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424839 tn?1268189846 2 months later had car accident were i broke 2 vert ibra and cutt of half my nose.
Avatar n tn to the original question, for say a urine drug test, a regular user of oxycodone or other opioids it will take 3-6 days to leave your body completely, aim for a week to be safe, the half-life of oxycodone, meaning half the drug out of your blood stream after taking a dose is roughly 3-4 hours and the "high" lasts around 5 hours.
Avatar m tn Right now you have a modest habit that you can get under control if you truly want to live a sober life. Cocaine withdrawal is merely psychological, where as, Opiate withdrawal is physical. Instead of reverting to smoking pot or taking another substance like Lyrica, I would suggest looking into vitamin, herbal and over the counter remedies to help you get by the first few days.
Avatar f tn So me and my wife have been taking oxycodone for about a year and a half now. We were taking about 120mg each a day and then about 8 months ago we cut down to 60mg each and still are doing that much each. We crush and snort them. We used to do a whole 30 at a time each but now I have us sharing a 15mg about 8 times a day so its a small dose but doesn't get us high. It just keeps us from feeling like ****!
Avatar n tn hey people there has been a question/problem i'ld like some input on. can oxycodone cause loss of shortr term memory? i seem to be having problems remembering things in the recent (several months) that have happened to me or have been said to me. anyone else notice this?
Avatar f tn They make me feel happy and carefree and just making dealing with every day life a little easier. Throughout the past year and a half of my life, it's gotten out of control. I can't go a single day without a perc. And I get them illegally. The few days out of the year and a half its been I haven't had any and it was pure hell. I'm always stressing about running out and where I'm going to get my next fix from. I have no family support, I'm on my own. My family doesn't even know.
Avatar m tn I don't know how you did it put according to my search you should be experiencing withdrawals. The usual elimination half-life of oxycodone following the administration of OxyContin was 4.5 hours compared to 3.2 hours for immediate-release. I found the following calculations on another wed site and compared it with other sites. This appears to accurate and in language that is understandable. Anyway, the half-life of Oxycodone is 3 - 4.5 hours.
Avatar m tn The main thing of course is the decision that you make and making it a priority in your life, because that will determine what your life will actually be and mean in the end. I don't want to sound preachy but it is not a decision you make one day, it is a decision you will make every day for the rest of your life. Good luck to you and take a look at my blogs and my clinic website for even more info on narcotic detox www.mdsdrugdetox.
Avatar m tn i started tapering last week im doing 3 a day for 2 weeks then 2 a day for a week and a half and so on and im taking my doses if i feel i need it and try energy drink they are really helping me with w/d monster and amp seem to be the best for it i dont know how it works but it dose. good luck. P.S.
Avatar f tn I know she would never really want to live that life. Since I knew that when we had a big fight about 2 and a half years back, I decided to let her go feeling that was the best thing I could ever do for her. She really tried to help me to find a better life then i knew, god bless her, but my cards were stacked. Pretty much anytime I hear from her now she's all lit up. It can just be a text and I can tell from how she's talking on text that she's lit.
Avatar n tn I'm just wondering how long i can expect the withdrawal to stick around as I said I'm into day 2 and i'm going from 60mg to 100mg oxycodone a day to nbothing. If anyone culd give me an idea of how long I can expect this living hell to go on it would give me a little hope.
Avatar n tn is there any way someone could snort an oxycodone pill and not get high? what if he snorts just 10 mgs.? oxycodone pills are 10 mg., but I don't know how many he snorts. with his history, do you think he snorts oxycodone for pain or to get high? and, with his history, do you think he'll end up back where he was several years ago? do you think if someone has abused opiods in the past, that they're ever able to take them for pain again?
Avatar f tn I found I no longer had motivation to do anything, but sit on my tush and waste my life. I am now thinking about getting stuff done and actually doing it. Is it perfect? Nah, but then it never was. You have to decide to I want this or do I want to see the world not caring?? I hope you find the answer. We are here when you do. Glad you got here.
Avatar n tn suboxone luckily last longer too, where some ppl who have slow metabolism can take it every other day, a dose will last right around 45 hours, but successfully stop any wd's for more than 48 hrs. methadone last right around 24 hours. the half-life is 17-50 hours, but anyone ive ever met and ymself need to take it daily, and even one day missed you will start having wds.
Avatar n tn He is very irritable, paranoid, yells a lot, is very defensive and ultra sensitive. I feel the oxycodone is ruining his life and our relationship very quickly. He wants to get off it but is not convinced that the drug makes you think you are having more pain so that you will take more. Can anyone confirm this please? He says he will believe it if someone who went through this confirms it. We are looking into rehab and detox. Does the clonodine work well?
Avatar m tn The only advice I can give you is you've already won half the battle just going through the withdraws. However, everyone on here who has been clean for any length of time will tell you the mental part will be the toughest. You said you didn't have insurance but there are many free NA meetings. Just google those in your area. Aftercare and a support system is going to be really important to staying sober. And if you can't tell family or friends the folks at NA can and will be your support.
