Ovarian cysts in perimenopause

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Avatar f tn Your symptoms are fairly typical with ovarian cysts. Most cysts go away on their own in 2 to 3 cycles or months. Being in perimenopause, it may take longer since you are not having regular periods. But I have read that cysts can even develop after menopause but even those tend to go away on their own so I would not think being in perimenopause increases your risk for needing surgery.
Avatar n tn Hello, I had both ovaries removed in Feb 07 because of ovarian cysts. I am not taking hormones as I do not feel the need to right now. Hot flashes are not bad enough for me to use them. Today, I started my period and I was shocked. I was told by my doctor that I would never have periods again. I did not have a hysterectomy. Why am I having a period?
476009 tn?1211470589 I started a blog about some of my perimenopause issues a few months ago and rather than replay it here I'll just put up the address if anyone wants to read or comment on it. www.walkingthroughmenopause.blogspot.com It's been a real eyeopener to be sure.
Avatar n tn History: March '05 started w/ a very light period and then heavy prolonged bleeding. Went to the gyn, he didn't feel anything on exam, prescribed meds to get the bleeding to stop, they worked for about 2 weeks, bleeding then continued. When I mentioned constant cramping was sent for a pelvic ultrasound (ab & transvaginal). Results came back showing bilateral ovarian cysts.
Avatar f tn I've had the ovarian cysts for a year and the polyps and fibroids and endometriomas. I have also read that they may be able to alleviate pain by trying low does anti-depressants. I know you don't want to hear this but my daugher recently was put on these and it has made a huge difference in her life. I'm going to talk to my OBGYN and see what she thinks. I can always have the Hysterectomy later if it doesn't work, but I can't go back if I'm unhappy without my organs. Just a thought.
Avatar f tn Hi, Irregular periods and painful sex is not normal and you need to see your Doctor for an examination. Irregular bleeding can be due to stress, hormonal imbalance, ovarian cysts or PCOS, use of birth control pills etc. An ultrasound scan of the pelvis and Pap smear may be done. The mood swings also point to hormonal changes which may be a part of pre-menopause. Consult your Doctor. The answer is based on information provided.
Avatar n tn Thanks for your replies. I also had endometriosis. I never had much pain with it but suffered infertility which was why I was put on Clomid. I had laser surgery for the endometriosis and was never bothered by it again. I thought I had heard that a report as well that stated the potential risk for ovarian cancer from Clomid use was not as great as once thought but have also read otherwise, too so don't know what the real answer is.
Avatar f tn Hi MPANDE. I am 39 and will be 40 in June and just had a radical hysterectomy in January to treat cervical cancer. When I went into surgery my ovaries were producing a little too much estrogen to be exact so I had yet to experience even the first sign of menopause. Well because my body was used to having so much hormone when they took everything it essentially threw my body into shock. Or so they say. It's just funny you said you get headaches because that was my very first symptom.
Avatar f tn I am 49 and in perimenopause. I had my period on Feb 5th, it ended Feb 7th and then I started bleeding Feb 15th and have been bleeding ever since. I went to gyn on Feb 25th who did a TVU where it was discovered I had a 10mm thick uterine lining and cysts on one ovary and fluid on the other. I could have sworn the PA also told me I had ascites. I was told to have a biopsy of my uterus the very next day. Plus an MRI. When I asked the gyn about the ascites she said I don't have it.
Avatar f tn 189 lbs, and have 4 children ages 10-20. I had my right ovary and tube removed in 2002 due to monthly cysts. It was terrible. I also had an endo ablation (burned the lining of my uterus out). I have many fibroids (one being the size of a plum or so). Per OB/GYN I have been thrown into perimenopause. My last period was in March 2010. I have been doing a boot camp of sorts for WT loss 3 x a week. It isn't too strenuous, though. (For beginners.
Avatar f tn I'm scared I don't know what is going on and every time I go to the doctor it seems like she doesn't believe me! I have a family history of ovarian cysts but none of them have had all of the symptoms I have. The dizziness is the worst and it won't go away. It's been constant for about 2 months.
Avatar n tn That being said, my hormone tests I had done last year were an indication that I was not in perimenopause. I guess I am now as the blood tests have changed to indicate that so I really don't know what caused the irregular bleeding all along. Perhaps it was the fibroid?? Guess the ultrasound will be a good indicator of what is going on.
Avatar f tn Ovarian cysts can cause a range of symptoms from none to severe. But the symptoms do not necessarily correlate with the size or type of cysts. It seems uncommon for symptoms of endometriosis (e.g., pelvic pain) to initially present in a woman your age unless she had some sort of uterine surgery such as c-section that caused it (secondary a.k.a iatrogenic endometriosis).
Avatar n tn Hi, I have 2 cysts on my right ovary. Had the left one removed due to multiple cysts in July of 05 & I'm only 26. The reason I had the surgery was because the cysts got to be so big. My question is does anyone out there have cysts with no symptoms. The cysts I have now range from 4 to 5 cm & I couldn't even tell you that they are there. They never bother me. I'll find out excatly what size they are today when I go to the Dr.
