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Avatar m tn I am having kidney stones and the doctor put me on Percocet and told me to stop the Norco..Is Percocet stronger than Norco? The stones are killing me.
Avatar n tn My dr took me off 30mg oxycodone ir and replaced it with 10mg opana ir, because my tolerance to oxycodone was too high. I have been on opana a few days now, and I am doinh pretty well (none of these meds completely relieve my back pain even after several surgeries) but I would say trust in your dr, and if what he is doing doesnt help, let him know as soon as you can.
Avatar m tn I found Norco works better for me than percocett. My Norco is 10/352 which is 10mg hydrocodone and 325 of acetemetephin. I have had cervical fusion and plating on C5/6 and then several levels above and several levels below are bulging or blown but I'm not ready for more surgery as I am too active.
Avatar f tn wrote me a letter that he no longer wants to see me, I have to find a new Dr. But I looked up Norco vs Hydrocdone and they are not the same pill nor are they related. He wrote a rude letter, and kicked me to the curb for nothing. He needs to know his meds.
Avatar n tn Tylenol 3 is better for wisdom tooth removal,small surgeries or injuries,smaller issues,Hydrocodone is for most surgeries(they gave me Norco 5/325 for when I had my appendix removed),Oxycodone is usually for major surgeries and major pain or accidents.
Avatar f tn Here is an article about the subject http://ethehealthadvisor.
Avatar f tn Careful! Learn to break those Pure Oxycodone Tablets in half! Why? Because oxycodone will MESS with your tolerance BIGTIME unless you are super-careful! Okay I'll elaborate. You know how on an aspirin bottle, it says "take 1 to 2 tablets..." etc.? You're NOT going to feel that much big difference between 1 and 2 aspirin. BUT, when you go from ONE percocet to the equivalent of TWO percocet (your 15mg roxicodone), it will HIT YOU HARD.... (i.e.
2127868 tn?1346096698 I have on a 180mg a day oxycodone habit. Actually both me and my husband are. Its gitten so bad that when we run out o medication we resort to heroin just to avoid the symptoms of withdrawl. Its a sad situation i know. We have made the concious decision to stop . As of this friday we will be out of medication and have taken time off of work to detox ourselves.
175688 tn?1297560247 When I was pregnant with my son, I was gven 5mg lortabs in my 2nd trimestor only, and was instructed to take them only when the pain was to the point that I couldn't handle it anymore, and to not take them consistantly (to avoid addiction) She was even sketchy about giving me those. Oxycodone is a lot stronger than a lortab. You can also google oxycodone and pregnancy to find more information. Please do not take any of those untill you speak with your doctor.
1151955 tn?1262647133 You'll see I post ALOT on Axiety but this i my First post in the part of the Forums. I've been on Norco 10/325 now for 8-9 years due to a Lower back injury. I get 120 a Month. I did see a Pain management doctor and he have my 160 but he stopped taking my insurance so Now my Primary doc gives my 120 a month. Anyways... I told him how I may take 2 rather than one at a time due to my pains being so intense. I will ONLY take 2 whn and only my pain is super intence keep in mind.
Avatar n tn It has been up to 14 to 15 pills daily of extra strength norco vicodin. I am trying to wean myself down right now. My script ran out and I had to go the ER and they gave me Percocet there for a pain I was lying about. My question is how strong is the 500/325 percocet in relation to the 750 norco vicodin? I am trying to take only 10 percocet a day and survive. WHat does 10 percocet equate to in terms of ES vicodin?
Avatar n tn That' sall well and good, but I know for a fact that I feel much differently when taking one vs. the other. Maybe he was handing me a line.
Avatar f tn I've never experienced quitting before now but even tho my doc Is oxycodone 15mg I also take adderals which I didn't know until recently that they were addicting but I had no problem with stopping them as we'll as valuims and restorils. I can stop taking them with no problem.
