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Avatar f tn fibromyalgia but I am going to have back surgery for stenosis and want to stop my narcotic meds. I have morphine cr 45mg 3x/day which I asked to change due to side effects. Dr put me on Oxycodone 20mg 4x/day. After my back surgery recuperation I want to stop the meds. Which one should I be on for an easier withdrawal. I am scared because I have been on this for ages. When I have the surgery I can ask the dr to use the med that would be easier for me to withdraw so what do you think.
Avatar m tn Hi everyone, I'm new here. Long story very short. I've been taking oxycodone (almost 2 years) for several issues which all seem to be very common here. Small dose 2 - 5/325 a day. 4/5 of my doctors seem to think it's fine for my ailments and repeatedly tell me this is a lifelong thing for me (managing my pain). However, a neurologist recently made me feel ashamed. I was contemplating weaning down to one which I think I can do. Has anyone else experienced shaming by doctors?
Avatar n tn ive been on oxycodone(oxycontin CR) for 6 years , 80mg 2x daily now for 3 years , and this is just not controlling my pain . Is the opana er a reasonable choice if i was to begin a different med for chronic pain relief from several back/spinal conditions which continue to worsen year after year? And what is the exchange rate for oxycontin 80 mg cr to opana er ?
1454019 tn?1342213712 hello all , i am not used to share my business with the world , i came from a different country where doctors actually trying to fix your problems and insurance is for all and for to get prescribed with something so severe such as oxycodone 30 mg you latterly need to be almost dead and they give you that just to ease your pain so you die in "ease" any other way in my country they will fix you !!
Avatar f tn I'm a 26 year old mother of 4 and for the last few months I've been taking Oxycodone. Started at 5mg every 6 hours and right now I'm up to 15 mg every 4 hours. The reason I have been forced to withdrawal is because no pharmacy in my area has any 15mg Oxy's right now.. I honestly don't feel like I was abusing them but going thru this again (this is the 2nd time..I caved last time and had my husband find me one until the next day when I was able to get my Rx filled)..
Avatar n tn what is oxycodone HCL CR 10 MG. I here alot about snoting them for a high instead of swallowing them for the pain.I have tried snorting them but did not feel anything.So whats up.
Avatar n tn what is oxycodone HCL CR 10 MG. I here alot about snoting them for a high instead of swallowing them for the pain.I have tried snorting them but did not feel anything.So whats up.
Avatar f tn Morphine cr 15mg 30mg=45Mg 3x/day and have Oxycodone 20 mg 4x/day I want to go off my medication and in your experience, which is easier to taper off from. Stopped the morphine due to side effects and went to Oxy but have enough of both to use for taping off. If the Morphine is easier, I will put up with the side effects for the short period. Please help me..
Avatar m tn Ive been taking oxycodone for a little over a year. I havent had one since sundayat noon but took a morphine cr yesterday at noon. I feel okay today except for diarrhea and the want for pills. When should i expect the worst?
Avatar f tn D and St.Johns Wort.I also take oxycodone 30mg for intractable back and shingles pain,valium and Ambien CR. Could the herbs in the Sleep M.D,valerian,willow hops,and melatonin and St.Johns Wort making my lover enzymes go up with my daily RX meds? I have stopped taking all the herds to see if this is the cause,but I would appreciate an experts opinion. Thank you!
Avatar f tn I have been reading everyone's posts. Good luck to everyone. I have been doing oxycodone 15mg pills (about 3-5) a day for 5 months. It has completely drained my account, given me acne, and I NEED to be done with this drug. I had a 4 year addiction to ambien (taking up to 10 a day) and have FINALLY kicked that addiciton but just replaced it with another one. It is ruining my life. I am on vacation from work for 5 days. I am going to kick this in the next week.
222369 tn?1274478235 01 mg) 3-5 times a day (which I think helps a lot) and Ambien CR at night to help with sleep. Right now, I am just tired as H*** and wishing I had more energy. But, I was told this was a big side effect of the Clonidine. I'm going to try and stop this tomorrow. I just wanted to write in my experience, hope for some advice, and tell you all how brave I think you are. As my Granny always said..That which does not kills us makes us stronger.
Avatar f tn Hi, Ok, so i was on oxycodone (2 years) and oxcontin (recently). I realized i had a problem when i ran out one day and started getting the chills, sweats, runs, etc. So, I did a lot of research on it. 2 weekends ago I was taking 12 5 mg. pills a day and then went to 6 and then to 3 and then none in a matter of a week, all WHILE following the Thomas Recipe.
Avatar f tn Also, Oxycodone 20 mg cr X 3 daily. Sometimes, if having a bad day, I may take 1 additional dose. Also, if having a good day, I may not take as many. This is under the care of a pain management doctor and I would hope that he would not give me enough to cause damage, but it never hurts to get another opinion. My Question: Can this cause hearing loss?.I have noticed recently that I don't hear as well. I am 65 years old and I realize that some degree of hearing loss can come with age.
Avatar n tn Morphine 15mg, Oxycodone 10/325mg, Xanax .25 mg, and Zoloft 100mg. I have been taking the Morphine and Oxy 3xs/day, 8am, 2pm and 8pm. I take my Zoloft at 8am and my Xanax at 8pm. I also take a stool softener for constipation and have to take Tylenol now and then when I get the Morphine headache. Now that I have read several questions and answers, I will no longer take the Morphine and Oxy together, I didn't realize that they are the same thing basically.
