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Avatar f tn My 2nd to last period was on May31 to June5 . The first day of my last period was on June24 but I can't remember when I ended. I am now pregnant but can't figure out how many weeks. It says I am 9 weeks but that seems to much . I THINK my ovulation day was the 7th of June but I'm not positive.
Avatar f tn I had an M/C in October. It took me a while to get my period (started in Dec), then I have been having 45 day cycles. Last month, I started using ovulation strips. I used them on a regualr basis. I never got a positive, and then got my period last week. What am I to understand from this?
676912 tn?1332812551 Ok, so I used a conception date predictor online and according to when I got pregnant with my son, I estimated when I ovulated. I'm supposed to this time based on that calculation on May 5th, today is the 3rd. The opk I have still shows negative, is it possible that I am going to ovulate later?
Avatar n tn however if you period is always regular and arrives exact at the same time a day before your period you prob. could not get pregnant. BUT don't count on it, because this time the period might be delayed and then all you calculation is out the window....just be safe and use protection!!!
Avatar m tn I had sexual intercourse August 2, took morning after pill the next day, got brown/pinkish discharge for 4 days August 10-14. Then August 23 got a regular period. September 6 had unprotected sexual intercourse and didn't take the pill. My question is , when is my next period!
Avatar f tn Dear Dr, I am 31yrs old, i had my last menstrual period last on 27th Nov,2012 and i had unprotected sex 2days after, i expected my next period to come up by 18th Dec. 2012 by my own calculation but i didnt see it up till now, by 2nd Jan, 2013, i took 2pills of GYNAECOSID tablets but up till now have see my period.
Avatar f tn He isn't it the way they count. There is 2 to calculate how far along in weeks you are. You can talk about weeks without period or weeks of pregnancy counting from ovulation. Since it's hard to determinate ovulation date, doctor count from last period and count 40 weeks. If you count from ovulation, count 38 weeks so it end up being the same.
Avatar f tn If I go based on my last period I should be 8 weeks if I go based on ovulation and when I conceive I shouldbe about 7 weeks any one eexperience something similar
Avatar f tn My last normal period was april 28th. May 28th I found out i was pregnant. Then on June 6th I had a natural miscarriage. and just two days ago, I had a positive pregnancy test. So I'm a little confused. help anyone?
Avatar n tn Hello, Pregnancy occurs only during the time of ovulation. Ovulation is the release of a single, mature egg from a follicle that developed in the ovary. It usually occurs regularly, around day 14 of a 28-day menstrual cycle. If your last periods was on 9th June then ovulation would have occurred on 28th or 29th June when you had intercourse. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar f tn My phone apps give me an due date the same as my doctor which would give me an ovulation date of July 14th but if I calculate my ovulation date from ultrasound due date that would give me an ovulation date of July 9th. Which would be an more accurate way to determine ovulation?
Avatar n tn Why do the end of your last menstral begin the calculation of your pregnancy instead of the day you actually got pregnant? Wouldnt it make more sence 2start ur pregnancy calculation on the day u actually concieved? I dnt understand. My 1st week of pregnancy start Jan 25 but i didnt get pregnant til Feb 7th....
Avatar f tn Drs will go by your last period because not everyone know their exact ovulation date. Average ovulation is 2 weeks after your period so the days up to the average 2 weeks is counted as fertilization.
Avatar f tn will have to go to see my doctor as i have once again missed my period by calculation i should have come on the 26/27 of this month so fun and games again i wont be thinking too much into it though i just want to know why my period keeps comeing late its a nightmare.
Avatar n tn Most calculators will assume a 28-day cycle, whether you go by ovulation or LMP, so since you calculated by your ovulation date, the calculator probably just counted back 14 days to get the LMP date of November 11. If your cycles are irregular in length, you're definitely better off using your ovulation date to calculate due date.
Avatar n tn He left Jan 3 to a business meeting. Based on his calculation, my ovulation day is january 4 and he was not with me until january 14. I was supposed to have my period on january 18-21 but it did not come. i waited for another 2 weeks and nothing came yet so I took a preganancy test and it came out positive. I Had an ultrasound on Feb 18 and the result is I am pregnant for 8 weeks and 6 days. I am now confused who is the father of my baby. Please enlighten me.
Avatar f tn Is the 6 weeks 2 days your own calculation? If the last day of your period was Feb 6, then you figure you ovulate around 10 days after, which would make you approximately 4 weeks and 6 days pregnant from the day of ovulation. Sounds like their measurements are right.
Avatar f tn Then With in a few days I started to get ovulation signs, then two or three days later had ovulation cramps. So it is possible.
Avatar f tn thanks. ive been doing calculation after calculation but its just frustrating because my daughter is soon to be 3 and when she was 2 months old the father and his mother took her and got a dna test on the father and my daughter.. i was told it came back 100%.. now 3 years later i started looking more into the situation and im not so sure i believe them.. i never saw the test. the father is not a part of my daughters life and hasnt been for over a year..
676912 tn?1332812551 Ok, so I used a conception date predictor online and according to when I got pregnant with my son, I estimated when I ovulated. I'm supposed to this time based on that calculation on May 5th, today is the 3rd. The opk I have still shows negative, is it possible that I am going to ovulate later? I had semi irregular periods before, ie the day one ended the next started on or around that day.
Avatar n tn My last period started on 5/4/15. By my calculation I ovulated on 19/4/15. I am now at 3 dpo and have noticed for the last 3 days I have an egg white discharge. Today was a lot, I had to get to the bathroom fast. I have been charting for the last 6 months and have only had egg white discharge on the day of ovulation. I was at the Gynea on Monday and there is no infection. Has anyone else experienced this and do you know why?
Avatar f tn i think im just 6 weeks but the doc is telling me im 8 weeks .