Avatar n tn My cyst was an endometrioma. These cysts, like dermoid cysts, can grow FAST. Fortunately, both cysts are most commonly benign. Basically, the symptoms for benign and for malignant ovarian masses (whether cyst or tumor) are the same, and the only way to determine if the mass is cancer or not is to surgically inspect it. My cyst was removed last December, and it was benign.
Avatar n tn i know this because in 93 I had an ovarian cyst removed, and the scars help in identifying. I had test done with my family doctor, he said he saw alot of white cells under the microscope. I had a normal pap smear. Syphilis, and HIV were both (-), and the Chlamydia test was (-) as well. In the culture, they found (genitaliac), which shows Gardnerella Vaginalis. My question(s) are... [] Can this be the cause of my pain? [] Is it contagious? [] Cause other future problems? HIV?
Avatar n tn Looking for some information. I am continually having ultrasounds for recurrent Complex Ovarian Cysts "presumably" representing cyst with hemmorhage. One ultrsound will show complex cyst and I'll follow it up and the next time it will show that it's resolving but I have another complex cyst on the other side. Mind you - I've had a partial hysterectomy, so it worries me that the films are being read correctly.
Avatar f tn I have had an ultrasound done of the pelvic area at the gynocologist office. They found no cysts or fibroids and at the time the lining of my uterus was a bit on the thin side which the gynocologist just said I am a bit more fragile. Thanks for your comments. Anything else you can think of let me know!
Avatar n tn Can anyone please tell me if they have had or are following ovarian cysts and are in menopause or perimenopause. I have benign appearing cysts bilaterally although the MDs feel they should not be there because I have not been regular with my periods....I am 48. My hormones inc. estrogen appear to be that of someone who has not enered menopause. The cyst wait and see approach is so scary to me. Any ovarian cyst wait and see story would be appreciated!
Avatar n tn Although I think they use them for women who are perimenopause like myself (well basically anyone over 40). Only 6% of postmenopausal women get cysts on their ovaries and a good portion of those fall into the RMI index that you are on i.e. wait and watch. I suppose the concern would be that if you opted for surgery you might awake with everything removed, but they can only remove what you sign for.
Avatar f tn About a month ago I suffered what I believe to be the rupture of an ovarian cyst in the middle of my cycle (sudden, intense, very localized pain--lasted a few hours, seemed to respond to Advil). Pain subsided and I was left with gas, stomach ache, burps, bowel issues that subsided when my period began, 12 days later. About 6 or 7 days after period ended (period seemed pretty normal), the GI issues returned and seemed to peak with what I think was ovulation.
Avatar f tn It sounds like you have a hormonal imbalance due to the changes in your cycle. Other types of cysts can form when hormones are out of sync. I don't know your age, but could you be in perimenopause? It can cause cycle changes. With your missing ovary, you may have been thrown into it a bit sooner than normal. It is terrible to be without health insurance and need care. You can contact your local health department and try to find a low or no cost clinic.
Avatar n tn But, ovarian cysts at any age can change your hormones and cause these types of symptoms. Unfortunately, no two ovarian cysts show themselves in the same way. So, it is hard to say without having tests to rule out all other causes. In general the list of symptoms you describe sound like they could be related to menopause. But, if you are under 45, then that is less likely. I think you should definitely see your gyn and have some tests to determine the cause. Welcome to the forum!
Avatar f tn Can you please tell me what the risks are for the septation on the ovary and what it means in relationship to cysts that are malignant. Do malignant cysts usually have septations? Is my cyst more likely to either be or turn into cancer because of this septation? Can non-malignant cysts have septations? Also, does the cyst being elliptical verses round mean anything?
Avatar n tn Two years ago bloating started after having a minor hemrhoid and so did the start of cysts. I have been fortunate in they have all gone away on their own except the current one has been here three months and on my last ultrasound was still there with two more. I have trouble with constipation ,pressure, and gas. This happens mostly at night and is getting painful. I feel as if I have a full bowel and sometime after having a movement get raw dull pain inside my lower back.
Avatar n tn Most women are at the begining of perimenopause at 40, so it is not uncommon to have some hormonal issues (especially post childbirth). Cysts definitely occur in the presence of hormonal imbalance. Did your doctor plan any follow-up for your cysts? If not, you should call the office and let them know about your symptoms. Tell them you think it may be related to your cysts and that you need to see your doctor again.
Avatar n tn , due to the large fibroid so I don't think I would be able to detect cancer just on the physical symptoms since they already exist. I am in the late stages of perimenopause and my gynecologist feels within a year I will be at menopause at which time the fibroid will probably shrink and hysterectomy can be avoided. He does not seem concerned about not seeing or feeling the ovary. What can I do to be proactive about ovarian cancer screening under these circumstances?