Ovarian cysts pain under rib cage

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Avatar n tn Hello, Various possibilities are there for these kind of symptoms. Sharp pain under the right rib cage points to gallbladder disease. Types of gallbladder disease include gallstones and inflammation of the gallbladder.Liver disorder may cause such kind of pain. Liver function tests as well as an abdominal ultrasound would be a reasonable approach to investigate this.
Avatar n tn It sucks so bad. Its pain in my left side under my rib cage. It almost feels as if i have gas but gas should NEVER hurt this bad. Ive been having it off and on for a few weeks now and i just dont know what to do about it. I cant even see my dr right now because lack of money. My lower back has been killing me along with my stomach. When i walk alot, its my right side under my rib cage that hurts alot. I dont understand it.
Avatar f tn Why in the world would a ovarian cyst cause pain under your rib cage. It makes no sense to me it is no where near it.
Avatar f tn I am having extreme bloating as if pregnant, sensitivity right above belly button, under rib cage (spleen), left bottom, and sometimes pelvic pain, heavy bleeding the first few days of period, bladder burns sometimes, and general fatigue. When this first started I noticed swelling also on spleen which I could feel it gurgling when I applied pressure to it or gently massaged it. That symptom seems to have gone for now.
Avatar n tn I have just started having the same kind of pain, but it was preceeded by a bout of gastritis, once that was under control it began as a dull ache until it graduated to a terrible pain under my rib cage that tonight has begun to radiate to my back and it becomes more painful when I inhale deeply and lets not talk about SNEEZING!!! Tomorrow I'm going to see my Internist to see what's going on!! Good Luck and I'll keep you posted! P.S. It's seems worse at night. Is that possible?!
Avatar m tn Hello, Various possibilities are there for these kind ofsymptoms. Pain along with fullness under the right rib cage that worsens after eating points to gallbladder disease. Types of gallbladder disease include gallstones and inflammation of the gallbladder.Liver disorder may cause such kind of symtoms. Liver function tests as well as an abdominal ultrasound would be a reasonable approach to investigate this.
Avatar n tn no testing has been done on the pressure under my rib cage... it feels like when I was 9 months pregnant and a baby's foot is there. they have asked me if food related and it is not. it was present when I fasted as well.
Avatar n tn the next step would be to evaluate for a motility problem such as gastroparesis. This diagnosis would leave you feeling pain under your rib cage right side (b/c this is where your stomach is located), a feeling of fullness after eating (even a small meal), nausea, etc. A solid phase gastric emptying study could rule this out. Good luck.
Avatar n tn hello, i am pretty late to post in here, but i am frantically searching for an answer to my problems. my periods have always been irregular but it does come monthly like 10 days late sometimes and whenever it comes it is always heavy and lasts for 5-6 days but last month it was just 4 days and this month it was heavy for 2 days and very light on the 3rd and 4th day and on the 5th there was nothing. again on the 6th i had bleeding (was more like blood from a wound) while having lunch.
951587 tn?1249230748 I would stay positive if I were you, the endemetriosis in your body can cause havoc trust me, my pain was under my rib cage as well, you may have adhesions.
Avatar f tn Well here I go again and in complete agony just 5 months post op after 14cm left ovarian cyst which stuck my bladder and bowel down, and at the time I was fobbed off by my surgeon, it all came to a standstill when my bowel and bladder virtually stopped working, when ever I tried to open my bladder i would hear a large clicking noise, my surgeon told me this was nonsence and sent me home 2 weeks later i had to have an emergency op, the cyst was begnin, my recovery has been very slow and painful,
Avatar n tn I have had a sharp pain on my left side under the ribs and I assume near the heart. So fairly similar. You have to mention other symptoms like shortness of breath paralysis on one side before It can be definitive. I had a near collapsed lung in my 20s which cause the same symptoms as your describing which reduced merely by taking some time out and relaxing.
Avatar n tn While the pain is still there and constantly dull, I also have pain just under my rib cage on my left side. Is this related to the ruptured cyst?
Avatar n tn I basically have all the same symptoms as everyone here. Dull pain under my right rib cage, but in a way it feels like it is on top of my rib cage sometimes. I also have a dull pain in my lower right abdomen sometimes too. But i was diagnosed with ovarian cysts a long time ago. Anyways, yesterday I went to the Dr. and she ordered blood tests for my liver and anemia, (because I also have some tingling on my left cheek.) and an ultrasound for next week.
