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3060903 tn?1398568723 The 10 best blogs for osteoarthritis The 10 best blogs for osteoarthritis Many osteoarthritis blogs can provide support and helpful tips for managing what is often a chronic condition. READ NOW Emotional stress High levels of stress lead to physical symptoms, even in healthy individuals. In people with OA, stress can exacerbate joint pain, which in turn amplifies stress. This may lead to difficulty sleeping, which can further increase a person's sensitivity to pain.
Avatar n tn Add that with a Multi-Vitamin I was taking, I was getting 65 mg of supplemental zinc..add that to dietary zinc and I was probably getting 80+mgs of zinc/day. WAYY TOO MUCH! I've read where too much zinc over a period of time can cause a copper deficiency, which can lead to joint pain among other things. Any insight on that theory? How plausible does that sound? Will docs think I am crazy if I mention that to them?
Avatar f tn I have severe lower back pain (diagnosed with x-ray as degenerative joint and osteoarthritis), pain at the tips of my ribs, headaches, very fatigued, insomnia (now on Ambien and still tired!!), having trouble with constipation and nausea and I have lost 15+ pounds in about 2-3 months. Any ideas at all or where I should go from here. My doctor has not called or anything so I am not sure what he will say and I am worried, my follow up is not for 3 weeks. Thanks!
Avatar f tn HAS anyone ever tried either of those for Osteoarthritis which is what I have in my knees and feet? if so please give me all the suggestions. I need to take something NON NARCOTIC and Ibuprophen isn't cutting it...nor is the Calcium, Magnesium Zinc combo Ive been on for 3 months now???? HELP!!!????
Avatar n tn PPS helps damaged joints. In canine models of osteoarthritis, IM administration of PPS significantly decreased overall cartilage damage. 3. Orgotein: Orgotein is a water-soluble metalloprotein containing copper and zinc. It scavenges free oxygen radicals which are involved in the damage of joints in dogs (and other species).
Avatar f tn I'm starting to freak out about the Rapid Detox, how pain will be managed, I have severe Osteoarthritis, and lots of other stuff. Would appreciate any information out there. I did read a lot on staying hydrated and nourished, any other advice?
529981 tn?1212853666 I also have tried about very type of zinc pyrithione shampoo, at the highest concentrations. Also I have tried, salycylic shampoos, tar shampoos, jojoba oil, AND nothing seems to help. Please help me and my hair. I am a busy college student, who unfortunately does not have the time and money to deal with this.
Avatar f tn Nexium, by causing the low acid environment, reduces absorption of most minerals, magnesium being the most important, zinc, manganese (linked to osteoarthritis when deficient), selenium which may help prevent cancer and thyroid problems when levels are adequate. Oral magnesium is notoriously difficult to absorb efficiently in all forms, without PPIs! I would suggest you try daily transdermal Marnesium Oil treatments.
Avatar f tn It does appear that with your pains and stiffness in your fingers and elsewhere that you probably have an inflammatory disease. Either due to osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or other. It would be a good idea for your doctor to do a blood check or xrays to find out which form of arthritic condition you have. You may have MS, but as I understand they do some sort of scan on the brain to find out for sure.
Avatar n tn Between the two, I had bilateral EMG, MRI of the brain, neck, thoracic lumbar and sacrum. Blood work included B12, copper, vitamin E, zinc level, ceruloplansmin, antibody to HTLV-1, blood for MS panel and CPK. The neurologist noticed leg spasticity, ankle clonus and hyper-active knee reflex. The sensory system examination showed no problem.
Avatar n tn Research has implicated vitamin D deficiency as a major factor in the pathology of at least 17 varieties of cancer as well as heart disease, stroke, hypertension/high blood pressure, autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, diabetes, depression, obesity, chronic muscle and/or joint pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, muscle wasting, birth defects, periodontal disease, influenza, and more.
Avatar m tn I had only been taking tramadol for one month at 2 50mg pills twice daily and then stopped as I no longer felt I needed it and suddenly starting experiencing all the anxiety, insomnia, mood swings and all the other crap we know comes with these withdrawals. So after going back on to confirm it was withdrawals from the Tramadol (which I was led to believe was non habit forming or dangerous!
Avatar n tn Vitamin C, all of the B vitamins, vitamin D, vitamin K and the minerals calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, boron and manganese are especially important for bone and connective tissue health. Drinking enough water is also essential. Poor nutrition means not getting enough vitamins C, A, B6 and E, as well as the minerals zinc and copper. Daily wear and tear plus injuries from work, sports, or accidents can damage your spinal discs.
623944 tn?1244039090 Iron supplements (for anemia), started Nov Vitamin C (take with Iron to help absorption), started Dec Weekly: B12 injections- started Nov The itching started to go away about 3 weeks after I started Levoxyl (and when I started with the vitamin E soap), but returned when I was out of town and ran out of my vitamin E soap. Then went away again when I resumed the soap. The soap is only 1.99 for a 4oz bar and seems like it's worth a shot!
380558 tn?1309045987 Last year, my Rheumatologist prescribed me Tramadol for Fibro Myalgia and Osteoarthritis. I've explained to him that I've used it before for a total of 3 years, but never anymore than 3 per day. This time, I've been taking anywhere from 4 to 6 per day, depending on what kind of day it is for me PAIN wise! UGH! It seems to be the only thing that works, however I am done waking up in the morning with withdrawal symptoms from delayed Tramadol intake. Makes me sick!
