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Avatar n tn But, I would like to know if there is an over the counter medicine. I only get the urgency after a little stress. It stops after 10 hours or so on it's own. But, a cheaper "as needed" OTC medicine would sure be something I am interested in.
Avatar m tn Is there anything I can take over-the-counter that will fix this? I was researching Uristat? Are there OTC antibiotics I could take?
Avatar m tn 2) Why does he bleed from the bladder? What could the cause be? Could it be medicine-related, since he is having a "cocktail" of prescribed drugs(even some anticoagulants)? INR and PT seem normal, why doesn`t he stop bleeding? Thank you.
Avatar f tn Is there a good yeast infection medicine that's over the counter that will cure the yeast infection instead of just relieve the symtoms? Also same question for UTI, kidney infection, bladder infection?
Avatar f tn Over the counter is fine ive had 7 yeast infections with my pregnancy and i was scared at first to use over the counter medicine but i doctor told me it doesnt go to the baby or anything and it cures me everytime ! Good luck mama! I am 31 weeks and 4 days!
Avatar f tn That might be true, I'll ask my doctor is their a pill he can take, thank u
Avatar n tn They had to start antibiotics first though to counter act the infection present. The procedure was done laproscopically without problems. I hurt immediately when I awoke and was placed on a Demerol Pump to control my own pain. After about the second day, I started noticing my legs, and lower back and really my entire body becoming sore. I felt like I had developed chin splints, but throughout my entire body. It lasted for approximately 2 weeks.
Avatar f tn I have tried Gas X-tums-rolaids-and most of the anti acids that you can buy over the counter. Nothing seems to work to relieve the pressure. It goes away in several hours and might not return back for another month. Well, I just chalked it up with gas build up or something I ate. Couldn't tell you what I ate to cause this back then but can tell you the pain. I burp all the time after I eat which you would think it would relieve the pressure but it doesn't.
Avatar f tn Last but not least, when I used the bathroom earlier today I noticed a burning sensation (which is normally consistent with a bladder infection, but I have no other symptoms like that). Any ideas what it might be? Is it the start of a yeast infection? Again, unless you can get STD's without having sex, it can't be that!
Avatar n tn were you able to use the cream for the whole time specified? and did the infection go away after the cream was done? maybe if you dont have the money for a doc ( believe me i know how it is) then try a different brand of meds for a yeast infection, there are many brands.
Avatar m tn Now its just irritating when I pull the foreskin back and it looks awful. It has red dots and cracks all over the head, also the inside of the foreskin is red. Also I noticed, that when I masturbate the thing gets really bad afterwards. I am really upset, because I don't know what this is and its been troubling me for a long time now. Maybe anyone here knows or have experienced something similar?
Avatar n tn Although, I'm not sure it is a 'cure', I'm still in the process of experimenting. I did buy over the counter yeast infection treatment as well. I'll tell you though, the yogurt was INSTANT relief of the itching and pain for me. Just try it and you'll see it helps, at least until the medication does its job. Also, I am using aerius, an allergy reliever to help stop the itch as well.
Avatar n tn Most of the research calls for apple cider vinegar which I'll be picking up at the store today, but some called for white and I figured after trying everything over-the-counter that exists it wouldn't hurt. I sat in the bath for 30 minutes and have to say, it helped. I was given relief while in the bath and after. Once done I used a vinegar & water ****** (just be sure if you are trying this that it is just vinegar and water, maybe boric acid....
Avatar n tn I went back and forth between being convinced it was herpes to being convinced it was a yeast infection. I lost sleep over it, and when the sores popped up and I was diagnosed, I thought it was the end of the world. I thought I was damaged goods and no one would want me.... well.....Guess what, two months later and I am doing A-OK! I think about it from time to time, it's hard to forget, but as a little time passes, you just get over it like you would anything else.
Avatar n tn When I have symptoms, I take Uristat, an over the counter medicine for the UTI symptoms. They go away for a few weeks or a month. But at least I am not taking the antibiotics all the time now. That worried me becasue you do not want to get immune to the antibiotics. So maybe try the Uristat instead of the Cipro next time. I would LOVE to find the answer to this problem too.
Avatar n tn So rather than go through the hell of a million doctors and tests I bought Ostaderm over the counter through Amazon. It works like a charm. My moods are much better as is my focus and it keeps the urination agony in check. Btw, the urination agony comes every three weeks or so and appears to be related to my body's inability to complete the process of having a period. One thing that helps instantly is Advil. Gives instant relief unfortunately the relief does not last for more than 2 hrs.
