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Avatar n tn //www.4woman.gov/faq/ovarian_cysts.htm What are the symptoms of ovarian cysts? Many women have ovarian cysts without having any symptoms.
Avatar n tn You need to see a gyn, since frequent urination is a symptom of ovarian cysts as well as OvCa. I had a large endometrial cyst that was leaning on the bladder, worse when I was sitting, that made me go constantly. Was checked for UTI... no infection. So, go get checked by a gyn... Even if it turns out to be nothing, you'll feel much better knowing.
Avatar m tn I just have a simple question in which getting different answers - can a severe hydronephrotic left kidney cause abdominal pressure, and frequent urination as the two main symptoms or are these symptoms not related to hydronephrosis and are strictly bladder related also 2 ovarian cysts, can they cause these symptoms
Avatar f tn Hi, I suffer from frequent urination. I was on Nitrofuratoin 50mg per day for 4.5 months. I had a cystoscopy and sonogram that showed my bladder was fine. 5 weeks ago, I got a bladder infection and although it's gone now, I still have to urinate frequenlty accompanied with lower stomach and back pains. I used to have ovarian cysts so I don't know if this is related.
Avatar f tn I feel that after I void, my bladder is not fully empty and experience cramping and frequent urination. I have been having distention for 2 years now. Since the baby, who is now 6,4, I have had a problem with leakage when laughing, coughing or sneezing or exercising. These things as well as the ballooned stomach have gotten worse and I fear the umbilical hernia may be back. My father had the same type of hernia Please advise of which Doctor I should see and what the problem may be.
Avatar f tn I've had all the symptoms of ovarian cancer. End of April I had blood in my urine followed my back pain, flank pain, frequent urination & pelvic pain. No UTI. I eventually became so distended that I could not eat. My period was ten days late. I felt my pelvic floor shift down and family heaviness down there. When my cycle did start it was extremely painful. My normal is always on time and no pain. I had an ultrasound done four days later and ovaries and kidneys are normal.
Avatar n tn I went to my primary who thought it was appendicitis on examination even though I mentioned a history of ovarian cysts in my mother, and my aunt died of cancer. The doctor sent me to the emergency room. I underwent a CT scan (which was "normal") and an ultrasound. (I never got the reports.) The ultrasound tech said that it was difficult to "see anything." She said that there was so much contrast from the CT that she could not see my ovaries.
Avatar n tn I have all the symptoms of ovarian cancer, and a cyst was found on my left ovary 3.5x5 and the Md decided to wait and see if it grew. I went back this morning dur to my symptoms have worsened. I have also been very emotional in the last 2 weeks. I have lost about 15 pounds in the last week and a half. I am having severe abdominal pain, gas, bloating, nausea, occasional vomiting, appetite loss and severe fatigue/tiredness.
Avatar f tn I am concerned that I have symptoms of ovarian cancer and I would like to know if I should pursue this further with my gyn. The symptoms that I have are: continuous bloating, pressure in pelvic abdominal area, urge to urinate, vaginal discharge, change in bowel habits, fatigue, bleeding irregularities. I had a vaginal/pelvic ultrasound because of the bleeding and it showed an enlarged endometrial stripe, and 3 cysts on my ovaries, one of which was large (they appeared to be simple ones).
1335096 tn?1294184812 Also I didnt get my results till months after the tests,could it have gotten worse. Lately Ive had very frequent urination, fullness in my lower stomach, pains as well in my lower stomach, I really don't know what to think, please help. I would find a new doctor but my insurance was cut off and I have to wait for it to be processed again.
1335096 tn?1294184812 Also I didnt get my results till months after the tests,could it have gotten worse. Lately Ive had very frequent urination, fullness in my lower stomach, pains as well in my lower stomach, I really don't know what to think, please help. I would find a new doctor but my insurance was cut off and I have to wait for it to be processed again.
Avatar f tn The symptoms I am having is a burning sensation in my lower back, buttocks and vaginal area. I also frequent urination and extreme nausea. I am trying to find out if these symptoms could be associated with the cyst. I had an Pelvic Ultra sound done, CAT Scan and MRI on my lower back which showed no abnormalities. The radiologist who read the exam said that this was he speicality and said the cyst was 99% benign, still worried about the 1%.
Avatar f tn I even try to eat things that usually bother my stomach just so i can use the bathroom and it doesnt work. - Frequent urination which i wouldnt personally consider a symptom since i never had the best bladder, but recently its gotten worse where if i press on my right side (pain side) i have an intense urge to urinate. I could possibly have a UTI not sure yet. - Occasional bloating and pressure in the area.
Avatar m tn frequent urination, nausea, night sweats, fatigue, lightheadedness. Can anyone tell me if they experienced any of these. I can't tell if it is normal or from my nerves. I am conviced the cyst will be malignant and am terrified!
