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362408 tn?1236444681 Hi all, I miscarried a baby in November 2007 and whilst i was being examined they found a ovarian cyst on my left and right ovarys. My right hand side cyst went but my left side cyst remained and is still there and i am due to go to the hospital on 25th April to be examined again. However, some days i have the dull ache and pains that i have constantly in my left side appear in my right side but then the pain will go again. I have very bad back ache and i get sharp abdominal pains aswell.
Avatar n tn They do cause pain with bm and sex(i know i had one on my left side)if they are 4-5cm and causing pain they usually remove them. If they are large(5cm +)they can twist which again causes pain. The pins and needles i have no experiance with to connect it to ovarian cysts so you may well have to wait and get a reply from another cyster. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I have had several operations for ovarian cysts removal. 12 years ago I had my right ovary removed because the cyst spread over the whole ovary, and 2 years ago it spread to the left ovary, and had that removed. Now the cyst on my left ovary has resurfaced. I am feeling alot of pain, and I have been to the doctor and was told to follow up on my cyst but I never did because of insurance reasons. But I have been having pains on my left side, like a burning and painful sensation.
Avatar f tn In October I went to the ER for excruciating pain in my right side. I thought it was my appendix. A CT scan showed I had a 6x3x3 cm cyst in my left ovary so that lead them to believe I had one rupture on my right side to cause the pain. I'm usually 115lbs, have been for years. I work out regularly and I eat well. I had noticed weight gain over the last few months but I attested it to stress and lack of sleep.
Avatar f tn Hi I went in the er cuz I had sever stomach pain so the result of the test was ovarian cycts 1 on both sides. So today I went in and they told me that the one on my right side went from being 4cm to 91/2 n the left one 2cm to6 cm I'm freaked out I didn't ask any questions of the doc but she said I need them both removed asap. Im 23 I have a beautiful daughter I do want more kiss in the future but I'm scared. Does anyone think that they would have too take both our cut both ovaries.
Avatar n tn All he found was small cysts on my left ovary, which he drained. The pain on my left side started after 10 months after I had my tubes blocked (essure procedure). Are you familiar with the this procedure? I live in a small town and here not everybody is up to date with this procedure. Last time I went for a vaginal ultrasound the technician asked me if I had an IUD.
Avatar n tn My daughter is having very sharp pains on her left side, below her belly button. She is seeing a gynocologist. Today he set her up for a surgery date. But he doesn't think the majority of her pain is caused by her cyst. He said her pain is too high above her cyst . Her cyst is over 3 centimeters. Does anybody know what it could be? The pain comes and goes...and is really bad when she lifts things. She is only 20 yrs. old. She was born premature. 2 months preemie. She weighed 2lb 3oz. at birth.
Avatar f tn I had been having severe pain in my left pelvic area for a week fews. The pain would every now and then go to my right side, and would radiate to my back. Sometimes it would also radiate down my left leg. I had went to the doctor, who sent me to have an ultrasound. They think it is probably an ovarian cyst, however I am waiting for my results. The pain has definitely dulled down some of the time.
Avatar n tn I've tried the nuvaring as means to shrink the cysts and I was feeling better the only downside is I would continuously keep putting the nuvaring in and skipped periods. I've had pain on my right side, pain under my belly button, gas, bloated, constipation, back pain, heavy periods,tenderness near my c section cut and severe gas and gas pains can't have a bowel movement w/o a laxative. Some people think its IBS, or appendix. I feel so uncomfortable and dehydrated.
Avatar f tn Yes, I have had many ultrasound, they see follicles, which are the cysts. They can not see my left ovary, in any ultrasound. They say, I may have endometriosis also, but dont want to do a pointless surgery. They have me on birth control for the hormones for three more months and if it doesn't help or it stays the same they do want to do the surgery.
Avatar f tn I started having some abdominal pain back in June, I asked my doctor when I had my physical and he told me if after getting off my period and there were no changes I needed to let him know so he could order a sonogram to rule out ovarian cysts since I have a history with one. I waited until July 3rd to go to the emergency room, even though the pain had worsened, the Dr there told me I had "several" ovarian cysts but the sonogram tech only had one on the right side 2 .6 cm.
Avatar n tn -- My last menstrual period was 07/10 -- I was finally diagnosed with two cysts in my left ovary (simple cyst) - with one measuring 1.4 & the other is measuring 1.9 in addition my left ovary is slightly enlarged. However, I have now been to 3 doctors - (Primary Care, ER, OB/GYN) and the OB/GYN is sending me to a GI doc for a consult. I feel like I'm in the middle of the doctor shuffle. The GYN doc also prescribed Progesterone to "force" my menstrual cycle.
