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Avatar n tn Can anyone describe to me what exactly Oxycodone HCL is? I found some of these pills in my brothers bag the other day and am concerned about. He had them filled less than a week ago (120 of them) and there is only 60 left. I am concerned. Can you please tell me what exactly they are????
441382 tn?1452814169 I kinda got the same thing when I went from 10mg HCL Oxycodone (no tylenol) to hydrocodone. They made me sick to my stomach and I'm confident that it was the tylenol. Most labels will tell you to take Hydro with food but I never do.... Maybe that's why I got nauseous on them?
Avatar f tn I'm trying to help bring my brother down off opana I got him down to about 3/4 to 1/2 a pill a day and down to 1 1/2 zanniies all I have left to give him is his 15mg oxycodone hcl percocet I think they are. These are all legal scripts but I can't see him wasting his life away ...Any info would be greatly appreciated!!
Avatar m tn I have hep c and take 30mg oxycodone HCL will this have an impact on my liver / hep c i havent read anything realiable that it would but i have heard rumors that it does cause damage.
915650 tn?1243185131 48hr and Oxycodone HCL 15mg 1-2 daily. They took my baby with myb husband to the NICU and immediatley started on Methadone. She was never scored for a period of time before starting on the Methadone. They never consulted with us prior to giving the drug. My first daughter was born on the same meds, but was scored for 24hr before they discovered she didn't need the Methadone. We already knew how serious Methadone was and we felt we nor our new baby were never given the chance.
Avatar f tn I have to suck it up, this addiction has taken so much away from him already. Do you think that the 15mg of Oxy hcl is the same as 15mg of regular oxy? I have major medical axiety - you would think I wouldn't be a junkie then huh? You need to fight that craving!! You don't want to be where I'm at - you are climbing out of this pit of despair...... I'm still at the bottom.
Avatar f tn and people I have talked to that are on the Opana they use the Opana IR for breakthrough with the Opana ER. Have you ever tried Oxycodone HCL (immediate release) 15mg, or 30mg tablets for breakthrough pain? I am on Morphine Sulfate and use the Oxycodone for breakthrough and it works well... until your body adapts to the oxycodone and you require an increase in the dose... that's my only hurdle with it.... good luck....
Avatar m tn Ok, just got back from PM and he perscribed me Oxycodone HCL 15MG and wants me to try those and see him in 2 weeks. I will let you all know how they work and thanks again everyone.
Avatar f tn I know that Ethex is once again manufacturing the oxycodone 15mg again because I dropped my prescription off on the 23rd of January to be filled, but it was the fourth of February until the pills were sent to the pharmacy. When I first dropped the scripts off, the drops that I take were there, but the pills were not. My pharmacist told me that they were backordered and might not be available until the end of the month.
Avatar n tn You are the first person that I have heard have the same Drug of choice as me. I get the 15mg oxycodone immediete release pills(green ones). I want to get the 30mg ones(blue i think)but havent been able to. I take 2 of the 15mg ones orally(not chewed or crushed), but I take 2 every 2 hours for the entire day. I usually ingest 300-330mg of the oxycodone per day. Also just to let you know that these pills are NOT percoset. Percoset is oxycodone HCL with Tylenol mixed togather.
Avatar f tn I have been prescribed oxycodone HCL 15mg 3x's a day for the past 4 yrs, on top of that Zanax 1 mg 2x's a day. I am not the person I once was. I have to stop. I just read the Thomas Recipe, and am going to try that I think. I was just about to contact a Dr in my area who specializes in Suboxone Therapy, but after reading the addictive properties of that, I dont think that is the ticket for me. I called MDS rapid detox this am. and was told they do not take insurance.
Avatar f tn Ultram ER 200mg. 2x a day Flexeril 15mg at night Zoloft 100mg in the morning 50 mg at night Restoril 10mg at night Cholestrol meds high blood pressure meds magnesium 1000mg a day B-12 500 a day Vit. E to help coat my tummy so the meds dont make me ill, it works Vit. D 1000 a day Ibupuphen I wish I could take a hot soak in the tub, but with 1 knee replaced and the other knee shot, well just say if I get in I can not get out. The knees just wont allow it.
