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Avatar f tn Hello, I am 47 yr/old, recently diagnosed with fibroid tumor, ovarian cyst, enlarged uterus with borderline endometrial stripe 12mm. My GYN recommended partial hysterectomy. I have Hypertension, Anemia. I am scheduled for a colonoscopy on 3/12. I will have my consultation 2/25 to decide on the next step. What about endo-biopsy?
Avatar f tn Any one my age 52 have a complex ovarian cyst 8cm or larger removed, if you did could you please tell me how it went for you ? I have know one that I can talk with about this, I have read the post which help but I don't believe any one has mentioned complex ovarian cyst and what their results were and how the healing and treatment was after surgery .
1178484 tn?1263864588 Today I went to the OBGYN to have an ultra sound done b/c I have been having severe pelvic pain on my Left side. They did an internal ultrasound, and found a Ovarian cyst the size of a Soft ball on the Right side. It did have Fluid in it, tho they did not really take the time to explain things to me. They said this was a medium size Cyst. I am 25 yrs old and weigh around 115 pounds. I have a bulge coming out of me. The pain I am in is horrendous.
Avatar n tn 8 cm fibroid tumor on my uterus and two cysts on my right ovary. i was informed that it would have to be surgically removed. i educated myself with everything that had to do w/fibroids. never once was i given any idea that this could be cancer or something life threatening. i was shocked the day of my hysterectomy when i was told that i have stage 4 ovarian cancer and worse case is that i only have one year to live.
Avatar f tn So it is better to always preserver more ovarian tissue as possible. From the video below, it seems one half normal ovarian tissue is removed. I guess it might be due to inconvenience of manipulation of laparoscopy. But since I am not a professional, anyone’s new opinion on this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?
Avatar f tn (3) Another disadvantage I worried most about with laparosocpy is the extent to preserve the normal ovarian tissue. Although one small part of the ovary can function well, if the remaining ovary has cysts re-grow inside, a smaller ovary has a smaller chance to get preserved for the second or third surgeries. So it is better to always preserver more ovarian tissue as possible. From the video below, it seems one half normal ovarian tissue is removed.
1201929 tn?1293711672 Those suffering from ovarian cysts may feel uncomfortable and should consult a registered massage therapist for guidance and advice. 6. Finish by taking a deep breath in and out. 7. Visualize your ovaries and fallopian tubes completely health, clear of any scarring or blockage. * And finishing it off with 20 mins to quietly meditate (with some soft music) I've composed this playlist specifically for this fertility project.
Avatar f tn From the video below, it seems one half normal ovarian tissue is removed. I guess it might be due to inconvenience of manipulation of laparoscopy. But since I am not a professional, anyone’s new opinion on this?
483733 tn?1326802046 I don't want any woman to have to worry unnecessarily when she is going through the nerve wracking journey of having her cysts diagnosed. But some of these posts are going unanswered as I just don't know the answers to everything. I know it has been summer and lots of vacations, etc. but we need to share the load here ladies. More than one opinion needs to be provided as well - no one has all the answers.
473760 tn?1215223577 It is relatively small in size (it was about 2 mm x 1.8 mm). There is no history of ovarian cysts in my family, although it is believed that a couple of generations back a grandmother died of ovarian cancer but no one knows for sure. I trust my ob/gyn as he is who has done all of my annuals as well as delivered my two sons, and he has told me there is no cause for alarms and that they will recheck the size in six months.
149816 tn?1212686941 I have been quite shocked at how many, of the very few people that have it (approx 1 in a millon chance) have been operated on for appendicitis or ovarian cysts, it's not been recognised or the doctors haven't referred them to specialists because they don't know they exist, subsequently when it is correctly diagnosed everything has got such a lot worse. I truly have been very blessed!
Avatar f tn It's good for your peace of mind that you are seeing an OB/GYN - to rule out Ovarian cysts or anything strange like that, but I'm betting it's just thyroid and being 47. When did you start treatment for hypothyroidism? Were you hyper at any time before this? It helps us to help you if you can post exact lab values: TSH, Free T3 and Free T4 to see where you are at. What is your dosage of medication?
Avatar n tn But regardless which is the case, fibroids and ovarian cysts are very common and usually don't require any treatment. So if in doubt about what treatment is being recommended, please post back and I will try to answer your questions. Were / are you having symptoms that prompted an ultrasound?
121033 tn?1202890394 I have been to alot of doctors and they aren't very helpful. maybe its the endometrisos as the symptoms are simular to ovarian cysts. I know of women in there 50's and 60's who have never had a pap test, which is a worry. Hope you are enjoying your night.
Avatar f tn Headaches, low blood pressure, fatigue, inability to sleep (wake many times during the night and have trouble getting to sleep) tiredness, recurring skin abcesses (had 4 pilonidal abcesses aged 14 resulting in massive infection which may have triggered this all off) , PSOC, ovarian dermoid cyst and simple cysts, breast cysts, numbness in fingers and toes when cold and they turn white, IBS, infertility.
Avatar n tn It's just that I don't know how to interpret these news stories about how even early stage ovarian cancer presents with abdominal fullness, when I simultaneously hear about young women with these huge cysts that they didn't even know they had. I wasn't saying they must all be fat and stupid......I was just trying to figure out how this happens. Thank you all for the advice, this site has been very helpful. I didn't mean to offend.
