Well, they took the pain down a few levels and helped drastically, and I LOVED the way they made me feel. Well, my back got a litte better, so I quit taking them for a few months.
Avatar f tn The problem that has now arisen is that he is mixing that large amount of alcohol with the Oxycodone pills - several. They are making him into a monster. This past Sunday, he drank a bottle of wine and several beers on top of who know how many Oxycodone pills. He then proceeded to get mad at my 7 yo for crying because we have to give our cat away for biting. I was upset too.
Avatar m tn I cant believe lots of people do these oxys when they are so dangerous,ive been reading up them and it seem likea trip to hell,i also have heard of at least 4 people around the bars near my block who are overdosing on them,ive never did em yet and i dont plan too.Ill stick with my odd beer and a glass of red wine once in a while and maybe a puff of mary jane.