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Avatar m tn I have had my medication show up in my urine in an hour and forty minutes or so.. I assume it would show up in your second urine after having taken your medication. Did you save a pill for your monthly urine test? If you did, then you are one of the people causing us legitimate patients all sorts of grief. I can't think of any other reason why it would be so important that it show up in a hurry other than the one I stated. I don't know what else to say.........I hope I'm wrong about this.
Avatar m tn depending on how long your hair is it will show up for months. was it your prescription?
Avatar n tn im answering both questions here: yes, Oxycodone is an opioid derived from thebaine, found in the poppy, it is roughly 50% stronger than hydrocodone(vicodin) and in the form of Oxycontin( pure oxycodone in 20, 40, + 80 mgs pills), if crushed into a fine powder and taken orally, snorted, intravaneously, or skin popped, it releases a high dose of straight oxycodone to the brain causing a high very similar to heroin, hence the common slang name "hillbilly heroin" for OC.
Avatar f tn You can't easily distinguish dosages taken by the amount in the urine test. It just shows how many parts per million there is. The drug is extracted so much over time dependent on the person's metabolism. So, the number you're given will depend on tons of factors such as time of last dose, person's metabolism, whether the stomach was empty, method of taking the drug (oral versus IV), and even how much of the drug was actually absorbed. Way too many factors to even begin to foster a guess.
Avatar f tn If you have any concerns about any damage of side effects , you should discuss it with your doctor. If your issues are GI based , then they are the ones to have such conversation.
Avatar f tn oxymorphone is an active metabolite of oxycodone. noroxycodone is an inactive metabolite (it has no analgesic properties). From the following: http://www.practicalpainmanagement.com/treatments/pharmacological/opioids/oxycodone-oxymorphone-metabolism "Oxycodone is metabolized in part by cytochrome P450 2D6 to oxymorphone, which represents less than 15% of the total administered dose.
Avatar m tn Yes, for some of us it can be unusual to stay at the same and same medication for 3 years and not become tolerant. Many Drs do not like to prescribe higher than 30 mgs of Oxycodone Have you talked to your Dr about trying another medication? It makes no sense to keep you on something that isn't working any more. You might be able to switch to a different med at a lower dose and do much better on it.
Avatar f tn Well most opiates stay in your system for up to 7-8 days at most. And if the drug test isn't anything too serious you can fake it or something. I was on probation and found that drinking water until your urine is clear for a whole will trick your body into just flushing the water out with out going through the kidneys. But in regards to your addiction(should I call it?) you can't go through life taking pills. I'm 21 and have been addicted since I was 16.
Avatar f tn Since August 2010 I have been in the hospital 9 times. I had a gastric bypass in Nov 2007 and had done well until last summer. I developed a bleeding ulcer, lost down to 91 pounds and have been on several medications. Many of them were antibiotics. Is it possible that antibiotics would cause the false negative? I've researched and found a few articles but nothing that pertains to Oxycodone. If anyone has suggestions I would appreciate it.
1527412 tn?1291708656 If your body is metabolizing the oxycodone too quickly, it's possible that a different med might not only help your pain more, but also your body may not metabolize it as quickly as it appears to do with teh oxycodone. Hang in there and I hope the patient advocate is able to help you.
Avatar f tn the reason being that, for example...oxycodone will clear out of your system effectively in 6-8 hours (you will no longer feel the effects)...subotex lasts much longer.
Avatar f tn I'm prescribed Norco but wanted to know if they do a simple test that will just tell them if you have opiates in your system or if they do one that can tell which opiate is in your system. I'm just worried because I was cut from 6 norco a day (my primary had me on that many) to 3 a day. Some days were worse than others so I took more. This was before I really knew that they could tell what you've been taking. So I've taken some oxy's to help.
Avatar f tn The metabolites for both oxy and hydro codone are distinguishable through the very thorough testing of urine that is common in pain management clinics. But i DID NOT take any other medications...now i could be at risk for loosing my dr through a false positive, i find out this tuesday, but i have been studying and studying to figure out if taking both these opiates ( which tramadol is defined as a low opioid) could cause this result? Any suggestions?
Avatar f tn Had old 10 mg of opana from script 2 yrs ago left over when switched pain has been pretty bad so I took them in place of my oxycodone for a few days no help. Will they show up on a urine test 5 days after I stopped taking them?
Avatar m tn if it's a blood plasma level, your still gonna test positive. How are your w/d's from your opiates coming. Been there honey, I know how bad it is..it usually starts the 3rd day and lasts for about 2 weeks. So, if you get in on this UA...they'll know in basic that you are w/d or have the DT's and you maybe sent home. But you are right in that sense..get away from it all...the military is a great place to learn, travel and have a good career. My x brother in law is a Major General in the Army..
