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Avatar n tn I'm wondering if coffee is so bad, then how can the dr.s be so non-chalant about oxycodone. I'm afraid that oxycodone will have adverse affects on the growing baby especially in the early stages. I'm only three weeks pregnant (gestation age). I have tried mentho and camphor patches and Tylenol, but they are negligently effective. Please advise! Thanks!!
Avatar f tn With that being said, my family member decided to get off the pain pills and has been able to so far control her pain with diet and exercise. She lost a lot of weight, began eating healthy and exercising. How old are you? How progressed is your disease? If you do decide to quit, I urge you to get with your pain management doctor to devise a taper plan and possibly try some non narcotic things to keep your pain under control.
538894 tn?1389310148 but anyway there is only one way I know to stay clean thats friends family and talking to others.. sometimes Im on the site and then gone for weeks and when I feel down I pop back in and reading others posts makes me know we are not alone there are thousands like me who struggle day in and day out some of us stumble along the way and have to start over but thats just life.. Good luck in your journey I will be looking for you.
Avatar m tn the 40mg OxyContin, the presciption is ready for pick-up every month at the pharmacy and I could easily have a weak moment and go and fill the scipt. I'm aware that seeking medical care is best, but given the circumstances (my career for example) I'd like to avoid this at all costs. Does anyone have any experience with oxycodone for approximately the same amount of time I've been taking it? I'm curious to know how long I can expect withdrawl symptoms.
175734 tn?1225138040 Hi Coolio, I think the only way to really combat feeling tired from opioids is to get as much rest as you can and try things like coffee and tea to help keep you awake. If you feel its really too much than you can always ask your DR to lower the dose and see if you still get good relief without being so tired. Just try to stay away from sugary snacks and drinks as they'll just give you a false sense of being more awake and then make you even more fatigued when it wears off.
Avatar m tn I was on a combination of Oxycontin and Oxycodone from 2002 til 2007.... in 2007 I was on a total 130 mg., 50 mg Oxycontin and 80 Mg Oxcodone. So I got rid of the Oxycontin by tapering and going through the withdrawal and eventually got down to 60 mg of IR oxycodone per day. Now two years later I've crrept back up to 80mg due to pain. So I want to stop NOW....this stuff i think is causing me more pain than it is curing...every couple of hours my pain flares to get my body to take this med.
Avatar m tn your stomach with a little something. I, personally, find that coffee is very hard on my stomach and can sometimes cause me to vomit - especially if I drink it on an empty stomach. One last suggestion - maybe try eating/drinking something different than the cookies and milk with your meds at night. The cookies are probably ok, but I'm wondering if maybe the milk could at least be causing or adding to some of the problem.
Avatar f tn I have been on 6-7 oxycodone daily for the last four months. Prior to that I was on Norco 10/325 for 18 months. Is it safe for me to quit cold turkey at home? I am in good general health. I have clonodine, clonazepam and neurontin to help me along with Flexeril. Is it safe to stop or do I have to taper? I have been prescribed these drugs for severe, unrelenting pain in both of my feet. I have been to neurologists, rheumatogists, podiatrists, to no avail.
1445257 tn?1289280526 i don't know (at this point in time) if you are still attached to the oxycodone or not, but i pray that you will feel better, and be able to overcome this bondage, and be happy and free.... :) your servant, bhuvana-mohan dasa.
Avatar n tn With the controlled release of the med I'm taking now, things seem to be on an even keel compared to the abrupt ups and downs of the shorter acting narcotics like hydrocodone and oxycodone. As I've said time and again, all I want is a state of equilibrium in my life where everything seems to be safe and secure....and pain free! I suppose that's a lot to ask for as a human being? Somebody said above that they went fifteen years in hell before discovering a med that offered some relief.
