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Avatar f tn HI, It is true that small ovarian cysts when they rupture cause pain in the abdomen. The fluid will eventually get absorbed as your Doctor said. Also the cysts are not very large and they are functional cysts which will resolve on their own. Pregnancy can be difficult in women with a small uterus. Consult your Doctor. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn Endometriosis can be painful, but not always, but the cysts shouldn't cause any problems, unless they are not normal cysts, in a menopausal state. As for the black outs, I've never heard of that happening to someone, but it could happen if the pain is really bad. I quickly pulled that out of my school book. I would just make sure that the doctor knows about the black outs. There is way besides surgery to really diagnose endometriosis besides the menopausal state.
Avatar m tn I recently had a partial hysterectomy. They went in to remove my cervix and uterus due to my uterus being enlarged and hard and my cervix had pre-cancerous cells on it. They were only able to remove my uterus due to my cervix being attached to my bladder and abdominal wall by scar tissue from 4 c-sections. Long story short I have now developed a 5.1 cyst on my ovary and the ovary itself is enlarged to 7.3 cm. I have a small cyst on the other ovary as well. I am scared. Is this dangerous?
Avatar n tn Hi! If you were my patient, I would probably repeat an ultrasound in 6-12 weeks. If the cysts are 2 cm or smaller, they will almost certainly go away on their own. Also, small cysts like that are unlikely to cause pain. The "cyst" in your uterus is most likely a fibroid. Again, a repeat ultrasound would be helpful to be sure that it is not growing. If you were my patient, I would wonder about endometriosis. I might discuss the possibility of a laparoscopy (minor surgery -- t.v.
Avatar m tn 9(vol-46cc) n left ovary is normal in size basicly i want to know the exact location of the cyst.. Is it in uterus or beside the ovary n plz let me know the treatment..
Avatar n tn 3cm follicular cyst in my left. Also ther is a small amount of free fluid in the adnexas bilaterally whatever that means. And i found out my uterus is retroverted. This all started from a Urinary Tract infection, then bleeding and a kidney stone in the back of my bladder. I go to the OBGYN next week and I don't think i have too much to worry since the cysts are small but my question is would these cysts cause my back to hurt and it hurt/burn when i use the bathroom?
3100626 tn?1341390776 Could this pain be cysts. In so much pain really getting scared my mom died.
Avatar f tn I have a history of ovarian cysts and they are usually on my left but sometimes both and thy're usually never painless. I have such horrible pain with them and I don't want to go in and have them checked because they don't do anything. I've been thinking of just having my left ovary taken out but I'm scared that if I do what if my right ovary doesn't provide enogh eggs to become pregnant in the future? Also how many days are you usually in the hospital recovering and at home?
308998 tn?1233708502 He sent me for a Ultrasound which showed a normal uterus wtih a 4 mil endo strip, no fibroids and bilaterial ovarian cysts 5.9 cm on the right and 5.5 on the left which the radiologist thought looked Hemorhagich or were endmometriomas. GP sent me to Gynocologist who recommended another Ultersound in 5-6 weeks. I went for that on Oct. 4th (mid cycle for me). That report came back 13.1 endo strip with a 1.3cm fibroid and a heterogness area near the fundus and recommended a uterine biopsy.
Avatar m tn advice please for an 18 year-old with ovarian cysts and distressing acne 1. are the two problems related? 2. I took three month Metformine 50mgs/day for the cysts but yesterday's ultra showed right ovary 3.6 X 2.5 cms. Left, 3.2 x 2.1 both with multiple small cysts average 5mm in diameter. i.e. smaller cysts but more in number than the last test. Is it a fact that I won't get rid of the acne until the cysts are gone? 3.
Avatar f tn It is really rare to have ovarian cancer in both ovaries. Most cysts are benign. Unless you have the BRCA mutation you have 1.4% of ovarian cancer in a lifetime. I am no doctor but you might have polycystic ovary syndrome.
Avatar n tn I explained to her that I had the essure procedure done (she had no clue what I was talking about) but she mentioned that she could see pretty clearly a device or something on my uterus. Do you know how far in the uteturs the coils are suppose to be? I'm very concerned regarding having the coils misplaced in my uterus insted of being on my tubes.
Avatar f tn Most ovarian cysts disappear in 8 to 12 weeks. If they persist then before going in for surgery we can try the birth control pills also. Continuous bleeding can be due to the Mirena IUD. For thick uterine lining get a biopsy of the lining done to confirm the diagnosis. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor.