Avatar f tn Also, immunoassays and urine drug tests specific for oxycodone often show no drug or its metabolites even though the patient is regular in taking oxycodone as prescribed. Use of slow release or controlled release oxycodone often gives false negatives in tests used specifically to screen for oxycodone. Hence, a screening test for oxycodone metabolites should be done if you are regular with your medication. A negative drug test could also be due to missed dose or overdosing.
Avatar f tn If you are stopped by the law, you would need to prove that they are prescribed for medical reasons. About using the drug showing up in urine, I do not know if it would show up. But I would imagine that a specific urine dip stick would need to be used. The normal dip sticks do not show drugs in your body.
Avatar f tn About 2 months ago I was prescribe Oxicodone the 5.35 (something like that) tablet. Twice now (including tday) the urine test have come back negative. The pain doctor said he could no longer prescribe them for me because the drug screening is 100% fool proof. He practically accused me of being a liar and told me he thought I was selling the drugs. I have been taking them every night at 10pm and when the pain is bad an extr one (prescribed) either at night or during the day.
Avatar f tn Please keep in touch and let us know how your husband is doing...in addition to clarifying your post. Best of luck to both of you. Don't forget to take care of yourself too.
220965 tn?1189759423 I was up to 60-60mg oxycontin er and 180-30mg oxycodone kickers a month for several herniated discs in my neck and all down my spine. I've been trying to cut down little by little but whenever I try i am so sick I just want to die. It's like food poisoning/the worst flu you have ever had along with crying and jitters and pain in every inch of my body and now I have been layed off and no money to go to the doctor after 4 years with the same one.
Avatar n tn You can also file a complaint with the medical board in your state and the AMA stating your case. I know how hard it is to find another doc to pic up prescribing the meds you are on and I wish you much luck and many prayers.
356518 tn?1322267242 //www1.va.gov/hsrd/about/national_meeting/2004/abstracts/2047.htm In order to test positive for our meds we have to have the required amount in our system that the test requires in order to test positive. If one test requires only trace amounts then surly there will be no problem, if one test requires that a high level be detected then we will have to have that level in order to test positive. There are thirteen drugs known to cause false negatives in these test.
5769649 tn?1373934953 in a urine test will tylenol 4 and oxycodone show up as in the same family?reason i'm asking is in may i was told that i had tabs in my urine and i have not taken anything but my oxycodone and tylenol 4 !so i'm wondering if the tylenol 4 showed up like lortabs ?i honestly haven't taken any and i'm worried i might get kicked out of my pm clinic and i couldn't live without my pain meds!!!i have had 4 back surgeries and about 20surgeries on my stomach !!i have chronic pain in my back and tummy!!
Avatar f tn between Opana ER and other drugs, several of which contain Oxycodone. This would explain that only Oxycodone is seen in ur urine (I realize that you have a prescription therefor...just noting such). If you have Opana ER 40mg prescribed for you it would make a swap of something containing 5 to 20 mg of oxycodone worthwhile for the swapper.
Avatar n tn i had the normal oxycodone in my system. could the meth in prometh and the done in oxycodone show up as methadone , it oviosly can because i didnt take any methadon.please reply asap.
Avatar n tn If yes, did you perhaps exceed your recommended dose prior to your testing? The lab urine testing is likely because you might have been flagged and they want to verify their suspicion. It's a nice way they put it, telling you they are doing it to make sure you are taking your meds, however, what I think is that they really had in mind instead of "taking" is "abusing" your meds! But again this is just my opinion. I hope you get this sorted out soon!
Avatar m tn Help please if you had any experience in this and what was your outcome? Anybody with success with high amounts of oxycodone out there that helps you function in every day duties? I would like to hear from you. We are not drug seekers but unfortunate souls with dreadful diseases trying to get by in life but when we go to hospitals, doctors etc.. and we know all about the pain meds to help with our disease we are nothing but drug seekers.
Avatar n tn This is also why others have such horrible experiences in the pain management offices where they are required to give a urine sample to make sure they are not selling or giving away ther meds and when it comes back negative due to uncontrollable circumstances or "bad testing" the patient is cut off from their pain control and their chart red flagged so that they may never get adequate care again......
Avatar m tn UDT (Urinary Drug Tests) are as accurate as the reader - or the type of test utilized. Your mom is blessed to have such a caring child in you. Many of our seniors are left on their own to navigate their healthcare. I'm sure she is very proud of you! I hope you'll be her advocate and step in if her PMP dismisses her. I encourage you to do some reading on our forum. There's lots of information on UDT.