Ovarian cysts and acid reflux

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Avatar n tn Interestingly I also have liver cysts - called simple cysts. There may be no connection of course. But I have read somewhere that ovarian cysts can be connected to PPIs. I also have gastro polyps as a result of long term use of PPIs. To avoid the polyps you might want to consider getting off PPIs once you have the acid reflux under control - and then seriously change your diet to make sure you don't get reflux again (less animal fats, sugars, acid food etc.).
Avatar f tn I've been to the chiropractor regularly for a month now, and have also had tests for kidneys, gall bladder, liver, bladder, and ovarian cysts, all negative. The side pain and back pain has died down in general, but it's still there on and off. I'm wondering if the pain could be related to a digestive problem. I do have acid reflux, and have other symptoms such as gas, burping, nausea, cramping, waking up with sore throat and gross teeth, etc.
Avatar n tn Welcome to the site. Just to let you know, 99% of ovarian cysts are BENIGN. Ovarian cysts mimic ovca symptoms. Other symptoms include lower back pain and GI problems such as acid reflux, heart burn, constipation and diarria(sp). You are in my thoughts and prayers.
Avatar n tn He said I can take ibuprofen but I need to be careful because I have stmach problems and acid reflux. I am sort of stuck to manage the pain without meds which I've done most of the time when I have my period. It kills but I get through it somehow.
Avatar n tn The past two weeks I have had a strange brownish/red discharge (like the blood that comes out at the very end of your period) and some blood clots each time I go to the bathroom. I have been reading up on the symptoms of ovarian cancer and ovarian cysts, and although many of my symptoms were related to gallbladder issues, I also have read that ovarian cancer is sometimes mistaken for other digestive problems.
Avatar n tn other symptoms include bloating, gas, acid reflux, pain in the bladder and pressure when i try to have bowel mvnts. usually have problems with my bowels until the last month or so, had a couple of bouts of diarreah. had a internal ultra-sound done. my right ovary is enlarged with a large cyst solid and non-solid. my left ovary has 2 cysts and there is free fluid. i'm 46 yrs old and the only family history is my grandmother died of ovarian cancer many years ago.
Avatar f tn Coffee and coke are triggers and I do not drink those drinks anymore. Birthcontol is helping with my ovarian cysts. Lemonade and chamomile tea seem to help my stones. This may sound weird, but I noticed that when I take Nexium...I don't have kidney stone pain, but when I stop taking it...I have kidney stone pain. Are these symptoms related in some strange and mysterious way? How can I cure my reflux for good without meds?
17213106 tn?1456529591 I've been bloated, horrible indigestion, acid reflux, nausea, back and chest pain. I went to the ER 1/29/16, after a CT scan and Ultrasound, the DR found a cyst on my right ovary, a pedunculated fibroid outside my uterus(which is retroverted). I was diagnosed with PCOS about 3years ago, but never experienced these issues. I'm writing to see if anyone else has experienced these symptoms? My gut is telling me it's related to my female issues and not my stomach.
Avatar f tn undigested food coming up my throat. I did a barium test and the consultant thinks I don't have acid reflux (GERD). I did an allergy test and nothing showed up. The past few months I've also been getting pains in my lower abdomen, especially before (but not during or after) urinating. It can be on the left or the right, sort of sharpish. The doctor pressed my stomach etc. and thought I had a bladder infection, but nothing showed up in the two tests for this.
Avatar n tn I'm worried I have ovarian cancer and the doctor mistook it for functional cysts. What is causing this pain? Can ovarian cancer be mistaken for functional cysts? The doctor said there's no threat of me having ovarian cancer because I'm too young and my CA-125 is normal. He doesn't think my reflux problem is related to my pelvic pain. Does anyone have any advice?
Avatar m tn ( I thought it was just a GI problem since I experience GI problems frequently, as well as suffer from acid reflux but am taking miralax as well as nexium and have been doing good), I went to the doctor and they found microscopic bloon in urine. So they send me thi smorning for an ultra sound where they found that I had a 2.5cm left ovarian cyst...they gave me percocet and a shot of pain med which they said i can keep getting if I need it before I got see my GYN....
Avatar n tn When I was 19 my periods just stopped. During Christmas break from college I say a gyn and they discovered two ovarian cysts (one the size of a grapefruit and the other the size of an orange!!) I had no pain, no nothing other than no periods. I had them removed surgically and didn't have any other probs til my 40's and 50's.
Avatar f tn Heartburn is about 3-5 times a week with normal foods - this is fairly new in the last few months. There is more...but they are all symptoms of ovarian cysts and ovarian cancer. In January, I stayed home from work one day not feeling well and I watched Dr. Oz. There was a woman on there that had been treated for UTIs, Acid Reflux, IBS, and some of them repeatedly. But something about that spoke to me.
