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Avatar f tn You should normally ovulate about 14 days after the 1st day of bleeding (unless you're uner some kind of medication like myself, I'm on Clomid and today is the 15th day since I started my period and I should have ovulated but my ovulation predictor kits is negative.
Avatar f tn My last period was 23/11 So the first time my doc saw me she told me that my due date is 30/8 But after the US she told me that i had late ovulation so my due date is 6/9 At week 21 i did a specialized US (done with another doc)) and told me that according to baby im week 22 not 21 and my due date is 30/8 not 6/9 And this is more accurate So im confused now When is mt due daaaaateeeee
Avatar f tn My 2nd to last period was on May31 to June5 . The first day of my last period was on June24 but I can't remember when I ended. I am now pregnant but can't figure out how many weeks. It says I am 9 weeks but that seems to much . I THINK my ovulation day was the 7th of June but I'm not positive.
Avatar f tn i v an irregular period and my cycle is 25 days.i find it difficult to determine when i m supposed to ovulate and meet my husband.most of the books i v read always talk about people with regular cycle of 28 days. my last period was from dec 8 -12.using this last date, when are mine supposed to ovulate and how is the calculation done? presently, my doctor placed me on clomid which i have taken just for 2 months. kindly advice.
Avatar f tn My last normal period was april 28th. May 28th I found out i was pregnant. Then on June 6th I had a natural miscarriage. and just two days ago, I had a positive pregnancy test. So I'm a little confused. help anyone?
Avatar f tn May 27th - LMP according to doctor via ultrasound (period was a little funny this time around) May 29th - slept with other guy WITH condom June 5th - slept with boyfriend without protection I've had MANY ultrasounds (I'm considered high risk) and according to the high risk doctor she has looked over all of them and has calculated my accurate due date at March 2nd, 2012. When I have used due date calculators with the other guy's conception date I'm getting Feb 17th.
676912 tn?1332816151 Ok, so I used a conception date predictor online and according to when I got pregnant with my son, I estimated when I ovulated. I'm supposed to this time based on that calculation on May 5th, today is the 3rd. The opk I have still shows negative, is it possible that I am going to ovulate later?
676912 tn?1332816151 If you KNOW how long your luteal phase is (the time between ovulation and your period) then you can adjust the calculations accordingly. Our very own Dr. Elaine Brown wrote this article and mentioned that very fact: http://www.medhelp.org/health_pages/Pregnancy/Menstrual-Cycle-EXPLAINED-by-a-doc/show/515?
1363880 tn?1277836789 but Im very confused about calculation of how many weeks pregnant I am. I am in Canada and most sites start from the 1st day of the last menstrual period which for me was 26th May 2010 and my cycle is a 26 day cycle. So based on that I should be completing my 5th week today (35th day) and starting my 6th week tomorrow (30th June 2010) am I correct? So from tomorrow I should be looking at Week 6 for baby's growth on sites am I right? or week 5?
849762 tn?1288188348 They say I am 6 weeks pregnant because that is how long ago my last menstral period was but I concieved 3 weeks ago... so how can one get away with stating I'm 6 weeks pregnant when that's impossible? I don't get it. 3 weeks ago my OPK tested positive and so then my partner and I BDed on either side of both positive OPK days and then 8 days later i tested a faint positive on a pregnancy test. So how can they claim that I'm 6 weeks when it's only 3 weeks?
Avatar f tn I had an M/C in October. It took me a while to get my period (started in Dec), then I have been having 45 day cycles. Last month, I started using ovulation strips. I used them on a regualr basis. I never got a positive, and then got my period last week. What am I to understand from this?
Avatar f tn Drs will go by your last period because not everyone know their exact ovulation date. Average ovulation is 2 weeks after your period so the days up to the average 2 weeks is counted as fertilization.
Avatar f tn Pls i dnt knw how to calculate my days i mean ev my circle evento knw my ovulation period .
Avatar f tn Then With in a few days I started to get ovulation signs, then two or three days later had ovulation cramps. So it is possible.
Avatar n tn Ovulation is 12-16 days PRIOR (an average of 14) to your period, which means you cannot guarantee the calculation forward (only looking backward) unless your cycle is always the exact same. I.e. If you start af on 11/30, you would have ovulated between 11/14 and 11/18. The best way to calculate is to check your basal temperature (BBT) and use an ovulation prediction kit (OPK). The ovulation prediction kit will advise 24-48 hours BEFORE you ovulate, and the BBT will advise AFTER ovulation.
