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Avatar n tn They are specialists in womens gyn issues and have seen everything. Although 99% of ovarian cysts are benign, you are wise to seek medical attention. Kudos to your dr. for making sure you get the trans vag us on a yearly basis! You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Avatar f tn They wantedt to wait and see if they changed in two weeks times so I have a new ultrasound scheduled for next week. i have read alot of posts and seem that ovarian cysts are very common and especially after chemo. If they stay the same can they biopsy my ovary and the cysts before removing the ovary. Or should I just bite bullet and have them take it out? More chemo? What's next.
Avatar n tn My gyno gave me choices which would include surgical removal of ovary at minimum , due to history and appearance of cyst on ultrasound. I would probably just opt for Histerectomy (total though). Any info is much appreciated.
Avatar f tn I am a 47 year old mom of 3 boys, ages 6, 10 and 12. Last month I had a pelvic ultrasound and was told I have 2 complex ovarian cyst on my right ovary. I wasn't too concerned about it until I "googled" complex ovarian cysts..then I became terrified of ovarian cancer. My GP has scheduled a follow -up ultrasound next Monday (4weeks from the first u/s) I dont't know the size of the cysts or any other details at this point. I am premenopausal, healthy, I exercise and I'm not over weight.
Avatar f tn Continued follow-up ultrasound in 6 weeks to insure this regresses or resolves. A second 1/2 cm left ovarian cyst has since developed. No free fluid in cul-de-sac. Impression: 1. Two left ovarian cysts are now present. The dominant one measures up to 3.4 cm in size. It is minimally smaller than on previous study of 1/18/08 but continued follow-up ultrasound is requested as detailed above. 2. Uterine leiomyomatous disease suggested. IUD in uterus.
Avatar f tn 4CM and has a normal ultrasound appearance. The left ovary is mostly displaced by a large 7.5CM ovarian cyst. Measurements of the ovarian tissue are difficult to obtain as they are predominantly obscured by the cyst. There is no marked free fluid within the pelvis. There is no suspicious adnexal lesion or mass seen. IMPRESSION: 7.5CM cystic focus in the left adnexa. Am confused by this result. I have scheduled an appointment with my Gyno next week but I need help in understanding. 1.
Avatar f tn //ovaryresearch.com/ovarian_cysts.htm. Unfortunately, I've read of cases where surgeons with good cystectomy skills were outside the patient's insurance network and they had to appeal to have this surgery covered as in-network. I don't know if this is common or not. Removal of any part of the reproductive system (even one ovary) can permanently disrupt natural hormone production which can have serious negative effects on many aspects of health.
Avatar f tn I had a complex ovarian cyst and was over-treated (unnecessary hysterectomy and removal of both ovaries). I have never heard the terms "stranding" or "lacelike" when describing ovarian cysts. The common terms are words like fluid-filled, thin/thick walls, thin/thick septations, echoes, homogeneous, heterogenous. nodules, papillary projections. I guess "lacelike" could be interpreted as having many septations but not sure.
Avatar f tn She recommended a d and c in a few weeks and ordered a pelvic ultrasound. The ultraound results are normal appearance of endometrial canal and bilateral ovarian cysts with cyst with septation associated on the right cyst. The endometrial echo measures.6 cm and WNL. My questions are: * why do a d and c if my endometrial echo was WNL and how can I have simple hyperplasia if my endo echo was WNL? * What are the odds of bilateral cysts and one with septation- how serious is this?
1427674 tn?1283111058 Some ovarian cysts are hormonally active and result in pseudopuberty (early physical signs of puberty) In girls with hormonally active cysts, the ovarian enlargement may be mistaken for an ovarian tumor, leading to unnecessary(surgery) . Girls presenting with premature vaginal bleeding and ovarian enlargement should be genetically evaluated An ovarian cyst in a toddler/young child is often discovered by a Dr.
Avatar f tn came back with recommendations for a followup pelvic ultrasound due to incidental bilateral ovarian cysts findings. my ultrasound (pelvic AND transvaginal) results came back this week: BILATERAL OVARIAN CYSTS found uterus measures: 9.2 x 3.8 x 4.9 cm endometrial stripe: echogenic, measuring 1.0 cm right ovary measures: 4.9 x 1.9 x 3.1 cm left ovary measures: 6.9 x 4.0 x 5.1 cm left ovarian cyst: complex, containing septation, measuring - 6.1 x 4.0 x 5.
Avatar f tn Recent pelvic ultrasound results reads: ...There are multiple nabothian cysts identified. The right ovary measures 2.7x1.4x1.7 cm and has an unremarkable appearance. The left ovary measures 3.7x2.9x3.3 cm. There is a 2.9 cm cyst in the left ovary. color imaging is unremarkable. There is no significant free fluid. IMPRESSION: Left ovarian cyst Could someone please explain these results. I don't see my doctor for a while and I am so anxious after finding this out and reading stuff online.
Avatar n tn I would not be happy myself waiting 6 months to repeat the ultrasound . Although most cysts are benign and they don,t usually remove cysts under 5cm , yours has a solid component that i would want monitored frequently .
Avatar n tn It sounds like you have a small ovarian cyst. Most cysts are benign and resolve on their own within a few cycles / months, no intervention needed. Imaging is not exact (MRI may be more so than u/s) so it can be difficult to tell the type of cyst. Some cysts that resolve on their own can appear solid on imaging such as hemorrhagic. This site may be helpful - http://ovaryresearch.com/ovarian_cysts.htm. Let us know what more you find out.
