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Avatar f tn A transvaginal ultrasound will give your doctor accurate images of your ovaries. Good luck and please keep us posted on how you are doing.
609745 tn?1223401677 Hi All, I'm new to the forum, (found it during a search for "ovarian cysts" on the internet) I just joined today. I was so glad to have found this forum as I have some questions. Here's the background info first: I was taken to the ER on this past Tuesday with severe abdominal & back pain (on the same side). After a urine test & trans vaginal sonogram was done, it was determined that I had "multiple" (ER docs words) cysts.
Avatar n tn what did her cyst look like on a ultrasound?
Avatar m tn Hi there ovaries are dynaminc and are constantl changing during the reproductive years so depending on where you are in your menstrual cycle, you willse ovarian cysts at different stages of development and resolution that are related to ovulation.
Avatar f tn bloating, lower abdominal pain, bowel changes, pee all the time, feel full quickly, and abnnormal vaginal bleeding. I went to ob/gyn 10-2 and he ordered endo biopsy and ultrasound. TV?US done on 10-5 and biopsy done on 10-9. Both reportedly came back normal. Since the symptoms remain, and every female on my mothers side of the family has had a hysterectomy due to endo/cervical cancer/precancer, I decided to see and gyn/onc. (Thanks to all the wonderful information I found on these boards!!!!!
Avatar n tn When having an ultrasound, what does it mean when the ovary and the cyst are deep black? cyst is 3cm and ovary is enlarged. Is there a site I can go to to see pictures of ovarian cysts and their diagnosis?
Avatar f tn On Sunday evening I decided to admit myself to the hospital and they quickly took me in and did cat scan and found everything normal, no appendicitis ruled out. They performed an ultrasound and couldn't get images of my right part so they did transvaginal testing and found out that I have cyst in both of my ovaries and moderate amount of free fluid containing echogenic debris in the cul de sac area.
Avatar f tn Emergency CT scan on Jan 22 (leak in anastamosis and hospitalized for 3 days) found a cyst on the left ovary. Follow up transvaginal US on Feb. 19/10. Called by my family doc on Feb. 23 to advised CA125 needed and follow up with gynecologist will be scheduled. CA125 was 32.5. I also have a family history of ovarian cancer (maternal aunt diagnosed at 39) and breast cancer (sister diagnosed at 36). I now have an appointment with the gyn on March 26...I just want it removed!
Avatar f tn Findings: Both transvaginal and transabdominal images were obtained. The uterus is anteverted and measures 9.1 x 4.7 x 5.4 cm. The myometrium contains an anterior fibroid measuring 1.3 cm and a posterior fibroid measuring 2.7 cm. The endometrium measures 1.04 cm and appears homogeneous. Within right adnexa there is a multicystic mass measuring 5.1 x 4.2 x 4.2 cm containing low level echoes which may be consistent with endometrioma.
Avatar f tn Emergency CT scan on Jan 22 (leak in anastamosis and hospitalized for 3 days) found a cyst on the left ovary. Follow up transvaginal US on Feb. 19/10. Called by my family doc on Feb. 23 and advised CA125 needed and follow up with gynecologist will be scheduled. CA125 was 32.5. I also have a family history of ovarian cancer (maternal aunt diagnosed at 39) and breast cancer (sister diagnosed at 36). I now have an appointment with the gyn on March 26...I just want it removed!
Avatar f tn If someone had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, would the cysts be visable on an ultrasound?
Avatar n tn , more easily than abdominal. They can also visualize smaller cysts that might be missed on the abdominal ultrasound. It could be that one measurement is for your cyst, and the other is for your ovary. Does it ever mention the size of your OTHER ovary? Or does it ever mention the exact size of your cyst(s)? I just looked at my report again and they only use one report, but it doesn't say which ultrasound it was from (I also had an abdominal and vaginal one on the same day).
Avatar f tn Here is my previous question with the TVUS results: http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn On the right, there is a small complex cyst in the adnexa measuring 1.8 x 1.6 x 1.2. I'm confused by this since my right ovary and tube were removed. So, what is the right adnexa? On the left adnexa, there is a complex cystic structure measuring up to 7.9 cm which has two components. One has more cystic components measuring 3.7 x 2.9 x 4.9 cm. More anteriorly, the complex cystic lesion has more soft tissue density and measures 2.8 x 3.3 x 1.7 cm.
Avatar m tn The blood test CA-125 is a test used by Dr's as a guide to determine if you have the most common form of ovarian cancer, approximately 80% of all ovarian cancers are epitheal ovarian cancer which is cancer of the cells on the surface of your ovary. Please keep in mind that CA-125 can be elevated if your menstruating and some other causes of inflamation..
Avatar n tn So far I have had one of each and a ct scan of the abdomen and pelvis which showed a 5.0 x2.4 x 2.5 cyst on the right ovary. The TVS showed 3 areas of blood flow to that area. My CA125 was only 17 but I have jewish ancestry and a family history of ovarian cancer in my aunt and breast cancer in my mother and other female relatives. I am 53 years old/post-menopause.
