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Avatar m tn Check with your doctor, but I don't think opiates taken by the man affect the baby. Are you saying he is addicted or just that he took them at the time when the baby was conceived? The main risk in taking painkillers is that the baby might be born addicted, but that is when the mother takes them later in the pregnancy.
Avatar f tn (with out going to my doctor or any medical help) and if i quit now will it be better for my baby in the long run? and i herd the heart beat,had a ultra sound, and the birth defects test and everythings fine so far...
Avatar m tn The benzos ALONE can cause severe birth defects so I hope that gets checked with testing... I spite of HIPA, she can give permission for you to receive information at anytime. Also, remember, just because she goes to rehab, it doesn't mean she'll stay there. I just want to touch on these things so you can think about them...And I think "overopiate's" reassurance is a little premature...she may not have read the entire thread...
1778305 tn?1314487531 I have had to take it during pregnancy before and there have been no reports of birth defects linked to the usage of oxycodone or for that matter hydrocodone in pregnancy. The biggest risks are neonatal withdrawal and feeding or respiratory difficulties after birth but your doctor will know how to best minimize this risk.I don't have much time right now but I'll try to tell you more of my experiences later but wanted to reassure you.
Avatar n tn Ashiepooh is mostly right (not trying to offend you with this ashie) . lol. however Oxycodone has NOT been shown to cause defects on babies as far as I know and I did some research online too. It's either category B or c (I got sites that said both) and the REAL harm it could cause would be withdrawal, addiction and sedation in newborns is all. That's why they'd wean you down in your last month of pregnancy. You can take it if you need it and you SHOULD if the pain is really bad.
Avatar n tn If your child goes to a 'special' school is sure isn't because of narcotics. they do not cause defects, in fact, only 5% of birth defects are drug related. I can give you my source if you would like to review this information. first and foremost...I'm sure your baby is fine; mine was! best wishes!
Avatar n tn Here goes, I am 10 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and I have been on oxycodone for years. My dr. knows I am pregnant and is helping me wean off. I am down to about 5mg a day or everyother day. I used to take 30-40 mg a day though. Today I was in extreme pain and took 20mg, but besides today thats the most I have taken in months. I am so scared that the baby is going to be deformed and have problems. I am also so scared of miscarriage, I don't want to loose the baby!
1144050 tn?1261296210 Hi everyone!! I'm about 6 wks. pregnant and I'm taking 15 mg oxycodone 4 times a day for arthritis in my back and knees. I wanted to know on that amount everyday will it cause birth defects or harm to my baby in anyway??? I read on Safe Fetus.com that it just sucreets into your breast milk but that it has no adverse affects on the fetus is this true??? Any help would be appreciated, I'm a new mommy and I'm worried if I might be hurting my baby!! Thanks to all for your time and answers!!!
1778305 tn?1314487531 U r not taking a high dose,quitting now could easily cause a miscarriage.these meds have not shown to cause birth defects as for w/d if u take them up to the day u deliver of taper at the end its up n the air if the baby will w/d.Ur dr. will point u n the right direction&u most likely dont have to worry about w/d from this amount.Congrats on the baby.
Avatar f tn And I still have 4 months to go. My OB and my pain doctor have spoken and for the past month I have been back on the oxycodone for the pain. I try so hard not to take them because if I caused my baby any harm it would kill me. But I am weak and due to the pain and with the ok of my doctors I take them. Pretty much at least one a day. But I am still terrified of what I might be doing to the baby and worried about addiction and withdrawls for the baby when born.
Avatar n tn The Doctor who gave this training did say that if a woman is taking hydrocodone (vicodin) during her pregnancy, that the baby will be born physically dependant, and will have to undergo uncomfortable withdrawals after birth. I don't know for sure if the same holds true for oxycodone, but I would assume that it does. But..definately check with your doctor, and best of luck to you..keep us posted!
Avatar n tn I dont want to scare you either but xanax is catagory x meaning it is known to cause birth defects and other serious issues like down syndrom or neural deffects in an unborn baby, I take oxycodone for chronic pain and my doc says it wil lnot harm the baby but we are working together to taper myself off enough prior to delivery that my baby should not experience withdrawl at least we hope I am still doubtful but I know at this point although so far I have managed to taper each month and still ha
1442044 tn?1284160366 I took 10 the day I decided to quit. 5 the next day. none today. I just want to know my baby isn't going to come out with birth defects or die before delivery because I have no means of talking to an OB til I make an appt. tomorrow... I just found out about this 5 days ago, jeez.
Avatar n tn hi, i am currently 6 weeks preg i just found out buti have been taking oxycodone for almost 3 years now, just recently its gotten out of hand i was taing up to 5 30mg a day. ive been reading up on this issue and i thought its best to not stop cold turkery my first day of tapering down i took 1/2 of a 30mg at a time ended up taking 2 1/2 30s not to get high just not to withdrawl. do you think since the fetus is so small and so erly in the pregnancy i could just go thru the withdrawls.