Avatar n tn Can a mass appear in the ovaries in just 3 months? Also which is more relevant tumour marker test or the appearance of the mass as described on ultrasound report? It was described as a 6cm anechoic functional cyst, no free fluid. My mums tumour marker results were elevated. Her gyno did not elaborate further on these results but he seemed concerned and booked her in for an operation within a week of getting these results.
656838 tn?1224539076 I pray ur cysts return in size or at worst are revealed to be endometriomas if your NP is convinced about the endo the cysts have a very distinctive appearance on ultrasound ... the wait and see approach seems appropriate ... if the size is worrisome they will probably opt to remove them in a number of ways ... or if the composition is complex they would have to remove them to rule out ovca ... i hope this helps ...
Avatar f tn my ultrasound (pelvic AND transvaginal) results came back this week: BILATERAL OVARIAN CYSTS found uterus measures: 9.2 x 3.8 x 4.9 cm endometrial stripe: echogenic, measuring 1.0 cm right ovary measures: 4.9 x 1.9 x 3.1 cm left ovary measures: 6.9 x 4.0 x 5.1 cm left ovarian cyst: complex, containing septation, measuring - 6.1 x 4.0 x 5.1 cm normal appearance of right ovary w/ small follicles (< 4.
Avatar f tn And if the polyp was not removed at the stalk, that can cause irregular bleeding too (as can polyps themselves). Most ovarian cysts are part of the normal cycle. And even when they hang around longer than usual, they typically go away on their own. Even ones that require surgical intervention (due to size and/or appearance) are in MOST cases benign (non-cancerous). Since two gynecologists have told you this is not ovarian cancer, this should put your mind at ease.
Avatar f tn My daughter had a transvaginal ultrasound about two weeks ago as a follow-up to one in September as a result of a palpable enlargement of her left ovary during an exam. The latest ultrasound stated it was a heterogeneous entity of the left ovary which contains internal echo's and vascular supply, and is unlikely to represent a cyst. The heterogeneous mass measures 2.2 x 1.8 x 1.6 cm, in addition to a 1.2 cm endometrial thickening. Her doctor did not suggest any kind of follow-up.
Avatar n tn Most ovarian cysts resolve on their own within a few cycles / months, no intervention needed. According to this doctor-authored website - http://ovaryresearch.com/ovarian_cysts.htm - hemorrhagic cysts always resolve on their own. The cyst isn't that big either. The 1.5cm one is "tiny" and it's not uncommon for cysts that appear to be complex to end up not being so (such as your other one that is "likely hemorrhagic").
Avatar f tn I recently had a pelvic (transvaginal) u/sound to check fibroids. I am TTC since Oct 08, I am 39 yrs old. I experience premenstrual spotting (always directly preceeding my period by 5 days) which no Dr seems to have an answer for or see a problem with. I had a m/c Dec. I have a 27-28 day cycle, though I seem to ovulate early (day 9-11) - I chart & use OPK (LH urine type).
Avatar n tn It just means that there is blood in the cyst which does change the appearance of the cyst on ultrasound. 3. Yes, an ultrasound can distinguish between solid masses and "cysts". By definition, a "CYST" is fluid filled. 4. Well, you need to ask whether or not your doctor would consider the use of oral contraceptive medications.
Avatar n tn This one was huge and changed shape from the ultrasound to appearance after being removed. I guess it had to stretch out to find space to keep growing (?). I had that moved through lap.
Avatar f tn Ovarian cysts are more common in post-menopausal women than most people (including doctors) realize. Most of them are benign. The ovaries shrivel up after menopause (giving the appearance of raisins) although they continue to produce hormones into a woman's 80's. However, hysterectomy can cause them to shut down. This "shriveling up" or complete failure may be why "it is difficult to determine if there is normal ovarian tissue.
Avatar n tn I have had those pains and was diagnosed with endo, and have surgery in May to remove a 10cm cyst. Could i possibly have cysts that didnt show up on the ultrasound? Also could they be twisting? Would that show up on the ultrasound? I havent had the pains since Jan 11th but had about 6 episodes from the end of nov till that time. Also I also was reading that having a bloated stomach and increased weight gain is a sign or symptom of Cancer.
Avatar n tn PCOS cysts are described looking a particular way, so I believe the kind of cysts, or if they are caused by pcos by the ultrasound. I believe there is a clear distinction and your doctor should be able to tell you. Search PCOS and you will learn more.
Avatar f tn On the health pages you will find a lot of info about cysts, go to cysts and symptoms Health pages are located to the right of this forum Marty
Avatar f tn I have been doing a lot of reading and there are many ovarian cysts that can persist for quite some time (months to years) and are not cancerous! Endometriomas, dermoid cysts, to name a couple that I was reading about. One article I read noted a woman with a cyst that was followed for 2 years using ultrasound examinations only and the cyst then resolved (disappeared) all by itself after the 2 years.
Avatar f tn masses the size of golfballs, bilateral, both ovaries are affected. Also a lot of small cysts on left ovary. No pelvic fluid detected on ultrasound. CA-125 is 72. The masses had a "snowstorm appearance" on ultrasound. No knewn history of endometriosis, but I did always have very heavy periods. Scheduled for laparascopy in a couple of weeks. What are the prognosis? Thank you for any input, I am very confused and of course scared and I am searching the internet like crazy.