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Avatar f tn If you miss a period, it means that either you're pregnant, menopausal, or for some other reason, two weeks before that period was due, you didn't ovulate. Your next ovulation is not affected by the absence of a period, and could happen as normal. Ovulation starts the ball rolling, the period ends it. Then a new ovulation either does or could happen, and if so, a period would follow it (unless you were pregnant).
Avatar f tn Ovulation occurs between periods. So, if you had a period last month and your period is overdue this month, you should have ovulated between that last period and now. If you have never had a period in your life, you will not be ovulating. If you have irregular cycles, your ovulation time is fairly unpredictable.
Avatar n tn You don't to see white fluid to be ovulating. Ovulation occurs 14 days BEFORE your next period, it's what actually causes you to have a period. The white discharge you're having sounds typical of the time you're getting it. Ovulation discharge will generally be very stretchy and resemble egg whites.
Avatar f tn but sometimes, you get what looks like fertile cervical mucus in the the two weeks between ovulation and your period. Ovulation happens between 12 and 16 days before your period (on average 14 days before).
Avatar f tn Hi! If you are not having periods, you have three options---1)check tests everyday and sooner or later it will turn (hopefully!) 2)wait for your period and then start tracking with cycle day 11 3) call your doctor and get some progesterone (I like Prometrium) to start your period so that you can start tracking sooner. ALSO If your periods are very irregular, it means that your ovulation is irregular too.
Avatar n tn ARE YOU PREGGERS? if not, Technically, you cannot ovulate without having your period first. If you "skip" a period, it actually means that you have a longer cycle. There are many reasons for changes in your cycle length. Stress (good or bad), travel, new job, etc. can all cause a delayed ovulation and therefore delay your period.. Your body must menstrate and create a new cycle for ovulation to occur, if you hadnt alreay ovulated ...
Avatar f tn It is important to note that a woman can still become pregnant during her period. If she has a short cycle, and ovulation occurs near her period, the sperm could in theory live long enough to fertilize an egg, as sperm can live for between 3 and 5 days in a woman’s body.
Avatar f tn can someone please explain what ovulation means?
719902 tn?1334168783 Also, between what days do you normally ovulate I stopped taking birth control on June 1, had a normal period at the end of June, and now for the past few days I have had cramping on one side, then the other. It's been about 14 days since my period. I don't normally have cramps at all, so I am wondering if this means I am ovulating?? Thanks in advance for anyone who can help.
719902 tn?1334168783 Also, between what days do you normally ovulate I stopped taking birth control on June 1, had a normal period at the end of June, and now for the past few days I have had cramping on one side, then the other. It's been about 14 days since my period. I don't normally have cramps at all, so I am wondering if this means I am ovulating?? Thanks in advance for anyone who can help.
Avatar f tn my period started on the 6th of may....so does this mean i will start ovulation about the 20th of May??
Avatar f tn Even though i've been missing my period every month since April of this year, could i still produce eggs?
Avatar n tn Hi so here it is my last period started July 26 & ended July 30 which means I should get my period August 25. My fiancée & I had unprotected sex August 6 he may have went inside me a bit then the next day August 7 I had a milky like very slimy discharge & a lot of it most of the day. What could this mean?
Avatar f tn If I count back 23 weeks it looks like I got pregnant at the end of June. My last period was July 5th tho. Which means we actually conceived in July.
4100601 tn?1358971360 14 days is only standard if you have a regular 28 day cycle, and even then it can vary, whats most important is time time from ovulation to when you start your period, this is called the luteal ph and it should be around 12 days although some say 10 days is ok at a stretch, if its anything under 10 days then you have a luteal ph defect which can be helped by vit b6, having a defect means that sustaining a pregnancies is unlikely because the egg doesnt have much time to implant before your period
Avatar n tn I had unprotected sex the day after bleeding which would have been day six. I always expect my period in 28 day cycles.....although I have had them come a week early. What do you think the chances are of getting pregnant in this situation. Thanks for your input.
Avatar f tn Is it common to not ovulate two weeks after your first day of your period but maybe later? I'm supposed to ovulate today but the OPK has no line. :/ My first baby I got pregnant on the first try. I'm just not sure when I should expect to ovulate or if some months you just don't ovulate? Thanks!
433702 tn?1232297835 does this mean that next month clomid might not work or they need to up my dose? I have to take aygestin to start my period (every month) so how do i know when i O? today is cd25. if i am preggo (dont feel like it) when will a test be positive?
Avatar n tn I am on cd 9 today and i got a HIGH peak, which means O will be happening in a matter of days. Has this happened to you where your ovulation is not consistently the same time period but yet your cycle time is the same??
Avatar n tn So I took a ovulation test and it was positive then I took a pregnancy test and it was negative so I'm not pregnant right? I haven't missed my period and all we did was stick the tip in with for sure no pre??
Avatar f tn I have 2 girls and both of them were concieved in the first month of trying so I assume im iam very fertile. I am just wondering when I should start testing ovulation after my period finally gets here.
392087 tn?1252608959 Yes, if you are getting a period, I believe that means that you are ovulating since that is what a period is is the unfertilized egg released during ovulation. If you are having periods only 3 or 4 times a year, I'm sure you are ovulating, just not every month like the average woman. That doesn't mean you can't get pregnant. It just means that you may have a harder time with not knowing when you are ovulating or when to expect it. I suggest doing what BTS said as far as charting.
Avatar n tn But I didnt actually realize Ovulation can occur after the 14th day. I am now on my 33rd day since my last period So I assume my cycle is longer than most women. So that means my ovulation must not be on the "14th" day. How else can I find out when this occurs? Someone mentioned my temperature?
Avatar f tn hi,had my period on 24 may which was my first day,i have got a digtal ovulation kit (clear blue)did a test on 3rd june and was no smiley face,did one on the 9th june and got a smiley face,does that mean i was ovulating them,because did one on 10th june no smiley face
1007532 tn?1332771526 Like the others said, you can't ovulate without releasing an egg. However, it is possible to have a "weak" ovulation where the egg is not as strong or mature. A low progesterone number (under 10) generally indicates a "weak" ovulation (unless it's under 5, in which case it usually means no ovulation). Hope that makes sense.
Avatar n tn I took an ovulation test today since it is the 14th day from the start of my period. The test showed the test line lighter than the control line. Does anyone know what this means, does it mean that I should ovulate soon? We are hoping to conceive soon...
1101132 tn?1263783902 It could be that you're just going to ovulate late this cycle. Or maybe your OPK just missed the surge for some reason. If your temp rises significantly tomorrow I'd say you ovulated today. If not, just keep taking OPKs till you get a positive. The faint 2nd line on the OPKs means it is detecting a small amount of hormone because most women always have a low level of LH hormone in their system and it just surges to a much higher level before ovulation.
398716 tn?1201229148 When you use the restroom, CHECK THE TISSUE every time. After a period, you should be dry (no CM present) which means you are not fertile at that time. As your body prepares for ovulation, you'll notice some CM (yellowish/cloudy/milky/white, gummy/tacky/sticky, etc.). You're considered "fertile" at this time. Sperm can live up to 3 days in the vagina, so you really only need to BD (baby dance=sex) every other day, that way your husband has time to create more sperm.