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Avatar n tn I had liquid hydro cough medicine for a bad cough and even that took just as long to get into my system as taking a pill. Obviously he is abusing his meds. But what can you do when youre in real pain? There are other methods for controlling pain where you dont need to use opiates, and to me thats the way to go for any addict. I know theyre not as effective but its either that or go thru the pain of wd's again and again when you run out.
220965 tn?1189759423 What are some of the best home remedies for stopping Oxycodone use? I have no money for the suboxone. I have been taking 5/325 8-10 a day for around 2 years prescribed by my VA doctor and I want to quit and I have tried but the withdrawals got the best of me? Any help is much appreciated.
Avatar n tn He too cut his cast off, it made him feel very claustrophobic. I was an RN for awhile and we had to assess patients for any adverse reactions. To me you are having one. I would call your Dr. and explain the situation. From what I understand in your post you only took it for 3 days eight monthes ago? I would try to find other causes for your anxiety. Look into the aftereffects of anesthesia. You said you had ankle surgery so I assume they put you under.
Avatar m tn The Doc gave me Percocet and Endocet, both are Oxycodone with aspirin or acetaminophen. It works great for my lower back pain so I can sleep but in the morning I am kneeling in front of the toilet wishing I would die from heaving and making my back worse. Is there some other pain killer that won't upset my stomach to the point of barfing every morning? At this point I won't take the meds but I lay in bed wishing I could sleep and knowing I will hate myself in the morning if I take a pill.
Avatar m tn i dont know anything about cough meds that youve been taking but if they are codeine(opiate) based you may be in for some physical withdrawals over the next week, you will find lots of helpful advice here on how to manage them.
1040607 tn?1253048634 My best friend has had a problem for almost a year. It's hard to say how bad it is because I'm not around her, but she once told me her and her boyfriend were doing 2 Oxy's each a day. I don't really know how much or serious that it. I know that it's bad, but when I ask her now she says she's not doing them. Her boyfriend has been an addict for a while. I could go on forever. Are these pills Roxy's, and Oxy's something that you CAN do just here and there?
Avatar f tn The severity and length of your detox will depend on how long you used oxy, at what dosages, and what kind of pain the medication was for. Let us know a little more. I made it through oxycodone detox over a year ago and many others here will fill in the details of getting clean too. Read through some of the other posts. And best to you!
Avatar n tn They lead to nowhere. As for your runny nose and cough...all normal. Have you tried melatonin for sleep? It s all natural and works well. All our senses come back to life after we stop. My fingers even tingled the first week. Good luck to you...Kick em to the curb....
Avatar n tn That has to be for me the worst symptom of withdrawals. I would cough and cough and cough and not be able to sleep. Well....I couldn't sleep anyways but that added to it! I sucked on menthol cough drops all night while I was sleeping and now that I think about it I could have choked. I already have bad allergy symptoms and sinus problems so if you do too then you probably were just masking them with the meds and now you actually can tell something is wrong.
Avatar f tn Poor soul. I had the cough too. I stopped oxycodone (daily; prescribed for pain) that I had taken for 8 years, pretty much cold turkey. The cough started around the 30th day and it was AWFUL. I coughed constantly, and it freaked me out completely. I was convinced I was dying of some awful disease. I had chest xrays, EKG, the works. All normal. The cough lasted months but it DID GO AWAY. When you take opiates for a long time, it suppresses your cough reflex.
Avatar f tn well where do i begin? like many of you, i started out on percocet 5mgs for pain and gradually went uo from there, at the end i was taking around 45mgs a day for a few months. i have been on this website just reading since day 1 and you guys have all got me through. i have had plenty of chances to get more, but i have remained strong because i truly want my life back, i want my real smile back, i want the old me back. i have been working day 1, 2, and 3...
Avatar f tn So it has been 49 days. I still have the cough. Still having awful sleep; when I do manage to get a few hours, I have vivid nightmares. But those things will abate in time. What is really, really bringing me down is the pain. Something is wrong with me. I have costochondritis, plus my trapezius muscles, (upper back) go into spasm with 2 hours of me waking up. Nothing works. Nothing. I've had p/t, massage, yoga, and enough Advil to kill an elephant.
Avatar f tn My last little binge went like this clean for 14 days then used for 5 (no more than 40 mg) stopped for 1 day used for 1 stopped for 1 used for 3 stopped for 1.5 used for 1 stopped for 1.5 used for two and that leads me up to now. How bad if any do you think my withdrawals will be. The only diff is for the last 4 days of use I was taking 5mg oxycodone maybe 5 a day. I have never taken these before this and have more but am throwing them away.
Avatar m tn What will happen though is if you have a illness that is causing a cough Oxycodone will suppress the cough so I would possibly see you're dr to see what's causing you're cough.
Avatar m tn In addition to my prescribed oxycodone and alprazolam, my UA showed positive for morphine, but not codeine. The codeine cough syrup was not prescription, you just have to show ID and sign for it. I had the flue with a hacking, unproductive cough, so I drank the entire bottle during the course of a couple of days.With the syrup not being prescription, I thought nothing of it(I know better now). I know that a percentage of codeine is converted back into morphine during metabolization.
