Ovarian cysts during ivf

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Avatar n tn I am a 40 yr old female w/ a history of ovarian cysts. These cysts do not cause any symptoms and I am pain free. Fertility doctor wanted these cysts (3) removed so my gyn. removed them thru laproscopy in 8 months ago. All were benign. CA125 test performed in November of 2006 showed a level of 78. Very mild endometriosis also viewed during laproscopy. Cysts returned rather quickly and were seen on ultrasound by my fertility doctor. He referred to them as Hemmorhagic cysts.
Avatar n tn is is possible to get ovarian cysts during lupron treatment? I thought i was in menopause and dont ovulate? or am i wrong?
Avatar f tn I too suffer from ovarian cysts, during IVF cycle (approx 16cm). My doctor however elected to postphone my IVF cycle one week, surgically drained the cyst and proceeded with the IVF cycle. My doctor also said that there are new studies which indicate that cysts do not interfer with the IVF and some doctors are not ignoring them. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn I would wake up in the night with intense lower abdominal bloating and lower back pain. During these wakeful hours I would spend time gently massaging the area above the cysts with my fingertips, like I was playing the piano. This seemed to ease the pain and bloating considerably and after a short while the cysts would feel less hard and my body would relax and allow me to fall back to sleep.
1324051 tn?1275418412 Today my period appears to be almost over and I woke this morning with a little discomfort and pressure down there again. I'm wondering if ovarian cysts cause pain during your period, especially in the beginning and end. I have never experienced this weirdness before and I feel like I'm going crazy. At first I was not sure what was causing the discomfort, but now I feel that it is perhaps connected to my cycle.
Avatar f tn Hence it is best to conceive as soon as the treatment for the endometriotic cysts is done. This can be laparotomy for removal or medical treatment. Success of IVF will depend on other factors like age, quality of endometrial lining and sperm factors and embryo quality. Consult an infertility expert for an evaluation. Hope this helps. Take care and good luck.
Avatar f tn Hence it is best to conceive as soon as the treatment for the endometriotic cysts is done. This can be laparotomy for removal or medical treatment. Success of IVF will depend on other factors like age, quality of endometrial lining and sperm factors and embryo quality. Consult an infertility expert for an evaluation. Hope this helps. Take care and good luck.
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Avatar f tn Birthcontrol pills are used to regulate and control your cycle as well as to reduce the chance ovarian cysts will form. At some point an ultrasound should be done. Towards the end of your cycle you will begin Lupron (some doctors use different drugs, but the goal of Lupron is to down regulate. It sort of "shuts down" the mechanisms that normally control your cycle). Lupron is given once a day. It is a tiny amount given with a standard diabetic needle.
1326826 tn?1274921027 We tried on our own for 6 months prior to this cycle and I've had some ovarian cysts reappear during that time period. I'm hoping the surgery was thorough enough to last a while :) Congratulations on the twins! I'm glad to hear it worked out for you. Thank you for sharing and for the good wishes.
453994 tn?1218784581 I am in exactly the same boat as you. I was taking b/c for 3 weeks and my first ivf u/s revealed an ovarian cyst. It's not that large but my doc postponed everything till the cyst goes away. I feel so frustrated! The worst thing is that there is nothing that we can do to make those cysts go away, just "watchful waiting." I have been ttc for way over 2 years and I am sooo tired of waiting! I am not sure about aspiration but I did have a cyst surgically removed many years ago.
Avatar n tn I am trying to begin ivf but keep getting cysts. I was clear after laproscopic and was planning on doing ivf and now just heard from my doctor that it looks like a have a hemorragic cysts on my ovary (my one good ovary) and we can't proceed. I am doing acupuncture twice a week and have just started seeing a homeopathic doctor. My question, does anyone know how to stop cysts from coming back. Dietwise does anyone have any suggestions? Anything would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn ) nope we are about to do another IUI.. we were just about to move onto IVF when during our IVF consult i was on cd2 and the dr wanted to take advantage of that month (even though my dh's urologist said we really needed IVF with ICSI) so he decided to see how my body reacted to injectables and try one last IUI while the IVF paperwork went through, thats when we got preg the first time.. then again thru IUI, right before we were going to move onto IVF... ha!
Avatar m tn The first IVF cycle was canceled due to ovarian cyst; the second and third cycles were BFN, and the fourth IVF cycle we got a BFP. Unfortunately we lost our little bean at seven weeks!!I SENDING SOME SUPER STICKY BABY DUST YOUR WAY!!