541953 tn?1262589826 of that doggone OXYCODONE! See, oxycodone is one of the WORST tolerance-ruiners if you don't take it absolutely *perfectly.* And THAT'S the reason all these doctors you all think are so sadistic and "opiophobic" are so darn conservative when it comes to prescribing oxycodone. Many even prefer to give dilaudid (hydromorphone) or morphine or methadone, over oxycodone for this very reason. So, yes, your 30mg of oxycodone is very, very powerful...
Avatar f tn I am concerned about pain management post op because I currently already take 30 mg of Oxycodone hcl 4 times daily and 400 mg of Gabapentin 3 times daily for chronic pain from severe Fibromyalgia and Coccydinia. I am at this high of a dosage because my body keeps building up a tolerance and doc has to adjust the dosage higher to control pain. I have been at this dosage for about a year. On pain meds for a total of about 5 years.
425104 tn?1203637143 When I go to the pharmacy to get my prescription, I smile from ear to ear when i leave there. Crazy? Nope. I just am happy as hell to have my oxycodone. I am a 5 year user. Iive for these damn things. My life sucks from taking these. I am not the man I was 5 years ago. I need some one to swap stories with about how oxy takes over your life. I am investigating on how to detox. If there are any suggestions....feel free to shoot it at me. I take 40mg HCL 3 times a day and sometimes 4 !!!!!
Avatar f tn I quit cold turkey 5 days ago after using oxycodone HCL 15mg for 3 years and before that lortab 10/500 for 6 1/2 yrs. I made it through the "flu" like stage and now I'm having troubles with feeling weak, dizzy, and faint like. Could anyone tell me when I can expect to feel normal again? In everything I've read about withdrawal symptoms, these are not listed. I have got or gone through everything on the lists I've read but this is freaking me out.
Avatar n tn The various and sundry opioids do this with varying degrees of effectiveness, which explains a substantial portion of their varying degrees of potency (liver metabolism makes up for the other portion). For instance, this largely explains why dihydromorphone HCL (Dilaudid) is about 5 times the potency of oxycodone (Oxycontin) when taken orally, it stimulates mu more effectively.
Avatar n tn My finance has been stealing my pain med. I take Oxycodone 15mg HCL for chronic back pain. At first I would let him take a few now and then because he has BIG problems with his teeth from previous Meth use (exposed nerves, broken teeth). But now he is stealing them, lying about it and just last night I found out he is snorting them.
Avatar n tn Unless someone discovers a way to separate nerves that have welded themselves to each other and formed a mass of scar tissue, there will never again be a day when I don't have to take pain meds in order to have a halfway decent quality of life. I take oxycodone 15mg, 2 tablets every 4 hours, and for breakthrough pain I use ETH-Oxydose 20mg/ml, which is a liquid version of oxycodone, 1 to 1 1/2 droppersful every four hours. They work WONDERFULLY to control the pain. So far.
Avatar n tn It bothers me that even with very careful, slow tapering, I still need some supplemental oxycodone to prevent definite withdrawal. My body does not want to adjust much without being in full withdrawal, it seems, but we'll see.
Avatar n tn I wish I could come up with a magic solution but discomfort is inevitable. Under 15mg is going to be hard but 0mg will be interesting to say the least. It doesn't hit you until you have taken nothing for a couple of days due to the long life of methadone. Keep drinking water water water when your coming off of it to flush system (and rehydrate from diarrhea)....sit in a sauna and sweat.....Personally I am not going to rush it. I need to be 101% ready psychologically.
Avatar f tn Although I am WORKING on it. While in tx I was prescribed high doses of oxycodone...15mg 46x/day in addition to 20 mg oxycontin sr 2x/day. At completion of interferon tx I chose to stop the pain meds as I was told I'd feel better within 3months and didnt want to be physically Dependant, which anyone taking those doses for over a yr inevitably becomes. So I opted to take suboxone rather than deal with the hell of detoxing.