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Avatar n tn My 81 year old mom was admitted through the ER for a variety of tests to discover the etiolgy surrounding a goose egg which appeared on her forehead without any history of fall or other trama event. Her history includes Alzheimers, COPD, CHF, stage 3 renal failure, HBP, osteoarthritis, diverticulosis, bleeding ulcers, ventral hernia and bilateral inguinal hernias, type 2 diabetes, heart stents, heart attack and pacemaker.
Avatar m tn I agree with the workup thus far. A systemic rheumatologic disease can be considered, like lupus or rheumatoid arthritis. Imaging the affected joints can be helpful. I would also consider a sedimentation rate, ANA level and rheumatoid factor. The x-rays can determine whether osteoarthritis is present. Elevated eosinophil counts can be due to a parasitic infection, allergies, or skin and inflammatory lung diseases. This should be worked up further.
Avatar f tn My recent lab workup shows: BUN -- <5 (less than 5, low) and ANION GAP -- 0.2 (extremely low) and MPV is 11 (high). All the other levels as well as thyroid, hydration and others are within normal range, although some are borderline! I have severe lower back pain (diagnosed with x-ray as degenerative joint and osteoarthritis), pain at the tips of my ribs, headaches, very fatigued, insomnia (now on Ambien and still tired!!
Avatar n tn It may be associated with rheumatological disorders such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Another way crepitus occurs is when gas is trapped in soft tissue such as after trauma or surgery. If the clicking sounds or crepitus continues to bother you, you should be evaluated by a physician (PCP). He/she may decide if you need further workup such as bone imaging or referral to rheumatologist or orthopedist.
Avatar m tn Given your age, you may need to be evaluated for a condition called rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis. However, the differential for joint pain is large. It also includes, but not limited to, metabolic/endocrine (e.g.,thyroid and parathyroid disorders), pain syndromes (e.g., growing pains and fibromyalgia), infection (e.g., lyme and viral illnesses), and connective tissue disorders (e.g., Sjogrens and Lupus). Does the pain improve at a certain point of the day (e.g.
13359581 tn?1429615254 Hormonal changes lduring pregnancy loosen the joints and ligaments that hold the pelvis together, and can cause pain due to this looseness. Sometimes osteoarthritis develops. So, go get a proper workup, a diagnosis, and then look for appropriate treatment. Best wishes.
Avatar m tn I agree, a cardiac workup would be the first step, along with some general blood work to help rule out other serious illnesses. Presuming all of those come back within normal liimits, it's possible that your brother is suffering from fibromyalgia and/or chronic fatigue symdrome. Some of the main symptoms of fibro and CF are widespread pain and unrelenting fatigue. The pain and fatigue can be quite severe and debilitating.
1378884 tn?1315509445 There are days when my knees are pain free ( little pain from initial injuries, osteoarthritis) and then there are days when the tendons around my knees become very tender to the touch and I loose the ability to walk with confidence, unsteady. Some times it affects one knee and not the other. Does normal arthritis behave this way? RA has been ruled out.
Avatar m tn MRI in #7 above detected abnormal diffuse bone marrow signal abnormality (low T1 signal) in visualized portions of spine which spared the femurs. heterogenous and non-specific. Subsequent Oncologist workup included physical exam and complete skeletal bone scan revealing only mild uptake in hips lumbar and AC joints indicative of mild degenerative change. No focal uptake. Hemo/Oncologist recommended no further testing. 9.
Avatar n tn follow up- I thought I did mention I'm 45. wt @135 lbs, general health has always been good. 2 healthy daughters, hystorectomy 2 years ago. HRT. Own auto repair shops with my husband- my work is "Office" . I've always been active, athletic, proud of my physical independence- this has ofcourse limited my physical activities considerably, which can be very depressing. I have NO IDEA how this "injury" occured-there was no seminal moment when I KNEW I had injured myself.
