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Avatar f tn Since oxycodone is a long-acting medication, other opiates in the same class would be various extended release morphine preparations like MS Contin, methadone, or the fentanyl patch. Although methadone is a good long-acting pain med, there are some unpleasant side effects. It tends to cause a lot of dry mouth and people have actually lost their teeth because of this.
Avatar f tn And after all that, I've decided (and sent an email) to talk to the NP at the pain clinic about switching me over to a long-acting medication for my pain. I'm thinking it will give me better relief. Even though I'm on a high dose now (45 mg. every 4 hours of oxycodone,) my pain seems to return after 2 to 3 hours. And I did have a bad flare-up this weekend; most likely due to the fact I ran low on medication due to my script not coming in the mail. Now it's a question of which medication???
Avatar f tn Every chronic pain patient needs BT dosing. The average is about 25% of the baseline dose. So if I'm on 100mg of long acting opioid daily, I'd need somewhere around 25mg of BT opioid to get through the pain peaks. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16885015 But if you're saying that replacing long acting opioids for IR dose, I don't understand how this can possibly work, and it isn't good medicine.
Avatar n tn I would like to switch to a long acting opiate. Oxycontin is not a long acting opiate. Am I correct in saying this doctor? I would like to have an example of a true long acting opiate. Isn't oxycontin a time released formula of a short acting opiate? My question is Dr. Steve, what are the benefits in using a long acting opiate for a detox? Thank You and Happy Holidays!
Avatar f tn However, if you are prescribed 10 mg oxycontin (long acting version of oxycodone minus the acetaminophen that is in percocet) every 12 hours, you would only be taking a total of 20mg of the narcotic a day.
10178628 tn?1408334809 I'm actually surprised that he hasn't switched you to a long acting medication yet, 7 years is a long time to be on a short acting medication. BetterGetBetter is right about if you go in with online research its liable to make your doctor angry. Remember he is the one who is the expert and spent a lot of time and money to become a doctor. Good luck to you. Let us know how things work out for you.
Avatar m tn How long have you been on pain meds? What about other pain meds before the Oxycodone? If you just started taking them you should not have that hard of a time getting off of them. It takes several weeks to develop a dependency unless you are taking large amounts at a time, then it can happen much faster. The rule of thumb for tapering is to decrease 10 to 20 percent at a time every one to three days.
Avatar n tn what heart medications is he taking? What is the dosage (amount/frequency) of the oxycodone? How long has this been happening as is it all the time or just sometimes?
1686743 tn?1306009051 When I developed a new source of chronic pain (my huge lumbar/abd mesh failed), hydrocodone did not touch that pain....thus I was prescribed a long acting opiate that addresses that much better. That took some trial and error to find the one that was the most effective at low levels. It's my opinion that the particular opiate either works or it doesn't. Yes to some degree it depends on the dose.
Avatar m tn Another option would be to switch you to a long acting med with a short acting one for breakthrough pain. I'm so sorry you're going through this. With these new laws many Drs are afraid to prescribe doses and medications that their patients need. I would recommend making an appointment with him and talking about what I mentioned. Putting you on a long acting medication. Many people do well on 2 to 3 doses per day. And changing the Hydrocodone to something else at 4 times per day.
Avatar m tn One point though—you mention that you're planning on taking the MS until the withdrawal symptoms from the oxycodone subside. I can tell you this won't work the way you're thinking. Oxycodone and morphine are interchangeable; as far as your body is concerned, they're the same thing in most ways. In other words, you won't experience full withdrawal until you stop both opiates. Nevertheless, it may be easier on you to stop one and then, more gradually, stop the other.
3655415 tn?1352840877 Often times, you'd get referred to Pain Management OR the doctor can change your meds around. He may add another, more long acting med to take throughout the day with the Oxy for break through pain. There are several ways to handle this if you just talk with the doctor about everything. That's what he's there for...
Avatar f tn do i still wait it out? and for how long? if not...should i try a different long acting before getting to into the opana ...heard u tolerate quick...which wouldn't matter if the plan is to continue... but...i think u get what i'm asking...gotta sum it up eventually, right lol. so lemme recap questions...so i can help u help me... - has anyone gotten headaches and felt drowsy on opana er? - does this possible side effect go away as your body adjusts like most side effects...OR.
Avatar n tn He told me should I need surgery or something major and need pain control a long acting patch would be safer where addiction/dependency is concerned because it's a level dose not the up and down spikes. Should I need surgery I will try to weather through...terrified doesn't befin to describe how I feel about them now. I even pulled myself off my birth control (for endometriosis) and my arthritis meds. To my astonishment all pain is gone still as I approach 8 weeks clean.