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Avatar f tn Since then my internal medicine doctor has placed me on oxycodone 5mg immediate release tabs (2 tabs every 4-6 hrs. and Morphine Sulfate CR 30mg, one tab at bedtime) . I would like to know if there are alternative herbal medicines available to treat chronic pain. If not, what would be the proper dosing for moderate to severe pain?
1065045 tn?1272466438 I was taking OxyContin 20mg (up to as much as 12 pills a day) as well as Oxycodone 10mg IR. I've been taking them off and on (more on than off) for about a year. It's finally time to deal with this; I've taken Monday & Tuesday of next week off to get off these things. My date with Satan is probably gonna be around 11:00 AM Saturday morning. The physical part ***** but the mental part is what I am so afraid of.
243614 tn?1266201137 Well, i made it through the hydrocodone addiction and the suboxone withdrawals, almost 3 mos. now. But, i am so concerned about my sleep and the amound of ambien cr and lunesta i am taking. I have to have 4 a night just to get 6 to 7 hours sleep. I feel like I am in big trouble here. Anyone have any input? I am calling my Dr. today and making an appt. I have got to do something, and i sure do hate not to have any sleep. On those nights >>the next day i am a zombie.
Avatar n tn It is suspected that Family Member 2 may be taking them because Family Member #2 already has a need for some Pain Pills (Laura Tab) and periodically takes them in addition to sleep aides (Ambian CR), and pills for restless leg syndrome, and sometimes Benadryl. When Family Member #1 realizes more TYLOX is missing, Family Member 2 denies any involvement. Family Member #2 currently is not working and has not been working very much for about a year.
Avatar n tn You are the first person that I have heard have the same Drug of choice as me. I get the 15mg oxycodone immediete release pills(green ones). I want to get the 30mg ones(blue i think)but havent been able to. I take 2 of the 15mg ones orally(not chewed or crushed), but I take 2 every 2 hours for the entire day. I usually ingest 300-330mg of the oxycodone per day. Also just to let you know that these pills are NOT percoset. Percoset is oxycodone HCL with Tylenol mixed togather.
Avatar n tn I had elbow surgery two weeks ago and was prescribed 10mg oxycodone CR. They also gave me Oxycodone 5mg for breakthrough pain. Well, I have been abusing the 10's since last Thursday by chewing about 15-20 a day. Started about with about 10 a day and now I'm up to about 20 or so. I have 44 left. I think they will be calling me in something less potent now so that will give me something to taper with along with the 10's. That is what I'm thinking anyway.
Avatar n tn Well I have stopped 3 times since then and relapsed everytime after 8 or 10 months of being clean with no rehabs or any classes, just make myself go through withdrawls for a week or so and it really sucks, but when I get clean I would just stay away from my cousin which was getting 300-80mg oxycontin a month,300-30mg morphine,300-10mg oxycodone, and valium also which I never took, but he took about half and sold about half to me for all those years.
Avatar n tn This is day 10 for me, I have been on Norco and Oxycodone and Ms Contin for the last 4 years. I did not think I was going to make it through the first week but here I am! The problem is I still have diareah and have lost a lot of weight, I feel so week, when and how do I start to feel a little stronger? Does anyone have any advice as to what I can do? Thanks!
Avatar n tn If you are not in Pain Management you may want to ask your doctor to refer you to a good pain management doctor in your area. Extended released medications such as ER morphine, ER oxymorphone, CR (controlled release) oxycodone, ER transdermal fentanyl, and ER tramadol are the most commonly prescribed. I have listed the generic names for you. I found that this worked better for me as have others here and you don't have to worry about taking large amounts of acetomenophen everyday.
Avatar f tn Your story/post sounds reasonable. What happens NEXT will be an indicator whether you have a good pain management doctor or not. In my opinion, your Pain Doctor should show you all the compassion in the world, and should make you feel better. However, if they do anything less -- for example, give you the "3rd degree" and make you feel like cr*p, then you know what I say? I say to H**L with them! I'm "with ya" on your opinion on those doggone patches!
Avatar n tn I graduated from vicadin..perhaps 6 months to oxycodone for nearly a year. Most of that time I used oxycontin at about 80-120 mg per day...not a huge amount I'd imagined. The detox was real bad for the first 2 weeks..and fairly crappy for two more...then I found myself to this day, with overwhelming fatigue that I cannot shake..disturbed sleep...no energy...real bad!
Avatar m tn I have been on Wellbutrin, Clonezapan, Xanax, Lorazepam, Buspirone, Clomipramine, Seroquel, Lexapro, Zyprexa, Zoloft, Cymbalta, Ativan, Risperdal, Paxil and Paxil CR (I believe that's all....as if that's not a lot). I have also taken Avelox, Ru-Tuss, Prednisone, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, Lortab, Amoxicillin, Ambien and Lunesta. Currently I take Prilosec everyday (since 14 for acid reflux disease), 20 mg of Ambien to sleep or Chloral Hydrate to sleep.