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Avatar f tn I think but I am not sure but I think the tests shows WHAT and HOW much you have in your system, I think they test all of them and they even test for like pot and street drugs. And they can tell how much is in your system to see if your taking more then you should or less. If it has been awhile since you have takin the Norco it might not show up and the oxy's will and then you can run into trouble. I am not trying to scare you but that is how it works.
Avatar n tn what about oxycodone showing up on a saliva drug screen
Avatar m tn and by the way they often send out the urine to a lab AFTER you pee in the test strip cup they do this (commonly) to not only confirm the drug prescribed is in your system but to check the LEVELS of the drug in your system that you are prescribed this is how they catch people that sell their meds and then think they can take 1 or 2 of them before their appt and they will show up on the immediate test strip so they will be fine...WRONG. I hope you are not one of these people.
Avatar n tn My sister says since I'm terminal anyway, WHY NOT? Well, THIS drug addict still hopes for a little quality in life, and I'm housebound being on these damn pills.
Avatar f tn How long will it take me to pass the drug test? Keep in mind that oxycodone and potentially hydrocodone are the only drugs in my system. Btw, the drug test isn't for anything serious like court or probation.. I'm thinking about applying for new jobs.
Avatar n tn i'm in the drug court system in my county. i have not used drugs in the past thirty days, but this past friday i took a 10mg lortab. today is monday and i have to take a drug test. do you think the lortab will show up today?
Avatar n tn What do I look for in a quality kit? Also how long does oxycodone stay in the system? Will a drug test kit pick it up after a week, a month or just a matter of days after use?
Avatar f tn I know I am going to fail because I will have hydrocodone in my system instead of oxycodone and they tested for soma which wont be in my system. I ran out of meds on a sat. I had some vicoden from a past surgery from years ago that my mom had. I took about 10 of thoes in the days leading up. If I don't have illeagle drugs in my system will they still drop me? I understand the maybe the hydro would be illeagle because the prescription was old.
Avatar f tn That is the question I am having trouble finding the answer too. is the test correct and is it ok to have then in my system as long as at low levels? Or if they are showing up in my blood does that mean my body is not flushing them out fast enough and i should get my other problem organs checked?
Avatar n tn I don't know what Opana is but perhaps it is like oxycodone and does not show up in a cheap level 1 5 panel drug screen. Tell the doc to do the next level GCMS test. Be confident and demand the GCMS test, because you KNOW that you were taking the drug. You WILL test positive there, and you might end up teaching the clinic a lesson, to use the right drug screen before making the wrong decision based on a cheap test.
Avatar m tn Welcome to MedHelp. I am glad you found us. There are others that have more information on this subject than I do and they will post soon. Every few weeks I read a post that the drug test was not right. It amazes me that these tests can be so wrong at times. There are tests that are more accurate than others, But opiates should show up in the test regardless how long or short of a time you have taken them.
Avatar f tn My pcp doctor drug tested me and claims NO drugs were in my system ! She claims i broke the drug contract i signed and wont see me anymore. How is this possible ? I demanded a retest and was told no, the dr even suggested my caregiver was taking them or we were selling the stuff ! Im going thru withdraw now, alone with no weening just an abrupt stop cuz she wont refill the script and dont know where 2 turn.
Avatar n tn That test has a minimum threshold, that means there has to be a certain level of the drug in your system B 4 it will flag an opite responce.AND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 %!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! of the fentanyl is excreated in the urine. So if you do the math, thats nowere nere enought to flag that responce.And the doctors kicked me out of there office also, and was also told to never come back. And that I was lucky they did`nt call the police.
Avatar f tn Standard Drug Tests Sometimes Miss Oxycodone Another problem is that most standard drug tests have a substantial false-negative rate for oxycodone (OxyContin, Percolone, Roxicodone) an opioid drug that's been associated with high levels of abuse. In some cases, a person could be taking oxycodone and the routine drug screen may miss it and report as negative. Oxycodone is also found in the medications Percocet, Roxicet, and Tylox.
Avatar f tn If I was to take oxycodone then hydrocodone and went to take a drug test will I fail for the same thing or two different drugs?
Avatar n tn Does oxycotten and oxycodone show up as the same thing on a drug test? I have been taking 6-8 oxycodone per day for over a year for medical reasons and was wondering If i were to take a drug test on monday or tuesday and take a 20MG oxyconton on friday or sat will it show up as im taking oxycodone or would it know im taking something else(I know they are basically the same thats why im asking) The drug test is probably a more complex one scine its from my pain clinic doc.
