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Avatar m tn Other medications include Zetia for elevated cholesteral and Naproxen for severe osteoarthritis. I note on side effects that vomiting is listed but not how often. Has anyone experienced similiar episodes. Pat M.
Avatar f tn I am taking Atenalol, Lyrica, Celebrex, Zocar, Zetia, Niaspam, Synthroid and Ativan. I recently had my regular check up, but saw a different MD due to my MD recovering from surgery. There were a few (lab sheet reported 6 - 10) white blood cells in my urine. This MD said not to worry as I had no fever and no other UTI symptoms. He disregarded the WBC's, but told me if I had exhibited symptoms he would have prescribed an antibiotic. Could the back pain be related to the WBC in urine.
Avatar n tn You could try a drug that blocks LDL uptake in the intestines like Zetia, but it's not as effective as a statin. Many people will point out that your high HDL will offset the high LDL, but that is not always the case. With HDL, it's the quality of the particles and not the count that matters. Many people with HDL counts as high as yours have HDL-3 particles that are very small and not as effective when binding to LDL.
Avatar f tn AMBIEN CR, CLARITIN, GLUCOPHAGE, SINGULAR, NASACORT, NEXIUM, WELCOL, ZETIA, ELMIRON,VOLTAREN, BACLOFEN, SUCRALFATE, DETROL LA, okay thats enough. I'm only 44 yrs old and I have neuropathy, osteoarthritis, stenosis, 2 herniated discs in the lumbar area, 2 herniated discs in the cervical spine with a pinched nerve with neuropathy.
469720 tn?1388149949 I have pretty good BP mostly, but, have had some scary episodes of an extremely fast heartbeat and fainting- (my heart rate is always elevated as well, even at rest,usually around 90 or so, higher if exerting myself) I am not as active as I was a few years ago-have (advanced osteoarthritis and DDD) I have asthma which has been pretty great since I quit smoking. I just learned my teenage son has a Right Branch Bundle Block-(congenital?