Avatar n tn Well, I was in a very similiar situation to you. In June I was 45, 5'3" and 196 lbs. I ended up having surgery then for ovarian cysts so took advantage of feeling rotten after the surgery plus with the time off to finally put me first. I changed my cooking style and reduced the amount of fat I was eating. I started going for walks (I knew the gym was likely never going to happen for me until I was feeling success) and did some floor exercises.
1648058 tn?1330930902 i had the same exact problem you had except i bleed for 2 months and i had cysts really bad on my ovaries. but i had severe abdominial pains. i ended up going to the er because the pain got so bad it was running up my sides. they did an ultra sound and told me that i needed to see an obgyn asap. so i did well the obgyn told me that i needed to get lapriscopic surgery done asap that it was life threatening. well he was only suppose to go and get rid of all the cysts i had on my ovaries.
Avatar f tn WOW! I just read your post and thought I wrote it. I have every symptom you have listed. I also had an ovarian cyst and IBS. I have been tested for Lyme twice. The first test came back negative, and I am still waiting on results for the second test. I have been told by two different doctors that this is all anxiety. But I keep thinking it is something else, possibly Lyme disease, although I don't live in an endemic state. Have you found anything else out?
Avatar f tn I have GERD and acid reflux, and am currently taking medication for that. I also have ovarian cysts, and the pain does seem to be worse during my menstrual cycle - which is why I have been to a gynecologist. I don't know if the two are connected or not. I have been dealing with this pain every day, some days a lot worse than others. I am often nauseated, and I can no longer run cross country and track because the pain is so severe.
Avatar n tn Hi, I posted a few months ago about my large bilateral ovarian complex cysts/masses. Everyone was so kind and helpful, and I read this site every day -- you guys provide so much information about what to expect! I am very thankful. Would you please tell me your opinion about something else? My surgery is this Wednesday (9/13).
Avatar f tn Two complex left ovarian follicular cysts are seen measurinng 12 x 9 x 9 mm and 5 x 7 x 5 mm compared to a singlar left ovarian complex cyst visualized previously. I haven't heard from my gynecologist yet, but can you please tell me what I should ask her and what you would do if these were your test results? I've read so much conflicting information about post menopausal cyst treatment, I'm somewhat confused. I would like my ovaries removed but I'm not sure it's justified.
Avatar n tn Just to let you know 99% of ovarian cysts are benign, so don't forget that.
Avatar n tn I have 2 children, the second born just over 4 months ago. I have had ovarian cysts before, and this feels a lot different. And when I bleed, it is very lightly, not really heavy. I don't understand why nothing would show up on my ultrasounds, when I can feel that there is something inside of me?
Avatar n tn In the past I have had alot of Ovarian Cysts that just dont rupture. This past week I got my very first Urinary Tract Infection(painful!!) I was also scheduled for a US because I have not have a period since Nov 22. I took HTP and Neg..they did a blood test in Jan and Neg. But I was wodering if I was 2-4 weeks pg, could they see that on an US? My doc has just now precribed Provera but Im still not certain that I did not concieve this past month. I show too many signs of early pg.
Avatar n tn I am not convinced that I have epilepsy as all the tests (CT, MRI, EEGs (various ones including the week long video monitor), holter, bloodwork, etc. ) came back normal. (At least as far as I have ever been told there is nothing in those tests to indicate epilepsy...but I guess also, nothing to rule it out either. While I am resistant to accepting the diagnosis, I am on all other accounts trying to cooperate. I am taking topamax now.
1927233 tn?1326673987 I am 30 yrs old, & was diagnosed with endometriosis when I was 24 years old. I've had endometriosis since I was probably 14 years old. I had a cyst on the left ovary which would not go away; I had my first laparoscopy done, found out I had endometriosis; I needed a laparotomy done due to the cyst was pretty bad. My left ovary was really messed up, in addition my left tube was messed up. I'm pretty sure I have stage 4 endometriosis.
378102 tn?1215575266 I never went through Chemo but after fine needle aspiration (in Aug of 2000) of an ovarian cyst during a Lap, I was Dx. positive for malignant cells consistent with Papillary Adenocarcinoma. It was confimed during a subseqent hysterectomy that the cyst was epithelial in origin for the cells and excluded origin of a corpus luteum cyst. However, during the hysterectomy (Sept. 2000) no additional cancer was found, and so even though the surgery was warranted, I was left Without a final Dx.
Avatar f tn I had an enlarged uterus and complex ovarian cysts on my one remaining ovary. Had a total hyster a few years back. I basically ground to a halt while waiting. I am a hysteric half the time anyway. Maybe try things in short little bursts....a little walk, a hot bath, a yoga tape, a junky National Enquirer type of magazine, renting a video, writing in a journal. Stay OFF the internet, it just scares the heck out of you. Well except of course to come here and vent!!!!
Avatar f tn I started BC when i was 15 because of prevention of ovarian cysts, I am 31 now. I stopped taking them when i was 26. I think that my body has gotten so use to taking the artificial hormones that my body stopped making them on their own. I started having 2 periods a month a few years ago and nobody can figure out what the cause was. They thought i was not ovulating anymore and the solution was to go on birthcontrol. How whould that fix the problem BC stops you from ovulating.