Avatar m tn I started taking more to get that 'head buzz' feeling for longer. Yesterday, I complained to my girlfriend that I was running out of Oxycodone and that I needed more, even though I think the pain in my mouth is gone. Now I have six pills left, and I'm wondering how I can come up with an excuse for more. My mouth is still kind of swollen, so she would believe me.
Avatar f tn He forgot to mention that I would be labeled an 'addict' just because I use Suboxone for pain. I can't even get an Rx for cough syrup. Now my Suboxone doctor wants me to taper off it because that's what they do for addicts. He doesn't care about my pain and refuses to prescribe it for pain! The pain doctors refuse to prescribe it for pain because they believe they need the special license. I am terrified to go back to living in pain again.
Avatar n tn I have only gotten narcotics prescribed to me once I think for a really bad cough (hydro syrup), and once for the flu (darvocet). So I am little scared that I might actually need more or stronger medicine, and they will assume I'm just wanting to get high. One the other hand, I guess I deserve to be in this situation, considering I have contributing to the OC problem.
Avatar n tn I am on antibiotics along with my usual meds for asthma. The cough just has not broken up - with my swollen brochi it takes time. I'll be okay if the antibiotic works. I was blessed not to have gotten hiv or hep c from needles. I never bought any of my own. I'd bring some home, but inevitably, I'd run out. I've been tested and have not used the needle for 14 months. Just on the methadone except when I had the surgery. Thanks for asking.
Avatar f tn Hi while researching info on the same situation of testing positive for hydrocodone while taking oxycodone I came across your posts. I have been with my current pm doc for over 3 years for chronic neck pain due to 3 herniated discs and spinal stenosis,and have never had a drug test come back with any problems. I was tested on 7/8 before my usual appt, I take oxycontin 60mg. 3x daily for extended pain relief and percocet 5/325 for break thru and that is all.
Avatar n tn was sober of pills for 6 months, got some drank for my cough went down hill from there.. 2 days of oc at atleast a 80 a day if not more and I am already starting to feel somewhat better, but im also drinking beer right now.> neways point being stay the **** off drugs everyone, and if u need to get off , GROW SOME BALLS AND DO IT..
Avatar f tn Never needing an early refil, never asking for meds, passing all urine tests, letting her know what I was doing ever step of teh way...even calling about taking cough syprupo for the flu and how many advil she thinks is acceotable.
Avatar n tn AIT or Dominion Diagnostics, can then specify the various levels of drugs and where they might have come from. For example, someone on Oxycodone often has small levels of hydrocodone in their urine, as oxycontin and sometimes oxycodone has up to a 1% impurity of hydrocodone. Hope this helps others with the same question....
Avatar f tn , I immediately let my PM doctor know that they had put me on pills for the cough, I even handed him the bottle!! he said that it was fine for me to take them. (I have been wracking my brains trying to remember the name of that drug) benzotate (maybe??).. could that have showed up in a U/A as "vicodin" or could that have interfered with the morphine?? and here is the biggest question mark...
Avatar n tn In fact most cold and cough remedies, diet pills, etc. can cause false positives for amphetamine. The list I found was much too long to remember so the easiest thing to do is go to www.passyourtest.com/falsepositive.html and read all the info. Hope this helps.....Linda Unpilled, I really appreciated your response to my post. Still trying to taper but I feel terrible. This monkey has been after me for over 20 yrs. First codeine and the rest is history.
Avatar n tn If you think oxy wd is bad,,, Valium wd is a living nightmare, psychologically. Lorazepam binds to your receptors for a much longer time than oxycodone. Valium half life is like 200 hours! So I'de say have a few valium on hand for emergencies IE: severe panic attack but that's about it. You said your wife is having severe depression. When my husband decided to detox off of oxys he immediately started taking effexor.
1375159 tn?1311691944 The FDA also is requiring manufacturers to update labels of all prescription combination acetaminophen products to warn of the potential risk for severe liver injury. Acetaminophen, also called APAP, is a drug that relieves pain and fever and can be found in both prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) products. It is combined in many prescription products with other ingredients, usually opioids such as codeine (Tylenol with Codeine), oxycodone (Percocet), and hydrocodone (Vicodin).
Avatar n tn is the ingredient in all the drugs that have meth in there name the same type of meth and or would it show up as a meth product in a UA test whatever that is there are many to many to count, and is the done in the drugs with done in there medical name all the same done like hydracodone,oxycodone,methadone, My reason for asking this is i had a prescription for oxycodone,and naproxine.
Avatar f tn She is taking oxycodone for the pain but it is not effective exept in high doses and her current doctor doesn't believe in pain meds.
Avatar n tn always apply ice pack for 10-15 minutes on and off for a few hours a day. this will decrease swelling and pain. you both need a chiropractic doctor. this is the undisputed expert in spine care. he/sh will x-ray (while standing) the region. apply ice packs and adjust and decompress the spine. works all the time. pills are not the answer. yes i'm a DC, and see 400 of yas a week and my advice works all the time. even with fractured coccyx.