Avatar f tn e fluctuating hormones. I had no history of problematic cysts, even during the fertility treatments. Any comments or similar experiences? Thanks!
Avatar n tn HI Dear May i ask how many eggs did you get during your first IVF cycle? I got 7 but only 4 fertilized and all were put back because of my age. I just pray that DHEA will yield more and quality eggs for me. Everything went well with the steaming but none of the eggs took. My problem is blocked tubes.
Avatar f tn I did it before and during IVF, haven't thought about returning, mainly b/c we're broke. I might try and at least do a few sessions. It really helped with my stress and while I'm not a crazy believer of Eastern Medicine, there is something to be said for it! pj11--I'm so glad you're on here! DO NOT stress about the HPT just yet! And yes, the HPT can definitely show negative and you can still have a BFP with the blood test. SO don't worry either way!
1219580 tn?1297221739 they always try to fit me around the doctor rather than the doctor around me! which I do find strange! In relation to exercise you can during the IVF cycle however low impact stuff and exercise that won't strain your core (Tummy muscles) I work in a gym and have loads of pregnant people training they but things are different for the IVF process Aqua or Swimming is always a safe option! As for me I am 5 days in and feeling really positive about things (think the acupuncture is keeping me sain!
1462588 tn?1345065395 ) Sometimes he doesn't mean nothing if you have a lot of follies. Take my situation, during our first IVF try last May they collected 15 follies, and only 2 of them made it to blast. So like Juana105 said it only takes one good embie :) I wish you all the luck in the world and keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you guys!! Juana105 The hour 1/2 drive is tiring but well worth it. I always have someone ride with me weather it's my wonderful DH, my mother or my Best Friend.
1340863 tn?1366644684 I met with the RE on Oct 19, whom explained what may have went wrong during the first IVF cycle. Apparently my follicles responded to late to the follistim which caused the RE to make a decision regarding canceling the cycle VS administering the Ovidrel to perform the retrieval a day early.
1094771 tn?1330284476 Melissa-glad to hear things are progressing and yes the wait is the worst part! Unfortunately, it seems that's all we do during the IVF process Ready_2_be-Glad you are joining us! preciousfamily2010-A faint line is a line-saying a prayer for you! Meme_Brown-Glad your hanging in there, keep it up, SSBD Everyone else-Stay positive and hopeful! One way or another we will all be parents some day! SSBD, positive vibes, prayers, and lots and lots of HUGS!!
1765952 tn?1314723481 Had laparoscopic surgery and was told my fallopian tubes were too long and not in the ideal position to pick up eggs (never have heard of this and can't even find it on the web). So I opted for my first IVF. I'm excited, but really nervous. I have always considered IVF my fallback plan, so praying it works. I have been on BC pills for 2.5 weeks and am starting Lupron injections Saturday, retrieval around Oct 9. I couple quick questions.
766586 tn?1284386798 I know its a little early but I am looking for some cycle buddies for my August IVF. This will be IVF #2 for this year. I turned 40 end of December. My first IVF resulted in twins but stopped growing at 7 weeks. I have been doing everything I can to prepare my body and mind for the next IVF. I've shed 30 pounds (so far, and still losing) since the height of my last pregnancy, been doing acupuncture since mid-May, exercising 4 times per week and will start chinese herbs this week.
Avatar n tn as you can tell im new at this ivf stuff! my first ivf was cancelled. now this cycle I had 4 embryos implanted 2 were 8 cell grade A, 1 was 8 cell grade B, and the last was 8 cell grade c. thats what i was told. i dont ask to many questions, maybe i should. thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and ease my mind.
Avatar n tn I definitely think you should have the cysts removed before you attempt IVF. You should also try the depolupron injections...IVF works best when your ovaries are suppressed. Also, not having a period for 6 months will prevent the endo from getting worse, and will dry up any leftover adhesions/blood left over in the uterus. I've signed up for a third IVF cycle that starts mid-May. I'll be taking depolupron for 2 months, I have my first injection on March 17th.
4173185 tn?1350598279 I am 19 years old and for the last 16 months I have had an unexplained ovarian pain. It feells like my ovaries are being squeezed and like someone is trying to rip them out. It just happened all of sudden one month around ovulation so I thought it was cramps like everyone talked about, but it had never happened to me before.
Avatar f tn I am 35 years old and have gone through infertility issues for which I have done 4 cycles on Chlomid, 3 cycles on gonadotropins and 3 cycles of IVF with no positive pregnancy ever. I stopped the infertility treatments in Aug 2005. Due to infertility and these treatments I have always had a fear of ovarian cancer.