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Avatar n tn I was just wondering if it is normal to have blood flow to an ovarian cyst? I have surgery scheduled in mid December to remove the cyst and maybe the ovary. I got the us report and no one mentioned blood flow to the cyst. Is this normal?
Avatar m tn Cysts associated with endometriosis are more likely to lead to some type of bloody discharge or cysts that have blood filled sections. I don't think bleeding occurs in all cases. It could also be menstrual flow that is affected by ovary activity and the effect cysts have on hormone levels.
Avatar f tn In January of 2009, i had emergency surgery for an ovarian cysts on my right ovary. Apparently the cyst was 5 inches and twisted around my ovary. After the surgery, i had no pain up until June of that year. I had many ultrasounds done that confirmed i had small cysts. In April of 2010, i had laproscopic surgery to have a look to see what was going on. The doctor told me after that my ovary had dropped down due to a cyst and that my right tube was blocked.
Avatar f tn I guess my question is, if there is increased blood flow to an ovarian cyst does that typically indicate cancer or can benign cysts also have increased blood flow? Any information is greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I too just recently got a diagnosis of complex cyst left ovary, no blood flow to any part of the cyst or no fluid in the belly. I hope your appointment goes well on the 26th. Did you have CA125 tests done in conjunction with your repeat ultrasounds? I unde stand this test is not very reliable. Keep me posted as to what the dr says on the 26th. Best of luck!!
Avatar f tn Although these traits can occur with cancer, they can also occur with benign cysts. And most cysts are benign. The average woman's lifetime risk of ovarian cancer is very low at 1.3%. So if you do not have a genetic predisposition / family history of ovarian cancer then the odds are greatly in your favor that they are benign. Is your doctor monitoring them for now with periodic ultrasounds?
Avatar n tn My Dr swears that these ovarian cysts cause NO pain... When I went to the ER(1-11-06) they found a 4cm and a 2cm cyst and 3 kidney stones.Could this be something to do with kidneys.I have never had any kidney trouble at all that I know of.My sister and baby brother do though.Should I be concerned about it being that or could it be both??
Avatar n tn 2 and there is free fluid in the cul-de-sac, also normal arterial blood flow to both ovaries. How could both the reports be so different, on mass size and fluid? Confused and very scared. I was a releived when I read the post from Hutson that her/your 10cm cyst was benign. Thank God. I have not had a ca125 yet, I go Friday. Also, how big can these cyst grow? and what are the chances it could be cancer?
Avatar f tn and on the breast mass which come to find out has blood flow going to it whatever that means. i have to go to a breast specialist. to get it biopsied and taken out. i am just getting a little to overwhelmed on all of this.
Avatar f tn the doctor did the exam and then sent me for an ultrasound which showed a solid mass seen on my left ovary measuring 1.89X1.71 cm with blood flow seen. this was done in the office and not in the radiology dept. as soon as i was finished i went straight to the doctors office and she discussed my upcoming surgery and said "oh by the way you have a cyst on your ovary so lets get a follow up ultrasound in six week.
Avatar f tn Hi. I am a 29 year old with a history of ovarian cysts. After my last period I had some pelvic pain for about a week so I called my OBGYN and did a transvaginal ultrasound. The ultrasound was taken on day 15 of my cycle. It says that the uterus and myometrium are unremarkable and there is no fluid or bowl in the cul-de-sac. The right ovary is 4x3x3 cm and it has a simple cyst measuring 17x20x24 mm w/out suspicious vascular flow.
Avatar f tn I also had a complex ovarian cyst of the same size (9.5cm). MOST ovarian cysts, even suspicious looking complex ones, are usually benign. However, with your pelvic cancer history, this would certainly seem more concerning. And large cysts have the risk of causing the ovary to twist on itself (ovarian torsion) which can be extremely painful and cause the ovary to die likely putting you in an emergency situation. Unfortunately, I was over-treated by my long-time gynecologist.
Avatar n tn They don't do a biopsy for ovarian cysts since they may spread cancer cells if they are present. Ovarian cancer is very slow growing and curable if caught early. The key is for your doctor to watch the cyst to see if it grows. Mine has grown over the last 9 months, so I'm waiting to see what my gynocologist will recommend. It's no fun waiting for results, but I'm glad my doctor is taking every precaution. I also have HPV which increases my chances of getting cancer.
Avatar f tn I don't know if thyroid issues play into ovarian cysts or not. I had a 9.5cm ovarian cyst that was benign but I was overtreated. My gyn removed my uterus and both ovaries and I've been suffering the nasty effects ever since (11 years). Best of luck to you in getting proper treatment. Keep us posted.
Avatar f tn My question is can this prevent me from being capable of getting pregnant and what do they mean by confirm blood flow I'm lost there I know most of my medical terminology and how things are said but that confuses I plan on going to see my ob/gyn at the end of the month but really good use some advice. Plus I'm only 21 with no medical problems of any kind.
