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Avatar f tn I'm pretty sure it is possible the functional cysts can cause pain with your menstrual cycle. I would discuss with your ob/gyn for pain management. I have a friend who had pain with hers until she had her first child.
187799 tn?1219613173 When I walk I can feel both my ovaries giggling to the touch - very strange - with pain and I'm not a large person (size 6). I'm going to the ER in the very early morning so I have a CT in hand and go from there. Thanks very much for your post and I'll let you know. Best to you........
Avatar n tn Please don't take this as a sign to ignore your symptoms, but try not to worry as much. Cysts can get rather large and still not be cancer. And, no matter what any doc says, cysts can cause pain. I'll be thinking of you all, and keep in touch.
604168 tn?1222541386 They first thought it could be kidneys because my back felt like it was on fire and pain was bad enough to go to the ER. They did a CT scan and showed that everything was ok except for a mass on the outside of uterus and the uterus was enlarged. I was also on my period at the time and the pain starts around the same time as my menstrual cycle. So the doctor advised me to do the hysterectomy and get more tests done.
Avatar f tn I had an emergency scan around 6 weeks into this pregnancy due to pain on my right side. My GP feared an ectopic pregnancy. To my relief baby was fine. However, an 8cm side was found on my right ovary with a daughter cyst inside. The staff at the early pregnancy unit didn’t seem concerned at first. They said cysts are normally just pushed out of the way by the growing baby. I was referred to a consultant 4 weeks after. The laidback attitude changed when I saw the consultant.
Avatar n tn Anyone else have all these issues and feel like they are crazy and the drs keep wanting to tell you the cysts has nothing to do with it.
Avatar n tn it is very tender to the touch. I am going next week Monday for a colonoscopy to check for Chron's Disease to try and explain the diaharreah and pain. I have been on birth control to try and prevent the cysts from forming, and it is obviously not working. My last cyst which was 4.9cm was just 6 weeks ago, which I had to have surgically drained as the ovary was filling with blood. What is the next step and how do i deal with the pain?? Would it be beneficial to remove that right ovary?
Avatar n tn I'm very athletic but cannot exercise, pain and fatigue are overwhelming. Hurts to stand up, sit down, can't bend over. It's helpful to see other women have these symptoms so I'm not worrying as much. I'm hoping surgery will help. I'm tired of being in pain, Motrin doesn't touch it. Thanks for all the other posts - I'm really hopeful I'll start to feel better soon!
Avatar n tn it is very tender to the touch. I am going next week Monday for a colonoscopy to check for Chron's Disease to try and explain the diaharreah and pain. I have been on birth control to try and prevent the cysts from forming, and it is obviously not working. My last cyst which was 4.9cm was just 6 weeks ago, which I had to have surgically drained as the ovary was filling with blood. What is the next step and how do i deal with the pain?? Would it be beneficial to remove that right ovary?
Avatar f tn on both ovaries one each so far,(and one in my right breast, cant even touch it!) I'm a newbie and scared to death of the pain I know will be coming again even though my Lyme doc also has me on Rifampin now to prevent infections from the last ones.......
Avatar f tn Hi Ladies, I'm sorry to hear about the the cysts and the anxiety of waiting. One thing I would like to strongly recommend is that you are referred to a gynecologic oncologist. They have the specific education and experience to differentiate whether a cyst may contain cancer. From all the research I did, it is recommended a gyn/onc always be involved.
Avatar f tn Currently 27 years old, I have been diagnosed with ovarian cysts on both ovaries. I recently started going to a new OBGYN, because my previous doctor told me birth control will help with the pain. However, 3 years later & the pain has gotten progressively worse. I can't stand it. Some days I can barely walk it hurts so much. However, a new ultrasound showed that my cysts haven't changed in size.
Avatar n tn No infections, no STI's so I feel like I'm back at square one. lately I've noticed these.. lumps I guess.. on the roof of the vagina.. they're painful to touch and they definitely were not* there before. I've been reading and I wonder whether a speculum is supposed to hurt as much as it did for me. I was in excruciating pain the whole time but i assumed that was normal and didnt think to tell my doctor. Also seeing that she took the swab if she had seen them wouldnt.
951587 tn?1249230748 after my last surgery done in February, and still in pain, my surgeon told me that my pain was not surgical (although he did not order a CT scan), and sent me to a pain clinic for a nerve block of all things. When I went to the pain clinic a month ago, the doctor told me that since my pain was not confined to one specific nerve, they couldn't do a nerve block. She gave me a script for Lortab, told me to see a G.I. doctor, and sent me on my way. Well, about two weeks ago I went to the G.I.
