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1459410 tn?1285698605 Im in PT to help as well but if anyone would like to share a short summary of their story from pre-diag symptoms through successful treatment, I would really like to see how the different docs have handled your speciific case. The most effective thing Ive done on my own was recently bought an herbal cream that has capsicum in it whihc has done more than any of the other pharma routes. Its still kinda unbearable but Ive at least noticed it being somewhat alleviated.
Avatar m tn I mentioned this to my MD at my annual physical and she felt that it was probably osteoarthritis (mainly due to the fact that there was no redness around the joints). She didn't order any kind of tests to confirm this diagnosis. I've also started to notice some tenderness in my elbow joints when resting my elbows on a table, and my knee joints have been a bit stiff and sore after using my exercise bike.
3060903 tn?1398568723 Medication and medical treatment Medication may be prescribed to treat osteoarthritis flare-ups. Medication may be prescribed to treat osteoarthritis flare-ups. Over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription medications can relieve OA symptoms. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are often used to reduce arthritis symptoms.
748543 tn?1463449675 For the past few weeks I have been throwing around ideas as to the best way to respond to this matter. You see a recent article ( Feb.3 , 2009 NY times) titled "Best treatment for TMJ May be Nothing" nearly made me clench my jaw to pieces. While well written, I found that the author, Ms. Brody, relied heavily on out dated and narrow perspective supplied to her by a small group of dentists.
Avatar f tn I can bend my Knees about 90 degrees and then they hurt so bad. Will I get full flexion with replacements? Do you suggest gettin it done?
Avatar f tn Synvisc injections are approved for the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee in those who have failed to respond to more conservative therapy. Synvisc injections are typically given once a week, 7 days apart, over a 15-day period, for a total of three injections. To get the best results, diseased osteoarthritic synovial fluid is typically removed from the knee before the first injection.
Avatar f tn I live in the UK, where medical action is very slow, and it can take another few months until I get refferal to a specialist. Should I investigate myself privately, expecially because the cyst is growing?
Avatar n tn Another question please guys, I live in the UK & having been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis my pals have been asking me why I have not been referred to a rheumatologist...is this normal not to be referred or should my doctor do this without my asking him to refer me.
1310633 tn?1430227691 Does anyone have any experience with, or heard of, Adequan, Cartrophen or Cortisone shots for the treatment of pain associated with hip dysplasia, osteoarthritis, etc, in dogs? My English Mastiff has developed osteoarthritis in her right hind leg, and surgery isn't recommended this late in life, and an alternative to oral treatment (and far more effective from what the vet has told us, although MUCH more expensive), is shot treatment.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am 43 yr old female.I have osteoarthritis in my neck,get migraines and fibromyalgia (all dx) I have recently seen a Neurologist who said its not worth having an MRI. I disagree,and my osteopath is also worried. I have very gentle treatment on my neck,every few weeks,pain killers hardly touch my pain..I am getting giddy spells,severe pain in shoulders neck and occipital area.
662972 tn?1270169901 There are IV formulations in use in hospitals, and there is a skin patchAllergy testing Skin color - patchy called 'butrans' in the UK that is used for chronic pain from osteoarthritis. So understand that this is not a 'new substance'. It IS a bit new, though, to take it in such high concentrations as are found in Suboxone. For any substance, I follow the science-- anecdotes can cause a great deal of confusion.
Avatar f tn 48AM Is your treatment working for you ? In Uk no specific meds for ME. Usual vitamins, minerals, balanced diet, sleep (when? Not at night anyway) No stress (ha ha - so not) not too much physical ex -no comment, they're talking to weak. poorly people, what are we going to do? Run a marathon? Have never heard of any of the meds on this site. Don't suppose any other UK based has either. In addition, I also have questions for everyone.
14993501 tn?1437776467 While some surgeons are excellent about choosing proper candidates for surgery, others like to operate as often as they can. Surgery should always be reserved as a treatment of last resort, only after more conservative methods of treatment have failed. The wrong surgeon will convince you that you've already failed all conservative forms of treatment. L5/S1 is the disc that usually fails first, because it supports the entire spine, and it sits slightly skewed to accommodate pelvic tilt.
Avatar f tn Lyme Disease, as you may or may not know, is a tick-bourne infection that is present in a lot of countries including the UK, USA and others. Awareness of it is still quite limited but it's affecting a lot of people everywhere. I guess the biggest point I'm trying to make here is just exactly what Lyme disease can mimic.
662727 tn?1225056947 Ten years later I was finally diagnosed with osteoarthritis after an ex-ray showed severe degeneration of the spine. The disease had now spread through my entire body. After many visits to various specialist the only treatment they could offer was in the form of :Paracetamol 500mg / Dihydrocodeine 20mg to control the pain. I have been taking 6 to 8 tablets a day. the pain never goes away but it does make it more bearable.