Avatar f tn Does anyone get radiating pain from ovarian cyst. I had pain wher my ovary was and it also radiated up higher. I thought something was wrong with me but had a ct scan and all they found was a 4.5cm x 4.5cm cyst on ovary. The doctor says pain radiates. Who else gets pain in other areas around the ovaries. I keep freaking out.
Avatar f tn Started off as severe bloating, every day I am bloated (this has gone off and on for weeks now) Pain/Pressure in the pelvic area on left side only...(This just started to happen a few days ago) Pain under rib cage, almost as if I have a lot of gas/pressure buildup and am unable to release it.
Avatar m tn after the episode in the er my right side seemed to feel better, but my left side right under the bottom of my rib cage still had this fullness feeling constantly and at times caused pain......colonoscopy..........showed 3 polyps that were removed and are still out for biopsy..........the endoscopy showed that I had thin spots in my stomach where ulcers were beginning to form...
Avatar f tn The Doctor came and and pushed on my belly button and i passed out from unbearable pain. the pain got worse, and the pain meds did not even touch the pain and he gave me the strongest Dilaudid, and morphine. Symptoms, starts low..like where my ovary is..then raidates to my left side (flank area) i can hear gas bubbles, but no gass. To pass urine does not hurt but there is pressure (no infections). the pain is imense.
Avatar m tn well I am 26 and I just found out 3 days ago I have a 3cm cyst on my ovary to I have real bad stomach pains in my stomach and a lot under my right rib cage and back they referred me to a gallbladder surgen to do a ultrasound of my gallbladder to
Avatar f tn I have had ovarian cysts in the past. I also have gi symptoms including alot of gas, and some pain under my breasts, upper rib cage. I don't have any bloating, or increased abdominal size. I recently had a colonoscopy which was normal. The dr is sending me for a cat scan to check for kidney stones and ovarian cysts. I am very worried this could be ovarian cancer. I have afamily history of colon cancer (father). Am i being irrational, or should I be very worried?
556467 tn?1225381291 I feel stupid asking this but can ovarian cysts cause severe lower back pain and abdominal cramping even after a partial hysterectomy? A CT scan (to look at liver b/c of pain under right side rib cage and elevated liver enzymes) showed bilateral cysts on both ovaries. I am scheduled to see my Gyn and have a US on Nov. 3rd. The pain is getting worse and I didn't know if I should try to see the Gyn sooner or if this might be something different going on. Any info would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn Hi I'm a 45 year old women been going back forward for ultrasound of bilateral cyts on my ovaries 8 months now I am experiencing breast tenderness I also found a lump the lump was biopsy it came back normal but my breast are still tender & im having pain under my rib cage I'm worried could this be cancer
Avatar f tn Abdominal discomfort (bloating, pain in left pelvis and under rib-cage, frequent urination, incomplete elimination, acid stomach accompanied by over-all itching sensation, nausea and dizziness, especially prior to ovulation). Symptoms are worsening each month and have occurred for over a year. A transvaginal ultrasound results: "left ovary is enlarged measuring 5 x 3.9 x 3.2 cm. A 4.1 x 3.2 x 2.7 echogenic lesion occupies most of left ovary.
Avatar f tn I have been having left abdominal pain for several months, from my hip area which is a dull pinching ache, my groin and upper left thigh hurts, my left flank feels sore most the time, under my left rib cage around my spleen feels swollen at times with moderate pain, My ribs between the muscle and skin feels extremely tender to the touch and it usually comes and goes according to my menstrual cycle (feels like a really bad bruise)..
Avatar n tn I have a bilateral dermoid & i never heard of that in my life i've definitly heard of other cysts but i get unbearable pains under my breast area & on my rib cage area but i wanna know if the pain in the breast area is from the dermoid?
Avatar n tn And let's not forget the pain that they can cause from your rib cage to the back side of your leg. I am glad that you are finally getting the us. Please try to get a 2nd opinion from a gyn/onc as they are specialists in women's gyn issues and have seen it all. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Avatar f tn ( no bladder control problems previously) , cant breath well do to the pressure of the tumor under my rib cage, looking 6 months pregnant ,when i had a very flat stomach , pain during sex, cramping and heart burn 247 anyways, my menstrual cycle is so irregular, bleeding for 15 to 20 days at a time, lots of clotting, at the very least to say i was freaking out and pretty much thought i was going to die for the past three months.
Avatar f tn I been having back pain, side pain under rib cage, pressure in my uterus, spikey pain in my ovary/hip area, nausea, and frequent urination. worried sick and feel terribly alone! Any input would be great. My problems with ovarian cysts started this past January where I had a US/TVUS that found a complex cyst the size of a small lemon. My Obgyn was confident it would go away on it's own.