Avatar f tn I started having some abdominal pain back in June, I asked my doctor when I had my physical and he told me if after getting off my period and there were no changes I needed to let him know so he could order a sonogram to rule out ovarian cysts since I have a history with one. I waited until July 3rd to go to the emergency room, even though the pain had worsened, the Dr there told me I had "several" ovarian cysts but the sonogram tech only had one on the right side 2 .6 cm.
Avatar n tn I was told I had two cysts on my right ovary one that was rather enlarged and fibroids in my uterus. The sonographer said she wasnt overly concerned but they would see me in 6-8 weeks to see if they had gone away. Its about 5 weeks now ,the pain subsided within two weeks without m medication and I have had a relatively painless period since then.However I am convinced that I have ovarian cancer aswell as many other cancers .
Avatar n tn I had a full hysterectomy 3 years ago due to endometreosis and ovarian cysts. 2 days ago I was admitted into hospital with suspected kidney stones. After many tests they discovered cysts where my ovaries once were. At first they thought I still had my ovaries but then realised they were seeing cysts. The one on my left side appartently has a blood flow and from what I can tell that is not usual. Should I be very worried? And what does it mean?
Avatar n tn I now just found out I have two Ovarian Cysts, one is as big as my uterus. I am guessing this is most likely why we have not conceived because we have been doing it every other day, taking me temp, and using ovulation test strips. I read you can not have sex until 6 weeks after your surgery, so we will start trying right after that so that I know no cysts have started to form again. Hoping it can happen before things get bad again(if they do).
Avatar n tn A followup ultrasound is a reasonable course of action - if there was concern about ovarian cancer, then it would have been suspected in the radiologist's impression.
Avatar f tn I have had serveral surgerys to include 2 cyst removals 5 laparoscopic surgerys and 3 secections. Now back in october I had an MRI done and revealed serveral cysts on right overy with the largest one being 1.4 cm in diameter. I recently had to go to ER due to serve pain on right side and they informed me that I have a cyst measuring 9.
Avatar n tn But, I did have it and my ovary removed in Nov. Like you, I went in for a VUS and waited through another cycle only to go back and find it had grown. I had laparoscopic surgery and recovery was not as bad as if I would have had a laparotomy. Mine was outpatient. I feel pretty back to normal now but am having some hormonal issues. I have to say that my pain did go away. The cyst was pushing my uterus over to the left and causing bad LEFT-sided pain, never on the right where the cyst was.
Avatar f tn I am sorry you are dealing with this. The good thing is that most ovarian cysts are benign and most resolve on their own. However, these sound like the type that do not go away so need to be surgically removed especially the larger one due to size. According to radiology websites, hypoechoic cysts are usually endometriomas or teratomas (dermoids) both of which are benign (non-cancerous) cysts. Of course, imaging is not exact so they cannot know for sure until they do surgery.
Avatar n tn I've been dealing with ovarian cysts since 08-09.I was yoldn in have chocolate cysts on my ovaries. I've tried the nuvaring as means to shrink the cysts and I was feeling better. I've had pain on my right side, pain under my belly button, gas, bloated, constipation, back pain, heavy periods,tenderness near my c section cut and severe gas and gas pains can't have a bowel movement w/a laxative I feel so uncomfortable. Just been miserable.
Avatar f tn Simple cysts in the right ovary 2. Septated cyst in the left ovary, considered to be within normal limits for this patient's age ---------------------- I thought all septated cysts need removal and biopsy?????
604168 tn?1222541386 For the CA-125 test to be a useful screening tool, it would have to detect most ovarian cancers in their early stages and not give positive results in women who do not have the cancer. The CA- 125 test does not meet these standards. Also, please try not to worry...
Avatar m tn Hi Kippie I am sorry you've got a cyst causing you trouble. With PCOS, chances are you will have more troublesome cysts in the future. I have PCOS also. It sounds like, your doc is hoping the birth control pills will resolve your cyst. It is common to try birth control for a month or two for certain types of cysts. I have actually had large painful cysts that had to be removed surgically. I hope the Junel does the trick and your feeling better in no time.
Avatar f tn I had an ovarian cyst on left ovary in January, 2010 which prompted her to perform another ultrasound yesterday;it showed the cyst had grown; she also ordered the CA125 blood test; I won't find out anything until Tuesday, March 16, 2010; I missed my period for the first time ever in February, other than during pregnancy; for the past few months I have had unexplained lower back pain and my internist referred me to a spinal specialist.