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Avatar n tn Luckily I noticed it early so its not all that bad right now, plus I already have an over the counter treatment but here is the problem - I still have about 7 days left on the antibiotics which everyone knows, I need to finish taking. If I treat the yeast infection while still on the antibiotics, will it be effective or do I need to wait until the medicine is done (and the infection is worse) and THEN treat it?
Avatar n tn They make a one dose daytime treatment over the counter, but I have been told that the good ol 7 day night time treatment is the best to make sure that it is gone.
Avatar n tn I picked up Monistat 7, and experienced no problems, until after the fourth day on the treatment, when I noticed spotting. I am on the Pill, and have never experienced spotting or an off-schedule period before. Is this a common side effect of a yeast infection treatment, or should I see a doctor?
Avatar f tn I have taken those and it goes and come back, it will be gone for about two weeks and come back
Avatar n tn I continued to use the over the counter medication, and took the oral pill she gave me. The pain went away for a short time, Now its returned, and I'm not sure if it really is a yeast infection or not or what could have caused it to come back. My partner only medicated for three days out of seven because he figured he didn't have too.
Avatar f tn If you have a yeast infection the doc told me that Monstat is good to use while pregnant but I would have it checked out by the doc 1st b/c that's what I thought I had 2 & it wasn't that. I had Bacterial Vaginouses. Don't ask what that is I have no clue. I get the weirdest things down below. I am always getting UTI's and I was tested positive for the Group B Strep too. Lucky me, right.
Avatar f tn I got a prescription I just forgot to take it to the pharmacy she gave me a pill i have the treatment at home the cream over tthe counter one I'll just wait until i take my prescription in tomarrow ..
Avatar n tn I had chronic yeast infections and the doctor only gave that to me because the cream wasnt working. Did the dr do a swab at least to confirm a yeast infection? I would try the over the counter for 7 days which is the best one to use, and also treat your fiance or he will pass it back to you once you go back to having sex again. I wouldnt have sex until the 8th day. Just my opinion as I have been through this so many times and now I know.
Avatar f tn So I think I have a yeast infection is it okay to take over the counter meds for it? Not the pill but the cream? I know it's tmi sorry :/ 13 weeks and 3 days btw.
Avatar n tn ) Typically the medication given isn't the same as for a yeast infection. Yeast is actually a fungal infection which is different than bacteria. With bacteria, the medication is a pill and does have things to know about when taking it. Make sure to check on that if you are prescribed medication for BV.
Avatar f tn You can use over the counter stuff like Monistat (i like the 3 day treatment, and dont get the one with the little egg shaped insert...that one hurt until it broke). Use it and no sex for like a week to 2 weeks. You should be fine, but your hubby needs to get something to take.
Avatar m tn Throughout this process I have considered to apply the stretching methods to correct the phimosis problem, but first I need to clear the yeast infection and the puffy foreskin or it won't work. Yes, the white thing is normal apparently thank you for go into detail. Addressing the last part of your reply, when you say apply "Canesten or Neosporin" could I use Polysporin instead? That's what I have only and if so where do I apply on the glans or on the foreskin this time.
Avatar f tn I believe I have one n I'm 13 weeks n I'm scheduling an appointment tomorrow but I was curious is it only me?
Avatar n tn After unprotected sex with F that had yeast infection, was tested for STD (visually), then applied creams (Miconazole, Lotramin, Cortizone) and pill (Diflucan), over the course of 2 months. Every time the symptoms would diminish to virtually nothing, just to re-appear with sexual activity/friction/masturbation. In the case of Masturbation, my hand would have a mild, but annoying breakout of rash, similar to Ringworm. Does this type of spreading imply a Fungal infection ???
Avatar n tn I visited the doctor about 4 days after the symptoms started and she confirmed that it's yeast. I completed the Monistat 3 over the counter treatment, and the infection seemed to be clearing up after the second night. However, one day passed after finishing the product and the symptoms have begun again. Only, this time the discharge has a foul smell to it. Is it common for Monistat or any over the counter treatments to not work and make symptoms worse?
Avatar f tn I just talked to my OB about a yeast infection today. He perscribed me the same single dose pill. He said the pharmacy thinks it shouldn't be allowed but he said it was okay.