Avatar n tn I am an ER nurse and one of the doctors asked if anyone had done a CA 125 on me. He says I have symptoms that could indicate ovarian cancer. Could this have been missed on the CT and pelvic ultrasound? I have also had a transvaginal ultrasound.. Both my mother and grandmother had complete hysterectomies before age 35. I am not over weight I am 5' 4" and weigh 132 lbs. Any suggestions on what to do. Like i said prior to age 40 and having my 6th baby I was in perfect health.
Avatar f tn It's very important to understand that all the ovarian cancer symptoms Jan mentions above also apply to benign ovarian cysts. A biopsy is required to confirm diagnosis. I wish your loved one the best through her journey.
Avatar f tn All of your symptoms sound cyst related. The back pain, thigh pain, some what frequent urination, but you being on the pill should have seriously reduced your chances of getting a cyst. How large were your other cyst and did you experience symptoms with them??
Avatar n tn hi about a year or so ago i started getting frequent urination, 4 months ago a also started getting urgent urination, i feel bloated lots even if i have not eaten are drinken anything, it is not all the time but after i eat a small meal i look pregnant i have had way more flatulence feels like air moving threw my pelvic i used to only get cramping pains off and on in my left ovary but now it's in my right, i can feel pressure when i sit down i frequent urgent urination all the time for the past
Avatar f tn Not saying that you have cancer, but you do have most of the symptoms, although cysts can promote the same symptoms, OVCA can only be diagnosed with surgery. Although the CA125 blood test is not the most reliable test, it also might be a good thing to have done. A pap smear /vaginal biopsy does not detect OVCA. I think I would ask for a referral to an OB?GYN Onocologist.
Avatar n tn I am 29 years old, 2 children. I went to OBGYN for bloating, cramping, back pain, frequent urination, tiredness & nausea. I was given a PAP as I was due & a urine test. Urine came back positive for a bladder infection, so I started on antibiotics. 3 days later (Sunday) went to the ER as my pain was so severe. Had an abdonimal ultrasound (OK) & was told it was muscular pain & sent home.
Avatar n tn Turns out I had two softball sized dermoids which were benign, as are 99% of ovarian cysts. Let me tell you we have all been down one path or the other, but fate brought us here. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Avatar n tn Hi there your symptoms do sound like they could be ovarian related but unfortunately the symptoms are so similar for any problem in the pelvic region that it is hard to work out exactly what it could be. You are doing the right thing following through because I have been through weeks of worry for no good reason. I had pelvic u/s and transvaginal u/s and they found complex masses on my ovaries. The sonongrapher seemed to indicate that it was something sinister.
Avatar n tn I've had bad diarrhea every day, several times a day. I've had a bit of fatigue that seems to be getting worse. Frequent urination. When I try to urinate, sometimes I really have to push it out. It stops and gos, like a uti. Ive had a uti before and the symptoms are not the same. I get bloated, fullness. Poor appetite, and I get full easily. I get bad stomach cramps and also cramps in my ovary and my entire pelvic area. No iching, burning, or irritation.
Avatar f tn The reason that you would feel full is because of the mass, takes ups space...frequent urination, again the mass against the bladder, etc.
Avatar n tn All my symptoms started around the 1st of August. My symptoms have included, burping, bloating, ovarian pain that radiates down my thighs. Interesting that both of my ovaries have hurt all along, but only one ovary has a cyst. Frequent urination, costipation, and I was nauseous for the first and second week of first feeling bad, but haven't since. I plan on calling the doctor first thing in the morning and set up an appointment for the biospy.
Avatar m tn Then I went back just last month, and I noticed I have been feeling bloated, weak cramps in lower abdomen, irregular periods, tired all the time, and instead of frequent urination, I have this feeling when I am peeing that is like a sharp pain that stops me mid stream...so I don't finish. Which is uncomfortable. We did another ultrasound and found both ovaries again have cysts, this time complex about 3-4cm in size.
Avatar f tn I have ovarian cysts and I didn't feel this kind of pain with pregnancy. You should feel much pain with pregnancy, especially at the beginning.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am a 37-year-old mother of two with no family history of ovarian or breast cancer. For the last two years I have been having problems with frequent urination. I have also always had very painful periods. I was on a birth control pill and switched to another pill when the frequent urination started. Both pills made my hair fall out and caused a lot of problems so I stopped taking a pill about a year ago. The frequent urination continued and also cramp-like pain throughout my cycle.
Avatar f tn I had three 2+ cm cysts (one simple, 2 complex). At FU US abt. 4 weeks ago they told me that 2 were gone & the other was resolving (very small). Most of my symptoms went away (frequent urination, ascites, etc.). I feel much better. However, I am continuing to have a very short menstrual cycle - every two weeks like clockwork. They are pretty light, but are definitely periods & not just spotting because I have cramps & everything.