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Avatar f tn I have chronic pain from osteoarthritis and Ddd. Specifically of l4 l5 and s1 hernia toon .. The pain travels into my hips and legs .. This diagnosed after a bad fall 2 years ago .. Up until 1 week ago I was using up to 6 Vicodin Es daily .. Which didnt really take the pain away but made it bearable .. Also zanaflex muscle relaxer as needed .. Anyway due to insurance changes I have had to switch doctors he put me on tramadol 2 50 mg tablets 3 times a day ..
Avatar n tn (I already take this one sometimes) 2.Cataflam 50mg. 3.Relafen 500mg. 4.Zanaflex 4mg. 5.Toradol 10mg. 6.Flexeril 10mg. (they gave me about 150 of these) 7.Diazepam 5mg. 8.Clinoril 200mg. I know its long, but I hope one of these helps, let me know if you know about any them!
Avatar m tn I am taken Tramadol and Zanaflex which gives minor relief.. My concern is the pain on my right side will coincide with spasms in my esophogus area( middle chest pain). I have had this for over a year. I have had the upper GI tests run with results of a minor hyedal hernia. I also have the pain on my left side of back which sometime results in left side chest pain. All in all these treatments only give temporary relief. Coughing,and breathing does not increase pain.
Avatar f tn Misoprostol reduces stomach acid and replaces protective substances in the stomach that are reduced by NSAIDs. Arthrotec is used to treat osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis in people at high risk for developing stomach or intestinal ulcers. Arthrotec may also be used for purposes other than those listed here. Please take care.
Avatar n tn I did try Flexeril with the klonopin but that doped me up longer on the days I did not need Tramadols. Zanaflex less so. Get the Zanaflex tablets not the capsules they cost less with Humana Walmart class 1 or 2 not 3 or 4(more costly). Tramadol 100 mg works for me with 1mg Klonopin and 8mg Zanaflex may have to wait an hour or two for it to kick in. Still foggy most of day with all together.
1437229 tn?1296073620 I would appreciate any suggestions. I am on a very low dose of Zanaflex. Perhaps that needs to be raised. I see my neurologist next week. Bring on your wisdom and knowledge folks. Thank you.
1021831 tn?1331609448 I am 58, female, have M.S., osteoarthritis, 2 hip replacements and recently lost my balance in the bathroom and fell on my butt on the ceramic tile floor, went and had x-rays, not cracked or broken but painfull, using a cane, very difficult to walk. Can I do anything to help the pain, stiffness, the dr. gave me tylenol 3 for the pain. It also hurts in the right groin area.
Avatar f tn ( Although I do have RA and osteoarthritis. While I was in thge hospital the doctor told me that I woud have pain regardless of what was done because the osteo was so bad in my joints, and the RA in my hands. My feet and ankles also swell. I hope you find out what's causing the swelling.
Avatar n tn Ask the pharmacist about side effects. Good luck, and I would like to know how it turns out. I have osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia, so I know that kind of pain and I understand how hard it is.
Avatar f tn By the way, I am a 53 year old very, very active, fit female, and even with my osteoarthritis, I have always managed to stay out of back surgery by walking almost 4 miles every day to keep my back muscles strong so they scaffold my spine, and I take lodeine twice a day for inflammation. I didn't want arthritis to slow me down at such a young age, especially because I am so active.
482543 tn?1248359021 Hi Sweetie!!!! Okay, your CRP was high, this info I pulled off of labtestsonline "indicates inflammation and tests for the activity of the disease. It may be used to help diagnose RA and to evaluate and monitor the condition. An increased level of CRP occurs in RA but not in osteoarthritis." I would definately get your labs and see what else they found. Did he say anything about doing anything for the bone spur? How painful that must be. I feel for you.
Avatar n tn I am an extemely fit and active 53 year old female with a lot of osteoarthritis in my lower back( I've been on Lodeine twice a day since age 44 for that), and I've always dealt with it by keeping active and walking to keep my back muscles strong. But, the Atenolol was making me feel like a zombie. Then he switched me to Topamax 50 mg. per day, which hasn't done a darned thing for months, then upped it to 100 mg. a day-again doesn't do a thing.
Avatar m tn I have had cramping pain on my right upper thigh as well. I was told that i am a fairly good candidate to have osteoarthritis!! YaY!! One more thing to add to the growing list. I have to get bloodwork done on thursday and back to see him next wednesday to find out the results, I will def. share my results. Thanks Bob for the info, it makes more sense the way you described it than the way my doc. told me .
768044 tn?1294227036 I wear a TMJ arthritis flat planed positional splint to try to keep from getting worse jaw osteoarthritis and keep from getting nasty morning migraines from night clenching. I also often turn off my side when I feel a headache coming on. I lay on the pain trying to get it to go away/down. I might try to exercise to get the endorphines going to stave off a blossoming headache or take some magnesium hoping it might help stop the onslaught of one.
352007 tn?1372861481 My new Neuro (which is the fifth Neuro) is the nicest person ever. He's in Long Island New York...I have no idea where you're from or if its too far. JohnnieBear....as I've said throughout the years...eventually the cat is let out of the bag...it will surface (the diagnosis) for you and PastorDan eventually. Fatigue and pain seems to be my biggest bumps in the road. LuLu: I am surprised because I've been turned away or my complaints of symptoms have been minimized for years.
