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Avatar f tn I had a ovarian cyst burst in me and at first i thought i had a kidney infection cuz of my lower back burning n what not wasnt till i got pains so bad i couldnt stand that i realized it was emergency room time. When i went to the doctor they found fluid built up in my uterus i got meds for pain but they said my body would either absorb the fluid or get rid of it naturally. I dunno if yours is different but i hope this helped n i wish the best for u.
Avatar n tn ) Depending on the size of the cyst, it can takes several days for the pain to completely dissipate. The body must absorb the fluids released by the rupture of the cyst, and the rupture can leave what amounts to a "wound" on the ovary that must heal. Our minds also play tricks on us, and affect what we feel. Simply knowing that 'something' is happening down there, and not knowing exactly what, can make us super-sensitive to that area of our bodies.
Avatar f tn With proper staging surgery and removal of malignancy without rupture, your prognosis will be greatly improved if you did in fact have a malignancy. Even benign complex cysts (like dermoids) can cause infection and other complications if they rupture. Cysts are more likely to rupture as they grow past 5cm. Best wishes on finding a good gyn/onc and getting some answers soon!
Avatar n tn Then there are the rarer cases when cysts are not cysts but ovarian cancer. A woman with cyst problems needs to be monitored by a good gyn. But I know your dilemma well. None of this is affordable without health insurance.
Avatar n tn Hello! I spoke to a friend yesterday who had an ovarian cyst rupture and I am not PETRIFIED that this will happen to me! Is it likley that a hemoorhagic 4cm cyst will rupture? I know it stated as a complication, but how often does this actually happen. I feel the possibility of rupture is making me put my whole life on hold. I get scared to go anywhere alone.
Avatar f tn my daughter is 14 she got a ovarian cyst abouth 4cm ..... she i in so much pain been in hosiptal all weekend bhad scan but said she needs to go home an mange the pain with regular paracetomol an ibufon but its not working ...so can someone help me ...... This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/192634'>diagnosed with an ovarian cyst at 14 years old</a>.
Avatar n tn I have had ovarian cysts in the past (was hospitalized 4 years ago for one) but am unsure if I have one now. I can't get in to the doctor for 3 weeks and was wondering if anyone had any experience similar to mine. Last night while having intercourse I felt a sudden, intense pain in my pelvis. The pain was horrible (pretty much as bad as my labor was). It lasted for an hour. I couldn't move and definately couldn't stand. After an hour and some pain medication, the pain changed to a dull pain.
Avatar f tn Yes, ovarian cysts can be very painful especially when they rupture and that pain can linger for quite some time. A rupture can cause infection too so sometimes antibiotics are necessary. Have you considered trying birth control pills to see if that helps prevent these cysts from forming? Hope you feel better soon!
Avatar f tn What are the normal symptoms after an ovarian cysts ruptures? My doctor said the pain should have been gone by this weekend..it is Tuesday and I still can't do normal activity without having my side and whole back hurt.. with a pinching sensation.. is that normal?
Avatar f tn I'm not a Dr so I can't answer your question,but I feel your doing what you need to have done by going to see your gyn.
1503875 tn?1290905687 He said oh theres nothing on the cat scan, but you do have abdominal fluid caused by burst ovarian cysts. He wouldnt give me any other info other than to say its no big deal and walked out. So I am left wondering, what next? The nurse wasn't any help either because she said she didnt know what that meant and maybe if she had extra time later she would google it. I was released at 2:30am barely able to walk and still screaming in pain.
205009 tn?1218563328 the most common reasons for painful ovarian cysts are endometriosis, other benign cysts, or infection in the fallopian tubes (tubo-ovarian abcess0 the latter is associated with fever, elevated white blood cell count , and usually the person is quite sick. it does make sense to consider a laparoscopy to understand better why you have pain and cysts. that will give you a definite diagnosis. Sadly there is no such thing as an ovarian cancer screening test at this time.
1148191 tn?1271821246 I went to the doctors and come to find out I have a cyst on my ovary, my question is I still think I might be pregnant, just how common are ovarian cysts in early pregnancy and is it possible that if I'm having pregnancy symptoms that I could still be pregnant. And can ovarian cysts cause a missed period making me think that I am pregnant? I don't normally have any PMS symptoms except cramping the day of my period.
Avatar f tn I also had some free fluid in my pelvis which was an indication that the cyst was leaking (but not a complete rupture). It's possible this is the main source of your pain. Sometimes that fluid can cause infection which may be a source of pain. I hope the pain settles down soon!
Avatar m tn HI, Since you have already ruled out issues of the colon, other causes that need to be kept in mind are pelvic infection or adhesion formation secondary to any previous surgery or infection and bladder issues. The ovarian cysts are not very large and may not be the reason for the pain. If no other cause is found after investigations then removal of the ovaries can be considered. You can take a second opinion from another gynaecologist and a surgeon. Hope this helps. Take care and good luck.
Avatar n tn I recently had an ovarian cyst develop and rupture and was wondering if it could be related to Tamoxifen. I had BC in July and started on Tamoxifen Oct 16 2007 after concluding radiation. I developed a cyst and it ruptured in early Dec. and I've never have a cyst (to my knowledge) prior to this event.
Avatar f tn I do not think menstrual clotting is an indication of a rupture. Cysts are outside the uterus (if they are true ovarian cysts), and ruptured ones would not show up in menstruation.
Avatar m tn I finally went to the doctors about 3 months into it and they scheduled a pelvic ultrasound which showed multiple (6-8) ovarian cysts and a lot of free flowing fluid in that area. That was the week before Christmas. I had to have a colonoscopy done this past week and during the procedure the doctor ruptured yet another cyst. The pain still continues and NOTHING relieves it except laying flat and I get some relief them.
Avatar f tn I've had several ovarian cysts and mine never burst. The first one I had it almost 8 months to diagnose and it didn't burst. Of course, it depends on how big it is and what kind it is.
Avatar n tn only to find out I had a burst ovarian cyst that was the probable cause to a large colon infection. I was treated by IV for pain and antibiotics, given prescriptions and I followed up with my personal MD. I am concerned about a relapse. I had my menstrual cycle 5 days after the cyst was diagnosed, and I had to take a prescription pain med to get over the burning pain in the ovarian area. I was doubled over in pain and vomiting from it.
Avatar f tn A 2 cm cyst does not warrant removal of the ovary. The fluid can be due to cyst rupture or infection etc. If there is infection a course of antibiotics will be sufficient. Discuss with your Doctor. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Even benign tumors can cause infection and other problems if they rupture. You want that cyst to be removed intact so that if the final pathology finds any cancerours cells, they won't have been spread through your abdomen. Ovarian cancer is highly curable when caught in early stages. You take yourself from an early stage to a probable late stage when a malignant cyst ruptures during surgery. Best wishes!
Avatar n tn I had to have several cysts removed from my ovaries. I keep cysts on my ovaries at all times. I've had as many as 9 on the both of them (according to the dr). They come and go and rupture putting me in severe pain for 3-4 days. I can't have them removed b/c according to the drs that I've talked to, they aren't really big enough to remove. I hurt when I have sex to the point that I have vomited. I keep UTI's and other female infections.
Avatar f tn They then ordered a ct scan and stated I have ovarian cyst on both sides. Is there a connection to the high white cell count and my cysts. The doctor seemed very concerned about the white cell count and stated i must have some kind of infection and led me to believe they were not connected. I also suffer from endometriosis and adhesions. I have an appt w/cyno on fri for a hystorectomy consult.