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1306714 tn?1327257080 Thanks for the new title. I will check it out.
Avatar m tn You did have an exposure even though a short period, it was still unprotected. You could go 14 months without symptoms but it is unlikely. My suggestion is to just get your self tested for all STDs below is a great link for all the testing info... its been long enough and all test you would get would be accurate for the window period. and even if you went 14 months with out symptoms I'm sure your partner would have had symptoms by now...
424839 tn?1268186246 My question is about these quotes I have been posting I would like to know if I posted some on religon would that offend anyone being that must would be refferancing Buddhsium but when you read the quotes the can be transfered into anyones faith so I would like to know if people would be offended thanks.
Avatar m tn Thank you quitinoxys, It must hard to as cold turkey because I don't want anyone to know that, I must back to the office as usual. It seems more possible to quit within a specific period, moreover, I will get married on next month and I faithfully hope that I could be successed before the wedding day. Of course I prefer to live without drug, you are a very nice guy, thank you.
424839 tn?1268186246 Keep moving forward, even one or two steps, in your own way. Those who live out their lives to the fullest, unperturbed by the noisy clamor around them, are the true winners.. The worst mistake you can make is to give up on yourself and stop challenging yourself for fear of failure. Keep moving forward with a firm eye on the future, telling yourself, "I'll start from today!" "I'll start afresh from now, from this very moment!".
Avatar m tn also occasionally the cramping can come out of no where in my sides or even legs if I streach in bed...and sometimes when it hits it hits hard and I have to either press back against it hard or try to strech with it hard to get it let go...it hits hard enought to double me over at times...I was taking some other drugs for high closteral but that is under control now and no longer take them and that has helped some...
Avatar n tn Confused like many of you:( I had a hsv1 igG type spec blood test which was NEG I also had a hsv1 igG type spec blood test which was NEG BUT I then there was a combined test called- hsv 1 & 2 igG Rrflx 1-2 type sp which read 5.7 HIGH indicating a POSITIVE result. What does it mean? My doc seemed as though it was from a previous infection or another health problem. I have never had a cold sore/or gential sore and I am in my late 30's.
10069934 tn?1408164172 We're having a little boy! We've been jokingly mentioning the name Darryl Danger, and now that we found out it's a boy we've been calling him that all day. I'm not crazy about the name, but our families probably won't be thrilled if that's the name that sticks. So now I'm at a loss for baby boy names. I was so positive it was a girl. But I'm so happy!
1331115 tn?1536362140 Wow! What an awesome accomplishment!! Please email me your story for inspiration if u have the time! Congrats!!!!!!!
1718855 tn?1401756839 rules, I throw out a movie quote and whoever gets it right gives out the next quote... anybody wanna play?
Avatar f tn as I know alot of my MH friends are as well... I thought it would be cool to get some of our favorite quotes in one place.... So, here's my first favorite and I'm sure I will post others later.... Can't wait to see yours as well... " If you can't convince them, confuse them!" -HARRY S.
Avatar f tn There is no easy way out with these meds. Or there is cold turkey which can take alot outta you. No one can tell you how or which is right for you, thats totally up to you. You might half to try a few times before you get off. But don't give up you will find something thats works. In the Grand Scheme of things is a short period to give up to have a normal life.
654633 tn?1224502848 hi my name is rick i'm 8 days offf the done and i feel like i'm going to be ok now. i was on the pills for years then to the h. and finally got to the clinic where i thought i would get help.and i did until i told them i wanted to come down.they could only tell me i wasn't ready . don't do it. but i did. i was at 60mg i come down to 15mg and cold turkey from there first 3 days was nothing i was so happy thinking i did it.
Avatar m tn I have 2 male dogs. Rick is a 6 year old Boston Terrier. Jeff is a 3 year old Bull-mastiff. They have been together since 2009. Over the last month or so, Rick has begun humping Jeff's head on a daily basis. In addition to the humping, Rick will lick Jeff's privates until Jeff gets a "pinkie", and at least once until Jeff "finished", for lack of a better word. We only know about the finishing part because my wife caught them just after it was done yesterday.
Avatar f tn The other grandfathers name is Rick. We dont like Rick but thot up Todd Erick or Todd Patrick? Can any one else think of anything with Rick in it???
Avatar f tn Immediately pulled out and called it quits because I was freaked out. What are my risks of exposure for this incident? General std’s? I asked her and she said she is clean and got tested in June. I live in AZ, if that helps anything. Please let me know your thoughts. Probably gonna get texted in 3-4 weeks time.
Avatar f tn hello, can someone plse access my rick, 3 weeks ago, a guy partially penetrated me and removed it immediately like 5seconds. I was really wet, and he use lotion on his penis but he had pre-ejaculated before penetration. Two weeks later, i had sore throat for 1day, fever the folowing day only, then later sneazing and cold for 2days. I am really scared now, plse can someone help me and really explain things to me?
1331115 tn?1536362140 Ash is right Rick, I was already thinking of some way to drill them out one at a time through the epoxy.
Avatar f tn I havt attempted numerous times to post my test results and they look fine when I type them out, but after I hit send they print out leaving out 1/2 the test results...I'm stumpted and can't get answers without it letting me post the accurate results. What am I doing wrong?
Avatar m tn Good Morning Rick, sorry for the delay but its bank holiday Monday here in the UK - my apologies for not getting to you sooner. You have asked:- 1. Is there any worry of the vaginal fluids / blood from her vagina being passed to my mouth from my finger, coming into contact with my ulcer / bleeding gums when I licked the finger and passing on the HIV virus? No, none at all. I can see where this worry comes from but as far as we know, there are no transmissions this way to date.
1331115 tn?1536362140 I am going to get someting to eat and go back to bed. I let you all know how it works out.