Avatar f tn They said they wanted to keep me as a patient just wont give me narcotics but they have a strict policy that is posted everwhere in the office that if u fail a drug test you will be dropped.So why hav'nt they droppedme? I think they know something wasnt right with the way the test was handled. I have a appt in my with the PA there in may. I do not want to b labeled a drug seeker addict in my records.
Avatar f tn You can't easily distinguish dosages taken by the amount in the urine test. It just shows how many parts per million there is. The drug is extracted so much over time dependent on the person's metabolism. So, the number you're given will depend on tons of factors such as time of last dose, person's metabolism, whether the stomach was empty, method of taking the drug (oral versus IV), and even how much of the drug was actually absorbed. Way too many factors to even begin to foster a guess.
149675 tn?1416676733 It is also an easy system to get over on. The soldiers all know what to say to get meds. It is prevalent in the military.
Avatar n tn Hi Im 32 weeks pregnet and taking percs for my tooth it hurts really bad and I can't get no work donr on my teeth till I have the baby cause I'm so far alOng I'm worried that my baby will come out addicted and I really don't want to put my baby through that I'm really worried I'm take 50mg a day and thats what it takes to mke the pain go away I hope I'm not harming my baby :(
1707536 tn?1334977677 With respect to the benzodiazepams, some of the triple therapy drugs can affect\increase the action of the drug in your system by 35%. I had to quit my Xanax cold turkey at the beginning of treatment at the behest of my doctor. I was not happy that he did not taper me off. So this is definitely something you will want to discuss with your treatment team so that you can either be weaned off ahead of time or be monitored closely during your treatment.
Avatar n tn Taking Naltrexone in pill form is different. Just really be sure there is no more in your system...honestly I think it takes more than 24 hours, 'cause the meds all have a half life. Anyway..I'll get off my soap box now, maybe someone with more medical knowledge can give you more info as well. Take care, and I hope you stay with us!
Avatar n tn Will you pass your drug test? Well it takes at least 72 hours for the Vicodin to leave your system. It could linger longer but that is the general rule. Others will post will more information and knowledge than I have on the subject. I do encourage you to remedy the situation with your roommate before it leads to repeats or bigger problems. Good luck with your drug test.
356518 tn?1322267242 These factors include metobolic conversion between drugs, genectic variations in drug metabolism, the sensitivity and specificity of the analytical method for a paticuliar drug or metabolite. Also the effects of intentional and unintentional interferants. This is from sharon Levy MD, MPH There are many articles I have found on this subject of false negitive test results. the ones that stand out to me are from levy and those of SR savage. \There is some research being done on this.
Avatar n tn Yes, oxycodone will show up as an opiate in a drug screen. And No, we have found that oxycontin does not show up as an opiate, at least not in most cases. We just recently had to buy a new 14 panel drug screen for our clients which now tests for oxycontin seperately, as people were getting away with taking oxycontin because it wasn't showing up as an opiate in UA's.
Avatar f tn My doctor has not even done a blood test on me in a year since i began taking the pain meds to even check my liver enzymes. Anyone with any answers?
Avatar n tn They did, however tell me I had methotrexate, zofran, phenergan, benedryl, immodium, cipro, caffeine-cafergot, and acetamenophen in my system as well..I quickly pointed out that if I had those in my system they should have been smart enough to see an additional problem was occurring..and nausea and vomitting might be present due to 2 antiemetics!! yikes! I learned the hard way that if you know your stuff and you will have better chances of not having issues in this area.
Avatar f tn Percocet also contains acetaminophen, however, you can get oxycodone alone wthout the acetaminophen in it. Oxycodone can also be obtained in a long-acting formula called Oxycontin. Since everyone is different and their pain is also different, it's impossible for anyone to say whether one is better than the other. I'd suggest talking with your doctor about pain control if you require it and let him/her suggest/prescribe what he/she thinks is most appropriate for you. Best of luck!
Avatar f tn I was told by 3 gynecologists I could probably never get pregnant naturally due to lifelong gyn problems. Surprise... I found out on Friday that I am pregnant, for the first time ever, at age 41!!! I was in a bad car accident mid-July and have been prescribed (and have been taking) serious medications. I have been taking four 30mg oxycodone, 3 Somas, and 2 mg of Xanax a day. (Obviously, I cannot work now.