Ovarian cysts and cramps

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Avatar n tn i am 16 years old and have been having problems with my ovaries. i am constantly getting cysts that burst, and my count for thismonth has now reached 5. I have been to the doctor and have recently been put on birth control to try to help this but it just seems to be getting worse. I very rarely get my period now and when i do its very light.
Avatar f tn Having pain in my lower abdomen like period cramps, but I had my period 2 weeks ago and it was oddly light...could that be a sign? Also been having what feel like weird vibrations/humming everywhere in my body. Someone please help!
Avatar f tn A doctor last September suggested I see my obgyn to get checked out for cysts but when I had my appt with her she didn't feel the need to investigate and told me it was just cramps, I've had my period for the last ten years regular 28 day cycle light period never any complications I feel as if she wasn't taking me seriously. I don't know what to do!
Avatar n tn D and C or ablation is done for heavy periods resulting from endometrial hyperplasia and not for ovarian cysts. If you want to go the natural way then you can wait for a spontaneous regression of the ovarian cyst. This will require follow up with frequent ultrasound scans. Hope this helps. Take care and good luck.
Avatar n tn What causes ovarian cysts to develope? I had an ultra sound in 2007 and it was normal despite continued pain in the left lower quadrant. I had an Ablation done in Nov. 07 because of heavy bleeding, cramps ,migraines, lower back pain. Since this procedure I continued to have pain . This time the ultrasound showed that my left ovary is 7.0 cm with a complex cyst and 2 simple cysts.Free fluid is seen to the left of the ovary.The doctor wants to remove them {the cysts}the end of the month.
Avatar n tn The bleeding is definitely of concern. Bowel and urine and pain and bloating are all common cyst symptoms. When is your surgery scheduled? there are a lot of questions you need to ask and a 2nd opinion might be valuable.
Avatar m tn I went off birth control 4 years ago and ever since then I have been developing ovarian cysts. Sometimes i get lower back pain that extends down my buttocks and feels like sciatica . I also get what feels like menstral cramping after intense exercise. During ovulation i also experience uncomfortable cramping. My periods are pretty regular (maybe off by 5 days tops) and they are not heavy, just normal and they last about 4 days.
Avatar m tn I have a question and I don't t know where to put it so I put it here.
Avatar m tn Recently, i started missing periods and when i do get my period its honestly a quadruples of blood and very clotty. I went back to the doctor and found out it was the cysts and they have grown. Due to having constant period cramps throughout the whole month and hormonal imbalances , i was given a referral to the hospital and will be going to have them removed soon..which i cant wait for:) The cyst on my left has a volume of 107cc and measures 5.9 x 5.1 x 4.8. The cyst on my left is smaller.
Avatar n tn Originally thought I was sure I had become pregnant (been trying for a while) as had nausea, sensitive/painful breasts, stomach cramps, tiredness, diziness, backache and had very poor appetite. However two weeks later I had my period as usual so ruled that out.
Avatar n tn Ovarian cysts suck because they can delay your period and make you think you're pregnant when youre not. When theyre large and they rupture, its hurts like heck and they usually occur around ovalation. Alot of women using fertility meds get little cysts and that is normal too.
Avatar n tn I went back for a check up because I was experiencing extremely painful cramps. My doctor used an ultra-sound to check the placement of the IUD and all was fine. However, she discovered that I had multiple cysts. She perscribed pain medications, and sent me on my way. My question is how long are they supposed to last? It is now mid-May and I still get the same severe pain. It shoots down my left leg, (sometimes the right) and across my back.
5077431 tn?1363268044 I have been trying for a baby for a year an half with no luck but about 2 months ago I started to get pelvic cramps that seemed to get worse in pain and more frequent bouts of them each day.
10299247 tn?1409212476 They are ovarian cysts I have had them for about a year now. And if I walk to stand for to long they hurt so bad like really bad cramps only on the left and right side never anywherr else and its always in the same spot.
Avatar n tn Can you get ovarian cysts anytime during a pg??? I am having stabbing pains on my left pelvic area that cramps into in my upper thigh and groin. Could this be what that is?? If so could it cause m/c??? I am 17 weeks and I cannot lose a baby this far along. Please help if possible. Chloe congrats on a possible boy. They said the same thing to me so maybe we will have boys together. I want to wish you all a SAFE & HAPPY EASTER also!!!!!!!!!
1697367 tn?1306704219 but at the 3rd week i had light spottin and mild cramps for two days. after that it became a little more heavy and i experienced more pain. about 3 days now i see very little pieces of egg like stuff when i wipe and i dont know if its the cyst or what can somebody help me out? my husband and i are ttc and any advice would be appreciated!
1294482 tn?1354492888 I had cysts 2.6 and 2.5 on each ovary and it just made me feel a little crampy and achey. I wasnt crying in pain. It took about 6-8 weeks for those to resolve on their own. Later I had a much larger around 4.5 and it was stubborn, I had surgery for that one.(we were TTC so had it removed) Even it wasnt terribly painful. I just felt achey, menstral cramps were worse than the cyst pain.
Avatar n tn I would recommend to take her to an OBGYN int he area and do an ultrasound to get the location and dimension of the cysts. 99.5% of ovarian cysts are benign and simple cysts are much easier to deal with.
Avatar f tn I am sorry to hear you have PCOS. Are the cysts painful? Have you tried birth control pills to regulate your cycle and maybe control the cysts?
Avatar n tn hi about a year or so ago i started getting frequent urination, 4 months ago a also started getting urgent urination, i feel bloated lots even if i have not eaten are drinken anything, it is not all the time but after i eat a small meal i look pregnant i have had way more flatulence feels like air moving threw my pelvic i used to only get cramping pains off and on in my left ovary but now it's in my right, i can feel pressure when i sit down i frequent urgent urination all the time for the past
1148191 tn?1271821246 I went to the doctors and come to find out I have a cyst on my ovary, my question is I still think I might be pregnant, just how common are ovarian cysts in early pregnancy and is it possible that if I'm having pregnancy symptoms that I could still be pregnant. And can ovarian cysts cause a missed period making me think that I am pregnant? I don't normally have any PMS symptoms except cramping the day of my period.
Avatar f tn I am 44 and had previous problem with cysts on the ovaries which had 2 ops, however I seem to have the same pain and sex is very painfull, but I also have PKD on both kidneys liver and couple other organs, then I had 14 moths ago a spinal operation, so this comes to be very hard to break down symtoms, all i know is i have pain on both sides of the lower stomach below the navel, on a monthly I am losing clots, my stomach looks at times like im 5 months pregnant which looks odd seeing as i was onl
Avatar f tn i went to get an mri in february of 2016 and discovered i have ovarian cysts. a couple of weeks later i found out i have polycystic ovarian syndrome. my obgyn suggested i switch birth controls for the sake of my bleeding to stop so i switched to the depo shot along with oral contraceptive pills. the bleeding stopped for a few weeks but then spotting began to happen. i decided to stop the pills because it made me nauseous and gave me really bad cramps.
Avatar f tn But this time I'm going on 3 days late, and I'm having bad lower back pain and lower stomach pain. Worse than cramps, like a bad pain plus a cramp.
Avatar n tn Hi my question is my period was on the 20th usually 3-4days long on wednesday (2days ago) I was working started to have some cramps when I went to bathroom noticed a light pink color spotting. Didn't have anything yesterday and today I just started having very sharp cramps like if im my period but with a sharper pain on my left lower back side... should I be worried?