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Avatar f tn Listen I was doing some research for myself about ovarian cysts and that is one of the symptoms of having a cyst is a white discharge. But it did not go into great detail about the discharge and the cause of it though.
Avatar f tn I'm not a Dr so I can't answer your question,but I feel your doing what you need to have done by going to see your gyn.
Avatar f tn It's hard to say. Ovarian cysts are common and it can be quite painful when they rupture. But laxatives can cause cramping too. Hopefully, this will all settle down soon. Of course, if you have endometriosis like your relatives, pelvic pain may become chronic.
Avatar n tn History: March '05 started w/ a very light period and then heavy prolonged bleeding. Went to the gyn, he didn't feel anything on exam, prescribed meds to get the bleeding to stop, they worked for about 2 weeks, bleeding then continued. When I mentioned constant cramping was sent for a pelvic ultrasound (ab & transvaginal). Results came back showing bilateral ovarian cysts.
Avatar f tn I now have had at least 4 ovarian cysts in the last year. In January I had one on each side, and I'm waiting to go in for an ultrasound in a few more weeks to see if they are still there, or if I'm currently experiencing symptoms for a new one, (I was feeling great in February). I also have a new Dr. cause my old dr just shrugged off my concerns, and this last time only told me I had one, and saying it was no big deal. I actually found out I had 2 and one was complex.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with ovarian cysts on both sides, and my dr recommended that i use diane-35 which with time has made my cysts decrease in size . However one month i was vacationing and it slipped my mind to take the pill after my period so i stopped it for a month. When i got back to it, i had intercourse twice and each time i was getting brown discharge with embarrassing odor!!! Can it be bc of the cyst rupture? Is it a good sign or a bad sign?
Avatar n tn Not to be nosey,was just wondring since the xtra lubrication will be more confortable.Also many cysts resolve on their own or rupture when peiod comes.Maybe thats why you were put on bc since bc regulates period & thus resolves cyst.Hope this helps...
Avatar f tn If you Goodle for images of ovarian cysts, some of them look like human organs themselves. The majority of them are benign and even the small ones can cause loads of symptoms (or none at all). Cysts CAN form rapidly especially the fluid filled ones. My own cyst was considerably larger on the day of surgery than on the day it was discovered (less than a month between events). We've heard of cysts as large as footballs and basketballs on this forum...
Avatar f tn And generally because of it being over 5cm they look at wanting to remove them because of the risk or ovary twisting or rupture. Are they simple fluid cysts? I started same way as you, and my first gyno appt resulted in my heading off to hospital that day to be an add on for surgery. I went out of my mind worrying about why I was being rushed... He drained the cysts as I had them in both ovaries. From there, mine returned, some women are just cystic without being PCOS....
Avatar f tn I have had the Mirena coil in for 15 Months now, i went to the Practice Nurse a few weeks ago with all sorts of symptoms inc lack of bladder control and continuous dark discharge, initial inspection by the Nurse found a swollen cervix, so infection tests were carried out, they came back negative, with symptoms including lower back pain and sharp contraction like pains, i was refered for urgent scan, during the Ultra sound scan at least one cyst 30mmX30mmX40mm was found on my right ovary, the dul
Avatar n tn I have suffered with ovarian cysts for 20 years...I had several operations (laparoscopies) 2 remove cysts, scar tissue, leisons, endodometriosis etc....In 1995 1 hour after my baby boy was born, my uterus died..Don't remember the exact medical term but it happens in 1 in 2 million women, supposedly...Anyway they did an emergency hysterectomy and took everything but my ovaries....Because I was only 25...
Avatar n tn Can a cyst partially rupture? My understanding is complex cysts are not common in menopausal women, and could indeed be cancerous. Is this true? I'd appreciate any information you may have on this subject. I do know this is a cancer site and I haven't been diagnosed with it. But I'm very worried it could be.
Avatar n tn If your daughter has a regular period, best to have the study performed shortly after the onset of her menses. Lastly, ovarian cysts on occasion may bleed into themselves, rupture, or cause the ovary to torse (or twist). Your daughter should be wary of any sudden onset abdominal pain and/or nausea. If this were to happen she should seek medical attention immediately. I hope this is helpful. Best regards, Dr.
Avatar f tn Have you had ultrasounds done to check if you have cysts? Cysts can cause ovulation problems if they don't shrink/rupture like they're supposed to. I have PCOS and I always had irregular periods until they stopped coming altogether. What has your doctor told you about all this? I myself have had brown periods as well; perhaps it's old discharge that is barely coming out. Cycles can be weird or nonexistant with PCOS. You should discuss with your doctor the possibility of you having it.
Avatar f tn My gyno told me that it was ovarian cysts that burst. She said it would be better if I didn't have the cyst but since I do, having them burst and evacuate is better than having surgery to remove. It is annoying and unfair but it's better than having cancer. Good Luck ladies.
Avatar n tn at the end of july i didnt get my period instead i experienced a light brown discharge for a few days,2 weeks later i started havin brown mucus discharge again, i then didnt get my period at all in august, its now september and im due...im 2 days late and am now experiencing very light pink & brown discharge as well as many signs of pregnancy bloatin, nausea, headaches, sorebreats, light crampin...but when i took a test in august i think it came out neg...could i be pregnant..PLEASE HELP!!!!