Avatar f tn She says Oatstraw is good for the MS, Bladder issues and OsteoArthritis (which I have in my hands and feet) UGH! I'm not sure if I'm willing to spend the 145.00 on the Metanx. The Oatstraw isn't very expensive. She has several MS patients who have good success with Oatstraw, so that may be the best option for me. Depending on how I feel, will determine how often I'm around, but I did want to check back in. Sorry for the long absence. I do hope you all are doing well.
Avatar n tn On a thyroid end that is strongly a PH imbalance abnd a possible zinc deficiency. Your body's immunity and digestive track is slowing/ breaking down. You need to find a doctor who understands how to speed the digestive system ( Most GI's ) will not look at PH levels and Free T3 metobolism. Metobolism is just not about weight loss - it is a form of help for our bodies for digestion too. Just because you are losing weight does not mean your metobolism is working right.
Avatar n tn they are enough to last me 1 month and i have them gone in 2 wks or less. i have osteoarthritis in my neck I'm 37 yrs old,have a great job. great husband and two lovely children. i take this for the extreme pain i experience on a daily basis and to keep myself enjoyable around everyone. so basically they don't have a clue how much pain i'm in untill i'm out of this medication. right now is my 28th hr without. i'm fidgetty, sad mad , have diarreah,and want to cry. not to mention the pain.
Avatar n tn thyroidism -not sure which one at this point osteoarthritis asthma allergies- allergy shots
Avatar f tn I have both rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia and have been a type one (Juvenile) diabetic for 56 years. Because withdrawal really messes up my diabetes control majorly and almost kills me, I was wondering about the rapid two hour detox. My drs. want to find out what my baseline pain level is and treat for only that. I would end up in the acute hospital if I did cold Turkey, and most hospitals don't deal with Insulin pumps, nor listen to me about it (I've been on a pump over 35years.
Avatar f tn Joints cracking may not be a big thing. It is called crepitus and can be normal aging or due to osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis etc.sometimes also a fracture. What does the tingling in your legs feel like? Have you started any new medications around the time you got this? Have you been to a neurologist? I think I would give that a try to start with.
Avatar f tn No I haven't had the vitamin D cause me to have achy bones however when I had my first hip Xray I found I have mild osteoarthritis. So I think the osteoarthritis I do feel aches in the hip bones. I had a lot of fatigue as well and found out last year I have become hypothyroid. So I don't know if you had your thyroid tested or not? If not it would good to check and get a hip Xray to see if you also have osteoarthritis. That may be the culprit. Even mild osteoarthritis can cause some pain.
Avatar n tn The arthropathy of Wilson disease is a degenerative process that resembles premature osteoarthritis. Symptomatic joint disease, which occurs in 20-50% of patients, usually arises late in the course of the disease, frequently after age 20 years. The arthropathy generally involves the spine and large appendicular joints, such as knees, wrists, and hips. Osteochondritis dissecans (Patients with OCD complain of activity-related pain that develops gradually.
Avatar n tn The only thing that I ever found helped at all was Yurelax (Flexoril (sp) in the US) a muscel relaxant (not drowsy in the day) you take one at night and it breaks the spasm cycle, and you get some welcome sleep. DX of fibromyalgia, gluten intolerant, low on minerals especially ferratin and zinc and today got very abnormal toxic elements results, reacting to mystery drug, toxic chemical or tissue breakdown product.
1840891 tn?1431551393 I tried a different this time-----Qunol ultra claims 3X bio availability (like milk thistle also is not readily digested) I dunno....trying it I was taking both zinc and selenium as both were thought to be deficient in many heppers and both may be mildly anti viral. I may check levels. Same with Vit A, improved SVR rate, but I fear overdoing any of these Somewhat true for Vit E. I no longer take it since overdoing it may increase risk, but I may get my levels checked.
Avatar m tn It's a mood enhancer a long w/ helping a lot w/ the osteoarthritis pain in my neck. Along with a lot of hot baths, staying hydrated,and the kava kava to help w/ my racing heart (that freaked me out the most) my withdrawal process wasn't as bad as alot of people I've heard about. I had about 3 days of feeling like crap,runningto the bathroom, anxiety, racing heart, no appetite, no sleep etc. Then after that, I started to feel a little better each day.
Avatar n tn I would recommend an EMG and a muscle biopsy along with some blood work (ESR, CRP, CPK, aldolase, copper, zinc, vitamin E, ANA, B12, and paraneoplastic panel). The numbness in the ring and pinky fingers are more consistent with an ulnar neuropathy and the EMG will be helpful in finding out what is going on. I hope this has been helpful.
Avatar m tn Each capsule has 400ug of omega-3, 20ug B12, vit E 80mg, D 5mg, C 60, B1, B6, and others. There are five minerals incl. selenium and zinc which I gather help T4-T3 conversion, carotine, lecithine and garlic.All are at or well over the recommended daily dose. I was surprised (and pleased, being a Brit) to have this product prescribed by a Guatemalan cardio. His global vision unfortunately does not extend to my low FT3 and high T4 (above the lab range).
Avatar f tn Any how I had the documentation I printed off the PC about how they have discovered in recent studies that Cymbalta is a VERY good medication to relieve pain of Osteoarthritis..SHE WOULD EVEN READ IT...and all she said was .....NO NO NO...Cymbalta is for depression only... Even with this Documentation I have which YOU won't even look at i printed RIGHT OFF Cymbalta's WEB SITE??? I SWEAR she just acted like "IM THE DOCTOR and I will tell YOU WHAT You CAN BE prescribed"???
Avatar n tn In answer to your question, I had a MRI and bone scan, neck down, in 2005. They showed only mild osteoarthritis. My spine at the base of my neck has been sore for a few years. The spinal column feels compressed at that point. I'm thinking Cranial Sacral.