Avatar f tn like i said i have always had lumpy but not defined and i am so nervous about everything right now because i already have to drive two hours to columbia to even get this surgery and i know it is not cheap because i had one for endo three years ago
Avatar n tn My name is Shannon and I am 24. About three weeks ago I had agonizing pain on my right side...waited it out for the night and went to my Dr. He told me that he belived it was a kidney infection..got anti-biotics..thought it worked. On the 24th of Jan. I woke up from sleep at 3 a.m. with worse pain..still on the right..went to the hospital. They diagnosed me with a "large" Ovarian cyst, that they said appeared ruptured, I was sent home with pain meds and told to follow up with Gyn.
459453 tn?1206385900 If you have pain associated with the bleeding, you should follow up on it asap. Pain is your body's way of getting your attention, right? And to ignore it is unwise. Good luck, God Bless, if you'd like to talk more about it, you can get in touch with me.
Avatar f tn The doctor said that I don't need to be on the pill to help prevent ovarian cysts. Well, I have stopped the pill again, about year after my second surgery. I have been feeling a lot of pain again on my right ovary. I am wondering if I have developed another cyst/follicle. It has only been about two weeks after stopping the pill. I am not sure if it is scar tissue that causes the pain, or maybe the pain is due to the fact that I am ovulating again.
Avatar f tn I had severe pain in pelvic area, back pain and upper abdomin. I went to see my doctor as I was also feeling very uncomfortable underneath and the pain was going into my bum cheeks. He examined me and said that the walls of my vagina had dropped down. He advised me to get plenty of rest and avoid standing and walking for long periods of time. He didn't do anything else I assume because I go to see the Gyneacologist on 8th June.
Avatar n tn Thats all I know now.. My question is is there any relation to a ruptured appendix (17yrs ago) and ovarian cancer? What is the relation of a large uterus and ovarian cancer if any? As I have read, I have alot of the symtoms ibs, pain on rt side that seems to be getting more frequent and up into my rib and I missed my period for the first time ever in Oct. I am 44 yrs old and have been told I have scar tissue and endimitrious (sp?). Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.
1405518 tn?1281157568 I am tired a lot and have had surgery recently on my ovaries due to terrible period pain. one ovary twisted and one blocked tube. mom also had ovarian cancer. I am 47.... perimenopausal?????? im going to get all these test recommended for hypothyroid. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn Welcome to the site. Let me first tell you that 99% of all ovarian cysts are BENIGN! Please try not to worry. You seem to have a good dr. You will find many women here who will be able to give you very good advice. You are in my thoughts and prayers. I take it by your name you like to cook?!?
Avatar f tn He told me that there was no rush and that I can schedule surgery to remove both of my ovaries and the cysts whenever I can work it into my job schedule. However, I'm getting sicker and sicker each day. I feel that there is something drastically wrong. When I told him the symptoms I was having, he said that the cysts could be causing all of them. So, I'm wondering, can cysts cause all of these symptoms?
Avatar n tn If you have been in pain this long it is time to get some answers....and if you are going to have surgery to remove a cyst ....YOU HAVE ONLY ONE CHANCE TO GET IT DONE RIGHT THE FIRST TIME... have a gyn/oncologist do the surgery....he/she will be your best bet as this is their arena of expertise. If I were you I wouldn't wait any longer to get to the bottom of this...pain is no fun...it ruins everything and makes those around us hurt as well.
Avatar f tn I cannot get health insurance so I deal with alot of pain. It is hard financially to see a doc on a reglar basis, any tips for pain management? I take Ibuprofen constantly. When the pain is intense I go to the ER. So every once in a while I get relief from pain meds prescribed by the ER, but that is not often!
187799 tn?1219613173 you need not feel bad about being here....pain is pain and it is never a good sign. If you hurt enough to head to the ER then it must be pretty bad so get going. Let us know what's up when you return. Peace.
Avatar f tn Dismissed her when she said her pain level was finally down to a 4, given pain medicine, and told to find a specialist since the local GYN would not touch her. Have an appointment in a larger city on Friday (this is Monday). She is still in pain and nausea. My concern is "Do I need to take her to a different ER or is this suggestive of something that can wait until Friday. She has an extremely high tolerance for pain.
Avatar f tn There is a certain spot about 1 inch above and 1 inch to the right of my belly button that is horribly painful to touch. This pain goes directly into my ribcage in my back and is excruciating! I have already been tested for gallstones by every measure and everything is normal. The question I have for anyone is, is it posssible for my OBGYN to check this upper abdominal area of pain during my laparascopy or will he only be able to check my pelvic region during this procedure.