Avatar n tn For the past 2 years I have had digestive problems- the usual heartburn, diarrhea, abdominal pains, bloating, gas. I was diagnosed with Acid Reflux Disease after visiting my gastroenterologist and having an endoscopy done. Two years later, the problems have persisted and gotten worse, this time with pain in my upper right side and upper back area(gallbladder area). I was diagnosed with having gallstones and had my gallbladder removed a week ago.
Avatar f tn Allergy tests showed multiple reactions to environmental things like dust, mold and ragweed - they started immunotherapy. I am also on inhalers, allergy meds and acid reflux meds. There is a family history of endometriosis in my family (both sides) and many of the women have had total hysterectomies. In my case, they left ovaries intact because of my age. My worry is that while there is no known family history of cancer (breast, ovarian), should I be concerned that this is something worse?
Avatar n tn Yes it's true that 99% of Ovarian cysts are benign, but please push for atleast a trans/vaginal ultrasound and/or a CT scan. I hope I didn't scare you, but I would hate to see your Dr brush you off.
Avatar n tn Also, I have not menstruated in 3 months...Can ovarian cysts cause heartburn as well, please say yes because I am terrifed to get another pelvic ultrasound fearing the worst.
Avatar n tn The ER doctor ordered a transvaginal ultrasound and a fetus could not be detected, but I did have to simple ovarian cysts. I then was released and was told to see my doctor when I returned home to California. Upon returing home I went to Gyn and he thought that I had an etopic pregnancy and did emergency laproscopic surgery. He found a right ovarian cyst and drained it. The fluid was sent pathology and came back non-malignant.
Avatar n tn whatever they are. I am not on birth control and haven't been for 3 years. I have indigestion (acid reflux) and some gas and bloating. When I had the ultrasound done this last time, I was about to start my period. Could that be why the results are showing complex??? Why haven't the other doctors been more aggressive and just shrugged off the results?? Why now?? I am scared because I have had thyroid cancer and thought I had breast cancer but that turned out to be fibroids.
Avatar n tn I think you are being irresponsible by telling gals on the Ovarian Cancer site to go to Internist. Ovarian cysts and Ovarian cancer do have the symptons that she is talking about. I know I have been there and still doing it! I do not mean to scare Halyez but knowing what I know now, I would advise a Gyno first!
Avatar n tn Last Monday my gyno said he felt nothing abnormal in my pelvic exam and was sure it was gastro - I have acid reflux and had an endo/colonosopy planned for the following day (no serious problems found there). I am 49, had breast cancer (stage 1, no lymph gland spread, lumpectomy with radiation) 2 years ago and take Tamoxifen. Periods had always been regular, but stopped month after starting Tamoxifen. Oncologist says I am not yet in menopause.
1650342 tn?1301550865 ) It could be anxiety is making your symptoms worse regarding nausea, diah, stomach pain, and acid reflux so don't assume those are related to the actual health condition. Stress can really play tricks on our bodies. Know that when you are stressed you can reach out to us here at MedHelp and we will do what we can to calm you. Cheri does a great job reaching out to those in her forum and as you've already found out, members are there to support you too. We'll do our best to keep you calm.
Avatar n tn Keep in mind too that diverticulosis/itis can cause many of the symptoms you speak of and they are just the same as the ovarian/uterine symptoms. I've got both issues. Diverticulitis and ovarian cysts and potentially endo or hyperplasia. They all can mimic each other. Diverticula "in people our age" are really not all that uncommon. Most people by the time they reach 45 or 50 years old have diverticula. Most people don't even know they have them and never have any problems.
1939607 tn?1324292900 I am terrified it might be endometriosis or an ovarian cysts. Has any lady with endo or ovarian cysts experienced something like that?
Avatar f tn stomach pain back pain, blood in the stool, bladder urgency and acid reflux..Can a 3.5 cm cyst do all this..I am at the end of my rope..working FT and in school FT while being in agony.
Avatar f tn that I have also had worsening acid reflux in the past week...to the degree that I have been having acid actually back up in my mouth and nose and actually drip out of my nose it has been so bad.
Avatar n tn I do have gerd and had it since I was on bedrest with my daughter so they want to check that out and other possible assosiations with my symptoms. My gerd has gotten much worse. I take Protonix daily and I have acid reflux everyday again. So I am having and edoscopy done to check it out. I will update when I hear more on the cyst or whatever it may be.
Avatar f tn They did have trouble getting pregnant, but that's it. My cousin is 27 and she used to have lots of problems with ovarian cysts, but that's getting better now. She also just had a baby (she got pregnant using 3 forms of birth control, believe it or not).
Avatar n tn I am having a problem with digestion which I always attributed to acid reflux. Now I am a nervous wreck and have been swallowing a lot of air at night which I believe is upsetting my stomach. I am trying to relax but it is so hard I am also trying to work an am on my feet all day. Please pray for me.