Over the counter gum infection treatment

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Avatar f tn I am sure I have a gum infection...What is the best over the counter or home remedy that I can rinse my mouth with until I get to a dentist?
2075937 tn?1334884194 And for the over the counter kind I've heard to get the 7 day
Avatar n tn But, I would like to know if there is an over the counter medicine. I only get the urgency after a little stress. It stops after 10 hours or so on it's own. But, a cheaper "as needed" OTC medicine would sure be something I am interested in.
Avatar f tn An over the counter medication is any medication that can be purchased without a prescription "over the counter", but does not make the medication safer and needs to be taken according to the directions on the package and there is a need to be more vigilent and take into consideration individual health, the benefits versus the risks and potential interactions with any prescribed meidcations.
Avatar f tn Take a proton pump inhibitor such as omeprazole, lansoprazole or pantoprazole empty stomach in the morning. Along with it you can try over the counter antacids. However I would recommend you see a doctor and take medication under a doctor’s supervision. Avoid heavy meals and eat frequent small meals. Avoid too much of caffeine, tea, smoking, fried food and drinks both alcoholic and non alcoholic fuzzy ones. Avoid heavy exercises within 4 hours of a heavy meal.
Avatar f tn Anyone have experience with any over the counter depression medicine that works well?
Avatar f tn Treatment for each type is different and cannot be always started by the patient, i.e., not with over the counter medications. If your headache is very severe, please consult your doctor. Please come back if you have any other queries.
Avatar f tn Things that often help Eustachian tube dysfunction include taking an antihistamine (generally associated with allergy medication and can often be bought over the counter), nsaids such as ibuprofen and benedryl. Chewing gum, swallowing or yawning may help as well. https://www.healthline.com/health/eustachian-tube-dysfunction#treatment There is also another condition that can cause symptoms called labyrinthitis https://www.webmd.
Avatar n tn Yes i got a yeast infection at 3 weeks pregnant and did over the counter i was scared for the baby but did my reseach and it was perfectly ok for the baby :) good luck
Avatar f tn My Dr had me take an over the counter 3 or 7 day treatment.
Avatar n tn I had a uti and my doctor prescribed me medicene and I took it and now my doctor said the medicene caused a yeast infection. Does anyone know any over the counter medicenes that are safe to use ? Im 20 weeks pregnant.
Avatar f tn Go to the doctor first to make sure it's not a bladder infection and then they'll check for yeast too!
1315373 tn?1274193185 They now have a testing kit to let you know if it in fact is a yeast infection. But yes they do have over the counter meds for it. if they do not work or it comes back then I would go see your dr.
938326 tn?1300878804 Monistat over the counter inserts.......that is what I used with my first pregnancy. You cannot take diflucan/fluconazole (pills) but you can use OTC insertables...such as monistat or a store brand.
Avatar f tn I am also suffer from fatigue, general body soreness which feels like the flu, and muscle weakness. I use serum tears, systane (over the counter), and restasis for the dry eyes which provides some relief. I take very good care of my teeth, use biotene products and chew a lot of gum (trident with xylotol) but still have decay and erosion. I take hydroxychloroquine (Planquenil) and NSAIDs but I don't feel that there's been significant improvement.
1418633 tn?1314546745 Bill is right - Atarax/Vistaril/Hyrdroxyzine works wonders with the itching, but you need a prescription for it. Another over the counter med is Benadryl - readily available over here but not sure in India. In another thread some of us had commented on applying ice packs/cool towels which help in a pinch. Hope is subsides soon because it's really bothersome.
5591135 tn?1380168056 What are some herbs/supplements that are safe to give cats that are over the counter to help with bladder infections/UTI's? We just cleaned the litter boxes and someone is peeing massive amounts of blood. I know its not Milo-he uses the upstairs box. We 5 other cats to rule out. Sigh....None are acting weird.
Avatar f tn I have a cold an taking no medicine is killing me. Is there Any over the counter meds I can take?
4371309 tn?1357956329 My Dr at Kaiser said that the OTC and the ones they prescribe are the same. I didn't argue with her since she has the degree and just bough some from the pharmacy. When ever your next visit is with your OB check with her/him.
5079728 tn?1365549989 So any medication that you can go in and buy without a prescription is considered an over the counter medication. This would include every single med lined up on the shelves ..... pain killers, cough meds, diarrhea meds, nausea meds, stomach meds, anti-itching meds, everything. If I recall correctly, you have cirrhosis, so you really do have to be careful not to take anything that the doctor does not approve first.