Avatar f tn I then ended up AF (Alcohol free for almost 6 months coming up) and FU( F**KED UP) On and off but the on is now more frequent than the off. The PAW'S and pain takes my breath away and my Mental Realm? OMG!! I have also stopped smoking Cigarettes and weed 3 week's ago and am also trying to 'Kick'' a Coffee Addiction i picked up after not touching it for the occasional Cup like 3 or 4 a year, for over 30 year's after stopping drinking.
Avatar f tn Now within the last few months I eat ice cream, sour patch candy, and lots and lots of coffee drinks (cold) not hot. I make my own imitation of Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins ice cream drinks especially the cappuccino blast or McDonalds new mocha frappe...I too have lost weight EVEN with all this sugar and I'm 43? I did need to loose 12 pounds and now I have. I still eat a good breakfast-a small lunch but dinner time I have noticed I am just not hungry, So I either skip or eat a bowl a cereal.
Avatar m tn Will drinking coffee help? Had some calm tea, but still feeling anxious and worried.
Avatar m tn (:( of course by then I would be high as a kite...alone :( When I stop and think about it I was always alone with the percs...thats a sad feeling. Hang in there girl...it will be tough for the first 4 days, but you will get a break at day 5. Today I noticed mood swings. Felt great for hours just to feel like ****...and the cravings were strong this evening.
Avatar f tn I was on a combined total of 300mg of hydrocodone and oxycodone a day for pain, 200mg zoloft and 10mg ambien for my anxiety/PTSD. I had been through a ton of other meds before that but that is where I was when I stopped. I went "cold turkey" off everything. Ended up in the ER cuz my body went into shock from opiate withdrawal (was on opiates for over 5 years). I just didn't want to be slave to medication anymore and had no clue that would happen. Anyway, ended up on methadone.
Avatar f tn I'm seven weeks clean of oxycodone and still experiencing awful symptoms both mental and physical (which I feel may be some type of post acute withdrawal.) Aversion to food, nausea, dry heave spells, fatigue, insomnia, pounding heart episodes, severe anxiety attacks, mood swings, depression and diarrhea. I've been avoiding Caffiene every time I have anxiety attack episode (which is from opiate WD.
Avatar n tn all i know is that today, i woke up and took 30mg oxycodone at 8am. then 10mg of methadone around 10am, At 12pm I took 5 mgs of valium. I lasted all day until now. I just tool 20 mg of oxycodone. All in all--after only 3 serious days with a strong mindset--i have cut my dose beyond half and feel considerably good.( I HAVE ONLY TAKEN A TOTAL OF 70 MG OXYCODONE & 10 MG METHADONE. ALL DAY...THIS IS A BIG DEAL TO ME!!!) I feel like i am in the home stretch.
Avatar f tn wake up at 6 am to let my chickens and ducks out the coop, have 2 pancakes with butter and coffee to assist taking my medication for my heart. go back to bed, and due to morphine jab last night went back to bed feeling groggy, got up again at 10.30 had coffee and another pancake to settle my stomach and take a painkiller of oxycodone. the ice air i breathe is manageable at this time.
681497 tn?1226594009 I had to call in last night, and maybe even today, I was at work on Monday and Tuesday and it hurt so bad, I was almost in tears...and even now...just sitting here. I don't have insurance, or I would go to the Dr. I also don't have any money, even though I work 2 jobs...maybe after calling in today, I will have only one job...who knows. it is so hard to try and explain and hold a job, when you have these issues, and I have more wrong with me, then back issues, and Chiari...
Avatar n tn Are their depression medications out there that will help me that will also mix with what I am already taking for my pain and sleep? I have such random sleep patterns and typically just feel sad and worthless most of the time so I hide from my friends and other outings that I used to enjoy. MOTIVATION is absolutely horrible now and sometimes I just dont even want to get up to take a shower.
Avatar m tn a week or so ago, I realized what place I am in, ready to just spiral downward to bottom, and I started a taper, using a scrip for oxycodone from my neurologist and some hydros I picked up. I (stupidly) started with the hydros, and finally tapered down over a week using the oxys down to 2 in a day... from 10 10/325 hydros daily for about a month. I've been here before. I c/t'ed off over 100mg of hydro daily for almost a year, about a year ago, and I know what's coming. Today was God awful!