Avatar n tn I know that sounds like an old wives tale but i would literallty get one instantly if he drank beer and gave me oral without brushing his teeth and rinsing with mouth wash,,,, anyways i am now with a new partner for the past 3 months and we recently started having unprotected sex and I have had 2 yeast infections... hopefully the nuvaring will help me out here. I used an over the counter medicine the first time and now am on a prescription terconazole i think it's called.
Avatar n tn (to support her claims, i initially ignored her advice and bought one anyway, and sure enough a few weeks later it was back!) one preventive measure you can take is an over-the-counter pill called AZO Yeast. if you take one a day it will help prevent future infections, although i'm sure they may still occur from time to time (just part of the fun of being a woman! LOL).
Avatar m tn if it's just an irritation of the bladder wall lining this will calm it down and it is over the counter now...I would also chill out on the masturbation...because this causes the muscles of the pelvic floor to contract and this could be pelvic floor dysfunction so figure out ways to relax the pelvic floor not make it contract and see how you feel...Kegals would be the exact opposite of what you want if it is pfd...it's all about relaxing not contracting the muscles of the pf...
Avatar n tn I still feel the pressure in the head. It doesnt fix the excessive bone cracking all over my bone and the pain that comes with it. And as squirtatious EDS may be a part of the problem also MS/autoimmune disease. My neurologist told me the popping to normal and cut me short. I'm thinking I kinow better than that. I am a nurse but he don't even let him know that after two years I've been seeing him.
Avatar n tn (Ever notice how medication for jock itch is located in the medicine area of the drug store while medication for a yeast infection is located near the condemns). Obviously men were in charge of store layout, not women.... but I digress). These things can be caused by the food you eat. Sugars, highly refined sugars (anything that has wheat in it), vinegar, mushrooms, alcohol, and anything containing these things like salad dressing with vinegar, wine, beer, spirits, etc.
Avatar n tn Lately, I have noticed that when I go to sleep, I can feel my pulse in strange places, such as fingers, legs, stomach...and lately, all over at the same time. Any idea of what this is?
242516 tn?1368227505 Clues that you may have a bacterial infection include - pus coming out of your nose, - upper tooth pain or pain in your face, - sinus pain on one side, - new or worse symptoms after initially improving after a cold Instead of antibiotics, reach for over the counter painkillers, fever reducers, and decongestants.
Avatar n tn i had a terrible discharge and went to the doctor. today i got the results and was told i had a strep b infection, and given a prescription for amoxil. i only had one cut this time, at the top of my labia which happened when i was pulling them apart to look at everything. i have been freaking out that this is herpes, but the tests showed this strep b infection. the only info i can find on that is for pregnant women, elderly women, or women with compromised immune systems.
Avatar m tn All different specialists seem to have a different prognosis and the recommended pills over the years have not really done any good. None of them seem to relate to the closure of the windpipe and cant give me a straight answer when I ask them. Has anyone an answer or better still has anyone else had this problem.
Avatar n tn Eating a cup of yogurt a day when taking antibiotics will sometimes help avoid the yeast infection b/c of the active cultures. Once you have a yeast infection, over the counter creams have always worked for me, though I have heard a gynecologist say that 7 day creams are the way to go and to avoid the 1 and 3 day treatments.
Avatar m tn At any rate, this can be said for taking antibiotics, or any other treatment that people use for a cold or acute sinusitis—many times the body fights off the infection anyway, and whatever medicine or treatment that people are taking or doing when the infection clears up is going to get the credit. Your doctor may prescribe a corticosteroid nasal spray to help reduce your sinus congestion and the swelling and inflammation in your mucus membranes. 11.
Avatar n tn All of this worked for me and it was a lot cheaper than my copays to all my doctor visits, and prescriptions and over the counter monistat that I wasted my money on. I am actually sticking to some of my diet just because I feel alot healthier and want to prevent future recurrences. I eat breads, sugar, and dairy in moderation but still only drink water... there's no point in drinking ounces of juices/sodas with 15-30 grams of sugar in them. Yeast feeds on sugar and wine and beer immediately.
Avatar n tn Hi I am going through the same, went on holiday 8 weeks ago and had cystitis. I took some over the counter medicine and this cleared up, then I started to get extremely painful cramps and like a dull pain in my groin area. I went to the doctors and they did blood, urine and swab tests and they could not see an infection. I then went to the gum clinic and they did tests for all STD'S including HIV and they came back negative.
Avatar n tn Me being impatient decided to go to the drug store the next day and get an over the counter yeast product as well [1st time using]. I bought the Monistat 1 ovule. The next morning I was extremely red and raw looking, swollen and miserable. The stuff looked like glue up there. It stayed extremely red and swollen for a good two days. By day 3 is seemed slightly better, but I still feel so irritated down there. There looks like a white film on the inside of my labia.