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372416 tn?1242665752 Who drives around with pills in their console??? Addicts do. Normal people keep them in their medicine cabinet or at least at home.
Avatar n tn Sorry, never seen a green hydrocodone pill. Only the white generic, the 7.5/325 orange norcos, 10/500 blue vicodins, and the 10/325 yellow norcos. I took so damn many of all of those it's going to take me a long time to fully get over the addiction. Don't take something if you aren't sure what it is. When I was in my medicine cabinet raiding days someone had put different pills in different bottles, so I think I took some sort of anti-biotic instead.
Avatar f tn t bad at all so I never toutched it!!
Avatar n tn A bat was in my bathroom and flew into a cabinet after I opened the shower. I do not think it bit me, but I can’t tell if it struck me or not. I didn’t have any visible wounds or reddened areas. However, I do not know long it was in the shower, and I fear it either might be injured me in a non-visible way or gotten saliva on items inside which could have contaminated open sores. The bat was unfortunately released outside and cannot be tested for rabies.
Avatar f tn Why do my toothbrush bristles keep turning orange. I store it in the medicine cabinet every night. Every morning I see the same orange residue on my toothbrush. What is happening?
Avatar n tn While helping my husband carry in a TV cabinet, the cabinet was pressing on my throat and I felt like I was choking. We put the cabinet down and changed how we were carrying it (heavy). Once we got it into the house, I had to put it down immediately, as I felt suddenly "out of sorts", etc. I felt nauseous, weak, lightheaded, and my husband said I was as pale as a ghost. I got up off the couch and went and sat on the bathroom floor since I was nauseated.
1171817 tn?1281632180 Awwwweeee !! Thanks I love reading your post too. God is really at work thu the wonderful peole here at MH. I praise Him for that. Great question about the medicine cabinet!! It's probably the pharmacuetacal companies. Notice how every drug that is addictive costs so much? Their mark up on dope is about 1500% or more! Stuff that is not addicting is reduced greatly.
Avatar m tn I also had a flare up of pain in my back, I went to the medicine cabinet for the first time in a very long time and got some Tylenol. It actually took the pain away. I knew I had this thing whipped then. God Bless and keep up the good work(s).
Avatar n tn Side effects....overdose?
Avatar f tn Lesion shape- Usually round or oval. A characteristic appearance is an oval lesion in a perpendicular orientation to the ventricular surface (an appearance which is sometimes referred to as "Dawson's fingers").
Avatar m tn Just wondering if I am going to go into wds again or if I should take suboxone again for a few days. I have some of them in the medicine cabinet to as I got off suboxone a lot quicker than the doctor wanted me to since I read the horror stories about it long term. I know I got to get my but and take the kids out to do something fun and deal with how I feel but will wds kick in again.
Avatar f tn Smells like death but will draw out splinters, hornet/bee/wasp stingers, anything you might get under your skin. Vital to have in the medicine cabinet when you have (or are about to have) kids in the house.
1926656 tn?1334970201 So last night I was going through our medicine cabinet trying to find my 3 year olds allergy meds because they're starting to bug him. My stethoscope fell out of the cabinet and smacked me in the foot (ow! I haven't had to use it clinically as an stna since working in a hospital). So I'm 37 weeks along, just had my last u/s yesterday (she's head down and her back is aligned to my right side) so I knew where she was hiding lol.
Avatar m tn Im feeling a cold sore coming out and i found some old valtrex in my medicine cabinet Issued February 2008. Is it safe to take?
2121625 tn?1350484749 I have a 5 yr old that start school tomorrow and a 3 yr old I need to be mobile for!! So I was looking in my medicine cabinet Thia evening and found it and immediately called my doc and he gave ne the ok!!!
148588 tn?1465778809 http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2015/11/amateurs-in-the-oval-office/407830/ "The presidency, it’s often said, is a job for which everyone arrives unprepared. But just how unprepared is unprepared enough? Political handicappers weigh presidential candidates’ partisanship, ideology, money, endorsements, consultants, and, of course, experience. Yet they too rarely consider an element of growing importance to voters: freshness.
Avatar f tn re in your medicine cabinet, and then go about your normal life. Does that little pill bottle suddenly turn into a 4 thousand pound elephant in your mind and medicine cabinet? If it does, ask yourself why it is that you want one. For pain or brain? If you can forget them and let them sit there without thinking about them, then no problem. I truly hope you can pass the test. God bless.
Avatar n tn ve got some sort of muscle relaxer in your medicine cabinet you could also try it. If neither of these things work, I would seek some help to absolutely rule out a heart problem. Hope these suggestions help.
Avatar f tn I recently noticed this oval mark in my pubic region. It is white in the center..looks actually normal in the center and is surrounded by an almost perfect thin border that looks like it is made up of a a red broken blood vessel. It does not itch but is sensitive to the touch and I am "aware of it" sometime when walking or moving.... I've had it for over 2 months with no change...worse or better...does this make any sense or sound familiar or should I see a dermatologist?
Avatar f tn m the kind that needs to have everything perfect and done way before my angel gets here. What are the necessary things I need in my medicine cabinet for my baby girl when she gets here, what laundry detergent do you mommies use, and what are the clothes I specifically need that would help me out and her with first time dressing and not bother her as much. Iv heard a lot and Iv researched but I was wanting some answers from you guys :) thank you In advance!
11356079 tn?1421357818 While breastfeeding the info is the same but valium taken while breastfeeding made my baby sleep deeply and have episodes of apnea which is definitely not safe but xanax never seemed to bother her. I save all unused medicine in my medicine cabinet just incase I need it. I get prescriptions for the same stuff and I have a co pay so the pharmacy maybe closed or I may not have the cash the day I get the prescription, I may have what I need already till I can get the new one filled.
1561668 tn?1347413863 Was cleaning out my medicine cabinet and found a lost equate +/- test so I took it this at around 12. The line appeared almost immediately and stayed till around 10 minutes and then almost completely faded. Picture was around 2 minutes after the test was started. Please tell me what you think. Will be taking a FRER in the morning.
Avatar m tn I checked my medicine cabinet and find our Vet prescribed Otomax drops for the ear infection. He was also on antibiotic pills. My discussion with a Westie breeder (our case) was that Otomax is the "go to" for ear problems.
Avatar m tn Years ago when I was your age (lol) I was raiding my family medicine cabinet for anything I thought might give me a buzz, and came across a bottle of carbamazepine. I took two... and they didn't do much of anything for me, but I noticed that when I listened to music, everything sounded off-key! I thought that was the weirdest thing. What kind of a side effect is that? Changing the pitch of sounds? If anyone knows why it does that I'd be curious to know.
Avatar n tn s going on with her dog, but she needs to contact her vet instead of simply shopping through her medicine cabinet to see what she has and wondering if she can give them to her dog at the same time.