306455 tn?1288865671 There are IV formulations in use in hospitals, and there is a skin patch called 'butrans' in the UK that is used for chronic pain from osteoarthritis. So understand that this is not a 'new substance'. It IS a bit new, though, to take it in such high concentrations as are found in Suboxone. For any substance, I follow the science-- anecdotes can cause a great deal of confusion. Do people here all know the story of silicone breast implants and autoimmune diseases?
Avatar f tn ) I am a 31 yr old female from the UK - last year after suffering with fatigue and strange symptoms for a couple of years I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease (TPOab and TGab are both currently >600). My thyroid levels were always low in range but not below it, so I missed diagnosis for a long time. I am on thyroxine (synthroid) now and for the past year have been messing around with dosages and types of meds (tried T3 and desiccated too) all with limited success.
Avatar f tn I wan't depressed at all, but I took them, and the nsaids for my neck which decided to start giving me trouble. Dx with osteoarthritis, and I was only in my twenties. Given Lodine, to which it was some relief. Numerous endocrine tests were done, some positive some negative..but all in all they still didn't know what to do with me. I started having heart trouble at this time. Cariologist dx me with just a venous stasis problem, so I didn't worry about it.
761423 tn?1237206890 I am new to MedHelp and to the group and thank you for the warm welcomes! I have a question about treatment for fibro. I was dx with it about 4 years ago. Tried the usual things like Ibuprofen and Tylenol, etc. which was temporary. Finally last month my doctor started me on Lyrica. Although the pain is diminished quite a bit, I feel like I am in a fog most of the time and it does nothing for my other symptoms, like depression/mood swings/etc.
Avatar f tn Dermoids always need to be removed because they contain fat, hair, nails, etc. These components can cause infection if they rupture. Any complex cyst (dermoids are complex) that reach 5cm or larger need surgical removal intact. This is best performed by a gynecologic oncologist. Most complex cysts do turn out to benign, but, any complex cyst has a "chance" of being malignant. So, it is important to get prompt care and make sure all is well.
Avatar f tn I have every faith in my gastro - he is young, committed to IBD, but I wonder that the UK is so far behind the US in its' treatment of Crohn's and you may have some thoughts to offer me. Sorry this is so long, but thought you needed a full precis of my condition before giving an opinion. Liz.
Avatar m tn My Question Is Do You Think It Is MS Or Something Else,My Guess It Is MS. I Am A 49 Year Old Male Living In The UK, And The Health-Care System Is The NHS Which Is Rather Slow To Say The Least. Any Feedback Would Be Most Welcome.
Avatar n tn The doctors conducting these studies are typically the world foremost experts on the subject and they will be the best suited to help you with your problem. Here is an example... [Kyphoplasty for the treatment of painful vertebral hemangioma] Noez S, Collignon L, Bex V, Sacre F, Crielaard JM. Rev Med Liege. 2006 Feb;61(2):91-6. French.
1408210 tn?1340200372 It must be really difficult for you living on your own and having few friends, I can really empathise with your situation. I live in the UK and don't know how treatment centres work where you live. I do know as I'm sure you do too that stopping drinking without medical supervision is very dangerous and I'm quite supprised your doctor has not helped you more!
Avatar f tn Synvisc is not a drug to relieve pain, it will take time in acting as this is one of the hyaluronates used in viscosupplementation. Synvisc is a treatment for osteoarthritis which is injected directly into the knee joint. Take care!
1840891 tn?1431551393 I've had autoimmune arthritis for decades now, but in just the last year I've also developed osteoarthritis in both thumbs. It's very painful and quite debilitating. I complained to my PCP about how I couldn't take NSAID's, and she suggested I try Voltaren gel, a topically applied NSAID. She said if used as directed only very minute amounts would be absorbed into the general circulation. I googled the drug and immediately found an alarming FDA safety report at http://www.fda.
Avatar n tn Neurologist diagnosed as Guillaine Barre Syndrome and believed it would clear up completely. No treatment offered and largely cleared up although a couple of minor flares since. A couple of months later - one and a half weeks flu type respiratory illness - lost voice, swallowing saliva difficult, confined to bed. Doc prescribed 2 types of antibiotic to clear. About a month later started with joint pain - fingers, toes. Doc performed several blood tests which ruled out RA, gout etc.
748543 tn?1463449675 I went to yoga class for a few years and wore my splint at night off and on for several years, but eventually I stopped each. He did mention that I would have a risk of developing osteoarthritis later in life in my right jaw. Forward on to 2016 and I started to notice my neck and shoulders tightening. I do not know if there is an association but last summer I did fall off a boat and hit my head on a wood dock .....I ended up cracking the 2x4 where my head landed....
Avatar f tn As for what I DO have - well, I have been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis/Degenerative Disk Disease, Vitiligo and at one time, Carcinoma In Situ of the Cervix, but have been fine ever since Leep Surgery. SO, that's it. Vitiligo is an autoimmune disorder, so I assume I have the generalized autoimmune thing going on and am susceptible to other AI disorders as well. My Chiropractor has two done full evaluations on me, one in 04 and the other in 07.