Avatar n tn Ok so I was taking oxycodone pain killers for about 1 1/2 years for my back issues. 10 mg pills and I was only taking anywhere from 1 to 1 and a 1/2 a day. Never exceeded that. However I started getting nervous that long term probably isn't good on my stomach. So I lowered my dosage last week to 3/4 of a pill for about 5 days then I quit last Friday. That's where the problems started. First 40 hours I felt like I had a strange low grade current running through my arms/legs.
Avatar m tn That mental hold that these pills have on a person is already crawling into your life ever so elusively..Taking a half here or a half there is not going to make much of a difference in the wd process once a person goes cold turkey..Back to my point though. They have already started the process in your thinking. The physical wd part has not reached critical mass with you but the mental part of the pain med addiction is..Its right in your words.
Avatar f tn That is why I said go on Youtube and spend a whole evening or two watching people tell their Suboxone stories. It's about half and half. Some call it the devil, others swear by it. Either way, it's BETTER than injecting. It's plain as day where you are at right now. You are in severe pain, but you cannot imagine life without the Oxy buzz. BTW, some people are ashamed of the 'euphoria.' Did you know that the euphoria is actually one of the MECHANISMS by which opiates reduce pain?
Avatar f tn I finally had a hip replacement one year ago. I've gradually weaned down from MS Contin 30 mg three times a day and oxycodone 30 mg 6 times a day to oxycodone 15 mg 3-4 times daily. My surgery will be a year ago on Monday, and my goal has been to be narcotic free by that day. My mind is 100 percent ready; it has been since the day I decided to have the surgery. But these last 3-4 oxycodone per day have been my Achilles heel. On Tuesday I cut down to 1/2 tablet every 8-10 hours.
Avatar m tn Is it normal that my tolerance is gone this fast and my relief is minimal at best for maybe a half an hour to an hour after I take my 30 mg pill? My condition is severe kyphosis and scholiosis which had led to EVERY disk in my back either bulging, partially degenerated or totally degenerated. My life now consists of almost totally being bed ridden. Oh and btw I also get 2 10 mg hydrocodone for breakthrough pain which to me almost seems like a joke.
Avatar f tn From what I understand, even though oxymorphone comprises only 15% of the active metabolites of oxycodone, it has a longer half life than oxycodone, and therefore increases the effective length of time of analgesia, helping to provide relief of moderate to severe pain for 6 hours (per PDR), instead of only 4. Cheers.
Avatar f tn I have been on opiates on & off almost 2 years. The doctor switched me to oxycodone 6 months ago & I have been a daily user since then. I also take gabepentin & Baclofen for pain & muscle spasms the pain triggers. About 2-3 months ago I started feeling pressure in my ears & tinnitus in my right ear, especially at night. I saw my allergist and he said I might have hearing loss. Now I need to see an ENT to get my ears checked.
Avatar f tn Last left hospital in September on a mix of about 350 mg oxycodone or contin. I have two more surgeries ahead of me in the new year. But in the meantime I have become convinced that the oxycodone/contin is actually causing me pain. I have no idea how I am going to face the next surgeries but I CANNOT keep going on this particular road. So I have weaned myself down to 65 mg per day. Even so I am so jumpy, legs restless, stomache cramping ....
Avatar m tn Since you said you've been using for over half your life, you're gonna need to learn all you can about addiction....change all your using friends, places you hung out and get yourself involved in some various forms of aftercare support. Cutting your sources, sharing your addiction with someone that can hold you accountable once you decide to get clean, and support from other human beings who are choosing to live their lives without drugs are crucial to succeeding.
Avatar n tn Since you are on immediate release Oxycodone, it has a much shorter half life than other preparations of that medicine. You will be able to drink safely by 36 hours after your last dose. A word to the wise: Take your medicine with you. Since you have been taking it for a year, you might have a physical dependence meaning that you could experience withdrawals when you stop. If that happens, forget the alcohol and take the medicine the way it is prescribed. Viva Las Vegas!
Avatar m tn typically if i have an 80mg oxycontin at my disposal it will last me a about a day and a half. compared to what some of you have said you are taking...my dosage seems like peanuts...im dedicated to stopping but, even with my mild daily dosage, the withdrawals are fairly awful, i think my biggest problem is my ease of obtaining either drug with a simple phone call....as of today ive had only 4 10mg hydrocodone and no oxycontin...
Avatar f tn You'd feel like crap if you were taking 135mg oxy only once a day, as it has a 4.5 hour half life. Terrible roller coaster ride! No wonder you get the chills! Try breaking your daily dose into 4 doses a day, then 6 doses a day as you start to taper, then 12 (every 2 hours) It will be hard to cut the pills, but you won't roller coaster.