Avatar n tn After you have figured out your conception date or if you know your LMP you can then estimate your due date. A calculation that is used to figure out the EDD is you subtract 3 months from your LMP and add 7 days. Here is a website that you can look at that can help you pinpoint your ovulation date. http://www.conceptionstore.com/csovucalcin.html Hope this helps and Good Luck!
Avatar f tn will have to go to see my doctor as i have once again missed my period by calculation i should have come on the 26/27 of this month so fun and games again i wont be thinking too much into it though i just want to know why my period keeps comeing late its a nightmare.
Avatar n tn doctors never really know your actual conception date they only due a calculation have you ever tried the online ovulation calculator if not try it out put the date of your last cylcl and determine which guy you had sex with around that time goodluck ps can you check out my post in need comment
Avatar n tn Your body ovulates once during this cycle and according to the ovulation calculation you think you ovulate after approximatly 14 days from your last period but for this case the ovulation time shifts. As you know the true ovulation date is 14 days before your upcoming period. So in my case I got my period on the 55th day which makes my ovulation date the 41st day which is long after the date I thought I was ovulating!!!
Avatar n tn Only spotted for 8 days, no blood flow at all. Do I still calculate my ovulation using Feb. 3 as the first day of my period. I spotted everyday for those 8 days, but at points during each day there wasn't anything at all. My period wasn't even due til today. I took a hpt and it was negative. Please help me.
1174636 tn?1263589675 I am due my period in the next few days by my calculation. I am slighlty concerned about the possibility of PCOS or something.
Avatar f tn If I go based on my last period I should be 8 weeks if I go based on ovulation and when I conceive I shouldbe about 7 weeks any one eexperience something similar
Avatar n tn We have been trying for a baby so i have been monitoring my ovulation dates and we had intercourse at exactly the right time. And my period was late. I thought we had hit the jackpot but we did 2 tests and one was negative, the other positive. Then a week later i started to bleed. The doctor says probably we got a fertilized egg but it failed to implant. Now im worried i'll never have a baby.
Avatar m tn My Wife's of 30 years old and we are trying for baby for the first time..She has a normal menstrual cycle of 28 days..after her ovulation calculation & fertile days..this month she missed her period,a week has been passed, and we tested with early detection kit,which showed a +ve but what we are worried is she's having small bleedings occasionally (twice or thrice during this week) and lower back pain..We have fixed up an appointment with a gynaecologist during next week..
Avatar f tn I checked out ovulation calculators and it states that since last month my period lasted 27 days my ovulation day was January 8th. We had sex on January 6th but didn't have sex again until January 10th since my daughter had the croup. Could I still get pregnant if I had sex on the 6th and I ovulated on or about the 8th or 9th?? Thanks!
Avatar f tn com on the web site they provide alot of information 2 help me out. so far Ive done a period calculation an my period was suppose to show on the 27th of april. I also did a ovulation calculater & it showed that my most fertile days were april 8th til the 12th... however ovulation started on the 13th.....ok my fiance & I had been having sex alot after my period went off . the last day we had sex was on the 11th which was saturday.
Avatar n tn Fertilization of a woman's egg is more likely before or during ovulation than following ovulation. It usually occurs during the six-day period that ends in ovulation. In total, a woman has a good chance of becoming pregnant from unprotected penis-vagina over the course of about seven days of her menstrual cycle — as long as five days before the release of an egg (ovulation), the day of ovulation, and, possibly, the day after ovulation.
Avatar m tn I had sexual intercourse August 2, took morning after pill the next day, got brown/pinkish discharge for 4 days August 10-14. Then August 23 got a regular period. September 6 had unprotected sexual intercourse and didn't take the pill. My question is , when is my next period!
Avatar n tn however if you period is always regular and arrives exact at the same time a day before your period you prob. could not get pregnant. BUT don't count on it, because this time the period might be delayed and then all you calculation is out the window....just be safe and use protection!!!
Avatar f tn I would say this as AF since the doctor confirmed me as i am not pregnant ( he did the vaginal scan at 5th weeks as my calculation.