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Avatar n tn But I did start to think that it may be from my complex ovarian cyst (on left ovary). And was just about to post before I saw your note. I wanted to ask you and EMMA1 about cysts cuz I know you guys have had them or have them now. My periods have remained pretty normal but last 2 months I've had some spotting (which I have NEVER had before). Last month it was for 5 days before period and then this month it was CD16,17,& like 19 (19 was thick CM with light blood in it).
Avatar f tn I am scared and do not want this to escalate to the point it was before. I have been taking iron supplements(I am very anemic), milk thisle, daily vitamins and have just begun to add menopause supplements in to my diet as recommended previously to prevent excessive bleeding. Should I be concerned and why does this continue to happen? Thank You!
Avatar m tn Although the body needs all sorts of minerals and vitamins and nutrients to stay healthy, the vitamins for a healthy skin are Vitamin D, E, K and C Make an appointment to see your doctor again as you may need a prescription for an antibiotic to treat your distressing acne and/or an antibacterial wash and cream to use. All the best.
356929 tn?1246393356 Had abdominal CT scan in August (to check liver) and was told that I have fatty liver and ovarian cysts (minor notation on report). Side pain has gotten worse and enzymes still elevated. Had second abdominal CT scan to get a better look at liver and pancreas. Was told everything looked okay (still have fatty liver) but the ovarian cysts have grown.
Avatar f tn I've done a lot of research online trying to find recommendations and figure out what to do to get rid of the pain and I think I found out what works best for me with specific vitamins and also diet..baked goods can trigger pain of an ovarian cyst. Same for dried fruits. The vitamins I've been taking have worked wonders! I'm currently at the point of having some very mild discomfort to none at all. The cyst is still reoccurring as I can feel it but not to the painful extent that it was.
1376367 tn?1319230027 Oh, and about the Fibro symptoms. Have your vitamin levels checked. Especially your B and D levels. If they're low it can cause joint, muscle pain, depression and anxiety. Also have your thyroid checked. It seems like many of us that have hysterectomies can develop thyroid problems.
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Avatar n tn you are not on your own! i too have large 10cm cyst on left ovary and smaller one on right ovary. My symptom are as follows. Hurts when my bowel is full,when i pass a motion and aches afterwards, hustd a few minutes before i pass wind then eases. Aches when i first pee(which is all the time) and somtime even grit my teeth to pee as pain feels like someone sticking hedgehog into bladder.Hurts to bend(feels like somthing is being pinched),sit,lie on left side and lift.
Avatar f tn Are you pre or post menopausal? that impacts how and when they operate on cysts. However since it is getting bigger you could ask to have it take out, since that is the only way of knowing what it is. The pain on your left side could be from your back, that would depend on what would bring it on or aggravate it. Is it sitting for long periods of time or is it moving. Does the left sided pain go down the back of your leg? Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn So yesterday I go back and I have another ultrasound to check my ovary and that's where I am now. After the doctor saw how large the cysts where and the shape of the larger one, I had tumor markers taken (CA-125 and CA-19.9-both extremely elevated when I had cancer) and he wanted me to schedule laproscopic surgery. I told him I wanted to wait to see how the tumor markers come back and he was fine with that.
Avatar f tn As right now I have multiple breasts cysts including complex cysts, two uterus fibroid and two ovarian cysts I thought of taking vitamin B6, evening primrose oil combined with vitamin E to help reduce breast pain and cysts formation.
Avatar f tn Based on the cancer cells in my abdominal fluid, a biopsy, my CT scan and a chest xray I had the doctor says I definitely have ovarian cancer and that it likely stage 4. This was the first doctor that I have seen through all of this who I felt was actually supportive and willing to answer any questions I had. He took a lot of time with me and I didn't feel rushed like he was in a hurry to see the next patient.
Avatar f tn I also gained some weight and lost my sex drive. Has anyone else had these symptoms w/ ovarian cysts. I have been tested and I am not in menopause! Any advise would be helpful. thanks!
Avatar n tn My Ovarian Cancer was in first stage - PT Ia. I asked doctor for Taxol and he sad that there is no need to take this therapy (Taxol is very strong citostatic) and Carboplatin is gone be good one for my disease. But, I don't believe it...
Avatar f tn Like Catastrophia mentioned, not all ovarian cysts are palpable. (I bet most are not) Anyway, good luck to ya and I hope you feel better!
623156 tn?1322869451 Hi there. I had ovarian surgery Jan of 06. I have a history of cysts. I suffered a M/C last month and didn't think to ask my ob." Can cysts cause a M/C? I know we are not dr's on here but if anyone has any helpful or useful info regarding my question that would be great. I also whonder if cysts cause us to not conceive as well. Thank you so much and best of luck to all of you.....
