Ovarian cysts keep rupturing

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Avatar m tn I have a question and I don't t know where to put it so I put it here.
Avatar n tn I've been on BC for about 4 months and still bleeding and hurting from ovarian cysts. It's to a point that it's gotten to be so painful that I've been to the ER once already. My doctor just want to do a hysterectomy and get it over with, I thought they were supposed to do the pill then laparoscopy, then hysterectomy. At this point all I want is a partial hysterectomy, I'm frustrated, in pain and just plain miserable.
Avatar n tn I've been dealing with ovarian cysts since 08-09.I was told I have chocolate cysts on my ovaries. I've tried the nuvaring as means to shrink the cysts and I was feeling better the only downside is I would continuously keep putting the nuvaring in and skipped periods. I've had pain on my right side, pain under my belly button, gas, bloated, constipation, back pain, heavy periods,tenderness near my c section cut and severe gas and gas pains can't have a bowel movement w/o a laxative.
1473788 tn?1286978727 I am 23 years old and I have had so many ovarian cysts rupture that I have lost count! It's affecting my life dramatically. I have a cyst rupture every few months. I was put on birth control to regulate the growth but I have 2 different types of cysts and the larger ones that my fallopian tubes wrap around aren't controlled by the medication. When I was 16 I was having pelvic discomfort and my abdomen was distended. I looked about 6 months pregnant.
Avatar f tn I now have had at least 4 ovarian cysts in the last year. In January I had one on each side, and I'm waiting to go in for an ultrasound in a few more weeks to see if they are still there, or if I'm currently experiencing symptoms for a new one, (I was feeling great in February). I also have a new Dr. cause my old dr just shrugged off my concerns, and this last time only told me I had one, and saying it was no big deal. I actually found out I had 2 and one was complex.
Avatar m tn HI, Regular use of birth control pills over 4 to 6 months does help in stopping excessive bleeding and helps resolve any small ovarian cysts as well. It is necessary that the pills are taken every day without missing any. Missing pills can lead to break through bleeding. Now your daughter’s bleeding that has lasted more than a month is not normal and needs immediate attention. Haemostatic agents can help stop the bleeding.
Avatar n tn I am told I have a golf ball size cyst on my left ovary. They say it may go away on it's own, to wait 3 mos. then re-check. I have pain with it quite often, especially during my period. I also have an inflamation in the cervix/uterus. I used to take Zelnorm for Irritable Bowel Syndrome until I read that it caused ovarian cyst in some females.
Avatar f tn I had been on this forum off and on over a year ago after experiencing several ruptured ovarian cysts. Unfortunately I am back because of the same problem and would like some advice. For the past five years or so, I have been on oral contraceptives to help with ovarian cysts. While not on the pill, I had cysts rupture and then while on the combined pill, I still had cysts rupture. Once I was placed on the progestin only pill, I didn't have anymore problems with cysts rupturing.
Avatar m tn Yes, I was told ulcer, IBS, peri-menopause, possible rupturing cysts, spasmodic colon, acid re-flux, you name it. I also was told that I ate too much sugar, don't exercise and am getting old. Actually those things were true!! I was anemic really bad GI cause was ruled out. Gyn was supposed to rule out GYN cause She gave up trying. I switched to new gyn. He found my ovca. I know he saved my life. After my surgery all GI symptoms were gone except constipation.
Avatar m tn Your cyst is still small and you didn't mention if it is complex, solid, or fluid filled. As far as ovarian cancer goes, the cysts are complex or solid and drs. usually decide to remove those types of cysts when they are 5cm or larger. If yours is complex or solid you will want to do frequent follow up visits to keep a check on it. Your gyn will be able to do more tests and hopefully determine the type of cyst. Most cysts turn out to be benign.
Avatar n tn Keep on it until you feel you have been properly diagnosed. Remember ovarian cancer is very rare, so the stats are on your side. Keep us updated on your results.
118225 tn?1278658540 My questions are, 1) Is it possible that I am havinbg reoccuring hemmorhagic cysts, even though im on birth control?? 2) does the fact that i keep getting cysts on the same ovary a sign of ovarian cancer? If it is cancer would it keep going away and coming back like that? 3) what should I do if i feel i have a new cyst? can anything keep it from rupturing and causing me that pain? Thank you so much again for your time.
