Ovarian cysts and early pregnancy

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Avatar n tn There is one kind of cyst that can give a positive pregnancy test, but it's really rare!! If you've taken tests before while having ovarian cysts and the result was negative, then I'm pretty positive you're positive!!
1148191 tn?1271817646 I ovulated around the 1st of March, for a week after that I had dull cramping in my left side and than 7 days later i started getting what felt like period cramps. I went to the doctors and come to find out I have a cyst on my ovary, my question is I still think I might be pregnant, just how common are ovarian cysts in early pregnancy and is it possible that if I'm having pregnancy symptoms that I could still be pregnant.
Avatar n tn I think possibliy you mean ovarian cysts instead of ovarian fibriods as fibriods are assoicated with the Uterus and ovarian cysts are associated with the ovaries.
Avatar f tn My period has been irregular for about a year (40-45 days apart) due to ovarian cysts. However, this month I unexpectedly got my period early (day 22). I had unprotected sex a few weeks ago but my period is regular so I dont think it is pregnancy..I have also been taking diet pills..could this mean my periods will be regular from now on? or could it be the diet pills? I am confused!
654396 tn?1237508912 1) ovarian cysts are pretty common during the early stages of pregnancy and in the vast majority of cases are benign. Cysts usually "go away" on after a few weeks but if the dont, the doctor might consider options but only if the cysts are large (usually 5-6 cm) or cause you pain 2) its possible, but there are other reasons for multiple cysts too 3) it would be unlikely, but not impossible 4) not sure about this one. When is your next doctors appointment?
Avatar f tn In fact, corpus luteum cysts appear toward the end of the menstrual cycle, last into early pregnancy, and then usually resolve over a period of time without any special treatment.
Avatar f tn Hi my sister has cysts on her ovaries she has gotten pregnant about 4 times 2 resulted in miscaries but she already has an 10 yr old and she is an early high risk pregnancy now at 3 wks (fingers crossed) so yes u can get pregnant!!!
Avatar f tn Sometimes it is to early to see the baby & heartbeat. Are you scheduled for another ultrasound in a week or two? I was in total shock when I found out i was pregnant. I also had an ovarian cyst a couple years before this 1st pregnancy. Hang in there & see what happens at your next u/s! I know it can be stressful & heartbreaking but don't give up hope!
Avatar f tn My husband and I have been trying for some time so I am getting really excited. Now, I have been reading online that pelvic pain is a symptom of ovarian cysts and that ovarian cysts can make a pregnacy test positive even if the woman isn't pregnant. Does anyone know anything about this? I am really hoping I am pregnant but after reading all that I am starting to feel discouraged. Please help. Thanks.
367100 tn?1330914725 I had them before i got pregnant and i now have a small pregnancy cysts on my right ovary. The pregnancy cysts are nothing to worry about and should go at some point so my doctor said they sometimes get bigger or smaller but they are quite common when you are pregnant. Please read the info i found on the net for you:- Many women go for a routine ultrasound or pelvic examination early in their pregnancy and come away with the surprise finding of an ovarian cyst.
Avatar n tn On 21-june a went to take a blood pregancny test with ultrasound and it was negative for pregnancy. I thought It was early so I decied to take another one later. on 22-june my period came by it's own for 7 days without any pain or clots but it was early 2 days. On 1st july I had another blood pregancy test and It was negative again. I've been feeling some headaches and being weak all time and I'm still worried that I might be pregnant.
Avatar n tn My sons girlfriend has been admitted to hospital in the early hours of this morning with abdominal pains and sickness, They are testing for both appendicitis and ovarian cysts She is only 18 and I thought it was over 40 that cysts occured. I am looking to reassure a very frightened girl.
Avatar f tn I've had small cysts on my ovaries before, and it hurts like heck when (if ) they pop. Like everyone else said, its not out of the ordinary to have them, so its probably nothing to really fret over. If you spike a fever and/or have a sharp, stabby-pinchy kind of pain on either side of your uterus, call your OBGYN, but other than that, don't stress over it.
Avatar f tn re not cancerous and eventually ruptured and went away.
Avatar f tn The staff at the early pregnancy unit didn’t seem concerned at first. They said cysts are normally just pushed out of the way by the growing baby. I was referred to a consultant 4 weeks after. The laidback attitude changed when I saw the consultant. He put so much fear into me. He said there is a change (like with all cysts) it could be cancerous and the cyst, along with my ovary has to be removed.
Avatar f tn Too bad for me it was PID instead of ovarian cysts, which if left untreated can cause scarring on your reproductive organs making it impossible to have children or possibly and ectopic pregnancy which can also lead to a mandatory hysterectomy and sometime even death. But hopefully in your case its just a cyst.
Avatar f tn When you become pregnant, that cyst gives off early pregnancy hormones until the placenta forms and takes over hormonal function. The cyst will then shrink and dissolve into your body. Also, it's normal for women to have cysts throughout their reproductive years. It doesn't necessarily signal a problem. If you have many cysts (polycystic) you may have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome). Only a doctor can diagnose that.
362408 tn?1236441081 It gives off hormones in early pregnancy. It is not harmful and will go away when the placenta takes over the production of hormones.
Avatar f tn I had a huge cyst on my ovary in the beginning of my pregnancy they told me they were normal during pregnancy and that aren't harmful they actually feed the baby..
Avatar f tn It makes NO difference if he ejaculates or not, you can still get pregnant. Take a pregnancy test with first morning urine, and you need to start using condoms and birth control until you're ready for children.
Avatar n tn I am freaking out here. I have done some research on the internet here, and it seems I may be in the early stages of ovarian cancer. Are my chances for survival good?
545669 tn?1214492031 its now three years after having an operation for cysts and have not mensurated and i wonder whether i am going to have kids or am so worried.
117065 tn?1280874407 Hello. My husband and I have been ttc for number 2 for 3 1/2 years, I am now only 27 and he is 29. My first pregnancy was in Feb of 04 which ended in a D&C due to blighted ovum. My next two pregnancies ended early (around 6 wks) both of them with good HCG's and then had an ovarian cyst rupture (with both) and within days my HCG dropped by about half. My last pregnancy was in August of 06 with perfectly doubling HCG, had a cyst rupture, and then #'s dropped by half.
Avatar n tn I ended up taking 4 pregnancy test and all were negative, so we thought I might have an ectopic pregnancy, so I went and took an ultrasound and found out that I have a cyst on my ovaries and fibroids on my uterus and all they prescribed me was birth control pills with progesterone. I will start taking them Sun. but I still have not had a period, could something else be wrong...
Avatar f tn t know anything about ovarian cysts, other than my aunt and my mom both had partial/full hysterectomies because of them...not to scare you, theirs were pretty bad and they had them for a long time before the hysterectomies. But just wanted to wish you the best of luck, and keep my fingers crossed that it's a BFP!!!
Avatar f tn I'm about a week late, today I took a test. It come up with one really dark line and the other is really faint. I've been having server pains in my ovaries (I have ovarian cysts). Does anyone know what the pain is from and is that test a negative?
Avatar f tn My Bf did pull out and jerked out a lil bit before coming and he rarely had Precum. And my friend said she had the same symptoms for her ovarian cysts. Am I pregnant or is it ovarian cysts?