Avatar n tn It's just on the same side and the same pain. I was wondering if this could be a cyst and if it is does that mean that I won't be able to concieve???
Avatar n tn I concieved both of my children with 1 ovary (because of surgery I had to remove my right ovary and fallopian tube when I was 16) and i found out I was pregnant with my second child when 2 cysts ruptured and i was taken to the ER. I have two boys ages 12 and 8....hang in there because you will get pregnant it just takes some time. I hope this helps you!
720499 tn?1230849110 Now, I've heard quite the opposite regarding ovulation and ovarian cysts. Many times patients are placed on birth control pills to halt ovulation. Cysts are a normal part of ovulation and no ovulation, no cysts.It's just that sometimes the cyst doesn't disappear as it should. At least that's the treatment for a number of ladies on here . Also, regarding fertility.. you may still conceive with one ovary.. it "takes over" the job of the missing ovary.
Avatar f tn I was recently diagnosed with 2 ovarian cysts. One measuring 2.9cm and the other one just starting to grow beside it. My doctor wants to wait and see... My next appointment is not until august. I get random bouts of nausea throughout the day and need help looking for a way to remedy that. I have pills the doctor has given me for the dizziness I experience. Does anyone know of any herbal remedies or vitamins that could help and I could use for my nausea.
Avatar n tn for the last two years I have been having chest pains on the left side . After trying to self treat vitamins herbs I went to gastro doctor did a ct and found I had 2 ovarin cysts 3.o cm each on my left ovary. Had ultrasound two month later same 2 cysts are still their but are now 3.5 each. My gyno wants me to wait two more months. I have lost weight I am tired ect... I had a lymph node removed in 2000 under my armpit. 1.
Avatar n tn I have been diagnosed with a 2cm complex cyst on my right ovary and a few small functional cysts on my left ovary. I'vd had these for over 4 months and my OBGYN keeps playing the wait and see game. But from what I've read, the complex cyst will probably not go away on its own. Is it time for me to see a oncology gynecologist?
Avatar n tn RSO (due to adenomyosis and small recurrent ovarian cysts). Ever since then I have had bowel problems (diahrrea and constant bloating. I also lost about 35 lbs and within 3 weeks gained it all back. I always feel full and sick.) and underwent a coloscopy just last month. After the coloscopy I began to have LRQ pain which sent me to the ER. After a CT scan they thought that I had early appendicitis which proved to be false. During this a 4.1 cm complex septated cyst was found on my left ovary.
Avatar f tn I told her about my past cysts and she completely threw it away and said no that is not it. It made me really angry. Then after spending $100 to see her she tells me to take ibuprofen (duh) and sent me away with no diagnoses or anything. I'm really angry and I don't feel better.
1296191 tn?1280703473 You experience them all the time, huh? I ask this because I know that Ovarian/ Fallopian Tube Torsion is very painful, and gives off the sharp pains you had mentioned you were experiencing. Basically it happens when you are ovulating; your tubes will twist. It sounds weird, but I have heard that from a doctor before. I am just mentioning that though because it is often hard for doctors to diagnose that, just like Ovarian cysts.
Avatar n tn Ive been dealing with ovarian cysts for about four months now. My first cyst ruptured and I didnt even know at that time that it was an ovarian cyst. I went to the ER thinking it was my apendix or something. After that cyst ruptured, another cyst form, at the same spot. My right ovary :( Since then bcp have been prescribed to see if it dissolves on its own...well its been four months and Im not so sure Im getting better.
Avatar n tn I would also be checked for fybroid cysts in your ovaries, these tiny cysts can burst and cause the excess pain and bleeding although most are not life threatening they can cause great discomfort.I would most certainly recommend a visit to a doctor a.s.a.p, especially due to the fact you are passing out. If insurance is your only problem, most hospitals and clinics as well as some dr.'s work out small payment plans that you can afford to pay.
324269 tn?1229041081 I had a sonogram and was told that 1 is the normal cyst I get when I ovulate and the other is very regular and will go away. I haven't checked if they've gone away yet, but for the last 3 months my period has been about 5-6 days early and this month it is darker, more like a purple color with a very foul odor like a decay. I recently started taking prenatal vitamins as my husband and I are going to start trying soon, and wanted to make sure that everything is okay. Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn Hi Last Thursday night I had a lot of pain on my left side and went to the doctor on Friday. They did an ultrasound and they said I have a 4cm ovarian cyst. I had 2 cyst before that gave me a little pain but they were around 1cm. I have a lot more pain and discomfort with this cyst. The doctor told me to wait until I get my cycle and then I have to redo an ultrasound. she also suggested that I go on the bill and if it does not go away after 2-3 cycles I need to do a surgery and remove it.