Avatar n tn CT confirmed that the pain I was having was due to 7cm cyst rupturing on my right ovary and also have a large calcified teratoma on my left ovary. I made appt w/gyn for ultrasound. At u.s. 2 techs could not locate my left ovary and brought dr in and he could not. us found little fluid in tube -hydrosalpinx?? Dr read results and scheduled me for lap surgery to remove ovary and tube. I am blessed w/2 boys and am not planning on more so I am ok w/ovary removal.
Avatar n tn Is it possible to mistake ovarian cancer for dermoid cysts? I have looked at the symptoms of ovarian cancer and I am a bit concerned. I have battled digestive problems for about 4 years. Nausea, diarreah, constipation, and bloating. I have been to a gasterenteroligist (SP?) and have had a colonoscopy and endoscopy and have been diagnosed with IBS. But these are all symptoms of ovarian cancer. Do I need to be concerened that it might be something worse than dermoid cyst?
Avatar m tn Until then, can I do light exercise (if the pain allows)? I now have this fear of it rupturing and I obviously don't want that to happen.
Avatar f tn I will continue taking the pill, though, because I would rather put up with the migraines than the rupturing of cysts. My mom had severe endometriosis a few years ago and ended up having a hysterectomy to take care of it (she was only 38 or so at the time of her hysterectomy). I will plan on going to the doctor over break, but do you have any idea on what the doctor would do or what tests he would perform? Thanks so much for responding!
Avatar f tn Hello, I had chocolate cysts (also tumor) on my right ovary and I had a lap done five years ago. During the lap my right ovary was removed, because there were a lot of complications and the condition was very bad and serious. I had chocolate cysts on my left ovary too, so after the lap I strted with Yasmin BCP treatment. I am taking Yasmin for five years now and they are helping with regulation of the hormones and they stop the cysts getting bigger.
Avatar n tn I am also feeling faint. One of my teachers said she had the same problem and she fainted because of the cyst and she had surgery. I also went online looking about ovarian cysts and it said to seek medical assistance if: feeling faint was one of them. I'm not sure what to do. The pain is getting a little bit worse, nothing that I haven't experienced before. What should I do about this?
Avatar f tn Do you know if the chances are greater for it to be cancerous? I did a little research and as I look down the list of symptoms for ovarian cancer, I have every one. I am having an u/s o tuesday; cyst discovered via CT scan due to ongoing pelvic pain. Any thoughts?
1973052 tn?1332871876 History of previous ovarian cysts Irregular menstrual cycles Increased upper body fat distribution Early menstruation (11 years or younger) Infertility Hypothyroidism or hormonal imbalance Tamoxifen (Soltamox) therapy for breast cancer
Avatar m tn I'm sorry you are in so much pain. It is common for women to have ovarian cysts (we get them every month when we ovulate, but they usually dissolve on their own). I'm not sure about a fibroid, but I have seen that many women post that they have one. You are very smart to ask to be referred to a gynecologist. Sometimes, our PCP don't understand exactly what we are going through. Here are a few questions I suggest you ask your gynecologist: 1. What kind of cyst do I have? 2.
Avatar f tn I am 33 years old and have been to the ER twice in the last 4 months. I keep having terrible stomach pain. I had an abdominal CT scan the first time and was told that I have a left ovarian cyst (2 cm) and a moderate amount of free fluid around my ovaries. I went to my OBGYN and had a vaginal U/S only to find out the the free fluid was re-absorbing and the cyst was smaller.
117065 tn?1280878007 Good morning ladies....I have a question about ovarian cysts. I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a connection between having an ovarian cyst rupture in early pregnancy and having a m/c. The reason I am asking is the last 2 times I got pg, I had an ovarian cyst rupture and with in a couple of days to a week I m/c both pregnancies. I am just starting to wonder if there is something connecting the two, and if there is anything that can be done to help.
Avatar n tn i do know that some cysts can go away on there own with in 2-3 months maybe thats what the dotor is making u wait for but i do hope u feel better very soon but if it was me i would go and get it looked at again very soon if the pain is increasing...
Avatar n tn If the opening stays shut, the hole will keep filling with liquid. Ovarian cysts can get really big, like the size of a lemon. And they hurt when they get that big! It's pressure, not only on the ovary but on surrounding structures (imagine if you had a liquid cyst getting bigger and bigger inside your testicle. Yowch!!!). If the opening finally opens and lets out the liquid, it can be a major relief, since there is no more distended ovary.