541953 tn?1262589826 of that doggone OXYCODONE! See, oxycodone is one of the WORST tolerance-ruiners if you don't take it absolutely *perfectly.* And THAT'S the reason all these doctors you all think are so sadistic and "opiophobic" are so darn conservative when it comes to prescribing oxycodone. Many even prefer to give dilaudid (hydromorphone) or morphine or methadone, over oxycodone for this very reason. So, yes, your 30mg of oxycodone is very, very powerful...
Avatar f tn The more surgeries I have the more pain I am in from scar tissue. I have tried norco, dilaudid, nucynta and am currently on percocet. I have asked my doctor if there is a patch I can try so I am not popping pills all day. I hate swallowing all the pills and feel it has a negative impact on my teenagers that popping pills all day is ok. My doctor prescribed the Butrans patch. At first, my insurance did not cover it (medicare) and my insurance wanted me to try morphine or fentenyl patch instead.
Avatar f tn give me what works. Has anyone else experienced anything like this with generics vs name brand meds and if so what did you come up with for a solution? Did the name brand meds work way beter? It sure seems that way to me. I am astounded that it is so much better but I am told there is no difference. My butt there isn't!!! Even if it is in the inert ingredients, there is most definitely a difference and whatever it is makes the NB work much more efficiently.
Avatar m tn I'm currently the best that I have been in five years and am down to one 30mg Roxicodone (one in morning and one at night) and three 10mg Norco. I am on disability so I have the ability to limit activity and am trying to get as low as possible and as close to the ideal number of zero narcotics as possible. My pain in the shoulder is influenced by anxiety. How do you differentiate real pain from the narcotic withdrawl?
Avatar f tn My OB doctor this week wants to switch me to oxycodone as it is stronger. I refused. Don't get me wrong, the meds help, but I am definently physically dependent. If I go over 10 hours (sometimes just 7-8 unless its just I my head) without a dose, I am VERY anxious and can't sleep, am sweating, stomach cramps, (diarehhea a few times I tried skipping a dose). My tolerance has gotten too high for meds to work well and I feel it is time for me to get off of these.
Avatar m tn I have been wasting all of my money on oxycodone. I had a great job that I started 6 yrs. ago and then about 2 yrs. ago I started. I gained 40 pounds because of the drug but I couldn't stop; I became an awesome liar. I told everyone I had a medical issue then the lies just kept on coming; I think if there were a contest I would win "Liar of the Year." Anyhow!!
Avatar f tn I have been taking Oxycodone 30mg for almost 3 years. Started on 5mg and my dr increased over the years. I have two hernitated discs in my back & my pain at time was so awful. I finally received a epidural and starting to feel better. Saw my dr today and he stopped my oxycodone and put me on Butrans patch 20mg. It has not been 24 hrs yet and I am starting to get ill. Will this get better? He told me I would be fine, but I feel super sick.
Avatar n tn Norco is better than most because it only has 325 of Tylenol Vs. 500 or 650. To my knowledge hydrocodone which is the narcotic agent in Norco (I take it too) does not come in a tablet all on it's own. In order to get rid of the Tylenol you have to move up to the drug oxycodone which is in drugs like Percocet they make oxycodone tabs without Tylenol. Question is why are you so worried about your liver? Is your liver already compromised?
6050497 tn?1378861428 My body is screaming for the Norco.... I posted earlier but have no idea where it went.... Trying to stay active... Went to physical therapy today...in the Epsom bath right now... Used my tens unit before the bath...it all helps... Just have to STAY THE COURSE... I'd say there's a fine line between addiction and pain management...My question: do you all think that whether its killing mental pain and anguish or physical pain... It's still addiction? Right?? That's what I'm trying to remember....
1866508 tn?1333988213 I have recently been referred to a new pain management doc and he is in the process of adding/switching me over to Kadian for long-acting pain control vs. just the Norco I have been on....my question primarily is how long will it take for me to adjust to the change from short acting opiate to the extended release meds...