Avatar f tn Ovarian torsion is usually very painful and can cause the ovary to die from the loss of blood flow. Some solid cysts are not a concern cancer-wise but may need to be surgically removed due to size or symptoms. Complex cysts can be cancerous but MOST are not. And I have read of women's experiences where complex cysts have gone away on their own. A woman who does not have a predisposition (such as BRCA1 or BRCA2 gene mutation) has a LESS THAN 2% risk of ovarian cancer (1.4% according to U.S.
1826858 tn?1323799704 with 2 nonspecific solid appearing lesions one is isoechoic measures 1.1 x 1.2 x 1.3 cm with no internal blood flow. The other is hyperechoic messuring 7 x 9 x 4 mm with increased blood flow. What does all this mean?
Avatar f tn There's no mention of the size of the cysts in centimeters. Do you know the size? Follicular are normal and part of ovulation. Hemorrhagic are leaking and breaking down and may be the major contributor to the pain and symptoms you're feeling. It sounds like the cyst is on its way to resolving/going away on its own, but the follow up is definitely worthwhile to make certain.
Avatar n tn In an ultrasound they found a complex ovarian cyst with abnormal blood flow and uterine polyps. I had a d and c and had 3 polyps removed and my periods are now pretty normal. My uterus is enlarged to the size of a 3 month pregnant uterus. I went back for another ultrasound of the ovary and it looked more simple yet had grown some. I went back again today and now it is a little smaller but looks more like a mass with abnormal blood flow again.
1408770 tn?1283216803 Cysts CAN actually stop periods completely, and some of ur symptoms can be caused by having cysts. However, ALL ur sypmtoms r related to pregnancy! I would say u were pregnant! But Im not a doctor, just a mum of 2 who has ovarian cysts! If u want a more informed decision I suggest posting ur question on the "PCOS - polycystic ovarian syndrome" there r lots of women who have had cysts for a lot longer than me and they give great advice.
Avatar f tn I have been living with lower abdominal/pelvic pain (cramps like come and go) for several months, unusually heavy flow (blood clotting at times) some months I have terrible headaches with my cycle and I am unable to get out of bed until they pass usually 3 days or less. I also have no appetite but I force myself to eat because I know that I must still operate to care for my small children. The pain sometimes stops me dead in my tracks and I have to sit down or rest.
Avatar n tn 4 complex cyst with vescular flow seen within both ovaries and no free standing fluid. No other information available. Gynocologist said doing a CA-125 test would be useless as I got fibroids, and they will influence the result. I will repeat ultrasound in 4 weeks, and praying it does not grow, or maybe shrinks. That would be a miracle. I am also concerned about endometriosis and scar tissue from previous surgery, but I can't get any answers until they open me up.
Avatar n tn I don't know about the details of your cyst, but the over 90% of cysts are BENIGN, especially at your age. You might see if they'll do a repeat ultrasound sooner than 5 weeks, that's a long time to wait and wonder. I think "no flow is demonstrated" means there's no blood flow into the cyst, which is a good sign. (Tumors need blood, cysts don't). I know how it feels to stare at a test result report over and over trying to figure out what it means for my future.
Avatar n tn Come to find out you start to vomit because the cyst twists you ovary and cuts off the blood flow. So I had to then go into emergency surgery and they had to remove the cyst..as well as my ovary. So I would highly recommend getting this taken care of ASAP for your own health. Be proactive and persistant.
Avatar n tn Most of you know that I had a negative HPT on day 31 of my cycle last month. I had spotting on day 30-31 and on day 31 started flow. AF lasted 2.5-3 days. Not heavy, but red, new blood nonetheless, then followed with 2 days of spotting (brown discharge. I took the clomid on days 3-7, reluctantly... I just had a feeling that I was pregnant? Then I thought, I am just being silly and took the clomid. Well this month I have felt very abnormal!
Avatar n tn One of my cysts developed blood flow which was the point that my doc recommended surgery. Again all was benign. I hope you make the decision that is right for you.
Avatar f tn 3 ultrasounds June, 2010: 3.3 x 2.9 x 2.8 cimilar to 3.1x 3.0 x 2.8 in Oct 2008. No longer cystic in appearance but may represent hemorrhave within a cyst. Margins are smooth in outline.. September 2010: "There is a dominant follicle on the right ovary with no ovarian cysts or mas lesions seen. Irregular cyst on the left ovary measuring 2.3 x 2.2 cm that is slightly smaller than was seen in June 2010 and there is a small vascularized echogenic nodule.
Avatar f tn i also have a mass in right breast with blood flow goiing to it so i have a lot on my mine already. i just did not know if anybody had any advise. there is no history of cancer in my family.
Avatar f tn I started a period 2 weeks ago after having years of no periods or my one-day one-wipe periods (bleeding lasting only one wipe of the toilet paper) every few months. Had constant ovarian cysts. Can't take hormones at all (any kind) due to severe blood clots that went to my lungs 2 years ago from birth control - to control my PCOS. Period has now lasted 2 full weeks as of today and the bleeding is not stopping at all. It is medium to heavy but not extremely heavy.