175688 tn?1297560247 Limited human studies have also shown that oxycodone does not appear to cause birth defects. However, as a narcotic, oxycodone can cause withdrawal symptoms in the infant after delivery. If you are taking this medication and pregnancy occurs, talk to your healthcare provider. Is Oxycodone Safe During Pregnancy? Oxycodone hydrochloride is an active ingredient used in many prescription pain medications. It is a narcotic, opioid (morphine-like) medication.
Avatar n tn oxy's dont cause birth defects if thats what you are worried about. Many chronic pain patients/acute injury patients have to take narcotics throughout their pregnancy and the baby is fine (having no birth defects, but some do have withdrawal issues). THe fact that you quit over a month ago means whatever WD your baby may have went through is done with that now as well.
Avatar n tn I am 12 weeks pregnant and i am addicted to oxycodone 30 milligrams, i take one a day. what are the side effects for my baby? will there be any birth defects ? im really scared to ask my doctor but i need answers, please help.
Avatar f tn Previous reports have not shown an increase in risks of birth defects after prenatal exposure to oxycodone, propoxyphene, or meperidine (10, 11). The authors of one retrospective study observed an increased risk of some birth defects with the use of prescribed opioids by women in the month before or during the first trimester of pregnancy (12). However, methodological problems with this study exist, and such an association has not been previously reported.
5282845 tn?1365964234 Again thank you all for your help and also wanted to add that the doctor (@ 1st visit) advised a slow wein off the oxycodone and xanax, he said that they wouldn't cause birth defects but it was very important to taper off if I was continuing the pregnancy as I saw him so early into pregnancy that if I stopped or tapered now gongs would have continued fine..
Avatar n tn I have had 2 births never had any problems. When I was pregnant before I was not on any meds by the way. Will this cause birth defects this early on. Or would it cause defects later on if I stayed on it? I will tell my OB but I don't have one yet. I have heard of worse situations. I ironically enough was a drug detox counselor. I got peole into detox. I saw it all!! Please help. Give me some references of where I could get some more information. I feel really guilty but the pain is awful.
Avatar n tn What affect does Oxycodone have on my sperm reproducing? Birth defects? Or is there a link between my meds and our pregnancy problems? Im not an idiot and wouldn't intentionally take something that could hurt my new potential child. Thats why Im asking for advice on what this drug has on reproduction. I would assume my sperm are sluggish because of the Oxycodone but my Dr says my the body absorbs the meds efficiently. Thanks in advance.
Avatar m tn Oxycontin (long-acting oxycodone aka percocet) is one of the narcotics approved for use during pregnancy - as long as it's taken as prescribed with a doctor's supervision. To my knowledge, the problem isn't that it causes birth defects but the baby can be born physically dependent on it and will need to be medically detoxed. Not a nice start to life.
Avatar f tn Percocet (aka) oxycodone is actually class B and is the ONLY pain meds that have not show and birth defects...while every other single one has...isnt that weird?? Even hydrocodone and codine which arent as strong are class C and have shown to be harmful...bizzare!!
Avatar n tn Im sorry to here of your condition. Oxycodone is a Class B medication which means that it is quite safe to take during pregnancy HOWEVER, it does become a Class D drug (confusing huh?) if used during most of the pregnancy in "high doses" as baby can have withdrawal effects at birth - it has not been shown to cause birth defects though. I do not know what is classified as a "high dose" though.
Avatar f tn Limited human research also suggests that oxycodone does not seem to cause birth defects in humans. However, oxycodone is a narcotic, and using this drug during the end of a pregnancy may cause narcotic withdrawal symptoms in the infant after delivery. Such symptoms may include: Irritability and excessive crying Shakiness (tremors) Hyperactive reflexes Fast breathing Increased stools Sneezing Yawning Vomiting Fever.
Avatar f tn Definitely get into the doctor ASAP, I work with pregnant women at my old rehab clinic, and though opiates are addictive to the fetus, and can be dangerous in large quantities, they will not cause birth defects, etc. Xanax and other benzos are much less safe to take while pregnant, but are also dangerous to come off of cold turkey, so please get into a dr. ASAP! The doctors will understand, so like mary said, don't be afraid to tell them everything.
Avatar f tn I have read everything from the baby being addicted if you take pain pills the last few mths. of the pregnancy, I have read that the newborn could have birth defects, down syndrome, ADHD, and mental retardation. I honestly don't know what is true and what is not. I know that taking pain pills while pregnant is wrong and I feel just sick that I have to, but like I said i'm trying to get off them by cutting down little by little everyday.
Avatar f tn most of them are class D drugs and you may get them back after the 12th week due to the fact most birth defects are done by then.. just ask your OB.. not the other doctors. they had me on paxill with my first son but they arent recomending that anymore either.. keep me posted...