Avatar f tn SO A SERIOUS BLOOD WORKUP IS ABSOLUTELY CALLED FOR. My counsin, she was 40 and it took 2 years to diagnose her... she was in desperate trouble but they finally found it. IN THE CASE OF MY DAUGHTER, we are seeing all sorts of doctors and still working to figure this out and she is 15 years old.
Avatar n tn org/wiki/Paresthesia Calcium and Vitamin D deficiency too should be looked into. There are various causes of multiple joint pains like osteoarthritis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatic pathology, thyroid problems etc. It is difficult to comment without examination. You can read more about this on: http://www.aafp.org/afp/20030915/1151.html Please discuss these possibilities with your doctor. Do consult an orthopedic specialist too.It is difficult to comment beyond this without examining.
Avatar f tn She limps only when someone is watching, otherwise her ambulation and flexibility are excellent for her age She wants to be sick She has osteoarthritis, depression-treated and atrial fibrillation-treated. She is otherwise healthy. She is very attention seeking and will "pretend" she has a "disease" in order to get attention from others.
Avatar f tn I have since had a double heart valve replacement surgery, I have Celiac Disease, Type II Diabetes, Allergies, Asthma, Sleep Apnea, Osteoarthritis, Osteoprosis, Joint problems and Trigger Finger in both hands. I take a multitude of medications. I have posed questions regarding the migraine problem to many of the physicians I see. My Neurologist is currently treating me for this. He is very perplexed. He has had me on many medications all of which have not helped.
Avatar f tn I wan't depressed at all, but I took them, and the nsaids for my neck which decided to start giving me trouble. Dx with osteoarthritis, and I was only in my twenties. Given Lodine, to which it was some relief. Numerous endocrine tests were done, some positive some negative..but all in all they still didn't know what to do with me. I started having heart trouble at this time. Cariologist dx me with just a venous stasis problem, so I didn't worry about it.
Avatar n tn When did you begin Atkins and lose the weight?Do you have any spots of osteoarthritis? Garden variety arthritis also know as Degenerative Joint Disease? The pain and tingling that you describe is likely neuropathic pain. It is difficult to treat, but there some things that work with some people. But before anyone jumps to the conclusion that your Diabetes is at fault (and it likely is) you deserve a workup for peripheral neuropathy.
Avatar f tn I have now is very kind and thorough (unlike some I've had in the past), and he does a full workup on me every year to see how my disease is progressing. As good as he is, I still have him stumped. He has told me (kindly of course) "You're hard.", and "You're an enigma.", as well as telling me "I just don't know." Now that's a hard one for a Dr. to admit. Anyhow, we kind of mutually settled on MCTD (Mixed Connective Tissue Disease).
Avatar n tn You do have some neurologic like symptoms, but the more pressing problems are the chest tightness, pneuomonia, shortness of breath, and palpitations. If everything is ok, then pursue a neurologic workup for the headache and stiffness. Good luck.
326947 tn?1252594833 I just had a whole thing typed out in response and being on a laptop, my wrist hit something and made it all disappear! I have osteoarthritis in my spine (lumbar) and so do most people. Some feel it, others don't. Until yo can get in to see a doctor of any kind, mind your posture, bend at the knee ad try not to lift anything over 30 lbs. If you have to, bend at the knee, hold whatever it is close to you and stand. Lifting with your arms while bent over adds TONS of weight to your back.
Avatar n tn My physician suggested physical therapy - she suspected mild osteoarthritis. The therapist diagnosed SI dysfunction - my hips were out of alignment. She adjusted it and I felt terrific. About a week later I started to experience pain very low in the buttocks. Neither the therapist or my physician feel that it is disk related but rather a secondary complication from the SI problem. I have done exercises, ultrasound treatmentsm, iontophoresis, and now am being treated with electrical stem.
