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Avatar f tn 6 months is max before you can get osteoarthritis. Some doctors have their patients on it for years which is dangerous 5) Will you get add back medication when taking the lupron so you dont get the menopausal symptoms? 6) What injection will I be getting the 3 month or 1 month (I would go with the 1 month just in case) 7) What do I do after the Lupron is done? BCP continuously or nothing?
Avatar f tn I am now past mid century and my menstruation has ceased but I still get this awful pulling, stabbing pain in my right pelvis, low back and hip pain but only on the right side. I previously was put on Zoladex injections monthly with synthetic hrt Tibolone to send me into pseudo menopause but this did not work for me. The gyne told me this told him adhesions were my main problem. I still get bowel problems made worse no doubt by Diverculitis on top of my adhesions.
Avatar f tn I didn't think I had any trouble with Tamoxifen and took it for four years. During that four years what had been the beginnings of mild sporadic osteoarthritis pain in my knees turned into acute trouble - - over pretty much the exact space of time I spent on Tamoxifen. I spent a few weeks in a wheel chair with the arthritis, and most of a summer recovering from an arthroscopy.