Ovulation period after miscarriage

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Avatar n tn yes you can have a period and not ovulate, and you can also ovulate without a period. with my miscarriage it took me 12 weeks to get my period. they say that it can be any where from 2-8 weeks to get you period after a mc. my dr let me go 12 to see if my body was going to fight back from the mc. my dr also suggested that you do not try to get pg until you have your period. this is because your phases of hormones can be off, and just cause another loss.
Avatar n tn You actually ovulate about 10-14 days BEFORE your next period (with a normal cycle). After a miscarriage it is pretty darn hard to predict when it will happens since your cycle will be all screwy. For me I didn't even get a period for 6 weeks after my miscarriage.
Avatar f tn The second month after my miscarriage, two weeks after my period I had headaches again..mild that lasted about 4 days. My husband and I ttc during that time period and got pregnant right away. Unfortunately, though, I'm going through a second miscarriage =( My hubby and I will wait a few months before we start trying again (even though the doctor said we can start ttc anytime). I just need some time to heal emotionally and give my body a break.
Avatar n tn It is possible to get pregnant again, before you have your first period after a miscarriage. If you do not want to get pregnant, you should start your bcp and use a back up method of bc the first week of the pill pack.
391232 tn?1255030470 It took me 8 weeks to get a period after my miscarriage. The rule is that you will get a period 12-16 days after ovulation. So you are probably just going to ovulate later. I did get pregnant after that first period after my loss. My baby is 10 months old in two more days! So I hope that encourages you and that you'll feel confident in TTC again. One loss does not mean you'll have another.
Avatar f tn My doc said you wont ovulate till after your first period, I had mine about 6 weeks after. then after that ttc again if you are ready..
960001 tn?1279835193 miscarriage, you can try again right away. Its really tough to predict ovulation after a miscarriage--it depends upon how soon the HCG (pregnancy hormone levels fall to zero). Most people will have a period within 4-6 weeks after a miscarriage. Once you have THAT period, you can start counting again. That doesn't mean you shouldn't try though--lots of people conceive on the next ovulation and never have the next period.
Avatar n tn The DR said it is okay to try before my next cycle but I am freaking out. How do you calculate ovulation after miscarriage and before period? Thanks ...
Avatar n tn The gap between miscarriage and ovulation is different for everyone, so they couldn't use the miscarriage as a reference date to figure out when you conceived... good luck and hope this helps!!
475551 tn?1284954302 Doctors say the best time to get pregnant again is right after a miscarriage. Many women get pregnant a month after a miscarriage is when your most able too. dont listen to her. My doctor ttold my husbands grandma after she had hers years ago the best thing to do after is go home and jump right back on the band wagon. She miscarried in January and had his mom in december. I say go for it again. I will be. my story is I was 19 weeks yesterday and went in for an ultrasound found out it was a boy.
1128483 tn?1277343886 Ok, I had a D&C on Nov 30th, I had very light spotting for a few days, then about 2-3 days of passing what looked like blood clots. Then I had about 3 days of no bleeding/spotting at all. Yesterday (2 weeks after the D&C) I noticed that I'm starting to have ovulation signs, I feel like I do when I ovulate and my mucus looks like it does when I'm close to ovulation.
637951 tn?1257273944 I got pregnant in oct 2010 and miscarried at 2 weeks, then waited for a normal period after that, then the first month of trying got pregnant, now miscarrying after 5 1/2 weeks. 2 yrs ago had ectopic pregnancy and had to remove my left tube so not very successfull as yet, fingers crossed for the next pregnancy as drs wont do anything before 3 miscarriages.........very anxious and upset..........
Avatar f tn I did not get my first period until almost 10 1/2 weeks after my miscarriage. Since then, I have been actively charting my ovulation/cycles (including BBT). I have found that my cycles are ranging from 36-38 days long and therefore not ovulating until later between CD 22 - CD 25. Does ovulating this late make conceiving more difficult? My luteal phase is normal ranging from 13-15 days long. I have read that late ovulation can cause miscarrige so I am wondering if that is what happened to me.
415867 tn?1323369103 Oh yes it is possible to get preggers 1 month after a miscarriage. I am living proof. I had a miscarriage On May 8th ended May 15th found out on Monday 7/14/08 that I am 9 weeks preggers and due in Feb. And my husband and I as well have only been intimate 1 time since the miscarriage. I kept waiting to get AF to start my pills because as well my dr. told us to abstain for a while well I waited 2 - 3 weeks after and nothing so we said forget this and did anyway. WELL...