1207048 tn?1282177904 rheumatoid arthritis, regular arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, thyroid issues, full metabolic workup, and more that I know I'm forgetting. I saw my regular primary care doctor, an endocrinologist, and an rheumatologist. All tests were perfectly normal, and most tests were run more than once. Since then I have had the random achy joint, usually involving my right ankle or foot, it lasts a while and gets better again. For the last few days I've been very achy.
Avatar f tn It sounds like you are getting the appropriate workup including the EMG/NCS. It also sounds like your neurologist is working you up for neuropathy. It is difficult to provide another opinion or much more of an opinion since I do not know your complete history or examination. There are more tests that can be performed including lumbar puncture, paraneoplastic panel, autoimmune panels (ENA, ANA, etc), oral glucose tolerance, etc.
Avatar n tn When I went to college at 19 I'd already been diagnosed with osteoarthritis. I became pregnant with my daughter (age 20) While pregnant with my daughter I was soooooo sick, I ended up at the hospital several times dehydrated. The sickness lasted until I was almost 5 months pregnant, also I had lost about 25lbs during my pregnancy. I never gained any weight, just loss. After my daughter was born I felt like any other mother, tired and sensitive. Nothing out of the ordinary.
Avatar f tn I have done all the cardiac workup possible within the last 8 months, including a cath in march of this year which showed normal arteries.Still concerned because of ongoing chest and arm discomfort(in the left tricep).Saw the cardiologist again 2 weeks ago and did another stress echo which came back normal ran for 16 mins on bruce protocol 5.He was pleased and so was I.I asked him where all this pain is coming from and he said it must be musculoskeletal.This was never the case 6 months prior.
Avatar f tn I agree that you are not too young for arthritis. I have osteoarthritis in my hips and it does affect my legs. I also have stenosis in my lower lumbar (and have back pain). I have mostly and aching pain in my hips and an ache in my back. Not severe pain. I have occasional tingling and numbness in my middle 3 toes. I have also had some "buzzing" and muscle twitching in my calves as well. Which toes are you having problems? Is it all of them?
Avatar f tn Here is a complete list of LYme symptoms Many Lyme patients were firstly diagnosed with other illnesses such as Juvenile Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Reactive Arthritis, Infectious Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia, Raynaud's Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Interstitial Cystis, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, Fifth Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, scleroderma, lupus, early ALS, early Alzheimers Disease, crohn's disease, ménières syndrome, reynaud's syndrome, sjogren's syndrome, irrit
Avatar n tn He x-rayed my hands and told me I have the beginning of osteoarthritis in them. Then there was the test for Wegners Granulomatosis, in which my anti-pro3 titer came back extremely high. He told me was unsure of what it meant and just told me it was inconclusive (I have since had another doctor tell me that anti-pro3 is very indicative of Wegner’s. I begged him to re run the test to rule it out, which he finally did the last month I was under his care and it came back negative this time.
Avatar m tn I had neuro exam, major blood work( including heavy metal workup,ck,rpr) brain MRI, cervical and lumbar MRI, nerve conduction study, sleep study and everything has come back normal with the exception of slightly low vitamin D. My 'shaking' has been diagnosed as choreathetosis. The neuro diagnosed me with fibromyalgia because he couldn't find anything else wrong with me. He basically never told me why I was shaking even after asking him why my legs continously rub together.
Avatar f tn I cannot walk far before my back and legs ache and I also have osteoarthritis in my hands. Apparently, my liver is also under stress as I have had elevated enzymes for four consecutive months and am awaiting a liver scan. I don't drink alcohol nor abuse any substances. I am finding that increasingly I am having trouble controlling my saliva and I often drool a little from the side of my mouth.
Avatar m tn You need to be examined by a neurologist to detect any neurological deficits, in typical neuropathy there might be some loss of sensation perception in the affected areas. Then workup involves lab work to detect the common causes of neuropathy (check for diabetes or "pre-diabetes", thyroid disease, vitamin levels, protein abnormalities...