Avatar n tn When I sent to the doctor, I found out that I have 6-7 cysts on my right side (ranging in size up to a golf ball-sized cyst) and 2-3 smaller ones on my left side. My doctor gave me pain killers, a new pill (which I am not supposed to start until after I finish the pack I am already on), and told me to rest for 24-72 hours. Over 90 hours later, my body feels worse.
Avatar n tn Asymptomatic premenopausal patients with simple ovarian cysts less than 10 cm in diameter can be observed or placed on suppressive therapy with oral contraceptives. Postmenopausal women with simple cysts less than 3 cm in diameter may also be followed, provided the serum CA-125 level is not elevated and the patient has no signs or symptoms suggestive of malignancy. This is a good article I think you will find some answers here http://www.aafp.org/afp/980515ap/drake.
Avatar f tn I do know that unless you have the BRCA gene you have a 1.4% chance of Ovarian Cancer in a lifetime so it is rare. 98% of ovarian cysts are benign. It is even more rare to have ovarian cancer in both ovaries at the same time. Your lymph nodes are normal. There is no cancer in your peritoneal cavity which you would see if it were cancer. I was full of cancer in my peritoneal cavity. They can't completely rule out cancer with out doing pathology of tissue. You have cysts in both ovaries.
Avatar n tn I can loose up to 7-10lbs in one night after drinking this stuffand a few days later I am bloated again, so I went back again and I got a resident Dr and she booked me for a CT. The CT determined that I had 2 simple cysts one on each ovary but a ultrasound would be recommended as well as a colonoscopy. The ultrasound determined I had one complex mass on my rt ovary and the scope was clean, nothing in my colon.
Avatar f tn I've been very l'll since February 24th was in ER but they thought I had flu since then I've had the following tests. The CT showed: 1.a thick band like atelectasis within the left lung base, along the inferior aspect of the left major fissure 2.a faint 1.5cm low-density lesion within the right hepatic lobe posteriorly, not consistant with a cyst. (Suggest Order an MRI) 3.NO evidance of bowl obstruction 4.a small fat containg umbilical hernia. 5.A 2.
Avatar n tn I had a MRI done for my back and one of the results they found was a 6 centimeter cyst in my right ovary and pelvic fluid. I was recommended to go to my GYN and get an ultrasound. I am on the Mirena contraceptive. I am concerned about cancer. Could it be that being on Mirena might of caused this cyst? I am having lots of pelvic pain and back pain. I am very concerned and I have an appt. scheduled with my GYN on the 4th of May. Should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn Now it is simply one foot in front of the other until you know what you are dealing with. It is wonderful your doc referred you to a gyn/oncologist without being asked to do so. He or she is definitely looking out for your best interests. Waiting is difficult for all of us but is part of the program. Just keep going with your tests and scans so your medical team can know what they are dealing with and how to best help you. Remember you are, and must always be, your strongest advocate.
Avatar n tn Hemorrhagic cysts are most often normal (functional follicular) cysts that fail to resolve completely and linger on the ovary, bleeding internally into the cyst (which contributes to the debris) or bleeding externally into the abdomen, causing pain and sometimes mild bloating. Fortunately, hemorrhagic cyst do tend to resolve on their own, but it might take some time for this to happen.
Avatar n tn Also, the images, tests, and even the symptoms of ovarian cysts and tumors are essentially the same, whether the mass is cancer or not. Frustrating, isn't it?! Anyway, when I was going through my similar experience last year, more than one nurse told me that the faster-growing the mass is, the more likely it was to be a benign condition. They based their statements on observations they made themselves. One woman was a surgical nurse who had worked with the doctor who performed my surgery.
Avatar f tn Sorry you are dealing with this! MOST ovarian cysts are benign including ones that look suspicious. If you do not have a genetic predisposition for ovarian cancer then your lifetime chances of getting it are very slim (less than 2%). I had a similar cyst although mine was larger - 9.5cm. It had some solid matter and some septations. Characteristics that are concerning are thick walls, thick septations, solid components, "finger-like" projections, ascites.
Avatar n tn 2 cm clear cyst and ovaries appeared less prominent than in March. So...because of some dull pain in left side I had another ultrasound in March 06. Now it says right ovary appeared slightly prominent and left now had a cyst with a septation. The cyst measured 3.8 x3.4. It is unclear etiology. I have a second opinion scheduled in two weeks. The Ca 125 blood test was normal. Is this familiar to anyone? Any suggestions on what to bring for second opinion?
570306 tn?1222716977 Regarding the cyst, if it is an ovarian cyst, typically simple cysts (i.e. no solid components on loculations) can be observed if they are small (less than 4-6 cm diameter). Cysts other than simple cysts generally require surgery. There can be differences between the CT scan and the ultrasound, and having your provider discuss the case with the radiologist may be helpful.Ultrasounds are usually more sensitive for picking up walls or sepatations between cysts.
Avatar n tn She found that my left inguinal lymph node was enlarged and my right ovary was enlarged with (2) 3cm cysts- She noted that fluid was not observed . I had been on birth control to shrink the one found in March and now there were two. I stopped BC. She ordered CA 125, CA 19.9, AFP and hormone profile. My CA125 was 21 CA 19.9 was 10.2 AFP was 13.7 My hormones levels are out of whack. This Dr is now sending me to a new Dr.