Avatar n tn After we finally started trying, problems slowly began to arise. I, too, was diagnosed with ovarian cysts on my left ovary, along with probable endometriosis, and he fell terribly sick with thyroid problems. I sometimes wish I'd accidentally gotten pregnant by some ex-boyfriend when I was about 20. At least then I'd have been a mom...but I'll never give up hope, of course.
171927 tn?1294027323 After near two months of abnormal symptoms including, violent diarrhea x2 months, vaginal discharge x1 month (brown-bright red water), abdominal distention, weight loss (I'm currently 95 lbs), night sweats, and pain just under my rib cage, CT yeilded a complex cyst on my left ovary. Further, a transvaginal ultrasound was able to determine that the cyst is complex, the contents are iso?, and hypoechoic. The cyst measures 4.3 x 4.0 x 4.
Avatar n tn I have also had the same kind of brown discharge over the last year or so, so I asked my doctor and he said it's related to ovarian cysts when they rupture. It doesn't mean necessarily that is something bad, but it's a good idea to get checked out. They usually send you to do an ultrasound to see your ovaries and uterus. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Hi all, I’m 21 years old and recently went to my GP complaining of noticeable (but not severe) pain over my right ovary. I had also missed my last period and had dark discharge for around a week instead. I was sent to get an Ultrasound. The report notes that “there is a 60 x 60 x 42 mm well-defined hypoechoic lesion in the right ovary with cystic centre. It may represent endometrioma with haemorrhage or complex haemorrhagic cyst. Follow up ultrasound in 2-3 months’ time is recommended.
148354 tn?1211237506 The mixed revues are right. It could be endometriosis and it could be ovarian cysts. The dark discharge is old blood expelling out. Yes endometriosis mimics plenty of other diseases. Have you had a transvaginal sonogram? That is the best type of sonogram,insist on one! Is it your gyn doctor "blowing" the symptoms off? If so you need a new one. What state do you live in?
Avatar f tn You could have something like poly cystic ovarian syndrome. You might have cysts on your ovaries and one might have rupture with your past pain. What you describe does not sound like ovarian cancer. You usually lose a bunch of weight. I had lost weight while my belly looked like I was pregnant. Vomiting in common. I vomited every day. If you are worried about your ovaries have a tranvaginal ultrasound. It is the best way to tell ovarian cancer. They can also tell if it is pcos.
Avatar f tn Around when i should have gotten my period this time i got 4 days of black discharge that turned into a light flow of red and brown mixed. it never actually turned into a normal period. it lasted for 13 days. it finally stopped then later that night I had sex with my boyfriend and doing missionary all of a sudden i felt a bad pain shock my body felt like it came from the right ovary or around there. then went away immediately after.
Avatar f tn Ironically, in many women, the major risk posed by ovarian cysts is not because of the cyst itself, but because of the overenthusiasm of a misguided surgeon, who wants to remove the cyst. This is often much more dangerous, because many trigger-happy surgeons remove the entire ovary, thus compromising ovarian function; and because the surgery can result in scarring ( adhesions) which will then impair tubal function. If anyone advises you to have it removed, PLEASE seek a 2nd opinion.
Avatar n tn I've had many ovarian cysts and infact a lot of other female problems that have caused me to have a hysterectomy about 8 years ago. My doctor & I chose to leave one ovary, my healthiest one, so I would not have to have hormone therapy. Because of this I have still gotten cysts, although not as many and not as frequent. Over these last few days, about 5, I have been experiencing all the classic signs of a cyst again..pain, pressure etc.
Avatar n tn Long story short, I recently had bilateral complex ovarian cysts that made everyone think that I may have ovarian cancer. After watching them for six months and being scheduled for a TAH/LSO, they ruptured. I had a diag lap which did not show anything. The rupture occurred in Dec.
Avatar n tn For the past 2 days I have had a lot of clear/whiteish discharge, that is very runny (not a yeast infrction). Sorry to be so graphic, but I am hoping this could be cervical fluid from the implanation or some sign that I could be pregnant. Does anyone have any information on this that could help? Has anyone who is/was pregnant had similar symptoms? Thanks!!
Avatar n tn So back on Sunday (1/6) I started feeling this fullness in my right ovary which regularly is inflicted with ovarian cysts. It was a dull pain. A little later that day, stabbing pain shot up and down my mid lower pelvic region. Since then, I've been fatigued and feeling discomfort. I figured maybe it was just an ovarian cyst rupturing, but I'm on the pill, and don't cysts usually come with a bit of bleeding? I've had some white discharge, not a lot, just a little.
Avatar f tn If they are large and they rupture, this could cause life threatening internal bleeding. Ovarian cysts could be the cause for yeast and bacterial vagisosis by weakening the immune system in it's effort to control your cysts. All woman get cysts and it's very important they we monitor them. Ruptured cysts cause scarring. These scars build up on the ovaries and make it even more likely that larger cysts will develop.