Avatar n tn I had always thought that I was acting the exact same way as usual; people were telling me that I was acting different; edgy, irritable and that I yelled ALOT. Again, once I started taking Suboxone, I realized the difference and now, I am back to normal. I am continuing to work on mending the relationships that I fractured and EVERYONE tells me that I am back to how I used to be a few years ago. I am starting to love my self again and I love life. GOD helped me and he can help your husband too.
364605 tn?1200708575 Just curious. Well, from my experience, 6 weeks is totally long enough to get completely clean (no help from subs or whatever). You are done man. Basically you will be done with detox then they will what? Get you Back on subutex after your detox using subutex...Why?!? Just let it go after that. Theres no reason, you just gotta be strong then. There will be No physical withdrawal at that point Definately.
Avatar n tn Personally, I'm all for it and told him so. Just pondering again! Hope all is well with you, tom. Take care and be well!
Avatar f tn Last left hospital in September on a mix of about 350 mg oxycodone or contin. I have two more surgeries ahead of me in the new year. But in the meantime I have become convinced that the oxycodone/contin is actually causing me pain. I have no idea how I am going to face the next surgeries but I CANNOT keep going on this particular road. So I have weaned myself down to 65 mg per day. Even so I am so jumpy, legs restless, stomache cramping ....
29837 tn?1414538248 Hi Magnum and welcome to the pain management community. You should consider starting a long acting opioid to cover your baseline pain and then use the 30 mg oxycodone for breakthrough pain. This will provide you with more consistent and meaningful relief. Short acting opioids ramp up and hit peak plasma levels within 30 minutes to an hour. Shortly after they peak, they immediately begin clearing the body.
Avatar m tn OxyContin is long-acting and oxycodone is immediate release. How often were you prescribed the OxyContin? Just to make sure: you were taking oxycodone 15 mg. for 3 months? Some types of pain require a slow release with the long-acting med. Sometimes, often, you may need something for breakthrough pain, though you can also use OTC meds. Were you not getting good pain relief with the 15 mg. of oxycodone?
Avatar f tn She was on oxycodone. Sounds like what she really needed was a long acting and a short acting drug. If it was tolerance that caused the need for more or addiction we dont know, but if Dr would have prescribed a long acting like the MS Contin, ect, maybe less oxycodone, or roxi which is usually known as 5-10mg oxys then perhaps she would have handled the drug relief much better. It is sad this happened.
Avatar m tn I think it's good to be on both a long acting and a short acting opiate, especially if one is going to be on them 'long term". I also think it's a good idea that these be different opiates--morphine and oxycodone for example. I think this is best simply because it makes tolerance easier to deal with. I accept the fact that i need opiates on a regular basis and no longer let people bother me in any way regarding that fact either.
Avatar f tn Some doctors may increase your short acting med briefly as you come off the long-acting one, in your case the Opana. It's easier to taper off the immediate release pills as you can drop dosages or even cut them. Imitially you may see an increase inpain. Sometimes narcotics cause hyperalgesia ... increased pai that is caused by using pain meds. After you come off them for a bit, you'll get a better sense ofmwherenyour true pain level is. I have fibromyalgia for the last 13 years.
Avatar m tn And all my doctors, primary care, pain management and orthopedic think I should go back on a long-acting with breakthrough but I'm not. At least not for now. If it gets really bad, I will take something but I've found I can manage the pain with a lot of other things (prescription gels, advil, lidoderm patches, etc.) And with a clearer head I've found I can distract myself and sort of remove myself from the pain. Hard to explain. It took me a while to get there.
Avatar m tn it'd be crazy to go on subs or methadone....they are TOTALLY synthetic....long acting...MUCH stronger that oxycodone...and VERY HARD to w/draw from. We can't "avoid" w/drawals and feeling uncomfortable and sick for a bit....we have to be willing to go thru the nasties to get to the goodies.
994981 tn?1249567628 well i have been on oxycodone heavy for about 4 years and am ready too get off... i still have a few pill's , but for the last couple of day's i have been thinking hard about quitting. i am sick of my life revolving around doctor's and pill's. i eat them like they are m&m's... My doctor did prescribe me some saboxen..
374225 tn?1269902862 ] --- I hurt my back again, not terribly (not a trip to the ER) but bad enough I wasn't moving at all for 4 days. A doc-in-the-box got my whole story that I had been taking oxycodone and soma and the normal stuff but hadn't taken it for about 8 weeks. He asked how my pain was and I said, "Worse". He said, "Stupid!" apparently you need to keep the pain at bay or it will cascade. Anyway...
Avatar m tn I am addicted to Oxycontin (REAL Oxycontin, not the half-strength 'OP' things you get in the US which I was sent by a friend in a time of great need; they also have awful GI side effects that the oxy everybody else gets do not initiate), have been for years and you know - I could not care less.