469901 tn?1276567223 I take plaquenil, methotrexate, folic acid, leucovorin calcium, actonel, omniprazole and naproxen for my conditions I take darvocet, flexeril or zanaflex to manage my pain The worst thing about my condition is that I just cannot do all they at used to do and things I loved to do anymore. The best thing about my condition is that I have reprioritized my life and now focus on things that really matter and let the little things slide. How about the rest of you?
1069888 tn?1421940341 (I also have scoliosis, kyphosis and osteoarthritis (spine and otherwise.) I had Physical Therapy to try and relieve the neck/trapezius/shoulder problems and after about 5 days, it more or less "seized up" my entire back and made me feel as if my head was collapsing into my shoulders. I have had surgeries to: suspend my bladder, carpal tunnel release, anterior discectomy w/fusion C5-6, shoulder repair... VERY little relief... only with C5-6 surgery.
Avatar n tn The only risk I have read of concerning opiates on health are rotting of the teeth and premature osteoarthritis. Obviously personally and socially their misuse can be disasterous. I would be interested in medical effects of repeated withdrawals on the brain and nervous system.
246236 tn?1275482502 You do have quite a bit of osteoarthritis (usual aging stuff) on your cervical spine but not enough to cause the symtpoms and definitely copuld not cause the lesions. If you are young (30 or under) you have some of the factors that statistically point to a milder course IF this is MS. Young, female, sensory symptoms at presentation, and few lesions at onset are all generally associated with a more benign course. That's not a rule, but a generalization I've seen in many reports.
329994 tn?1301666848 oxycontin 40mgs twice a day, dilaudid 8 mgs as needed for break though pain, levothyroxine, kapidex, dicyclomine, 50 mgs pristiq, 50 mgs twice a day topamax, 12 mgs 3 times a day of zanaflex, 800 mgs ibuprofen every 8 hours, max dosage of excedrine migraine as needed,. I believe I got everything. I may have left one out. and yes....occassionally, I may smoke a one hitter of marijuana at bed time for my insomnia as this is a proven no fail solution.
567489 tn?1297254314 Hi Again, You right that sometimes medications can mask symptoms and also increase them. That's one reason to keep your Dr. informed of any changes you experience. Most times they call pretty much tell if it's the MS or the Medication. With MS a lot of the time it's trial and error when coming up with the right drugs. Than a lot of the time what works for one person Doesn't work for the next. For me when we found something that helped it was Short Lived...
Avatar n tn hello all, iam 18 yrs old and last week i was diagnosed with bertolottis syndrome i have been fighting serious back pain four years now i also played south texas varsity football for three of those yrs (I know it was stupid but i promised the guys i would be there for them we have played together since 2nd grade) and now i spend my days taking opana er flexirell zanaflex and alot of norco iam in pain all of the time its never stops i have worked out 6 times a week every week for the last 7 yea
Avatar f tn I am only taking Vicodin at night with Zanaflex (stronger muscle relaxer). The Zanaflex is very helpful but is very sedating. I am scheduled to go back to work on Nov 14 so that's 2 weeks off from surgery. I am not supposed to drive for 3-4 weeks so I will have to get transportation to/from work. I have a desk job working for a hospital IT dept. Does anyone have pain in their neck lymph node area, adjacent to the incision? It hurts so much. I am not sure if I should be concerned.
Avatar f tn Hi, I too have muscle spasms. Severe! My Pain management Doc put me on Zanaflex 4mg. One usually does it and 2 knocks you out! Try 2mg first. Pretty strong. Have tried flexeril but not strong enough. This is a controlled substance so you have to have a hand delivered script to get it which is a pain (no pun intended, lol) but it is worth it. I only use it when I have too. Won't stop the reason but will help the symptom.
Avatar n tn Soma compound with codeine, darvocet, ultram, lyrica, zanaflex, morphine, ambien because even with all this medication I still can't sleep) I am currently taking Zanaflex, Morphine, Lyrica and the Ambien. I am so tired of taking medication that I gag every time I take it. I hope that someone on here finds a doctor that will help them and figure out what is wrong then maybe it will also be the end of this suffering for the rest of us.
522415 tn?1242941355 lyrica, cymbalta, etolac, percocet, ms contin, zanaflex! They HAD me on MAJOR strong stuff 3-5 yrs. ago including: Dilata's, Methadone, Soma & Clonopin. Couldn't handle ALL the side effects & was house bound & became severely depressed & OVERSLEPT constantly. ============================================================ In the PAST my dr. has tried EVERYTHING........... w/ my chronic pain: tramadol, darvocet, vicodin, loratab, celexa, bextra, MANY diff.
975514 tn?1325001538 I was 17 when I first was diagnosed with sciatica and it wasn't until I was 31 when my foot was completely numb that I was able to convince a doctor to take an X-Ray of my lower back, which started a domino effect of MRIs and testing. I learned that I have degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis in my spine, minor scoliosis and nerve damage- I even had a shoulder surgery on a bone spur because I kept getting tendinitis and the doctors couldn't cure my arm pain.
Avatar n tn Obviously I am past all conservative treatment such as physical therapy, injections, and decompression. Currently on a regimen of lyrica, celebrex, zanaflex and percocet to control nerve pain. I'm wondering if there is anyone who has already had a fusion and then done the disc replacement as well. If so, what were the results?