Avatar f tn she didnt seem too worried but my doctor has since called to ask me to come and see her regarding the scans.. I do get a bit of occasional pain on my right hand side from time to time but nothing too serious. Just wondering if anyone else has had cysts during their pregnancy and what it meant for you? Thanks!
Avatar m tn hi there, from past 10 days i was having pain to the left side of my lower abdomen i did ultrasonography of lower abdomen... A CYSTIC LESION was seen at left adnexa about 5.2*3.9(vol-46cc) n left ovary is normal in size basicly i want to know the exact location of the cyst.. Is it in uterus or beside the ovary n plz let me know the treatment..
Avatar f tn I recently had a CT for another issue, however the CT showed a 6 cm cyst on the left ovary and a 3 cm cyst on the right ovary. I have had a lot of lower back pain, side pain, abdominal pain and constipation. Should I be concerned??
Avatar n tn I couldn't understand what was going on because the pain was always on my left side, never on right. I thought I was nuts. I have a dermoid cyst. The size is negotiable - gyn says 2x2cm while ER CT says 4x4cm. Dr says she'll remove it for it seems it is causing me many problems so. God bless... Hope you are better now.
Avatar f tn Now back in october I had an MRI done and revealed serveral cysts on right overy with the largest one being 1.4 cm in diameter. I recently had to go to ER due to serve pain on right side and they informed me that I have a cyst measuring 9.
Avatar n tn I also have a lot of pain on my left side but he said that ovary is fine. Why is my left ovary hurting if it's fine? I am so tired of this pain. Although it's not terrible, it does hurt and is very uncomfortable. Any insight would be greatly helpful. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Are you sure she said cysts in the fallopian tubes? Usually if they are cysts, it would be in the ovaries. Ovarian cysts are most usually liquid-filled and often drain by themselves after a month or two. If they don't, the doc might put you on the pill, to try to calm the hormones so the cysts will come down in size and go away. There is also the possibility of having them drained if nothing else works.
Avatar f tn I was put on pain killers to some what help with the pain and was just told to watch and make sure things didnt get worse. well about 2 months i had the worse pain of my life on my left side to the point of not being able to move and throwing up. I made a appointment and got a ultra sound. When i met with my doctor i was told i had a small no bigger then 2cm burst on my left overy and to top it all off they had found a much bigger 6cm cysts on my right ovary.
Avatar f tn Since your surgery was done laparoscopically, some (or all) of the pain could be from the gas they use to inflate the abdominal cavity to improve the surgeon's visual field. Your pain should be gradually subsiding in the days ahead. If it does not or gets worse, you should call your surgeon. Don't hesitate to follow your surgeon's orders on pain medications for relief...no need to suffer needlessly.
Avatar m tn I had a partial hysterectomy when I was 27 and am now 38 I went to the doctor a week and a half ago in the er because I had massive pain on my left side. They scheduled me to see a surgeon 2 and a half weeks later which is at the end of this week. They said I had a 9cm cyst. I have been on pain pills since leaving the er but the pain is getting worse and my stomach gets larger everyday.
Avatar n tn I have no idea what type of IUD you have, but one that I've seen advertised on TV clearly states that ovarian cysts are a side affect, that will disappear.. otherwise I'm sorry I can't be more helpful..
Avatar f tn They did see, however, fluid in the cu-de-sac. I am still in pain in my abdomen on the left lower side. Not sure what to do now.
Avatar n tn I have pain on my right side (upper and lower abdomen) and horrible pain in my back and right leg. I am worried that the cysts might be getting bigger, or there is something else wrong like appendix, gallbladder,etc. Any incite would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn Well the thing that got me so mad is she (the midwife, i never even heard from the doc, how proffesional) called me and said everything looks fine except a cyst on your right ovary and i told her i was also having pain on the left side, did she see anything on the US for the left said she said NOPE everything looks good. So then i requested they fax me my test results, i look it over and see that on my left ovary i have the complex nodule (2.5cm) so i have my second opinion appointment today.
Avatar m tn -/ is that noraml? I also wanted to know how peoples weight was affected by their cysts....Ive balloned a lot in the last 6mnths and have seen the doctor and she said once the cysts are removed my weight will go down ...has this happened to anyone else?
Avatar n tn She told me very little, she didn't even tell me what side it's on, ,, from the pressure I assume it's the left side,, I'll give her a call and see what kind of cysts it is and ask a bunch of question, I was just shocked she wanted to remove it so quickly, without giving me any details, I did mention the blood tests and she said they're weren't any, Well, I know there is, whether they are accurate or not, but still there's a test, , Sue