Avatar f tn I have lightening bolts going through my feet daily, I have pain in my legs daily, I have pain in my head daily but that is due to the paratrigeminal neuralgia which I have been told is not related to MS period. I am currently on Oxycodone and I hate it and I am going to try to leave a message with the stupid receptionists at my stupid doctors office and she might call me back if she can figure out how to use a telephone...odds are against it...
Avatar n tn you know when I had my accident and woke up at WR, they would get annoyed with me, because I was not going through the morphine drip fast enough, (it made me sick and the dreams were awful) I am the type of person who doesn't like to mask my pain, but many can't handle that. The man whoo passed sounds like he was in a lot of pain, not the average type. But I think the the thought is that only you know how bad the pain is, rate it from 1-10.
1684282 tn?1505701570 I am becoming somewhat frustrated with the way a lot of my colleagues practice medicine. Disenchanted, angry would be the other words that could be used. We all get ostensibly that same training and all of us are supposedly in it to help our patients. So, how come have I been getting so many letters lately on my addiction forum from desperate people unable to quit taking the tramadol pills that their own kind doctors have so freely prescribed for them?
239164 tn?1207266607 I'm sitting here drinking my coffee and realizing how beautiful mornings are. I used to be a morning person, before the drugs stole that from me. Mornings became a dreaded time of dragging myself out of bed and swallowing 8 pills to get my day started. I had to have at least 1.5 hours before I could really get moving.
1171003 tn?1267075703 I have been taking Vicodin ES 325/750 for pain (although I should be taking it every night), supposed to be taking Gabapentin, but it makes me too sleepy during the day, and Oxycodone 5mg for pain days. I can't stay awake during the day, so was just prescribed Provigil 200mg, which doesn't really work. I drink 5hr energy drinks, coffee, take No-Doz, and/or sometimes Adderall XR to just make it through a day because I am so tired.
Avatar f tn cuz i read that Oxycodone may NOT have any effect on the baby and HAS ANY ONE DONE OXYCODONE WHILE PREGNANT AND HAD A HEALTHY BABY AT BIRTH???? when i go to my doctors and ultrasound appointments the doctor says that my baby looks fine and she is the size that she is supposed to be. I juss want to stop doing what i am doing to my baby girl. she does not deserve any of it. but please ladies if you could help me out!!!!!! thank you so much!!!!!! pls help me!!!!!!!!!!
362971 tn?1201990634 Have you increase water as much as you can? Limit coffee and soda's. I had severe ones too at about the 6mths mark straight thru to the 11 month but I resisted meds. Mine were wicked bad in my neck, head, and back...it hurt to wash my head. A friend suggested massages and acupuncture...and for me, both managed to help ALOT. Chiropractic also helped a great deal. And I used an all natural pain releiving gel called SOMBRA....My Chiropractor recommended it. http://www.sombrausa.
Avatar m tn and you will see (hopefully not first hand) that continuing to abuse opiates (just like alcohiol) never has a happy ending..quite the opposite. I have 65 days clean of oxycodone..and EVERY Single day I am grateful We are told here to get rid of our sources so I called my Dr. and explained the situatuion..that I had lost any sense of who I was..that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired and I wanted it on my chart..no narcotics. I have found that OTC meds take the edge off the pain.
Avatar f tn I like coffee drinks, milk, soda and juices. In the morning, it's hot tea if I haven't made it to the store and run out of my coffee drinks. I don't drink anything unusual, but I constantly have something to drink. It is extremely dry here and I had previously lived in humid areas. I'm always thirsty. We want to add a built-in humidifer system when we renovate the house. I get nose bleeds and alligator skin, especially in the winter. I don't drink as much when I visit my family.