203342 tn?1328740807 As far as my doctor told me and from where I researched, you're not supposed to take the pill. The doctor gave me Monistad 7, and although the treatment *****, it cleared me up within 3 days or so. Yeast infections are actually really normal, especially in the second trimester. However, she should still go to the doctor so they can make sure it is in fact a yeast infection. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Hey guys, I was diagnosed with a sinus infection a few days back and they gave me amoxicillin. This almost always gives me a yeast infection. Are over the counter products like monistat ok to take while pregnant if this does happen to me? I am 30 weeks today. I have been eating yogurt like crazy!!
Avatar n tn a reason why women get yeast infections is because they don't drink enough water to cleanse out their system and then the yeast builds up causing the yeast infection (the same thing happens with UTI's- remember water is your friend!!!!! lol) if that happens try a cleanse-you can get the at most whole foods store. bottom line, don't panic. i didn't realize how many women suffer from these and have recurring ones until i did some research.
Avatar f tn ) Not really necessary and likely not what you are even seeing. It does sound like a yeast infection. They sell over the counter medication for this -- little eggs that you follow directions and place in the vagina at night when you go to bed and this releases the medicine. Takes a few days. But since you've never been diagnosed with a yeast infection, doctors recommend seeing them for diagnosis (they swab it) the first time and treatment. They make a pill you take for it too.
Avatar m tn hi I'm cupid I have has a yeast infection for a week and a half. It's not the first yeast infection I have has I have had many during my time. I never had a problem with using the meds. given and I was fine again. My husband and I separated for about two months. Since then I gotten this yeast infection from hell!! The discharge is so thick and solid it can fall out with my legs open of course!
Avatar n tn Many yeast infections are now resistant to the over the counter treatments, and maybe you need to get a prescription treatment, and it wouldn't hurt for your husband to, as well. You could be passing it back and forth. If your doctor is just telling you to use OTC stuff, you might find another doctor.
Avatar f tn A few weeks ago I felt like I was getting a yeast infection. I went and bought the over the counter stuff again and like before, it didn't work. I went to the Dr. (a new one because I have moved) and she did a yeast test. She gave me diflucan (two 150 mg tablets to be taken a week apart) and said she would call with the results. I took the first pill and received a call the next day and was told it is negative for yeast and for std..
Avatar m tn What type of medication are you using to clear up the yeast infections? Over the counter or from a doctor? Last time my doctor gave me a pill and a 3 day cream treatment to clear it up.
961192 tn?1247020460 There are several different sorts available over the counter at the pharmacy. However it could also be an STI. So you probably want to go to the doctor and get a screen anyway. You could start the antifungal treatment while waiting for your appointment. Are you sure that he used a condom or did he just say? You were out of it. You may not know how many times you did actually have sex.
Avatar n tn When I told my PCP that I was still suffering from abdominal pain, she prescribed an over the counter cream for what she thought was a lingering yeast infection. Then I took Diflucan when it didn't completely go away. Ever since then, I can't get rid of my symptoms. They go away temporarily with medication and then come back and I've had about 4 or 5 yeast infections since August.
Avatar n tn Wow! We have the exact same problem. I am waiting to see the doctor today...once again. I feel like a hypochondriac too, with all of the appointments I keep scheduling for years now. I have tried every type of cream/suppository, yogurt, acidophilus supplements, cotton underwear, etc. I have also had blood work done for sugar and thyroid levels which were normal. I have my mind set on going in to my appointment today and showing my doc the bigger picture.
Avatar f tn It's annoying to take the seven-day treatment, but my friends and I have found that the one-day treatment doesn't always work. Also, I do think three yeast infections in six months can be normal, if you're the type of person that's susceptible. If you're in this position, you might want to consider upgrading your supplement intake (vitamins, minerals) and also taking probiotics of some sort.
Avatar f tn Use an over the counter treatment kit for relief within about 3 days. If you want to eliminate or at least minimize your trouble with yeast overgrowth, you will need to alter your diet to mostly eliminate sugars and white flour products. Focus on lots of veggies, eggs, meat, the more garlic the better. Go light on fruit. Yeast feeds on all sugars, even the sugars created as your body digests sweet fruits and refined carbs (sugar, and highly refined foods).